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  1. We will hear I am sure if he is successful, but nothing if his appeal fails. I am not holding my breath.
  2. One current statement, and then say one from 12 months prior. That should be enough evidence. Be sure to highlight the transactions of interest. IMMI will always ask for more evidence if they require it, but what you have is solid. Just make sure that the money our is clearly to the landlord, and that your payments to your partner for rent are supported as a withdrawal in your bank statement and as matching deposit in his.
  3. Run your details through Vevo to be sure. https://online.immi.gov.au/evo/firstParty?actionType=query
  4. The ETA Visa decisions themselves are not subject to appeal, but most other visa decisions are. I was specifically referring to the incidence of illegal, incorrect or inappropriate actions taken by ANY public servant, contrary to the law, is subject in itself to complaint, review and possibly disciplinary action, but this is dependant on the matter, the severity of the irregularity etc. If you feel you have been treated unprofessionally or unfairly, you have the right to complain. But the circumstances you describe are not really associated with a visa decision, but the suggested poor behaviour of one IMMI officer.
  5. By the numbers.. This is an impossible question to accurately answer. No two applicants are the same. However, if you meet all the criteria, submit a complete and concise application, you should be successful. The nature of these specialist Visa's is very much about meeting the specific criteria of the Degree and Institution required. Generally the conditions will be that you have up to 12 months to enter Australia for the first time, and then from the date of first entry you can stay for up to 18 months. However, your individual conditions may vary. The main difference we see is the maximum period before first entry, sometimes this is reduced to 6 months. Bridging visa for what Visa? Usually a 186. There are several streams within the 186 framework.
  6. All I can add is; Your profession must still be on the listed/approved skills list. You must also get a formal independant skills assessment report and score, regardless of your qualifications or institution.
  7. Work experience without a formal qualification is applicable in most industries, but not always (ie Medicine, Law etc). Your work experience will be considered but you are seriously penalised as you do not have formal qualifications. Either of these routes are valid. I have not seen a 186 or a TSS granted in the IT industry without support formal degree qualifications and relevant experience. There is just too much supply of qualified candidates. The only path you may have if if your employer can establish a case that you possess unique technical knowledge, others will not possess, and use this as grounds. This will probably need a specialist agent to prepare your application, as industry expert evidence is usually required to make a good case. As a general rule in Australia, one does not call themselves and Engineer, unless they have a degree in Engineering (of whatever discipline). Furthermore, a Professional Engineer, is an Engineer who is Chartered by a Professional Organisation, and working as a Consulting Engineer. I know its all semantics, but those of us who have gained the qualifications, get very protective over the appropriate use of the Titles. I would describe you as a Professional Software Developer.
  8. What you describe here is alarmist, and without any basis or fact. Your are also just plain wrong with your understanding of the 3rd entry flagging. Government discussion of the day, has no bearing on policy immediately. As we see with the changes to the Sponsor criteria, it takes months/years for it to filter down. Government Officer can only respond to and enact policy of the day. Otherwise they are subject to review, and disciplinary action, and their decisions subject to appeal. I think your case is an isolated incidence, and I would ask you not to generalise that it was policy.
  9. Q22: Must PRIMARILY speak to joining your partner in Australia and progressing your relationship together, whilst you become a member of Australian society and work towards citizenship. DO NOT just say work and live.
  10. With online you do not need to do anything to the photos. Thats a hangover from the manual photo process (still used for passports). Your key photo ID is your current passport and its Photo. Which you scan an upload.
  11. You mark YES. The are NON-Migrating, but Immediate Family. It has nothing to do with support etc. I know its confusing but you need to detail them. As to why IMMI wants to know it is for two reasons, 1) It helps IMMI predict the future of immigration demand, as families tend to eventually end up all together. 2) It supports the ID and character checks for you.
  12. I always recommend that you wait until requested by IMMI, as mentioned, 12 month certificates expiring while under processing is becoming a problem. Exceptions to this would PCC's from notoriously slow responding countries (US, Eastern Europe, Africa, some parts of SEA). An update to a PCC usually takes only a fraction of the time, as they only have to examine the period from the last PCC to now.
  13. If you need more space, provide the answer in a separate document and state the document name and paragraph in the online form.
