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Found 10 results

  1. Australian Citizenship by Descent In certain circumstances a person born who is born outside of Australia may become an Australian citizen through their parents' status as an Australian citizen. At the time of the birth at least one of the child's parents must be an Australian citizen. Australian citizenship by descent is not automatic. A person who was born born outside Australia after the 26th of January 1949 is eligible for citizenship by descent if, at the time of their birth, at least one of their parents was an Australian citizen. If the Australian citizen was themselves an Australian citizen by descent, the parent must have been lawfully present in Australia for a total of at least two years before the application is made.
  2. I applied for citizenship in April 2017. After few months I received an email that my application will be processed under old citizenship rules. After that, there is no communication AT ALL. It's been almost 21 months and still no response. What should I do?
  3. Hello, My family and I have been living in Australia for nearly four years, since we left the UK on our Permanent Residency 189 Visa. We are going to start the Citizenship application process soon. (1st April 2018). I was wondering can one online application be completed for all four of us? Or do we need to complete four applications for Citizenship? My wife and I are 43 years old, and our children are 20 years old. Any information or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. People may have to wait longer for visas or Australian citizenship to be granted because of cutbacks at the Immigration Department. Department secretary Mike Pezzullo told Senate Estimates he would give no guarantee that waiting times would not increase for citizenship, refugee or permanent migration visas. He indicated some visa applicants might have to wait longer but he took an aggregated view. Mr Pezzullo said it would be of more concern to him if foreign fighters returned or counter-terrorism units were not properly equipped. "If people died as a result of a terrorist attack and there was an issue around our borders, I'd be deeply concerned about that," he said. "At a human level, you don't want anyone to wait for a government decision any longer than is absolutely necessary. If some folks have to wait a little bit longer then so be it." The department has revealed 355 staff have gone from the visa and citizenship section since the beginning of the financial year. Mr Pezzullo defended the cuts saying that area of the department's work was most suited to automation. "In a circumstances of constrained resources which applies to all government departments — because the Government's got a strategy around deficit and debt reduction — all agencies have to then make choices about potentially growing some areas and then cutting other areas," he said. He said rapid growth in all categories of visa applications had a bigger impact on waiting times than staff cuts. Mr Pezzullo earlier told the estimates committee his department would need to make nearly $1 billion dollars in savings over the next four years.
  5. Hoping that someone out there will be able to help me, it seems that the more I read into this the more confused I become. I'm currently in Australia from the US on a Work and Holiday Visa and wish to extend my stay. At first I had gone the route of a Second Year WHV and moved closer to the designated regional work area in Victoria before realizing that I had been following the guidelines of a Working Holiday Visa..not a Work AND Holiday Visa which meant if I wanted to go for another year I needed to move to Western Australia to complete my 88 days. I still feel like such a dummy for reading into the wrong visa, but I'm trying to come up with solutions now. Sadly, my partner(Australian Citizen) and I along with our friend have signed a lease for a rental house recently so there's no way we'd be able to make the move up. So now going for a second year is out. I've read about going for my citizenship before but the price of the initial application put me off as my partner and I didn't plan on living in Australia permanently. However, I'm revisiting the idea since the Yes Vote won and our marriage could soon be recognized here. We're really pushing to save the money to go the citizenship route, but I'm afraid that we won't save up enough in time as my WHV is due to expire on March 1st 2018. That being said, is there anything I could possibly do to extend my stay in this short amount of time? I've read a little about bridging visas but I'm not sure they apply to me. Thank you in advance!
