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Found 41 results

  1. Hi Friends, I need your help with what visa to apply for my partner. I am an Australian citizen and she is Nepalese. We first met in 2014 in Sydney where we studied together. She went back home in 2016 as her visa expired and she couldn't complete her points. We have been to Thailand tour in 2018 and I visited Nepal early last year where we got engaged. We have loads of pictures and conversations together since the time we met. Unfortunately, when she was here we do not have any shared expenses like House rent and bills as she stayed with her cousins. We plan to get married this December in Nepal and I want her to be with me in my return back to Sydney. A few options that I could think of are as follows: 1) Apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa and do a court marriage within the 9 month time period. However, I am unsure if she would get her visa by this December when we plan to marry in Nepal.. 2) Marry in December and she travels with me here on Tourist Visa. Once she is here we do a court marriage and apply for Partner visa so she can go into Bridging and continue staying here.. I am just confused and would appreciate some help. Thank You!
  2. Hi My Thai wife and i would like to apply For a 309/100 visa. We have been Together 3.5 years and married a month in thailand. She is a mature age uni student with 2 years until the end of her degree. Which is why we would like to apply now. I work offshore in australia and spend every other 3 weeks in Thailand. I have a house and savings in Australia. Also enough savings in Thailand For a few years of living. I am thinking about changing career but its not guarenteed income. It is commission based. Does Anyone know if this would be a problem for the application? There is no financial requirements on the government website. Much appreciated Ed
  3. Hi Australian Forum, Since I applied for the visa 309/100 the processing time has been shorten up by 4 months (Now 14 months). I applied for the visa 309/100 mid October 2018 the processing time was 18 months then I should receive the answer by mid April 2020. With the new processing time, can I expect an answer 4 months early? (Mid December 2019) or when? Thank you for your help Nardi
  4. A migration company in Australia states on their website that applications that are submitted with all supporting documents straight away means it can helps speed up the processing time for your application. They believe that since your application essentially is put "on hold" if the department has to request further information means that having everything straight away speeds up the process. But of course it's a risk to pay for health and police checks that only last 12 months, only to maybe have to do them again if your visa isn't processed within that time. Which it very likely may not since Global Processing Times is showing as 14-19 months. What is everyone's advice on getting health and police checks (for both sponsor and applicant)? Do straight away or wait until requested? And is there any real merit to having a "front loaded/decision ready" application? Thank you for any advice!
  5. Hi, My husband and I are looking to move to Australia (I am Australian, he is Swedish). Our biggest concern is timing. We both currently live in the UK (for the last 9 years) and we're considering moving in approximately 2 years time (flexible). However, considering the waiting times, how do you manage when you actually set a move date? We want to plan our lives with our kids and jobs etc, so find it difficult to see how to do this with the timing of the grant of the visa up in the air. Once a visa is granted is there a 'must enter by' date? Or can you move whenever you want after the visa is granted? Alternatively is it possible for my husband to enter on a tourist visa, and then apply for the 801/820 visa from there (with a bridging visa in between)? I can imagine that the Department might not appreciate you using a tourist visa when you intend to settle in the country - or is this a legitimate thing to do? How does everyone else deal with this uncertainty? Considering the cost and distance of travel (also we have two very young children) we don't really want to just 'enter' the country in order to comply with an 'enter by' date on the visa and then leave again in advance of the permanent move Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello my friends! We are planning to apply for a Partner Visa but after consulting with 2 agents and getting wrong advice I decided to start my research bymyself. My situation is: me and my partner (married) are in relationship for 2 years. He is Australian PR however he's not living in Australia for the last two years as we live together in other country. Looking quickly at the immi page we saw that eligible sponsor "usually lives in Australia". We still couldn't understand if he's eligible or not even though the agent said it's not a problem. Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to see if anyone is going through a 309 Offshore Partner Visa with their partner being a Ghanaian or from any part of west Africa or even Africa itself. We just submitted our partner visa on the 9th May 2017 with a very strong case (an overload of evidence I was informed by our agent) and it would be nice to know who has been through this experience with someone from this part of the world or anyone else going through this so we can encourage each other. We have been told the wait is currently 16 months and I have been separated from my husband now for 8 months (took some time to get the visa in). Please share your story, I would love to hear it. I am an Australian woman who married a Ghanaian man In July 2016. We both met online through a mutual friend. Knew each other for 10 months before I went to visit him in Ghana to get married and stay for 3 months. I then had to leave due to financial obligations. We have an overload of evidence. We were told its a strong case. The 16 months possible wait just has overwhelmed my heart and mind. I pray it will not be this long. The emotional stress is much. This is not an easy process.