  14. Non-migrating members of the family unit Yes, all immediate family (parents, sisters brothers and your children) that ARE not coming to Australia with you, you must detail there names. Relationship details You can either answer each question in the box, but most find there is not enough space. You can attach a separate document that answers all these questions. Just make sure that it does cover EVERY question, and not just ramble along with irrelevant details. Be sure to state in EACH box on the form that "Please refer to attached document, {name of document}"
  15. I assume you are talking about a 820 onshore partner visa? You can add Form 888 after you apply, but I think the application demands at least one Form 888. IMMI will investigate your relationship, so far as to understand that it is genuine. You not travelling with your partner for 4 weeks is OK. IMMI understand that people have to manage their lives, jobs and money. 4 weeks apart is nothing to worry about. Declare the trip is asked by IMMI, but its a future plan so its of little concern. Yes register the relationship in Australia, or you will need to satisfy the 12 month relationship rule. Do your research on Registering your Relationship, I am no expert in this area. When you apply, yes a BVA is **usually** issued immediately. If the application is rejected, it is rejected and you will need to apply and pay again. But IMMI usually ask you to make good before they reject. The Bridging visa lasts until there is a decision, usually 2 years. But longer or shorter depending on your case. The final decision if a yes usually takes the 2 years, but if it is a no, it can occur anytime between 1 month and 2 years, it depends on what is the reason for rejection.
  16. Although IMMI did not specifically ask you your relationship status, common sense would dictate that you should have been more transparent to IMMI's questions. Nothing is ever gained by arguing with Border Officers. But your experience does highlight a couple of possible learnings for us all in this. IMMI have the right to know, and verify your place of residence. If you can not provide details and evidence of a suitable place of residence, entry may be refused. I assume you provided the name, address and phone number of your friend. If you were given a ban or subsequent re-entry condition, it does take up to several weeks for it to be processed and be listed on Vevo. What you were told, on the face of it, is incorrect. Yes you can stay with friends and family on a VV. If your visa was cancelled, and if you tried to re-enter, you would most probably be refused entry. In this situation, you would be 'detained' sent home on the next available flight. If that was not within a reasonable period of time (12 hours) IMMI may extend accommodation to you at the very attractive Villawood Detention Centre, but I expect this would not prevail. No one is refused entrance on 'mere suspicion'. What you said is just not true. With all policing activities, initial suspicion is certainly an aspect. If the suspicion, followed up by formal interrogation, establishes a reasonable case for refusal of entry, then yes this may occur. For refusal to occur, there is a very formal process that is followed. Several interviews, a senior officers review, and your right to testimony at the time. Refusal is actually a major pain in the neck and creates a lot of work for the officer. I am still struggling how a IMMI Border Officer could get the facts so wrong. This is all basic stuff.
  17. Only provide documentation you are specifically asked for. Do not dump dozens of unrelated documents, thinking it paints a better picture. All you do is to confuse your application, and create more work for the poor CW. Be succinct, be accurate, stick to the point.
  18. The base 820 application includes all the questions required. **IF** IMMI need additional information on either of you they will request a Form 80. However, when applying online, depending on your circumstances, I have seen some people being asked for a Form 80 at time of application. But in this case its clearly requested.
  19. We always discourage people from comparing another applicants processing times to their own. No two applications are the same. For every case where 'my friend got his visa in half the time' there is many other cases which are worse. Look to the IMMI estimated processing times are your ONLY guide. Comparing yourself to other applicants will only create false hope, and anxiety.
  20. VISA's take time. You are also within the 13 month estimate.
  21. You are just on the end of the 13 month processing time. So I expect you will hear something soon, if all is in order.
  22. Submit a correct and accurate Form 80 as requested. Provide all information as requested. Declare every relevant fact as requested (which includes your travel history). Its a minor oversight. As long as you get the accurate Form 80 in ASAP, I do not see a need to explain your 'laziness'. Laziness is not a good excuse.
  23. All applications are strictly processed in the order by which they were received. BUT.... as @SammyJ says, there are many factors that actually determine the processing time, ie; Country of origin. All ID's must be verified, and not all countries have accurate online databases for IMMI ti use. Some countries have a higher than normal reputation for fake documentation, ID's etc Completeness of application Missing documents Poor or non certified translations Hard to read applications Slow response to IMMI follow up requests The weather 😉 Planetary alignment 😉
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