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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, My husband was granted his Onshore Temporary Partner Visa 820. We applied for this visa on 15 November 2019 (so nine months processing), after him having arrived to Australia on his PMV. I am a little confused as to the next step of the 801 visa. Do we submit this now, or do we wait to be invited by immigration to submit? When I started the application in immi, it asked, Has 24 months passed since you applied for the visa? - I am assuming this is the 820. In which case no, only nine months. Answering no meant I couldn't continue filling out the application. But do we wait 24 months on his temporary partner visa before submitting the 801 application? I am finding the process a little difficult to understand. Any explanations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Hailey
  2. Hi All, I hope someone can help me with this question - apologies it has been answered already. I understand I can get my 801 granted while overseas, I just can't see anywhere though how long I have to return to Australia to get the visa started? I know there's a First Entry Date that has to be met, just wondering if someone knows how many months it is from the day they grant the PR. Thank you so much in advance for your help and time Matteo
  3. Hi all, My partner and I are looking to lodge our application in a couple of months time (He's Australian, I'm English). Already this Forum has been so helpful!! I was just wondering if those who have been through the same process would share what they wish they knew before they applied and during the application process? Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
  4. Question. The processing time is the same (22_24 months) for somebody coming from the 300 -> 820 -> 801 visa as somebody just from 820 to 801? I find outrageous that I have to go again for the whole process when I have been dealing with this for so many years so far.. Is there any special consideration to these cases? I started all this immi.process in 2014, I am exhausted! I can't even have a decent job because of the pr visa thing.. (it always comes up when applying to good jobs)...
  5. Hello everybody, I'm preparing all my documents now and I have a few questions: - Do my partner and I both need to attach our up to date resumes? I've read about it in a few blogs, but I can't find it on any official site's that you need to attach them for the partner visa. - Do you need to send in your individual bank statements before you started the joint bank account? - How does everybody prepare the bank statements? Do you need to explain every transaction? And can you blank out the transactions that has nothing to do with the visa? Thanks!
  6. My wife is in the process of getting the Partner 820/801 VISA, she has 820 and is now waiting for 801. My question is can I (the husband) apply for a Japanese partner visa and this won't cause problems with my wife visa.
  7. Hi, My husband and I are looking to move to Australia (I am Australian, he is Swedish). Our biggest concern is timing. We both currently live in the UK (for the last 9 years) and we're considering moving in approximately 2 years time (flexible). However, considering the waiting times, how do you manage when you actually set a move date? We want to plan our lives with our kids and jobs etc, so find it difficult to see how to do this with the timing of the grant of the visa up in the air. Once a visa is granted is there a 'must enter by' date? Or can you move whenever you want after the visa is granted? Alternatively is it possible for my husband to enter on a tourist visa, and then apply for the 801/820 visa from there (with a bridging visa in between)? I can imagine that the Department might not appreciate you using a tourist visa when you intend to settle in the country - or is this a legitimate thing to do? How does everyone else deal with this uncertainty? Considering the cost and distance of travel (also we have two very young children) we don't really want to just 'enter' the country in order to comply with an 'enter by' date on the visa and then leave again in advance of the permanent move Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all, ? I'm a newbie to this forum and would love some advice. I also have a feeling we may be missing something as I'm a massive worry-wart! I've tried to do my research but am getting very confused and lost in it all - may be the baby brain! My partner will be applying for a De Facto Partner Visa 820&801 onshore in a few months... here's a little about us; I'm Aussie, he's British/English. We've been together for 2.5 years. Mostly spent living abroad. Registered our relationship under Victorian State in December 2016. We have had numerous tenancy leases in NZ. He has met my family and we keep contact with them. I have met his in the UK. Expecting a baby boy in March (so flying back in Nov - hopefully applying before ETA expiry - we really need him to stay especially for the birth!). Would this be considered as proof of our relationship longevity?? He has his first valid ETA without the 'no further stay' condition. Since we met in Aus whilst he was on a WHV back in mid 2016. We have gathered written letters of support from our friends & family in UK, AUS & NZ. as well as photos, joint travel docs etc. *still need to fill in 2x 888 forms Have shared a joint bank account for at least 6 months. wrote a relationship timeline. Now... not quite sure if we have everything needed. or if we have too much (not such a bad thing i guess - maybe?) Also, I'm curious to know if he would be accepted for the temporary visa straight away under these circumstances since we have a baby on the way and are almost at the 3 year mark... or is it still pending until baby arrives and we have to update them on our circumstances? Would the initial bridging visa commence as soon as the application is lodged? ...I will not be able to work for much longer as the pregnancy continues and we have the potential work lined up for him when he is legally able to work. It's all just a matter of time which I'm afraid we may be running out of! Any help would be appreciated, my apologies for such a long post! Many thanks ?
