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Found 28 results

  1. I am a regular contributor, and I find myself repeating the same advice over and over again. Which is OK because I like the sound of my own voice ;-) All the posts here detail what you SHOULD do. As something different, I will detail what NOT to do. This is based on many years investigating Immigration Fraud cases, it applies to Visitor, Partner and most other visa's. When you make a visa application, DO NOT.. Lie or tell half truths. Withhold important information that is on public record (i.e you have a criminal history). Honesty may prove you have learnt your lesson and can now be trusted? Claim something you cant prove. Everything you state must be able to be proved through paperwork. A job without proper pay records is probably fake. Ring the embassy or High Commissioner demanding priority. Send abusive emails to your case worker Criticise your case worker by name in a public forum (yes DIBP read all this) Complain about the fees. Australia ain't cheap If you want to prove a Defacto you must prove 12 months relationship, NOT 11 months and 2 weeks. Include erroneous photos without explaining why the are relevant. Unsubstantiated Photos mean nothing, they are easily faked. If you include Statements from someone as your relationship or circumstances, make sure they can be contacted by DIBP. Yes they do check. Ask for a statement from someone who cant prove that they were in same country as you 12 months ago. Visa, Passport stamp, airline ticket. Think you are special, important or high priority. In Australia, we are all equal. Look up Tall Poppy Syndrome. Expect DIBP to see into your heart, regardless of how much love you feel, HARD proof is best. No amount of love will replace hard facts and proof. Expect to get around a medical. Medicals are mandatory, relax they are not complicated, providing you are healthy. Complain about long waiting times, especially if your application is from a high risk country, they will take longer. Expect to come here and get medicare and welfare the day you arrive. Come here to build a life and work hard. Questions like "how soon can I get medicare, or welfare" do not look good Try to avoid or fake Police checks. They are VERY important to DIBP, what you may think is minor thing, DIBP may consider an issue. If you have a police history, tell them. Hiding things like that will only hurt your application. Try to fake that your relationship has been for a long time, when it has not. If the relationship is true, and genuine then all is good. If its fake and not real, save your money, DIBP will catch you out. Send anything in a foreign language, Everything must be translated (by a certified translator), regardless what some hokey local website or friend of your mother says is ok., (Exception is some EU and Russian missions will accept local language docs, check first). Thinks you are being victimised or discriminated against. Trust me, DIBP do not care about ladyboys, same sex unions, age gaps, religion, or how many times married. So dont make it an issue. "DIBP rejected my PV because I am a gay, transgender, muslim, divorcee" Bullshit. The Australian Public Service pride themselves on their impartiality. Expect a visa if either of are not of good character, including the sponsor. Especially if there is a child involved. Good Character is a complex term, but most get the idea. Think visa fees have a guarantee. Yes the PV is very expensive, and there are no guarantees. If in doubt DONT APPLY. DIBP is not an Apple Store. Try to fake a relationsip. Any genuine relationship will have evidence to prove such. No evidence, its probably not genuine. Be impatient. DONT be in a hurry. Patience. And NO DIBP do not make you wait as a test. PLAN ahead, DIBP like people who plan holidays well in advance. Get married, or have a baby thinking it will get you special treatment or a fast track. Think that you father/uncle/brother as a famous proctologist/businessman/politician gives you status. It means nothing. Its about you and your partner. Provide fake documents, statements, payslips, company certificates, letters etc etc etc. They are usually spotted immediately. Just one lie and your probably will be rejected. Understand this, TRUTH on your application is more important than ANY other aspect. Use or pay a NON licensed immigration agent. All registered agents with DIBP are listed on the Australian Embassy Websites. Believe sites like www.easyaussievisa.com, they are usually full of lies and old information. Believe the information on the TRUE www.dibp.gov.au website. Believe anyone who says they have a friend at the AU embassy, and can get you fast tracked. Judge Australian society, standards and culture by your own. What may be normal in your homeland maybe either illegal or unacceptable in Australia. The opposite also applies. Disrespect or treat any Immigration of DIBP staff member poorly. They have a hard job. While on this forum, Don't demand answers, we are volunteers Don't get narky because we may have not observed you own customs, trust me we are observing ours. Don't demand rapid answers, we all have other real lives, we do our best Read, read and read more. 99% of all questions have been answered before. So excuse us if we get testy when repeating the same advice for the 1200th time ;-)
  2. Since November 2008, I have worked with three companies. I applied for ACS on November 2017. Had joined a new company in October 2017. I provided details for the previous three companies A, B, C for the ACS evaluation. ACS evaluation came in Feb 2018. In the ACS report, my experience start date was given as November 2014. When submitting EOI for 189 category visa, I added the experience of the fourth company D which I am still working with. I have received an invite. I have two doubts: 1) Will the experience of company D, which is not mentioned in the ACS report, considered for the Visa application? 2) Can I provide affidavit/statuary declaration by a senior in the company D? I have Employment Reference letters from all the previous companies. Please help.