  8. Since Australian partner visas from India are considerably high, I request all my fellow Indians to please share their 2016updates here.
  9. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and need some help making a decision on whether I should report someone to Immigration who is currently on a 309 visa and is hoping they recieve their PR. Long story short (hopefully). My SIL got married to an Australian Citizen in 2015 and arrived in Australia on a subclass 309 Visa in 2016. She is from FYROM. She only married him for the opportunity to move to Australia after her brother (my husband) moved here. She came to Australia in November 2016 and shortly left her husband in April 2017. From what I have heard she was caught speaking to other men and that she also refused to be intimate with him and did nothing but sit in her room all day not talking to anyone in the house and was mean to everyone aswell. After he found out that she was speaking to other me he had asked her to leave and didnt want anything to do with her. I feel bad for her ex husband as they spent at least 100k on a wedding and constantly sending her money while she was waiting for her visa. She seemed quite happy to have left and now lives with me and my husband. Shes a very selfish person and I've had nothing but troubles since shes moved in between me and my husband. I live in the same house as her however we do not talk and I was told that she is trying to seperate me from my husband so she can live alone with her brother? As crazy as that sounds it is something that she would think of doing. Shes cut me out of several photos of me and my husband and uploads the photos on social media. I lived in FYROM for 10 months while my husband waitedfor his visa and I had nothing but problems with her there aswell. ANYWAY. October 2017 she recieved a letter from immigration stating that her husband withdrew his sponsorship and she had 28 days to reply. She responded that she suffered from domestic violence as a way for her to stay here. I told her that she cant do that as it never happened and that immigration will ask for proof which she doesnt have as it never happened. Shes dragging this poor guys name through the mud just to stay here. Since then, she recieved a reply in April 2018 from immigration asking her to prove that her relationship was genuine up until she left which was April 2017. Which she gave in. Since the she received another email in June 2018 where immigration asked her to prove judiciary or non-judiciary evidence of her so called "abuse". They sent her another email in August 2018 asking the same thing. Shes panicking now as she has no evidence to give and she has not repsonded to the last 2 emails to immigration. So I would like to know the following; 1. What are the chances of her keeping her visa without giving any evidence? Will her visa most likely be cancelled. (She will most likely stay illegally) 2. Will immigration ask her for the evidence a third time? 3. If I where to report her to immigration about giving false statements will immigrationto anything about it and will she be informed that someone has reported her? (I'm too scared to report as I know she will know it was me and I have a child with her brother so I'm being cautious) Hope someone can help me shed light on my dilemma. Thank you
  10. Hello! Created this topic since the moment I searched for 309 visa updates for Philippines, last post was around 2015. Would like to know updates of people who have been patiently waiting for this visa approval. My visa information: Lodged online: May 2017 Requested for Further information: August 2017 Visa Status: Assessment in Progress Hows your visa going? Any plans on how you keep up with this waiting game?
