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Found 43 results

  1. Hi all, I'm currently going through the online application part of the partner visa and am a little confused, hoping someone can offer some advice! When it comes to adding 2 supporting witnesses to the relationship do these people have to also submit 888 declarations? My partner and I met and lived together in the UK so I was hoping to put down one of our old housemates as a witness but they're not an Australian Citizen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi All, I am a Partner Visa applicant 820 since May 2018 and have heard back from Immi earlier this month asking for some additional information. They asked for 4 things Health Examination since the one I got done earlier was more than 12 months ago AFP Police Clearance Evidence of relationship with Spouse Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia 1 & 2 are straight forward and already sorted. For the 3 - since I came here on a tourist visa and had applied for my 820 while onshore, I have provided with all the financial docs, travel tickets, images etc. I'm assuming this is something normal that they ask since there has been a significant time delay between the application and the time they are going to assess it. Or should I need to worry about them askin this? More importantly, point #4 - the Sponsorship appilcation was submitted in June 2018 by my partner through my Immi ID and the status says 'Submitted'. I found it very odd them asking me for this again. I have written back to them last week about this but haven't had any response yet. I never hired a lawyer and did the application myself after fair bit of research. Beginning to doubt myself a little whether I did everything that was required or not. Would appreciate if either of you can shed some light on this or share your experience on these things? Thanks
  3. Hi all, My partner and I are looking to lodge our application in a couple of months time (He's Australian, I'm English). Already this Forum has been so helpful!! I was just wondering if those who have been through the same process would share what they wish they knew before they applied and during the application process? Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
  4. Question. The processing time is the same (22_24 months) for somebody coming from the 300 -> 820 -> 801 visa as somebody just from 820 to 801? I find outrageous that I have to go again for the whole process when I have been dealing with this for so many years so far.. Is there any special consideration to these cases? I started all this immi.process in 2014, I am exhausted! I can't even have a decent job because of the pr visa thing.. (it always comes up when applying to good jobs)...
  5. Hi everyone I would greatly appreciate some advice please around the next steps after a tourist visa for me and my partner. My partner and I have known each other for about 2 years but started dating in mid-2018 when I was living overseas. I returned to Australia in December. In January, we were successful receiving a 12-month tourist visa for him. It has the standard conditions - no work, 3 months study, max 3 month stay each entry, etc. But no 8503 condition, which is great, and we were very lucky. We’re now in the second lot of 3 month stays, but when re-entering Australia (he left for a couple of weeks and re-entered) it raised some eyebrows at immigration who said this isn’t ideal and that we should be looking at other visas as the tourist visa isn’t really for this purpose. I’d hoped to have more time to plan the next steps over the next few months, but now I am wondering if we should bring forward a new visa application. In my mind now, there are two realistic options: 1. Student visa – maybe applying for 6-12 months of study for him, which would allow him to continue live and study here (and also have some working rights) which would be helpful, then explore other options such as the 820 visa later. 2. 820 relationship visa – the other option would be to move forward with the 820 visa now. I understand from reading here there’s a looooot of stuff to get together for a solid application. We also haven’t lived together for 12 months, although from what I understand we could register the relationship as an alternative. And we’d be able to get most of the other documentation together, although it would be good to have some more time to build some more ties here and prepare things to weave into the application in a more considered way. On first thoughts, I am leaning toward the student visa, then looking at 820 later. However it will work out more expensive, but might be better in the long run, especially if we were to have the 820 application refused. I feel like we could get an 820 application together but am worried if it’s too premature and might reflect badly. Has anyone else been through this similar process and have any advice on how to proceed? Any tips or experience would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm an Australian citizen whilst my partner is from overseas. He is currently on a bridging visa whilst waiting for a skilled workers visa outcome he applied for before meeting me. We are getting married in 2 months. Dilemma is that how do we go abouts applying for the partner visa (we are not de facto)? This seems to be a situation where we are in limbo. Don't we have to wait until completely married before we even try applying online? If we have to wait 2 months but in the meantime he receives a negative outcome regarding his skilled workers visa, where does that leave us? this is all really confusing and I'd appreciate any advice. I called the home affairs department and the officer I spoke to wasn't very clear, I just became more nervous when he mentioned that my fiancé may be evicted from Australia even though we have a wedding in late April. Oh dear...