  3. Hello, My family and I have been living in Australia for nearly four years, since we left the UK on our Permanent Residency 189 Visa. We are going to start the Citizenship application process soon. (1st April 2018). I was wondering can one online application be completed for all four of us? Or do we need to complete four applications for Citizenship? My wife and I are 43 years old, and our children are 20 years old. Any information or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. hello everyone i was checking my application on vfs website it said "Refno has been recevied at the Australian high commission/Embassy for processing ia this mean i might hear some news soon? i have been waiting for 25 months so far. thanks in advance
  5. Hi, quick question. My partner and I are filling out a PMV at the moment. I will writing most of it with the help of her input. In terms of discussing our relationship and so forth, which point of view would be preferable? The sponsor or the applicant? Thanks
  6. Hello, I find your website so helpful and brings clarity to a very confusing and stressful process. I have questions relating to an onshore visa application for my UK husband. We both currently reside in Amsterdam and plan to move over to be with my Mother as my father recently passed away. We are currently waiting for the quarantine process for our beloved dog, but that's another story. We are pleased as we have heard that officially now we can apply onshore within Australia and are eligible for the permanent partner visa as we have been married for 10 years. I have concerns in regard to the ETA application as most of the ETAs have no further stay restriction, so in that case we could be ineligible to be granted the Bridging Visa. Also I'm not sure which Bridging Visa to apply for as Bridging Visa A doesn't allow my partner to return to the UK as I'm worried he might need to return in case of family and illness. Does Bridging Visa B allow my husband to work and return to the UK as I noticed Bridging Visa A allows one to work, but not travel outside Australia. Also what are the costs for the Bridging Visas as I've checked the Border website and none of this information is provided. Thank you so much! Andrea
  7. Hi all. I'm looking at applying for a visitor visa for my now fiancé. We got approved in 2014 for a 3 month single entry visa. Which was great, now we are looking at applying for a new visa for 6 months on multiple entry. My question is what are the chances of getting this approved? Thanks Andrew.
  8. Anyone know where the button is for uploading documents to a visa application?? We are about to finalise our final online visa for PR and for the life of me cannot find the button to do this. Had no problem over the last three years and 4 various previous visa applications!
  9. Hi Have applied visitor visa for my parents on nov 11th 2016 and still waiting for the decision. It would really helpful if anyone got any information regarding the visa grant now a day
  10. Hi all, a very basic question: do both the sponsor and applicant need to create a separate ImmiAccount? We had created one (in the name of the sponsor) but are now not sure if this is correct. Thanks very much!
  11. Hi, Since my partner got Partner visa (provisional) 309 recently, I want to withdraw tourist (family sponsored) visa which was submitted in Australia. Do I need to withdraw it or is it automatically done since the outcome of partner visa came later ? If I need to withdraw it personally then how can I withdraw it ? Any email or phone number to ring them up ? Any help is much appreciated !
  12. I am potentially having my visa refused because my daughter has a form of autism (global development delay). Need advice help with what i could do to ensure i can stay and dont lose the life that I have built here. I'll try and quickly explain. So i have applied for the 189 skilled visa. My partner is a registered Nirse and the primary applicant and I am the defacto partner and i work in outdoor education. Have been in australia for over 18 months now living in wollongong. Have been on the bridging visa for 6 months now. I am here with my partner but my daughter is at home in england with her mother and her partner who is basically her step father. the relationship between us all is great. They have another son together so have a nice family life. There is no intention for my daughter to come and live here. she will always live in england with her family there. She will visit me for holidays and i will fly home to visit her also, but her life is in the uk. But due to my daughers learning disability, and the potential costs of support she would need if she lived in australia immigration have explained that it does not go in favour of our application. I have explained previously that my daughter is not coming to live here. But that hasnt made a difference. I obviously need something legal. I understand that if my daughters mother dies that would make me her gaurdian so legally would be my responsibilty. But even in that situation she would still stay in the uk with her step father, and all of her cousins brother friends and grand parents. But how do I justify that legally to immigration? I have researched and currently cant find a solid answer and im running out of time. Is for her to be legally adopted in the uk by her step father really the only way? Can custody be completly given to her mother? Is there another way? im stuck, and help would be amazing
  13. Has anyone experience a 12 month delay on their citizenship application. I applied for my citizenship after meeting all the criteria and ticking all the boxes since July 2015. It is the July 2016 today and I'm still waiting to hear a word about my application. I'm curious as to what could have been the delay as a lot of people i know who applied about same time as me or even after me have all gotten their citizenships. Please advise on what to do and if this has happened to anyone before. Thanks.