  11. Hi, I am Australian permanent resident, I applied Partner Visa 309 for my husband on 29 March 2018, medical was submitted within one week of application submission. We received email from DBIP for Police Clearance Certificate on 1 June 2018, we submitted it on 26 June 2018. My husband and I were in Australia before applying for his Partner Visa. We have lived together in Australia for three years, we submitted all proofs with our application. Before his visa expiration we came back in India, got married and applied for his partner Visa offshore. Since we came India for marriage, I didn't go back to Australia, I was hoping if we could go back together. We haven't lived separate from each other all these years even for a day. But we didn't hear back anything from DBIP yet, it is still under assessment. Now I am wondering, if anyone can give me insight into processing time after additional information submission. If anyone has experience, please share with us as this waiting game is getting very hard for us. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I am recently married, and I intend to apply for a spouse visa for my husband soon. What Visa is better and in what ways? I seem to have no starting point and sort of confused with the info i've been bombarded with. One thing is that I'd like to take him to Aus ASAP and he be to work which I suppose is only possible through bridging visa. Would appreciate some insight into this. TIA Veena
  13. Hey everyone! happy new year! I just need some advise with regards to our plans of applying partner visa. Me and my now wife has been in a relationship since 2011. We are both Filipino. She had to leave Philippines in 2013 to study in Australia. Since then, she had continued to live in Australia and is now a permanent resident. She will be applying for citizenship soon. We have been in a long distance relationship since 2013 up to the present. I had to stay in the Philippines to finish my studies and help out in family business. I have had the chance to visit her in Australia last 2015 and 2016; and my wife would regularly go back to Philippines as well for holidays. I proposed to her MArch 2016 and got married in June 2017. We are now ready to apply for Partner Visa subclass 309. We are definitely certain that our relationship is genuine and continuing but we are a bit worried over the fact that we neve lived together due to the circumstances of our relationship. We only lived together during the times that she would visit me in Philippines or vice versa (3-4 weeks of staying together in one house. We have evidences of joint account, joint travels, skype and chat communication as well as phone call logs. But we are lacking evidence in terms of share household responsibility (billings, shared properties etc) Do you guys think that we still have a shot in the visa being granted? 5 years of being apart has been really hard and it is only through the partner visa that we can finally be together. Any advice and thoughts would really be appreciated! thank you
  14. Hi Folks Does anyone know how to download forms 40SP and 47SP? It appears they are not available for download since 309 must be applied for online now. The problem is my wife is on a student guardian visa, and this visa has a condition that she must apply for visas offshore, even though she has been living in Aus for past 3 years. So we want to view these online forms before we go offshore (just for visa app), so we can prepare beforehand. BTW My wife is Chinese and is the guardian of her son while he attends high school in Melb, and I'm Aus citizen. Hope someone can help. Thanks Steve
  15. Hi All, spouse/ partner visa from India. Application lodgement date: 5 March 2017. lodged online by the husband. Pcc asked 27 april 2017, submitted 30 april 2017. medicals asked 27 September, all tests done and completed 26 October. medicals submitted by BUPA to immigration on 30 October 2017. final stat dec asked by immigration on 26 October, submitted on 26 October, acknowledged on 2 November by immigration. haven't heard anything since then. Rang VFS, they have no answer as stated in above replies, they ask to wait for the dept to contact me. when we lodged the application in March 2017 it says 7-9 months. 8 months are already over. can anyone please suggest anything? don't know how VFS works, when we submit the documents requested, do they wait for 28 days as the time frame given for submission? or the processing starts right away? after medicals got an email from BUPA that visa officer will provide an outcome in 5 business days. Can anyone please assist?
