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  1. Even the thought of SangSom makes me retch. LOL
  2. Apologies. Condition 8503 No Further Stay. Means you must leave at the end of the visa and there is no way to extend or apply for another visa onshore. Yes, Australia and the PV stream recognises de facto relationships such as yours. But you must meet the criteria. Do some reading on the PV for de facto.
  3. IMMI thinking is that most tourists would not spend any more than 3 months per visit, due to funds etc. Limiting people to 3 months forces them to exit and return, reducing the chances of using the visa for long stays and as an alternative to a PR visa. It maybe worth a letter to IMMI in your case, or a chat with an agent.
  4. Processing Time 75% of applications in 12 days 90% of applications in 35 days
  5. The degree should be listed by EA. I would email and query that. As a degree in engineering its better to use EA, rather than ACS. If EA will not list the degree, then fallback to ACS.
  6. Yes and Yes. Only copy pages that actually have a stamp or endorsement. Dont copy blank pages.
  7. No, only carry the current passport. One exception is if the old passport carries a current visa stamp for another country (all Aussie visa's are now electronic and no stamps are usually issued. Its rare these days, but some countries will honour their paper visa's in expired passports. But you should have all current visa's updated for the new passport.
  8. As you said "latest copy". The photos must be recent, 12 months is too old. You want to look exactly like the photo in your passport, or you may experience problems. But hairstyle is not one of the key indicators examined when they do the photo check.
  9. IMMI are getting very tough with Thai Nationals and back to back VV's. Yes they can. Immi has the power to cancel a VV, if they feel it is not being used for the right purpose. In your GF case, she is not a genuine tourist. They also have the power to refuse entry at time of arrival even if you have a valid visa, on the basis that the traveller does not meeting all the criteria. A common one is lack of funds or access to funds for your return flight, can get you denied entry. I know of several cases where multi entry VV holders are denied entry, due to the long term stay issue. Based on the IMMI Officers behaviour, I would say its safe to say she is on a watch list, and she will get ever increasing scrutiny each arrival. IMHO (based on what you have told us) it is likely she will be denied next entry. Also, I imagine the warning she received is on record. As Thai Visa said, start to plan a PV. If the current VV does not have a Condition 8503 attached, then you can apply onshore for a PV. The BV you will recieve when you apply, will allow her to stay and travel during the processing period.
  10. I thought I was wrong once, but i was mistaken.
  11. BV comes into effect when your VV expires in 12 months.
  12. So you can only exit a country on the visa you entered. In the case of your son who was Born in VN, he must exit on his VN passport. He cant exit on his Aussie Passport. Definitely check into the VN emigration rules for exit visa's. I know some 'controlled' countries demand exit visa's. More and more countries are demanding exit visa's for children, to curb the trafficking problem, or when there is not consent from both parents. SRV = Vietnam. Yes, long standing relationships, usually go straight to the PR Visa stage.
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