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  1. IMMI dont look for reasons to reject, there job is to support well managed tourism amongst other things. As you have lodged a 309, IMMI now has a clear understanding of your long term plans. Reciting to IMMI that because of your long term plans and the 309, she is totally committed to comply with all conditions of a 600, so as to not jeopardize the 309. Approx 95% of all 600 rejections are because the applicant has failed, in th emost basic of ways to address the primary criteria of purpose, funding plans to return. Judge IMMI on how they treat you, not some rumor or hearsay. IMMI are a common scapegoat for people's stupidity and complacency.
  2. All elections distract the public service to some extent, less so when there is no change of government. I dont think the election and reshuffle will impact much.
  3. I am probably an idealist. But the point was all applicants should be mindful that there may be cultural differences, that could hamper their application. As I generalised, Its all an opinion in reality. 🙂
  4. Family Sponsored visa's usually require you to provide a significant bond. They are useful when the applicant would not normally meet the general visitor visa criteria (ie aged parents from a non A list nation). Unless you know specifically that your wife would not be granted a general VV, then go for a Sponsored. But have you looked at a general VV and save your self the bond.
  5. So, I tell this to most of the educated and thinking peoples who we meet on this forum. DONT OVERTHINK THINGS. IMMI DONT.
  6. I am a bit thick tonight.......Who is the Sponsor (Citizen), show is the sponsored partner on the 309, Who is the Sponsored Family Visa for?
  7. To Aussie-83's point.. Brining in more than 3 months supply of any prescription medication is a serious offence. Bringing in any controlled medication with our a prescription, especially in quantity is considered a very serious offence. Remember a lot of OTC supplements from the USA are illegal or controlled here.
  8. It was lodged in Perth. Not to be confused with Melbourne where it was processed. Answer is PERTH.
  9. You say 'girlfriend'. G/F are not considered spouses,partners or family. Unless you can prove de fcator, all bets are off. But assuming you can, then..... As long as you secure a Student Visa, AND you declare her as your dependant FAMILY, AND you BOTH meet all the funding criteria and you meet the enrolment criteria, then her Spouse Visa granted off your Student Visa usually will allow work along the same lines as for you; I quote: Working on this visa Except in limited circumstances, you and your family members cannot work until your course has started. When your course is in session: you can work 40 hours in a 2 week period. See condition 8105 - Work restrictions your family can work but not more than 40 hours per fortnight. See condition 8104 - Work restrictions So You both can work, but NOT full time, only 20/hrs a week. IMMI do check, a single breach of 8104/8105 usually means cancellation.
  10. I would suggest that your bring you partner to Australia, as a dependant on you 500 Student Visa. To include your partner/family, I quote.. You can include family members when you lodge your visa 500application. For student visas, your family member is: your partner, or your or your partner's dependent child who is unmarried and has not turned 18 years of age. You must declare your family members in your student visa application even if they do not plan to travel with you to Australia. If you do not do this, your family members will not be eligible for a student visa to join you in Australia. Your family members can also apply as a subsequent entrant (at a later time, separate from your application) in ImmiAccount. Family members who apply for the visa must meet our requirements for health and character. Her skills and profession are not relevant in this case.
  11. So, regrettably, your circumstances do not demonstrate 'a genuine commitment to Immigrate, and establish a life in Australia. IMMI will argue that if residency was so important to you, why did you not give it the priority it deserved. However, IMMI will take into valid life circumstances, but the owness is on you to prove these circumstances. Your mention of " due to some reasons" IMHO would not be sufficient, and significant attention to the exceptional circumstances would need to be detailed. There is a global trend/fashion towards 'PR collecting'. I am not suggesting that you are part of this trend, but, regardless it is a situation that is confounding the issue of non-resident 'residents'. PR and Immigration Visa's are granted with the fundamental expectation that he applicant will immigrate permanently, establish a life in within Australia, and choose to be a genuine Australian NAtional. With the recent explosion of affluence and disposable wealth from once considered 'non 1st world nations' has been accompanied with the trend of PR collecting, applying, and being granted a PR status but never actually being a real Immigrant. IMMI are cracking down hard on 'soft' immigrants. Legal changes are in the pipeline. Australian Residency and Citizenship must be earned, and valued. It is not a collectable. If you dont live here, work here, pay taxes here, participate in our society, generally contribute and promote the Australian way of life, then ... expect your PR to be revoked.
