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    Australian citizen by decent

    Firstly you have to prove that she is the daughter of an Australian Citizen. As you dont state where the child was born I assume not in Australia. Being the case you need to get the childs birth certificate, and assuming it has the Fathers name on it, that is principally all you need. If there are differences in the childs surname from the father, that must be explained. The birth original certificate must translated if required. Here is the form with the requirements; https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/118.pdf If the fathers name does not appear on the birth certificate, then it gets very complicated, as the Citizenship Office usually required DNA proof. The father does not have to supply DNA if he does not want to. But, you cant get a court order in special cases, but that is an expensive and complicated legal process. You are correct, once the child is recognised as his offspring, under Australian law he MUST pay child support. Child Support can be claimed retrospectively in some cases.
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    Thai girlfriend refused tourist visa

    If you can, scan and post the full letter here (redacting any personal info of course)
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    Partner visa offshore

    Vishal, A very broad question. All the information you seek has been discussed and posted previously in this forum. Not wanting to repeat history, I would encourage you to read through the relevant forums and threads with regard to either a Partner Visa or a Spouse to a Education Visa. Always, we are happy to answer specific questions.
  4. AussieDude

    Visitor Visa Subclass 600 - Decision Waiting

    What the CO wrote is not in line with standard IMMI responses. We all have bad days.
  5. All IMMI medicals include; The review of a signed medical history from the applicant, by the 'attending' Physician A general, but thorough physical examination by the 'Attending Physician', being a Qualified Doctor A CXR (Chest Xray) to WHO standards, again exan=mined and assessed by the Attending Physician (except pregnant women) Depending on the assessment of the Attending Physician (meaning at their sole discretion), the Physician may request further tests, exams and/or reports; These additional reports/exams are at the applicants own expense Examples, if the applicant presents with physical symptoms, suggesting a viral infection, say Herpes, the Physician can request blood tests if the applicant presents with abnormal cognitive symptoms, the Physician may request a Psychological review if the applicant presents with physical symptoms to suggest diabetes, or other hormonal illness, the Physician may request a full blood work up. For an applicant to be outright refused on medical grounds is rare, and the would need to be suffering from a acute disease, that represents significant public health risk or significant cost of care to the Australian Taxpayer (i.e and I generalise, TB, advanced Cancer, serious mental illnesses, a Cat.A contagion). My advice is this. The IMMI Physicians are not fools, they will detect anything your hiding. Be honest and accurate on your medical declaration and all medical interviews Lying could be worse than the condition you are suffering from Even if rejected on medical grounds, an appeal path exists, as does a 'exemption' process where you can elect to fund your own medical costs of required. As a general rule, you have to be suffering from a serious illness to be rejected.
  6. AussieDude

    Visitor Visa Subclass 600 - Decision Waiting

    @Fahad560, As I read your case and circumstances, I am drawn to the same conclusion as IMMI. Your wife is a resident in Australia, and without question your relationship/marriage is genuine and solid. IMMI are concerned that as your wife is here, and you are not, the pressure on you to stay with your wife (regardless) could be overwhelming. What man does not want to be with his wife. So then IMMI assesses your 'compelling reason' to return to Pakistan at the visa end. Regardless of how successful and lucrative your business interests are in PAkistan, do they outweigh your 'presumed' desire to remain with your wife in Australia? Effectively, and IMHO crueley, they are putting a financial value on your love. The more you stress and demonstrate you solid relationship, the more this works against you. Depending on your wife's Visa status, I would look to a sponsored Family/Partner visa.
  7. AussieDude

    Tourist Visa for A Thai

    At the core of every Tourist Visa assessment, are the following principles; The applicant must be assessed as an individual, regardless of friends/family circumstance Regardless of offers of support etc, the applicant must meet the basic criteria (funds, genuine tourist, reason to return, overall risk) i.e $2,000 in Dad's account is not the same as $2,000 in the applicants account Understand that IMMI's mission with regard to assessing Tourist Visa's applicants is; To encourage and support genuine, short term, tourists (visitors) to Australia To identify, and block applicants who demonstrate a high likelihood, or risk, to overstay, work illegally or otherwise use the VV for purposes other than what its intended for To ensure that all visitors to Australia, have the funds and support to realise their stay, and not present as a financial burden to the Australian Taxpayer. To uphold the core principles of the Immigration act with regard to persons of poor character, entering Australia.
  8. Mental Illnesses, generally, are a very subjective area with regard to IMMI approval. Core to the decision process is what immediate and long term costs will incurred by the Australian Taxpayer to ensure your Brother receives quality care. Aspergers, is usually defined as a 'point' on the Autism Spectrum. Its severity, hence clinical treatment path,/cost varies immensely with each case. However, such conditions in mature adults, such as your brother, **generally** do not indicate a significant burden to public health care, as, being a mature case, the patient usually has the condition in a state of management. The same is usually not the case when assessing younger sufferers. Always, be open, honest and truthful with all medical declarations.
  9. AussieDude

