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Found 15 results

  1. Hey Guys First time user, TIA. Myself and my partner plan to head back to Oz next year after a short stint home in Ireland. I am an Australian citizen. She is not. We are applying for the onshore partner Visa. I understand we need (Temporary) subclass 820 in order to stay up until such time that our (permanent) subclass 801 is granted. The question I would like to ask. There's up to 18 months waiting time for the 820 Visa. If we apply over there and let's say her holiday visa runs out. Does she automatically go into a bridging visa. Cheers Keith
  2. Hi All, I'm now into 13 months waiting on a decision for my 461 visa ( long way to go I know as processing times keep getting extended) and im living onshore, can anyone tell me what the situation is if you are pregnant?. I'm a UK citizen and also have NZ residency does anyone know of medicare will cover the basics as in public hospital etc?.has anyone been in this situation ?. TIA
  3. Greetings! Anybody here who can share to me what is BRIDGING VISA? I am waiting for the approval of my PMV lodge last Feb.21 ,2018as it is in the further assessment.Am I eligible for the bridging visa?If so, then please share to me the process.Your help is very much appreciated.Thank you and more power.
  4. Hey guys, I got an email saying I’ve been granted bridging visa A (woohoo!), but obviously it doesn’t kick in until my 457 runs out. The query I have, is that it’s showing my 457 visa running out in May this year (original end date), rather than the 90 days from when I left my job (which should be next week). Is that standard? Or will the bridging visa kick in after the 90 days since I left my last job? Thank you!
  5. My background: I am from the US, and have been in Australia on a 457 sponsored work visa for almost 3 years, but my position was made redundant. I was also recently married to an Australian citizen and we have been together more than a year. An immigration lawyer advised that I may be able to gain work rights by a somewhat roundabout method. For a number of reasons, it would be very advantageous to not be on the 457 visa for the next few years while waiting for the partner visa to be approved. The agent advised leaving Australia, reentering on an ETA visitor visa, applying for a partner visa, and thereby gaining a bridging visa which after up to 3 months I would be able to work. Does this seem like a plausible scenario, and are there any red flags I should be aware of? Thanks for any and all help
  6. hey guys. my partner and i are in the process of deciding what our next options are as his working holiday visa ends this year. Were looking at applying for the partner visa but we have already planned to go back to the states in october for 3 months so we can spend time with his family for the holidays and i can get to know them a bit better. I noticed once applying for the partner visa you can not leave the country unless you apply for one of the bridging visas. What i want to know is - how long can we leave Australia for? and do we have to have any significant reason to be going back other than being there for the holidays? any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  7. Hoping that someone out there will be able to help me, it seems that the more I read into this the more confused I become. I'm currently in Australia from the US on a Work and Holiday Visa and wish to extend my stay. At first I had gone the route of a Second Year WHV and moved closer to the designated regional work area in Victoria before realizing that I had been following the guidelines of a Working Holiday Visa..not a Work AND Holiday Visa which meant if I wanted to go for another year I needed to move to Western Australia to complete my 88 days. I still feel like such a dummy for reading into the wrong visa, but I'm trying to come up with solutions now. Sadly, my partner(Australian Citizen) and I along with our friend have signed a lease for a rental house recently so there's no way we'd be able to make the move up. So now going for a second year is out. I've read about going for my citizenship before but the price of the initial application put me off as my partner and I didn't plan on living in Australia permanently. However, I'm revisiting the idea since the Yes Vote won and our marriage could soon be recognized here. We're really pushing to save the money to go the citizenship route, but I'm afraid that we won't save up enough in time as my WHV is due to expire on March 1st 2018. That being said, is there anything I could possibly do to extend my stay in this short amount of time? I've read a little about bridging visas but I'm not sure they apply to me. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello AVF Members, Quick query regarding VISA application !!! I currently have Tourist VISA and i just got married with my wife on Student VISA. My the end of this week i am working to file Partner VISA application. My query is when i apply i will receive bridging visa so during this visa what are my possible rights? eg: 1. if i am allowed to work. 2. if i am able to take short course. 3. if i am eligible for medical emergencies. 4. Possible visa decision wait time. 5. if i missed any thing. Regards, Napster
  9. Hi forum......our 27 year old daughter is living in UK but keen to spend up to 12months with us in Australia starting in the next couple of months. We are keen to know the most appropriate option to apply for - so that it does not jeopardise future potential of a permanent visa. Background: as a family we moved to Australia on my husbands 457 visa 10 years ago. After 4 years my husband, our 3 sons and I were granted permanent residency (856) but our daughter was refused as she was over 21 by then and no longer dependent........We applied for a last remaining relative visa when the queue was suggested about 6 months - this has since gone out to 50yrs!! She was placed on a bridging visa A, but also keen to study. The BVA status would've meant international fees - which were beyond us. As such she returned to U.K. To study. As she wishes to return in regular visits etc whilst waiting of Remaining Relative Visa to be granted what is the best option? Reinstate BVA or apply for working holiday visa? Thanks for advice
  10. Hi there, I'm an Irish masters student currently finishing up my course (due to finish end of feb), 573 visa expires 15/03/2017. I want to apply for a temporary graduate visa 485 to work in Australia for approx another year. However I may not have all my transcripts and documentation from my uni in time in order to apply and have the visa granted by the time the student visa expires. I don't want to leave the country...any help regarding what I can do regarding bridging visas would be super. Thank you!!