  12. Some points; The details ]of your off shore/non migrating dependants usually, does not have a material impact on your application. The request by IMMI for details of your off shore/non migrating dependants is driven by; A concise understanding of your family circumstances and structure There is a high chance that at some time after you have been granted PR you will apply to have your dependants join you in Australia.IMMI needs to understand the potential future immigration 'obligation'. IMMI place family unification at a very high importance. The data from this question is invaluable in the establishment of longer term IMMI policies. IMMI and the Australian Government Policy Makers **LOVE** statistics. A positive outcome is generally supported by you being 100% truthful about all your dependants. Not being 100% truthful, and IMMI catching you out is a death blow to your application. All IMMI decisions have an implied duty of care under Australian Law. IMMI want to know the whole family structure, especially with regards to dependant children, so that they can make the best decisions, knowing all the facts.
  13. Two posts in one day, you lucky people. "Australian Cultural Values of Honesty and Transparency, versus traditional cultural values" I have avoided talking to this subject, as previous attempts had me labelled as a racist, and a xenophobe. But, it needs to be said. What follows, I hope I have represented factually and in an unbiased fashion.Cultural values differ between every Nationality. Its just ignorant to assume that because you understand your cultural values, so does everyone else. Moreover, it's so much worse for you to assume that another culture holds the same values as you do. Example: When an individual from one Nationality/Culture (say Thailand), submits a Sponsored Partner Migration Visa Application for Australia (a different culture to Thailand), the application will be assessed based on the Cultural Values and Principals of Australia, not Thailand. Multiculturalism does help align disparate cultures somewhat, but not entirely. Obvious you say, but often overlooked and misunderstood. I speak specifically to the relevance of accuracy, truthfulness and transparency, to any given culture. "Truth" is not a universal concept. Example: all cultures have the notion of a 'white lie'. All cultures have a different understanding (cultural value) of when one can withhold the truth, or not. "What is your frigging point ?" you ask.... In Australia, and especially important to Our Public Servants is the principal of "accuracy and truth above all". The act of complete honesty and transparency is more important than any indiscretion or failing on your part. Consider a common situation (actually areal storey); Thai Girlfriend applies for VV to visit Aussie B/F Aussie B/F assists Thai G/F through the whole visa application process Months later, Aussie B/F asks G/F 'any news on your visa', G/F answers 'no news'. Months pass. Finally B/F forces the point, and G/F confess that IMMI said no visa 'What reason?' asks B/f "No idea" replies G/F. "I think IMMI just do not like Thai Woman" she adds. B/F finally gets G/F to send him the full rejection letter. The actual reason for rejection was that the G/F answered 'no' to any criminal record. IMMI routinely checked her police record, only to find that she had been busted 2 years before for possession of pot. The issue for IMMI was NOT the trivial possession charge, but the fact that she had LIED and WITH HELD the TRUTH on her application. So the moral of the story; G/F had knowingly withheld the embarrassing facts that she had a minor police record, as she did not want to cause embarrassment to her B/F by being a bad girl, and secondly, causing loss of face to her good name and her families name. Her motivation was sincere, genuine and heartfelt, she demonstrated integrity and compassion through her actions. B/F was negligent and responsible for not educating and mentoring his G/F to the differences and challenges of his culture. He should have to explained that 'in his culture' exposing and revealing all your faults and failings, was MORE IMPORTANT and said more to your integrity than withholding embarrassing facts. Many of our Government Ministers and LEaders have been guilty of countless indiscretions. 'To err is human' . What is important to we Australians is how they account and atone for these human failings. So how should you apply this; YOU (Aussie Sponsor) need to ensure access to your partners IMMI account, or ensure you have access to all their dealings with IMMI. This is not about spying, but guidance. Allowing you to have transparent access to all the dealings of the application. Allowing you to assess the facts contained within a IMMI letter, rather than wrestle with your partners 'interpretation' of what IMMI said. Take the time and with considerable understanding, allow your partner to bring forth the entire truth. We all know that IMMI are painfully verbose and prescriptive in their dealings, so when you are presented with fluffy, ambiguous and vague explanations, trust your gut, challenge and dig deeper. A sponsor has failed their partner more so by not speaking up, not having the hard discussion and not taking the upper hand and guiding them to a successful outcome. Failure to mentor 'because I was avoiding confrontation or upsetting her/him'' is a pathetic excuse.
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