  14. Hi I have never had to apply or assist anyone in applying for a visa but like so many I have met a thai lady and would like her to come to Australia to meet my family and friends and see how things progress. We met in November 2015 in Bangkok and kept in contact which after a week or two became daily contact with messages, phone and video calls. I returned to thailand in April to see her and we spent 5 weeks together (included a week in Vietnam). We spent all the time together including a couple of weeks in her family house in central Thailand. We also had a week in Chiang Mai with her daughter and her mother. Our contact since that time has increased and we talk at least twice a day as well as numerous messages and there are load so pictures of the two of us and also with her mother, daughter, cousins, aunties, uncles etc. She has recently started contact with my sisters as well and one of them will be going to Thailand for a few weeks in September and will be meeting up with my girlfriend and also doing a trip to her village. I will be going back to spend a week with her in August and we would like to get a tourist visa for three months for to come to Australia. I have a good job that pays well. My girlfriend was previously married and had been living in England for 4 years before she returned home to Thailand in August 2015 in accordance with her visa requirements following the divorce. I think the financial aspect will be ok as I can clearly demonstrate that I can look after her and have records that I have been doing that since about January this year. I also think there is enough information to establish that this is a genuine relationship. The worry for me is satisfying the requirement relating to the incentive to return to Thailand. She is currently not working and does not own any property so obviously the funds are fairly limited. On the plus side she did return home from England as per her visa requirements, has a 9 year old daughter and her mother who all live in the same house. The rest of her family including her father all live within a couple of hundred metres of each other. Sorry for being long winded but obviously I am very keen to get a visa for her but I have no experience in this area. I know there is a lot of talk on her that you dont need to use a migration agent but I am actually considering that, given my inexperience, but I dont really know how to find a decent one that will not charge the world. Looking for some advice on this or whether I should try and do it myself. Thanks in advance Pete
  15. Hello there, I'm a newbie here from the Philippines. Can you please help me out what to put where the application asks for, how will you maintain yourself financially while in Australia? Do I have to give the details of how much I have in the bank here? or I can just say please refer to the attachment as evidence of funds. Is it important to tell a story here? like what do I do? how much do I earn? Will it help? Hope you can share your experience. This is my first time to apply. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hey hey, Applied for visa through MA in late Dec 2014, Still waiting and as far as the agent has told us we still dont have a case officer. Now wife (married on shore mid last year) is Vietnamese, Im 100% aussie I have read a few posts where as people have stated that it is expected to take longer when applying on shore, anyone else in the same position or have had recent news? thanks
  17. Hi all! I am a polish citizen and have been in a same sex relationship with an Australian for 1,5 years now. We lived together in the UK for over a year, however my partner's working holiday visa expired. In a meantime I got a work transfer to Spain, and my partner joined me around a month ago. We currently live together in Spain, however my partner is not allowed to work here and have to leave the country in 2 months, hence we started thinking about moving to Australia. We are in a genuine relationship and plan to spend the rest of our lives together. Our relationship IS NOT registered at the moment, the only reason is that we couldn't get De facto relationship while living in the UK (you have to be together for 2 years to get De facto), and registering the same sex relationship in my country is still illegal. Do I have any chance to get a partner visa being in a relationship, but not De facto relationship with an Australian? Can we register De facto in Australia after being together for 1,5 years? Is there anything we can do to move to Australia together? Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
  18. Hi everyone. Both myself (British) and my partner (Australian citizen) live in the UK at present. We are in a civil union and have been together for over 6 years. My partner has obtained a permenant residency for the UK and at the time we entered the UK together with only savings and no jobs. We are about to begin our application for my permanent residency for Australia. We would like to return to Australia together if and when our application is successful, rather than be apart for the lengthy process of the application. Will this be a problem if potentially we are both entering the country without jobs? We will have enough saving to support ourselves for 6 months to a year. Another question.... 7 years ago on my working holiday visa I overstayed my visa for 2 weeks. I have since returned to Australia on a tourist visa and stayed for 3 months. Will this have any negative impact on my application. Should I state this in the application? There is a question asking 'Have you ever overstayed a visa?' Should I tick the box for yes even if it was only for 2 weeks? I think yes, my partner thinks no. Regards Andrew
  19. Were currently finishing the application and we have just typed in my partners statements on the application and everytime we press 'next' or save, the page dosnt do anything!
  20. Initially we were planning to collect all documents we may need (including medical and police certificates) before applying (will go for online application), but after reading through some posts on here it seems it is not entirely necessary to do this. I'd like to apply by a certain date to get the ball rolling on the long wait time, but is that a bit of a dangerous strategy if everything is not prepared?? Which documents are the must-haves at the moment of lodgement? Can we build the evidence via the Immi account over the 12 or so month wait period, after the application is submitted?