  7. Hello everybody, I'm preparing all my documents now and I have a few questions: - Do my partner and I both need to attach our up to date resumes? I've read about it in a few blogs, but I can't find it on any official site's that you need to attach them for the partner visa. - Do you need to send in your individual bank statements before you started the joint bank account? - How does everybody prepare the bank statements? Do you need to explain every transaction? And can you blank out the transactions that has nothing to do with the visa? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm applying for the 820 visa. I quite confused about a few terms, really appreciated if anyone can correct me if my understanding is wrong. 1. De facto relationship date This date should be the date we moved together right? For me, I would like to put the date of we signed our joint lease contract. 2. Date applicant and sponsor committed to a shared life together to the exclusion of all others From my understanding, this date should be as same as a de facto relationship? Or it was actually the date we decided together as a couple (officially together but not move together yet)? 3. Rental ledger We only opened our joint account last months, while we've been sharing our rental, bills all together since the first day we lived together. Can rental ledger which shows the real estate receives rental from we two be the evidence demonstrating our relationship? Thanks again.
  9. A migration company in Australia states on their website that applications that are submitted with all supporting documents straight away means it can helps speed up the processing time for your application. They believe that since your application essentially is put "on hold" if the department has to request further information means that having everything straight away speeds up the process. But of course it's a risk to pay for health and police checks that only last 12 months, only to maybe have to do them again if your visa isn't processed within that time. Which it very likely may not since Global Processing Times is showing as 14-19 months. What is everyone's advice on getting health and police checks (for both sponsor and applicant)? Do straight away or wait until requested? And is there any real merit to having a "front loaded/decision ready" application? Thank you for any advice!
  10. My background: I am from the US, and have been in Australia on a 457 sponsored work visa for almost 3 years, but my position was made redundant. I was also recently married to an Australian citizen and we have been together more than a year. An immigration lawyer advised that I may be able to gain work rights by a somewhat roundabout method. For a number of reasons, it would be very advantageous to not be on the 457 visa for the next few years while waiting for the partner visa to be approved. The agent advised leaving Australia, reentering on an ETA visitor visa, applying for a partner visa, and thereby gaining a bridging visa which after up to 3 months I would be able to work. Does this seem like a plausible scenario, and are there any red flags I should be aware of? Thanks for any and all help
  11. My wife is in the process of getting the Partner 820/801 VISA, she has 820 and is now waiting for 801. My question is can I (the husband) apply for a Japanese partner visa and this won't cause problems with my wife visa.
  12. Hi all, Can someone give me a list of exact tests that are conducted in the medical assessment conducted by Bupa? Are bloods taken? X-Rays, mri scans, ultrasounds, swabs or other things etc? Also, how is the general medical assessment experience? Are they trying to look for something wrong with you so they can refuse your visa? Or are they highly professional etc Look forward to hearing from you and those (or their partner) who have been through this. I am so glad there is a community here, it makes me feel better. Thanks again.
  13. Hi, My husband and I are looking to move to Australia (I am Australian, he is Swedish). Our biggest concern is timing. We both currently live in the UK (for the last 9 years) and we're considering moving in approximately 2 years time (flexible). However, considering the waiting times, how do you manage when you actually set a move date? We want to plan our lives with our kids and jobs etc, so find it difficult to see how to do this with the timing of the grant of the visa up in the air. Once a visa is granted is there a 'must enter by' date? Or can you move whenever you want after the visa is granted? Alternatively is it possible for my husband to enter on a tourist visa, and then apply for the 801/820 visa from there (with a bridging visa in between)? I can imagine that the Department might not appreciate you using a tourist visa when you intend to settle in the country - or is this a legitimate thing to do? How does everyone else deal with this uncertainty? Considering the cost and distance of travel (also we have two very young children) we don't really want to just 'enter' the country in order to comply with an 'enter by' date on the visa and then leave again in advance of the permanent move Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all, ? I'm a newbie to this forum and would love some advice. I also have a feeling we may be missing something as I'm a massive worry-wart! I've tried to do my research but am getting very confused and lost in it all - may be the baby brain! My partner will be applying for a De Facto Partner Visa 820&801 onshore in a few months... here's a little about us; I'm Aussie, he's British/English. We've been together for 2.5 years. Mostly spent living abroad. Registered our relationship under Victorian State in December 2016. We have had numerous tenancy leases in NZ. He has met my family and we keep contact with them. I have met his in the UK. Expecting a baby boy in March (so flying back in Nov - hopefully applying before ETA expiry - we really need him to stay especially for the birth!). Would this be considered as proof of our relationship longevity?? He has his first valid ETA without the 'no further stay' condition. Since we met in Aus whilst he was on a WHV back in mid 2016. We have gathered written letters of support from our friends & family in UK, AUS & NZ. as well as photos, joint travel docs etc. *still need to fill in 2x 888 forms Have shared a joint bank account for at least 6 months. wrote a relationship timeline. Now... not quite sure if we have everything needed. or if we have too much (not such a bad thing i guess - maybe?) Also, I'm curious to know if he would be accepted for the temporary visa straight away under these circumstances since we have a baby on the way and are almost at the 3 year mark... or is it still pending until baby arrives and we have to update them on our circumstances? Would the initial bridging visa commence as soon as the application is lodged? ...I will not be able to work for much longer as the pregnancy continues and we have the potential work lined up for him when he is legally able to work. It's all just a matter of time which I'm afraid we may be running out of! Any help would be appreciated, my apologies for such a long post! Many thanks ?