    Thai girlfriend refused tourist visa

    @Daryl_Mason62, So sorry about the refusal, I know how it seems so unjust. As my colleagues have rightly stated, appeal is not an option. IMMI will have provided a detailed letter, citing the clauses and criteria for the refusal. When you re-apply, and I strongly urge you to do so, be sure to address every issue raised by IMMI in the letter of refusal. If you need help, scan and post the ENTIRE LETTER (be sure to redact personal details) and we can advise you further on how to respond.
  10. @AussieDudeis doing a little dance..... Finally someone who agrees with this sad old fart. What I allude to here is 'Integrity'. The following article gives a rare and candid insight to the culture of an Australian Public Servant. https://www.apsc.gov.au/culture-integrity
  11. AussieDude

    Tourist Visa for A Thai

    There is no animosity in what @Bridgesaid. Just a clinical piece of advice. @Bridgeis the most un 'dick like' advisor we have here.
  12. Respond QUICKLY, ACCURATELY and above all TRUTHFULLY. We all make mistakes, how we correct these mistakes is an insight who we really are.
  13. AussieDude

    Tourist Visa for A Thai

    I think this chain has been well addressed. But I will reinforce this; A letter of support is not sponsorship. Sponsorship has very defined criteria under Australian IMMI Law. Some visa's (i.e VV) accept Letters of Support, but, are not eligible for sponsorship. Its worth taking the time to understand the technical, and agreed subtle, differences between the concept of 'Sponsorship' and 'Support'
  14. The IMMI website 'Typical Processing Times' are just estimates. Instructing your lawyer to lodge a formal complaint has no basis. These are estimates, not SLA's.
  15. I get this question a lot, and its an important aspect of Thai ID documentation, not well understood by us ferrang. The Thai word for house book is "Ta-bien baan" pronounced "Tar-bee-en barn". Tabien = registration, Baan = house House Registration. Unique to Thailand is the concept of the House Book, or Tabien Baan. Its a paper book that lists all the people that live at a certain address. It also identifies the owner of the house. So it serves two purposes; 1) the title deed for the property, 2) its the only official record of ones residential address. Its slowly being moved online, but its years away. The Thai ID card does not replace the House Book, as Thai ID's do not carry a residential address, just the town of 'Registration'. A Thai Birth certificate is only valid if it is produced with the house book. Every Thai citizen is listed in a house book somewhere, no exceptions. Rarely listed in two books (unless they own multiple properties). Its a PRIME ID DOCUMENT as it states the persons 'legal' address and their registered government zone, similar to our electoral role.. To not update a house book is like failing to advise your change on the Aussie electoral role. In Thailand, you need to produce the house book for a bank account, driver's license, passport, most jobs, leases, and any government transaction. DIBP usually demand to see the house book or a certified translation during the ID vetting process for a migration Visa. Any Thai stating they dont have a house book or is not listed on a house book is, simply lying. Whenever I hear of a Thai refusing or unable to produce their house book, its usually because it contains information that they want to hide. 99% of cases its undeclared children, or a current marriage. Remind you sponsored partner to get the house book from their family well before any DIBP interviews, its critical.
  16. Application status is simply "being Processed' or 'On Hold' for reason zzzzzz. At least you know whats happening. But sometimes, getting an update takes longer than the actual application.
  17. So the criteria states, I quote; "You must have enough money to: support yourself while you are in Australia leave Australia at the end of your stay This is usually about AUD5,000 for your initial stay, plus the fare to where you are going after leaving Australia." If the balance you borrow from your parents, can be deposited into you own account, that is the best option. But not always mandatory. For such a visa, such large deposits are not uncommon, and are not a problem. Cash is Cash. Otherwise, include a copy of your bank statement in your name, and a signed letter from your parents clearly stating that they will support you for the balance. I always recommend that a sponsor includes their own bank statement as well, to prove they have the funds.
  18. I was not suggesting an email will hurry things along. I was suggesting requesting a 'application status' update Just in case there was a missed request from IMMI still open, that needed to followed up, etc.
  19. @svenjawhateverr, You are still within the estimated 21-53 days processing period. At this time of year, you need to expect longer than average processing times, as its a busy period for IMMI/HA, and the principal holiday season for Australians. My advice, If within the next month you do not get a reply, then raise an enquiry to IMMI/HA. But you can do this at any time.
  20. With the itinerary, explain what you intend to do in Australia, what you may see, where you may go. You obviously want to see Australia, what do you want to see/visit/experience? You need to demonstrate to IMMI that you are a 'genuine tourist'. A genuine tourist usually has plans on what they want to do. They don't have to be locked in and booked, but, show that you have an idea of what you want to do here. There are no rules here, just that you want to visit and experience what Australia has to offer. This criteria exists because, in the past, Tourist Visa's were often misused. That is, using a tourist visa for other reasons, i.e Business, work, study, etc. The test is this; If an applicant can not identify at least 3 things they want to do as a tourist (destinations, activities, experiences), IMMI **may** question that you are a genuine tourist.
  21. @Gabbie, You are correct you are at the end of the 'estimated' processing period. But I stress when I say 'estimated'. Sensing your concern, I would suggest you contact IMMI (quoting your case/track numbers) and ask for a status update. Email seems to work better these days. The 461 path has always been busy.
  22. Apologies, no offence intended or implied. The post was not directed at you in any way. I did not quote you. It was a general and albeit casual 'observation' on this age old question. Our fellow contributors have probably answered this question a 1000 times. Sorry if you took this personally.
  23. AussieDude

    PCC for a Sponsor

    Get onto your US PCC ASAP, they can take some time to reply.