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  1. This is untrue, the proposed legislation introduces changes to the Australian Working Life Residency rules which dictates the amount of pension received is based on the working life years spent in Australia as a percentage. eg: Some one who worked 21 years in Australia would receive 21/35 (or 60%) of the pension after 6 weeks (down from 26 weeks) overseas. Many thousands of Age pensioners currently permanently overseas would not be effected.
  2. Some info here. http://www.theage.com.au/business/-gvn0yg.html
  3. I'm sceptical about this, banning is far too strong a word. I can see a little maneuvering but with minimal real change, the conservative voter block it will effect wont tolerate too much interference with the cheap labour force it provides.
  4. No, it's not a marriage visa, or a tourist visa, it's an extension of stay to visit wife. You still do all the finances etc.
  5. The guy was virtually broke living on a very small US pension from his time working there, he planned to return to Aus to claim what Age pension he could, after establishing residency there for portability. He should have gone 2 years ago but didn't and now he never will. He was a very fit 67 year old and thought he would live for ever. Moral of the story is that no one lives for ever, especially if you train for triathlons in Philippine peak hour traffic.
  6. Thanks for that; that's largely what I told the daughter. They did not seemed to be married, he was altar shy after 4 previous, but hopefully he registered the kids at the embassy. I've not heard back so will assume that no further advice is required at the moment. Good information, thanks again.
  7. One of my Australian pensioner forum members has been killed in the Philippines. He had a wife and two children under 5 and I was wondering, assuming I get asked by his extended family, how difficult it would be for her to move to Australia visa-wise. I think he has an adult daughter in Australia, other family in the US.
  8. If someone has a one year extension of stay based on marriage to a Thai national, is this the same as a marriage visa? If not can it be converted to a marriage visa?
  9. I doubt they will tamper much with Age Pension portability, far more retiree money comes into Australia than goes out. Most pensioners moving overseas go to countries like Greece and Italy and their children form a large voting block back in Australia. Messing with them could put politicians pensions under threat.
  10. You'd think that pensioner migration would be the other way as well, if Greece goes off the Euro the Australian dollar could be quite attractive over there.
  11. I'll mention a trap for young players. If you're in Thailand on an airport 30 day visa exemption and decide to pop up to the Burmese border at MaeSai and stroll across for a bit of shopping or sightseeing keep in mind that Thai immigration will only give you a 15 day exemption on return. Can be embarrassing if you had say 20 days left on the original exemption and planned your departure around this. What you can do is ask Thai immigration for a VIP day pass which only requires a couple of photocopies of your passport, leaving it unstamped, and 100B. Also useful for anyone with a single entry visa.