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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, ? I'm a newbie to this forum and would love some advice. I also have a feeling we may be missing something as I'm a massive worry-wart! I've tried to do my research but am getting very confused and lost in it all - may be the baby brain! My partner will be applying for a De Facto Partner Visa 820&801 onshore in a few months... here's a little about us; I'm Aussie, he's British/English. We've been together for 2.5 years. Mostly spent living abroad. Registered our relationship under Victorian State in December 2016. We have had numerous tenancy leases in NZ. He has met my family and we keep contact with them. I have met his in the UK. Expecting a baby boy in March (so flying back in Nov - hopefully applying before ETA expiry - we really need him to stay especially for the birth!). Would this be considered as proof of our relationship longevity?? He has his first valid ETA without the 'no further stay' condition. Since we met in Aus whilst he was on a WHV back in mid 2016. We have gathered written letters of support from our friends & family in UK, AUS & NZ. as well as photos, joint travel docs etc. *still need to fill in 2x 888 forms Have shared a joint bank account for at least 6 months. wrote a relationship timeline. Now... not quite sure if we have everything needed. or if we have too much (not such a bad thing i guess - maybe?) Also, I'm curious to know if he would be accepted for the temporary visa straight away under these circumstances since we have a baby on the way and are almost at the 3 year mark... or is it still pending until baby arrives and we have to update them on our circumstances? Would the initial bridging visa commence as soon as the application is lodged? ...I will not be able to work for much longer as the pregnancy continues and we have the potential work lined up for him when he is legally able to work. It's all just a matter of time which I'm afraid we may be running out of! Any help would be appreciated, my apologies for such a long post! Many thanks ?
  2. Hi appreciate any feedback Australian lived in Singapore past 10 years Wife Singaporean married 8 years - legal My entire family is in Australia, own home Australia has non condition year multiple retry tourist visa wife pregnant but with major complications identical twins will require 2+ months care + want to move back to Australia anyway but our family situation makes this imperative Called IMMI - said yes just arrive yes Medicare Questions - late 2017 can we Just arrive home apply for a bridging visa ? or is there new rules - Would she qualify for Medicare on bridging visa - key documents to arrive with for bridging visa any agent recommendation ?
  3. Hi guys, Since Australian partner visas from India are considerably high, I request all my fellow Indians to please share their 2014 updates here.
  4. Rohit Singla

    Australian Citizenship

    Hello everyone.. Its my first post so please be helpful I became a permanent resident of Australia in March 2015 & stayed in Australia for 7 months. I have been in my home country since October 2015. Now I have two queries: - Will I be able to retain my PR if I manage to somehow spend rest of the 17 months (part of mandatory 2 years for PR) before March 2020. - What will I have to do to get citizenship, as I think I have violated the "continuous stay condition" for citizenship. Please help..
  5. How to obtain a Royal Thai Police Penal Record Check for an Australian partner visa application These instructions relate to Australian partner visa applicants that are required to obtain a Royal Thai Police Penal Record Check for their partner visa application. Applicants must firstly attend the Australian Visa Application Centre (VFS) located at: Australia Visa Application Centre Thai CC Tower, 34th Floor 889 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok Business hours are Monday to Friday 08.30 to 15:00. If travelling to VFS by Sky Train it is only a 3 minute walk from Surasak BTS Station (take exit no. 2). Make sure you check the Thai public holiday closures as they will be closed. At VFS the applicant needs to inform them at the counter that they want an ‘Application for Entry to Australia - Request for Thai Penal Record Check’ for a partner visa application. They (VFS) will then generate a single page document/letter that then needs to be taken to the Royal Thai Police Headquarters on Rama 1 Road, Bangkok. Again, only a short walk from Siam BTS Station. At the Royal Thai Police Headquarters the applicant needs to produce the document (single page letter) referred to above and obtained from VFS as well as the following documents: • Valid passport. • Thai ID card. • Household Registration (Tabien Ban). • Any evidence of change of name (if applicable) Photographs and fingerprints will be taken at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters Processing time is approximately 10 working days after which the certificate will be returned to the applicant by post.
  6. Hi everyone. My Thai girlfriend and I have started the Australian Tourist Visa process, so she can stay with me in Australia for 3 months. Have a couple questions I haven't been able to find definitive answers to. 1. How many printed pages of Facebook & email correspondence is adequate to attach to our application? Just a ball park figure... Ours go back about 8 months. Is a dozen pages enough for instance? More? Our photos together from my visits we have already printed. 2. On my last trip I filled out most of her Tourist Visa forms, and signed that I was the person who had helped her do so. As I double checked everything, I noticed they wanted everything written in Capital Letters. Naturally I had filled it out normally. Should we re-do it in Caps? Or will this little error be forgiven at the Embassy? I also have a Partner Visa question, but I'll post in the relevant section another time. We've only begun our journey. Many thanks to anyone who can help on any of this.
  7. Ted082