  16. Hi everyone, I started this topic for updates on the status of applications submitted after July 2017. The rules did not change as dramatically as previously announced but there were still some significant changes on the order by which the applications are processed. July also marked the beginning of the financial year. Some info on my application: Submitted July 10 Police checks submitted for both sponsor and applicant Medicals done - no further action required Cheers,
  17. I'm a UK passport holder from Hong Kong and was granted a de facto partner visa in Feb 2017. (onshore- 820) My partner and I met in England. I was on an Australian working holiday visa here before we satisfied the 12 month relationship requirement. I shared my DIY application experience in detail in videos and hopefully they can help out those who are going through the same process! The recording's in my native language but the slides are in English and I typed English subtitles too. Hope all of you find the tips useful. Good luck with your application! Part 1 - [intro] Eligibility, (Hidden) Cost, Processing Time Part 2 - [sharing] My Document List, My Supporting Witnesses.... Part 3 - [Tips] Advice On Gathering Documents Part 4 - [Tips] Online Application - Things I Wish I Knew Part 5 - Example of How An External Agency Can Delay Your Process - HK Police Check Troubles (Eng decs only)
  18. UPDATE The Migration Institute of Australia has advised that proposed changes to the partner visa sponsorship process have been deferred to 2018. This is because the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016 (Cth) (“the Bill”) is still before the Senate and has not been enacted. If the Bill is enacted, it will establish a sponsorship framework for partner visas, placing more focus on the assessment of sponsors. In particular: · The sponsorship assessment would be separated from the visa application process · Sponsors would need to be approved before visa applications are made · Legal obligations would be imposed on approved sponsors · If sponsors fail to meet their obligations, sanctions may be imposed · In certain circumstances sponsors can be barred from sponsorship As noted in previous updates, separating the sponsorship approval process is likely to result in increased cost and delay for visa applicants. Problems would also arise for onshore applicants whose current visa is due to expire. Usually, these applicants would receive a bridging visa when they lodge their partner visa application. However, under the proposed changes, the partner visa application could not be lodged (and therefore the bridging visa could not be granted) until the sponsorship application is approved. Please note that partner visa application fees will still go up to $7,000 from 1 July 2017. If you want to avoid this fee hike, make sure you apply as soon as possible. Don’t leave it to 30 June, as Immiaccount is usually overloaded on this date and technical difficulties could mean that your application doesn’t get through in time. If you need assistance with your partner visa application, Proxy Migration offers both a full visa service, and a budget-friendly ‘Check My Application’ service. Email info@proxymigration.com.au for more information. Lisa Wulfsohn Principal Migration Consultant (MARN 1467616) © Proxy Migration Please note that the content of this post is general in nature and is not to be taken as migration advice. If you want personalised advice please book a consultation with us. Australian migration agents are regulated by the Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents, which is available at https://www.mara.gov.au/becoming-an-agent/professional-standards-and-obligations/code-of-conduct/.
  19. Hi everyone. I’ve been following this forum for some weeks. My time has come to get on this journey and I’m after some advice… My partner (Australian citizen) and I (Peruvian) have decided to go ahead and apply for the 309/100 visa. This will have to be offshore, as my current visa has a no further stay condition. A little context of our relationship: We met in late 2013 when I was visiting my sister in Australia. Later in 2014 he went to Peru for 3 months and we started an exclusive relationship. He went back to Australia on October and we were apart for a year on a long distance relationship (we have evidence of skype calls, texts and emails). We decided our best bet was for me to go to New Zealand on a working holiday visa (as Peruvians don’t have the same scheme in Australia) but first I would go to Australia for 3 months as a tourist. I arrived in Australia on September 2015, stayed until December 2015 and then we moved to New Zealand for a year. We have evidence of this whole year (shared expenses, photos, employment letters, etc.). I applied for a tourist visa back into Australia and it was refused (reason being not enough evidence of incentives to leave the country). I reapplied with some more evidence and it was granted but with a “no further stay” condition. We arrived in Australia in December 2016 and we’re both traveling to Peru next week to lodge the application from there. He will travel back to Australia in March. A few days ago we decided to get a consultation from a migration agent. He told us that the fact that my partner would return to Australia and therefore we would be apart makes the application a lot riskier….is this true? I was under the impression that this scenario was quite normal for an offshore application. We have been living together for the past 17 months and are only separating due to my “no further stay condition”…on the other hand, my partner must come back to start his further qualifications. Is there really a big problem with this? I also have some doubts regarding the documents. I’ve read before that when you apply online, there’s no need to certify documents and a full colour scan is enough. Is this correct? And if so, are there documents that do need to be certified? Also, if anyone is applying from South America or knows something about the process for this, it would be really great to have a chat and pick your brain. My partner and I are feeling rather anxious with this application, as everyone knows it’s a large amount of money and we want to make it right.
  20. Hi Guys, This is my first post in the forum I searched for my issue and couldn't find anything related. The details of my current situation are as below: I have a permanent residence visa for which last date of arrival is 12 September 2018. I came to Australia around two years ago with intentions of Immigrating but I had to leave the country shortly afterwards (less than two months) due to family commitment. So I don't think i meet the usually in Australia clause. Since then, I got married 16 months ago and moved to Saudi Arabia with my spouse for a job. Now I want to apply for 309. I emailed the embassy in Saudi Arabia, the agent didn't reply and told me on call that shes not sure about it We are both living together and want to move together Can I apply it before coming to Australia? My apologies for the long post, thanks for bearing with me
  21. I am on 309 partner visa. My partner is pregnant. We have issues and we are living separately. If my partner withdraws sponsorship, what will happen to the 309 visa. Can I apply for the permanent visa. what are the options.