  15. Hi everyone, My partner sponsored a previous partner, they lodged their application in December 2013. I'm currently applying for the on-shore partner visa and was planning to lodge in the next couple days which would fall within that 5 year time period. My research has indicated the 5 year period is calculated from date the previous application was lodged to the date my application is approved, so I didn't foresee any issues with that time frame. However I've seen some information that as of July 1, 2018 the sponsor needs to be approved before my visa application can be lodged. Is this in effect? If I lodge my application today, would they be looking at his eligibility right away? I'm concerned that they may look at his eligibility and deny him if it ends up being within the 5 years (Dec 2018). I wanted to get my application in now because my current visa expires on Dec 18th, and I don't want to leave it to the last minute and risk my visa expiring before I qualify for the bridging visa. Does anyone have any insight into this process? Thank you!
  16. Hi all, I am recently married, and I intend to apply for a spouse visa for my husband soon. What Visa is better and in what ways? I seem to have no starting point and sort of confused with the info i've been bombarded with. One thing is that I'd like to take him to Aus ASAP and he be to work which I suppose is only possible through bridging visa. Would appreciate some insight into this. TIA Veena
  17. Hi everyone! Me and my Australian boyfriend have been together for 3,5 years now. I am currently in the Netherlands and he is living in Sydney. The plan is for me to go there and apply for the onshore partner visa. I know these questions are probably newbie questions, but after lots of research we are still uncertain about some (LOTS!) things, and it would be great if you guys could help me clarify some things. 1. 820 or 801? As we have been together for more than 3 years we could apply for the permanent partner visa (801) so you can skip the usual 2-year waiting period. However, for the past 3,5 years we have mostly been travelling and working short periods abroad so we don't really have official documents like a rental contract on our name of a shared bank account. Only flights, pictures, videos, shared invites, etc. We do have these more formal documents to proof that we have been together for more than 1 year. Do you think we could still try go for the 801 visa or play it safe and go for the 820? If they disapprove the 801 will you automatically go to the 820? 2. apply/submit visa application As we will go for the onshore partner visa, I was wondering if you need to be in Australia when you start your application or when you submit the application? For example, could I already start my application here, and then submit it when I'm in Australia? 3. tourist visa --> bridging visa this is just to check if i understand it correctly, if I go for the onshore visa application this means I will be there on a tourist visa first, and the bridging visa will only start when the tourist visa finishes (after 3 months). Is this correct or is there better ways? 4. Translations / certified copies As I need to get all my documents sorted before going there, I am still a bit confused about which documents exactly I need to get just translated, and which documents I need to get translated and certified (with an apostille). 5. Diploma's Do I need to get my diploma's just translated, or also accredited? Thanks a lot!!!!!! Much appreciated in advance Cheers, Britta
  18. Hi All, I am abou to lodge an onshore application for my partners who is US citizen. We have been engaged since July 2016 and together since 2010. I believe we have more than enough evidence with bank accounts, 888's, emails & extensive travel history, but have never registered our relationship in Aust (WA). Can anyone foresee an issue with lodging as onshore partner, instead of PMV? Thanks
  19. Hi there, My husband and I are deeeep in the final week of collecting & submitting our evidence for the Partner visa 820 (eeeeekk!) I had the sinking realisation today that I completely forgot to include three small trips to NZ in the section asking for all of the places you've travelled internationally... I was so caught up in trying to figure out the dates of all my other trips, and because we have just come from living there, I forgot about the 3 times I travelled there on holidays from living here (5 days first trip, 3 days second trip and 5 days third trip). Does anybody have advice for how I should proceed? Should I include a letter titled something along the lines of "Amendment to original Form 40SP"? Our CO has requested in the checklist that I (sponsor) complete a Form 80 so I've come up against the same question and am worried that the discrepancy will be noticed. Thanks so much for any help you can provide! Klyne