    Australian Partner Visa

    Info on partner visa.
  8. Hey, my visa just has been granted! I have few questions. Will I need to show some papers in the airport: the bank statement, return tickets, do I need to have health insurance? What else can they ask me for? Thanks
  9. Australian Passport renewal in Bangkok Thailand, my passport is full and need a new one to be able to travel and obtain my extensions of stay, what are the procedures and current cost for the passport replacement?
  10. Forced marriage 'grey area' for Immigration By Natasha Bita - The Australian April 30, 2012 TEENAGE girls have been granted visas to marry Australian men in their 50s and 60s, but the Immigration Department insists that forced marriage is a "grey area" that is difficult to police. A 17-year-old from Thailand was granted a prospective marriage visa in 2007-08 to marry an Australian at least 40 years older, new departmental data reveals. Two other 17-year-olds from Iraq and Vietnam have been granted visas to marry Australians aged between 45 and 54 at some time in the past six years. In total, 227 prospective marriage visas were granted to migrants aged 17 - most of them girls - between 2006 and last year. Another 515 migrants were aged 18 at the time they were granted a visa. The statistics - furnished to the Senate inquiry into marriage visas - reveal that 2.2 per cent of the 34,025 migrants granted visas in the past six years to marry an Australian were 17 or 18 at the time. They include 28 teenagers who married an Australian twice their age. The Immigration Department has told the Senate inquiry it rejects 9 per cent of prospective marriage visa applications, usually on the grounds the relationship is "not genuine". "A common concern . . . is couples who have met over the internet or while the Australian sponsor was on holiday and become engaged very quickly after first meeting in person," the submission says. "In other cases, there is concern that while the sponsor may be committed to the relationship the applicant may be more interested in a better life in Australia." The department says arranged marriages that have the consent of both parties "are generally accepted as culturally appropriate", and are "the norm" in India. But it highlights problems with identifying forced marriages, due to victims' fear of retribution and unwillingness to speak out. "It is very difficult for the department to refuse a visa application without specifying the reason," it says. "Our offices overseas also note that this can be a grey area given that it can be difficult to determine the point at which family or cultural expectations become coercive rather than influencing factors in a person's decision to marry." Prospective marriage visas let foreigners migrate to Australia on the proviso they marry their fiance within nine months. Applicants have to prove they will be 18 at the date of the marriage. Immigration Department statistics reveal that migrant couples are three times more likely than Australian-born couples to have a husband more than 10 years older than his wife. Most prospective marriage visas in the past six years have been granted to applicants from The Philippines (4505), Vietnam (3320) and China (3174), with 2152 from Lebanon and 2052 from Thailand. The next highest number of visa grants were to applicants from Britain (2036), the US (1028) and India (1022). Data from the top 10 overseas posts for visa applications reveals that two of the Australian sponsors were older than 85 - both of whom married migrants in their 60s. Another 99 Australian sponsors were aged between 75 and 84. Source: The Australian
  11. Morrison demands answers on visa fraud The Australian May 03, 2012 THE Federal Government must address allegations of widespread visa fraud and say whether it has referred the matter to Australian Federal Police, the Opposition says. Immigration Department insiders have told the ABC about frequent and widespread fraud in visa applications. The allegations, made on the 7.30 program yesterday, relate to family visa applications from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and include claims that some Australian visa holders are sponsoring unrelated people as family members. Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison called for the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen to explain what he was doing to address the claims. "These challenges present themselves in immigration, but the real test of an immigration minister is what they actually do to address them when and if they occur," Mr Morrison said. "If the Government is truly aware of what is going on in Islamabad and the applications that are being made, then I would like to know how many matters have been referred to the Australian Federal Police for investigation," he said. "The minister needs to explain why, as yet, he has chosen not to suspend the assessment of applications coming through Islamabad." Source: The Australian