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  1. In this case your employer would sponsor a work visa for you. However, your employer will still have to demonstrate to IMMI that your role can not be filled by a local applicant, and you are highly skilled or possess unique skills that can not be sourced locally. This is the case for long term or migrant work visa's. Short term skilled visa are also available.
  2. Legally married is better than not. Plus in context this couple have been together for 2+ years. Regardless, married or not, they have to prove 12 months relationship before application.
  3. Search the forum for Letters of Support. Look at my older posts, some examples and do's/don'ts
  4. The common 'face palm' situations we read about a lot are; Didn't read the form Didn't read the form Listened to friend who said he knew it all Never read the IMMI site for that visa Used a fake useless agent Thought they could get away with lying and fake documents Did not submit all the requested documents, thinking that IMMI has the time to coddle lazy applicants Underestimate the waiting times Did not understand the fee structures Did not ask for help (here or IMMI) when they did not understand a question or criteria Used an uncertified translator, or self translated Generally carried an attitude of entitlement, and not appreciated how special and rare an Australian Visa is. Rushed the application Failed to do their homework, preparation, research.
  5. You clearly understand the challenge you face, a very good start. Proving a 'compelling reason to return', as you indicate, will be your challenge. You constant travels do complicate things a bit. Its impossible for us to advise if or if not you will be successful, there are so many variables and aspects to every applicant. But I can say this; The shorter the requested visa length, helps. Ask for 2 week, and have a bullet proof itinerary to match. A solid itinerary, and proof of funds is essential. try to establish some reason to return home (family, parents, religious grounds). As you have been travelling for a while, stress that you need to go home as you miss family and aging parents. Really demonstrate that you have money behind you, and there is not a shred of desire to work in Australia. The poor economic circumstances in your home country is a common reason for rejection. REALLY REALLY establish you are coming here a to meet the family, and discover Australia. What can often help is that you both plan to fly out together after the two weeks.
  6. Many many people obtain Partner Visa's without the need of an Agent. If you are both comfortable with the moderate complexities of the paperwork, then you will be fine. Agents are very useful when language barriers exist, or complex circumstances like criminal records, missing documents or similar challenges. I suspect this is not your situation. Especially if money is tight, good agents are not cheap. The principal reason Partner Visa's applications fail are; Its not a genuine and enduring relationship (being legally married pretty much proves that criteria) You can not prove that the relationship existed for at least 12 month prior to the application being made. Living together for 2 years, and having the documentation to prove that, will meet this criteria. The applicant lies or presents false or fake documentation. There are many other criteria (character, medical etc) but based on the fact that your from the USA, I doubt that these would apply to you. From what you have told us, IMHO I think you will have no issues with a self application. BUT..... do check and recheck your application for completeness before lodging. Do your research here on what to include, plus also check the current requirements on the IMMI site as well. This is not something you rush.
  7. There is no limits to the size of a family or group travelling. Each individual will be assessed person by person. But I suggest you all include a covering letter detailing the 9 travellers, and your group plans.
  8. This is the crap we sometimes have to deal with. This guy is not seeking help, but a stage to vent his frustrations.
  9. I think last time I heard, in BKK at the Central Police it is THB250. I think in the provinces, eg Chiang Mai its a little more (THB350) as last I heard they are all still routed to BKK for processing and postage was applied.
  10. If he is required to take a medical, there will be link in the Health Section that says "Organise health examinations'".
  11. Incorrect, it means that the health assessment has passed. If examinations were requested then yes, it does means that the examinations passed, but as not all applicants are requested to undergo an examination, but rather just the assessment questionnaire and profiling.
  12. I speak specifically to the question, and not how it may be related to a IMMI financial means test. An 'asset' is something you own of value, or share the ownership of. It is must not be **leased or rented, but may have a secured/unsecured loan against it. A house you bought is an asset, even with a mortgage against it. A car is an asset of you own it outright, or have a personal loan against it. If it is **leased or **hire purchased its not an asset technically. Your superannuation and life insurance polices are also considered assets. Generally, everything you bought and own is an asset. Gifts of value are assets. Asset Documentation is a document that clearly details the asset (house, car, land, shares) and that you are the owner or one of the owners. In the case of a house this would be a council rates notice, a car would be either a receipt of purchase, or the registration certificate. Smaller items (white goods, furniture etc) an insurance schedule is usually acceptable, or some form of proof of purchase. **Note: The definition of assets that are leased, HP, chattel mortgaged etc is variable. There are many complex financial instruments out there, which may or may not impart the equity (nett value) of the asset to the owner. People (especially companies) choose these options to avoid taking an asset onto the books, and other complex tax benefits. SO PLEASE DON'T ARGUE ASSET DEFINITIONS WITH ME.
  13. Personally, it seems to undermine the whole 12 month qualification requirement. Are all state registrations valid? I assume its not managed at a Federal level?
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