  11. Let's get specific! My girlfriend needs to attend a wedding on 10th of June 2017 in Germany and therefore needs to leave Australia around 6th of June. On which date would we have to enter Australia in order to be able to leave legally on a Bridging visa B after lodging our partner visa application? Would it be possible to arrive in early March 2017 in Australia? Please request more info if you need it! Thanks
  12. Hi Everyone, Am in a bit of a Visa tickle and need some advice on which way to turn. I am fighting to keep my family together in Australia while we wait for a decision on our class 300 Marriage Visa. These are the facts: -Applied in Vietnam in April 2015 while my Partner 7 months pregnant for TO class 300 Prospective Marriage Visa -Our Baby born in Vietnam in May- arranged in Vietnam Australian citizenship and Australian passport for Baby -Applied for 600 Tourist visa for Partner and received 6 month Visa in August 2015,,,,Partner and Baby arrive in Sep -Applied for 6 month visa extension in Australia in February because still waiting for decision on 300 visa. -Naively applied for another 600 Visitor Visa @ $1050 the other day because thinking while STILL awaiting decision on 300 Marriage Visa (nearly 18 months now) and having a Australian Baby my partner could stay in Australia the same as a bridging visa...... -My partner got knocked back (because as I know now, second tourist visa application in Australia needs exceptional circumstances to be approved and waiting 18 months for 300 visa and having a baby together is not exceptional circumstances apparently !!!! she now has 28 days to leave. My queries are -is it worth appealing to the AAT @ $1600 dollars ie does this appeal have grounds and a good chance of winning to keep my family together?? -who can I contact in the web of intrigue that is the Immigration dept who can tell me what stage my original 300 Application is at ie should I spend all this money that I cant afford if the 300 decision is just around the corner. -Is there any other Departmental options or people I can plead my case with in Australia beside the local MLA because I hear thats a waste of time. Will appreciate any advice and am wishing I found this forum a long time ago!!!!!
  13. Hi all, My names Bianca. I have been with my partner for almost 2 years now and he is moving back to sydney for work. we have been looking into the partner visa as i do not qualify for a special skills visa or working visa. We are obviously concerned as it is a lot of money and I would love to know about the experiences some of you all have gone through or are still going through as well as if you could answer a few of my questions. How certain is it that one will get the visa? Does the bridging visa happen immediately or how long does that take to start? How long did it take for you to submit all documents? What does the health check involve? How hard was this process? What evidence did you provide for your relationship? Our biggest concern is that we don't have anything from when we first started going out to prove we have been together for over one year. We have travel slips and itineraries, but that only starts from the end of last year. We have a joint bank account and are on a club membership together. None of our rental agreements or utility bills have my name on it as partner put it all in his name for work reasons. Thank you so much for all your help and answering my many questions. I hope I'm not the only one who is an absolute stress ball over this visa. Bianca
  14. I am from the U.S. and currently in Australia on a work and holiday visa. I have been in a relationship with an Australian citizen for over three years and we'd like to go ahead with a partner visa to allow me to stay and work in Australia. Here's my situation: work and holiday visa ends 4 SEPT 2016, I need to go home for my sisters wedding and birth of niece on 25 AUG 2016 and coming back on 25 SEPT 2016. This means that I need a bridging visa that allows me to both work and leave the country. How do I best go about this? Do I lodge the application while in America to avoid the leaving situation? Which bridging visa do I need?
  15. Hi, I'm Australian and my partner is Swedish, and she is in the final stages of getting her partner visa, according to her case worker. The problem is, we travelled overseas without a valid bridging visa B (we did not know it had expired), so she doesn't have a valid visa to return to Australia to finalise her partner visa. So we have been told to apply for a tourist visa to get her back into Australia, and therefore get back onto a bridging visa. Because she is Swedish, we applied for an eVisitor visa, but they have requested more information regarding her 'tourist' visit... So my question is, should I explain her situation that she just needs to get into Australia to finalise her partner visa, or should she make up a detailed 'tourist itinerary'? Any help appreciated. Thank you.
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