  22. Hi folks Just about to launch into the 309 visa process (I'm Australian, my fiancee is Mexican, we both live in the U.S.). One basic question - what docs do we actually need to have at the time of starting the application (and paying the fee)? We have most things but still waiting for some docs to arrive from our home countries. Is there any point to applying now (to get in the queue) and adding the files over the next few weeks? We're operating on a tight timeframe to migrate back to Oz and would like to expedite as much as possible. Also, I read that the medical check and police check come later in the process - am I correct in understanding that we should hold off on obtaining those until we hear back from a Case Officer? I'm sure we'll have many more questions to come, thanks in advance for your help! Super excited to find such a group of like minded folks.
  23. Hi guys I've noticed a lot of confusion on forums regarding the supposed 'living-together' requirement for de-facto couples wanting to apply for a partner visa. I decided to write a blog post to clarify that there is in fact no such requirement. The blog post goes through the law and policy. http://www.proxymigration.com.au/news-updates Regards Lisa Wulfsohn
  24. Hey guys , Is there many cases where people have been granted visa 309 in 9 months time , whre the applicant belongs from the high risk country? Thanks guys Best of luxk for your applications.
  25. I am from the UK and my girlfriend is an Australian citizen. We met in 2014 while we were both traveling in Europe independently. We lived in Indonesia together for about 3 months shortly afterwards and then in Australia (I was on a tourist visa) for about 6 months before we moved to New Zealand in March 2015. We lived there together, splitting rent, groceries and expenses between us the whole time we've been together. We were in NZ because we could both work there; I was on a Working Holiday visa initially and then managed to get another 1 year temporary partner visa. We were in NZ until December 2016 and we are now in Australia as my NZ visa was about to expire. We are living together at her mother's house while we wait for this visa. I am on a tourist visa (eVisitor) and have to leave every 3 months. We submitted our online application on 29 May 2016. We provided all our joint account statements (including one we opened in Australia in November 2014) as well as all the personal bank statements with notes and all pertinent transactions between us highlighted. We also submitted all the joint-tenancy agreements we signed while living in NZ (we stayed in 4 different places over the course of 20 months we were in the country). We also provided lots of photos, emails and 3 statutory declarations. After I submitted the online application I got an automatic email asking me to get the bio-metrics. I did that within a week, submitted it and then I was requested to get a health assessment. I don't remember exactly how they informed me that I was to do the health assessment. I cannot seem to find an email so I am pretty sure that a link appeared, and has since disappeared within my immi account dashboard. Either way, I completed the assessment, submitted it and all seems to be well on that front because I now see this message in my account: Health clearance provided – no action required All health examinations required for the specified visa subclass have been finalised. Processing of this person's visa application can now continue. This will not occur until a case officer investigates the case in line with published processing times for the visa that has been applied for. Do not contact the department about health examinations in the meantime. This was done around the end of July 2016 and I've heard nothing from them since. Not sure how important it is, but I will also mention that I didn't press the 'information provided' button until around the middle of July - about 6 weeks after we initially submitted the application and paid the fee. I am still unsure about the significance of this button but then again pretty much every aspect of this application process has been shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. I also submitted a UK and NZ police check. I wasn't asked to but I wanted to get it done. This was done in September, I think. It seems I am still able to upload documents. So, basically I am asking for general advice on what to make of all this but I more specifically: I was under the impression from reading these forums that a case officer would be assigned within about 2 months, certainly within 7. Any ideas why I've not heard anything? Is there any point trying to contact them? If so, how? I get the impression that no human eyes have at any point glanced over our application. Is that normal after 7 months? I am from a low-risk country (UK) and according to the literature their target for granting the visa is 5 months. What did I do wrong? Any help and or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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