  21. How to obtain a Royal Thai Police Penal Record Check for an Australian partner visa application These instructions relate to Australian partner visa applicants that are required to obtain a Royal Thai Police Penal Record Check for their partner visa application. Applicants must firstly attend the Australian Visa Application Centre (VFS) located at: Australia Visa Application Centre Thai CC Tower, 34th Floor 889 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok Business hours are Monday to Friday 08.30 to 15:00. If travelling to VFS by Sky Train it is only a 3 minute walk from Surasak BTS Station (take exit no. 2). Make sure you check the Thai public holiday closures as they will be closed. At VFS the applicant needs to inform them at the counter that they want an ‘Application for Entry to Australia - Request for Thai Penal Record Check’ for a partner visa application. They (VFS) will then generate a single page document/letter that then needs to be taken to the Royal Thai Police Headquarters on Rama 1 Road, Bangkok. Again, only a short walk from Siam BTS Station. At the Royal Thai Police Headquarters the applicant needs to produce the document (single page letter) referred to above and obtained from VFS as well as the following documents: • Valid passport. • Thai ID card. • Household Registration (Tabien Ban). • Any evidence of change of name (if applicable) Photographs and fingerprints will be taken at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters Processing time is approximately 10 working days after which the certificate will be returned to the applicant by post.
  22. Hello, another question hopefully someone can help with... We are currently getting together the documentation for our application for the partner visa, but I have just noticed some wording on the document checklist which has confused me and I wanted to clarify before we get too far into it. I have highlighted what my question relates to below: Your personal documentsYour identity · Certified copies of the biographical pages of the current passports or travel documents of all people included in the application (these are the pages with the holder's photo and personal details and the issue/expiry dates). · Two recent passport-sized photographs (45 mm x 35 mm) of each person included in the application. Evidence that everyone included in your application has adequate health insurance in Australia. Evidence that everyone included in the visa application has applied for an Australian Federal Police National Police Check if they are at least 16 years of age and have spent a total of 12 months or more in Australia since turning 16 years of age. So what I am wondering is: does the highlighted wording mean both myself and my partner (my sponsor), or is it just referring to anyone else I would be including in my application for the visa- for example, if I had children? We have received two different responses to this question from two different state offices in Aus, the qld one stated it is just the applicant and any children the applicant has, and the vic one stated it means the main applicant, the sponsor and any dependents. Can someone please clarify? Thanks!
  23. Hi guys, my thai girlfriend has recently returned home after a 3 month stay with me in Australia, (march to may). We are going to apply for a 12 month multi entry visa when I visit her in July. My question is, is there a time limit on when she can return to Australia and will a 12 month visa be possible as a subsequent visa?? TIA
  24. Hello, Our situation is a bit complicated and therefore any help is really welcomed. Me and my partner has been in a relationship for 10 months now and lived together for 6 months in Australia. I arrived to Australia on the rights of my tourist visa (3 months, multiple) that was gained myself without mentioning my partner at that stage. Now I'm back to my home country Russia after spending in Australia 6 months in total. With my partner we were twice in Bali for a vacation (we had different flights but stayed together in the hotel (10 days for the first time and 5 days for the second time). My partner is still officially married and his wife is also from overseas (she lives in her home country now with their daughter in common). They haven't lived together since March 2013 (that was the month when his wife left Australia). She was granted temporary partner visa (but they didn't apply for a permanent one afterwards) and therefore the 5 year condition is applied on my partner. Although they tried to extend her temporary visa last year in order for her to come to Australia with their daughter for a visit. It was refused and now my parnter is travelling to visit his 2 years old daughter in January 2016 for 6 weeks. Now when applying for a tourist visa for me I'm not sure for what period I shall apply (12 months multiple visa or 6 months (we obviously want me to stay as long as possible). Can it be an obstacle that they tried to extend his ex partner (but still wife) visa? Also I'm worried about how to prove my intention to come back to my home country. I've got a registered business but as while I was in Australia I haven't been developing it and thus it didn't generate any income. I was existing on my savings and my partner was supporting me as well as my parents. While in my country I help my family with our family business as well as helping kids in our city to improve their English. I've got a property on my own name as well. From my parnter's side we are able to provide all neccesary documentation, as well as prove that our relationship is genuine. Any advices? Thanks a lot in advance
  25. After submission of the Form 1419 the applicant will receive an application ID and is instructed to search and view the application at http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Immi. Do you know where the applicant can enter the application ID to search? Does the applicant have to create an ImmiAccount and login to ImmiAccount before doing so? The applicant does not want to create the ImmiAccount but just wants to search the application by the application ID. How to do it? Thank you for your answer.
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