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  1. Thanks for all your help really appreciate it
  2. But I still need to fill out the sponsorship for partner to migrate to Australia on her immi account then wait till the 2 year mark to wait for the stage 2?
  3. Ok. So don't apply for the stage 2 As yet. I will do the 40SP through her Immi Account and upload all other documents needed also. And have already organised a health assessment to. We only applied for the visa last week to clarify that part of it. I was just informed that my partner needed to fill the 47SP out but I just wanted to confirm it cause I couldn't find any other info about it. Thanks alot.
  4. Ok I should have said when is the stage 2 application meant to be applied for. Or is this not done until the stage 1 has been approved?
  5. Ok thank you. And when is the 47SP form need to be lodged?
  6. what is this checklist you speak of?
  7. So my Fiancé just applied for a stage 1 partner visa through her immi account. now i know we have to upload documents but this question is in regards to the 47SP and 40SP forms. So do these get put through her immi account as a new application under the Family visa tab: Is 40SP the application - Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia and 47SP the application - Stage 2 permanent partner Visa Assessment or Do i the sponsor have to create an account on IMMI to complete these forms?? i have uploaded a screenshot of the application options. Thanks Andrew
  8. So the non migrating family unit is answered the same as the immediately family members? Is that correct?
  9. im going through the partner visa and came across the questions about family unit. what the heck does this mean and mainly the second question about non migrating members, we have said no to the first questions about migrating members but i not sure about the next question an then also the question after that about immediate family members which we answered with the parents and brothers and sisters. it seems both questions are asking the same question in my head
  10. the second question asking if the applicant is holding a substantive visa. is the answer yes if the applicant is on a visitor visa
  11. how did you apply for the bridging visa A online i cant find any where to do so.
  12. Check your visa approval. You may have been granted 6 month multiple entry. Which means you'll be given set dates example 1st July to 1 Jan. So from those dates you can gain entry into Australia and leave again multiple times. Up until 1st January. But on each entry your stay can be no longer then 6months at a time. So if you entered say the 2nd July and stayed 5months. And went home you have until the 1st of January to entry again and the 6 months starts again from that date. Hope this helps.
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