  9. Hi everyone! Me and my Australian boyfriend have been together for 3,5 years now. I am currently in the Netherlands and he is living in Sydney. The plan is for me to go there and apply for the onshore partner visa. I know these questions are probably newbie questions, but after lots of research we are still uncertain about some (LOTS!) things, and it would be great if you guys could help me clarify some things. 1. 820 or 801? As we have been together for more than 3 years we could apply for the permanent partner visa (801) so you can skip the usual 2-year waiting period. However, for the past 3,5 years we have mostly been travelling and working short periods abroad so we don't really have official documents like a rental contract on our name of a shared bank account. Only flights, pictures, videos, shared invites, etc. We do have these more formal documents to proof that we have been together for more than 1 year. Do you think we could still try go for the 801 visa or play it safe and go for the 820? If they disapprove the 801 will you automatically go to the 820? 2. apply/submit visa application As we will go for the onshore partner visa, I was wondering if you need to be in Australia when you start your application or when you submit the application? For example, could I already start my application here, and then submit it when I'm in Australia? 3. tourist visa --> bridging visa this is just to check if i understand it correctly, if I go for the onshore visa application this means I will be there on a tourist visa first, and the bridging visa will only start when the tourist visa finishes (after 3 months). Is this correct or is there better ways? 4. Translations / certified copies As I need to get all my documents sorted before going there, I am still a bit confused about which documents exactly I need to get just translated, and which documents I need to get translated and certified (with an apostille). 5. Diploma's Do I need to get my diploma's just translated, or also accredited? Thanks a lot!!!!!! Much appreciated in advance Cheers, Britta
  10. Hello all. My partner arrived here in Australia on a temporary marriage visa subclass 300 that was granted on 25/08/15. Later on her 820 visa was granted on the 25/05/16 (we lodged that on the 17/01/16, making her illegible for her permanent visa 801 on the 17/01/18), that time had past so I called up to investigate to why she does not have her permanent visa yet. I was told she now has to apply for the 2nd stage of the visa and the wait time for her to become permanent would be 2 years from now. We knew that could not be correct so we went back to the grant letter for the 820 and it says that we won’t have to lodge a new application and that a decision would be made 2 years from date of lodgement (17/01/18) if they require anymore information that they will contact us. It does not make any sense and if we have to wait another 2 years, I am not going to be a happy person. Thank you for your time
  11. UPDATE The Migration Institute of Australia has advised that proposed changes to the partner visa sponsorship process have been deferred to 2018. This is because the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016 (Cth) (“the Bill”) is still before the Senate and has not been enacted. If the Bill is enacted, it will establish a sponsorship framework for partner visas, placing more focus on the assessment of sponsors. In particular: · The sponsorship assessment would be separated from the visa application process · Sponsors would need to be approved before visa applications are made · Legal obligations would be imposed on approved sponsors · If sponsors fail to meet their obligations, sanctions may be imposed · In certain circumstances sponsors can be barred from sponsorship As noted in previous updates, separating the sponsorship approval process is likely to result in increased cost and delay for visa applicants. Problems would also arise for onshore applicants whose current visa is due to expire. Usually, these applicants would receive a bridging visa when they lodge their partner visa application. However, under the proposed changes, the partner visa application could not be lodged (and therefore the bridging visa could not be granted) until the sponsorship application is approved. Please note that partner visa application fees will still go up to $7,000 from 1 July 2017. If you want to avoid this fee hike, make sure you apply as soon as possible. Don’t leave it to 30 June, as Immiaccount is usually overloaded on this date and technical difficulties could mean that your application doesn’t get through in time. If you need assistance with your partner visa application, Proxy Migration offers both a full visa service, and a budget-friendly ‘Check My Application’ service. Email info@proxymigration.com.au for more information. Lisa Wulfsohn Principal Migration Consultant (MARN 1467616) © Proxy Migration Please note that the content of this post is general in nature and is not to be taken as migration advice. If you want personalised advice please book a consultation with us. Australian migration agents are regulated by the Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents, which is available at https://www.mara.gov.au/becoming-an-agent/professional-standards-and-obligations/code-of-conduct/.
  12. Hi guys I've noticed a lot of confusion on forums regarding the supposed 'living-together' requirement for de-facto couples wanting to apply for a partner visa. I decided to write a blog post to clarify that there is in fact no such requirement. The blog post goes through the law and policy. http://www.proxymigration.com.au/news-updates Regards Lisa Wulfsohn
  13. Hi I submitted my onshore partner visa second stage documents on 13 may 2015. I applied online through immiaccount. But still they did not open my case. They did not assign any case officer. It's almost 11 months finished. Could you please tell me how much time normally immigration department take for 801 application .I am so worried. Thanks
  14. Hey There, I am a UK citizen, my partner is an Australian citizen. We put in for our PR through a migration agent and had everything submitted on the 5th December and confirmation of a Bridging visa should i need it from that date. I submitted my final police clearance letter in June 2015 (UAE police took 6 months to process it) so everything is in and complete. As yet we haven't heard anything back. I assumed that once the case tipped over 12 months then it would start the process to get the 820 visa approved. The DIAC website shows an average processing time of 12 - 15 months, from a 'low risk' country I thought they were happening on the 12 month mark. Anyone have applied in December 2014 and have any updates or feedback? Any updates would be greatly received. PS i take it that the processing time of 2 years then to get the 801 PR visa included this processing time for the 820? It's not 2 years from the 820 visa being granted? Cheers, Rob
  15. What is a prospective marriage visa (subclass 300) A prospective marriage visa, once granted, allows the visa holder to enter and remain in Australia during which time they must marry their intended fiance (sponsor) within the visa validity period of 9 months from date of visa grant. A prospective marriage visa is sometimes referred to as a 'fiance visa', but correctly it is a prospective marriage visa (subclass 300). It is very important to note that the prospective marriage visa holder must marry their fiance sponsor within the 9 month visa validity period as it is a condition of the grant of that visa (Condition 8519). If the visa holder does not marry their fiance sponsor within this period they would have breached a condition of their visa. There is also no provision to extend the 9 month visa validity period. After the visa holder has married their fiancee sponsor, they must then apply for an onshore partner visa (subclass 820 & 801) prior to their prospective marriage visa expiring.
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