  6. Hi Everyone - I am an Australian citizen writing to encourage all of the Australian citizens on this forum to actively campaign against the proposed changes to the citizenship process. There are 50,000+ of us applying for partner visas for our partners each year - so we do actually have power if we band together. I can't speak to the changes to the test or language requirements, as they won't effect my partner, but the change to permanent residency requirement to four years will mean that my partner will have been in country almost eight years before he is even considered for citizenship. Considering all of the benefits Australian citizenship provides, the four-year permanent residency requirement will have serious impacts on so many of our lives. Here is what I am asking you to do. 1. Determine who your member of Parliament is. You can determine who your member of Parliament is here: http://electorate.aec.gov.au/Default.aspx 2. Determine who your Senators are. You can determine who that is here: http://www.aph.gov.au/senate/los 2. Figure out how to best write / call your MP and Senators. To do that you will need to find his/her preferred contact information. (They make this a pain.) Go here and search for the MP and Senators' personal pages: http://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Guidelines_for_Contacting_Senators_and_Members 3. Write AND call your MP and Senators on a regular basis expressing your concerns about the changes to the citizenship requirements. Be annoying - the annoying bird gets noticed. I'm writing once a week. Here is a copy of the letter I have sent. I send a request for a status update every Monday. Dear MP I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the possible changes to the citizenship process. I understand the idea behind requiring four years of permanent residency to apply for citizenship, but that would place an undue burden on immigrants who want to be Australian. As an example, my partner and I have applied for a partner visa for him. In case you don't know, the partner visa is a two-stage process. The partner is initially granted a two-year temporary visa, then after two years, he may apply for permanent residency. The major issue at the moment is the time delay on visa processing. The current average processing time for the first temporary visa is 17 months. The current average processing time for the second, permanent visa, is 14 months. This means that for my partner (and the 50,000+ other partner visa applicants this year), he will not be eligible for permanent residency for almost three years. If the government then adds another four-year requirement, this means that my partner would not be eligible for citizenship for nearly seven years. Add to that the almost year-long processing time for citizenship and it will be 2025 before my partner is finally an Australian citizen. A four-year permanent residency requirement is a punishment of all temporary visa holders, not just partner visa applicants. Many state-sponsored immigrants are also on a multi-year pathway to permanent residency, as are university students. We live in Australia, we work in Australia, we are actively involved in our community. My partner wants to be able to fully participate here - to vote - to have a voice. If the government denies him access to citizenship for eight years, they are removing his ability to truly participate in Australian society. There is already a four-year residency requirement before applying for citizenship. Adding a four-year permanent residency requirement would not strengthen nor protect Australia; if anything, it disenfranchise people, it says - Immigrants - you are not welcome here. Please understand that this is an extraordinarily important issue to me and will greatly influence who I chose to campaign for and vote for in the next election. Please consider this appeal and fight as hard as you can against this proposed change. Thank you. 4. Pass this information on to everyone you know. Most Australians don't actually know the impacts that these proposals would have on people (scarily, my MP and her staff did not). I'm trying to get people to set up tables at post offices and other common areas so that people will know what these changes actually mean. Thank you for your time! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions about how to contact your MP or Senators.
  7. Greetings. My Thai wife will give birth to our child in late October. I am Australian, born in Australia. My question is can our child be both Australian and Thai? And if yes, how is it done? Cheers for any help.
  8. Hi Everyone, First time poster, but just need to say a big thank you to, these forums were a Godsend when applyimg for my pmv. My wife and I got married in September and I was rather fortunate in that my visa was granted in what appeared to be record time. I had an answer within three weeks. We are now about to embark on the next part of our migration journey, the application for a partner visa/bridging visa. I am not too concerned about this as we have been pretty diligent getting all our bank accounts sorted and basically documenting our married life together here in Australia. My query is about what comes next? We are thinking about starting a family, but would also like to spend some time in my home country. Aside from the time it takes which is two years I believe, is their any requirement on how much time I actually need to spend in Australia, or is holding the visa enough? We want our children to have Australian passports and I would hope to get citizenship, but how long does this take? Are we stuck here until this is awarded? Many thanks in advance, Wes
  9. Hello everyone.. Its my first post so please be helpful I became a permanent resident of Australia in March 2015 & stayed in Australia for 7 months. I have been in my home country since October 2015. Now I have two queries: - Will I be able to retain my PR if I manage to somehow spend rest of the 17 months (part of mandatory 2 years for PR) before March 2020. - What will I have to do to get citizenship, as I think I have violated the "continuous stay condition" for citizenship. Please help..
  10. Has anyone experience a 12 month delay on their citizenship application. I applied for my citizenship after meeting all the criteria and ticking all the boxes since July 2015. It is the July 2016 today and I'm still waiting to hear a word about my application. I'm curious as to what could have been the delay as a lot of people i know who applied about same time as me or even after me have all gotten their citizenships. Please advise on what to do and if this has happened to anyone before. Thanks.
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