  20. hello everyone here !! i'm in a relationship for 8 months and leaving together with my partner. We want to apply as soon as possible for our partner visa 820 ...i am m currently on my yacht crew member Visa , but the vessel was working left Australia and next week they will need to inform immigration that i'm no longer working there so probably my visa gonna get cancel soon . So if we apply for the 820 onshore i will end up getting a BVE ...tough ... i will than have to apply for working permit based on financial hardship as only my partner will be working on retail (i've heard is really hard to get this permission ) .... another path is to leave country and apply offshore ... witch isn't easy considering the long waiting period abroad... ... or try a tourist visa from oversea and apply for partner once we are back here (but also there is a big change it comes with " no further stay" ... can i still applying for partner offshore in this case? ) we don't know what to do ... any info and suggests could help us . thanks in advance
  21. hey guys. my partner and i are in the process of deciding what our next options are as his working holiday visa ends this year. Were looking at applying for the partner visa but we have already planned to go back to the states in october for 3 months so we can spend time with his family for the holidays and i can get to know them a bit better. I noticed once applying for the partner visa you can not leave the country unless you apply for one of the bridging visas. What i want to know is - how long can we leave Australia for? and do we have to have any significant reason to be going back other than being there for the holidays? any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  22. Hi all I would appreciate any advise people whom have completed a 820/801once you have complied all your evidence ( we have ) whats the advise re labelling or a file naming convention that makes it easy for the CO. We are hoping our is a easy case married for 8 years and basically moving home.
  23. Hey all!! With the increasing amounts of applications going through around the world, I sometimes find myself a little lost in the updates which includes offshore applications as well. I have to say, those guys have got it tough being apart while waiting for the decision, I admire their strength. Since I've noticed that onshore applications are taking much longer to process, I wondered if it would be a nice idea to have a little thread here for support to each other while we wait the 15++ months for the decision from the department. That way we can see how people are progressing onshore slightly easier? From what I've gathered, immigration have been processing them in groups. It can be uplifting to see members who have applied onshore move onwards from the 820 waiting list to the 801 waiting list. Remember to post your lodgement date, original country, any further updates and also whether or not you were on a PMV as I believe being on a PMV shortens the wait time between lodgement for 820 and visa grant but I may be mistaken. Here's mine: Visa Lodgement: Online through an immigration lawyer in Melbourne D.O.L: 15th July 2015 Country of origin: Malaysia - low risk Relationship: De Facto - registered through Victoria BDM Was not on PMV, applied while on valid student visa
  24. I'm a UK passport holder from Hong Kong and was granted a de facto partner visa in Feb 2017. (onshore- 820) My partner and I met in England. I was on an Australian working holiday visa here before we satisfied the 12 month relationship requirement. I shared my DIY application experience in detail in videos and hopefully they can help out those who are going through the same process! The recording's in my native language but the slides are in English and I typed English subtitles too. Hope all of you find the tips useful. Good luck with your application! Part 1 - [intro] Eligibility, (Hidden) Cost, Processing Time Part 2 - [sharing] My Document List, My Supporting Witnesses.... Part 3 - [Tips] Advice On Gathering Documents Part 4 - [Tips] Online Application - Things I Wish I Knew Part 5 - Example of How An External Agency Can Delay Your Process - HK Police Check Troubles (Eng decs only)
  25. My Partner Visa 820 was granted in May 2016 - so I still have about 8 months till I'm elligable for the 801 to be processed. I have booked 2 overseas trips for October and December this year. Under section 4, of the DIBP page for 820/801 Partner Visas, it states: Travel outside Australia: You can travel outside Australia as many times as you want on the temporary Partner visa (subclass 820) but you must let us know your travel plans before you leave Australia. As my application has been processed and granted within ImmiAccount, I have no access to the upload section of the application. Within ImmiAccount, the only options I have under "Update Us" are: - Change of address details - Change of email address details - Change of passport details - Request to cancel a temporary resident visa Does anyone know how/where I inform them of these trips?
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