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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I am an Australian citizen currently living with my American husband in Pennsylvania. I was assessed before I came to the USA ( 5 yrs ago) and put on a permanent australian disability support pension. I was assessed by an independent team centerlink contracted (who I think may have been bupa before they changed their name) even while abroad I receive government assistance from Australia. Permanent disability means I do not have to re apply every few years or lodge any regular forms. I have had my green card for a little over 3 yrs now but I'm finding my health issues declining and I'm needing more and more help. I've decided I need to return to Australia permanently as I can't afford medical treatment here and being on a sponsored Visa i can't get help from social security for anything. My husband is my soul caregiver, I have no family in Australia who are able care for me. I need daily help just to shower and get dressed. My husband does all the shopping, cleaning and has to take time off work most days to bring me lunch or to check on me because I've not answered the phone and yes his boss isn't happy about him needing more and more time off. We are looking at applying for the subclass 836 but I'm told it's not as simple as it sounds but no Visa is simple! Getting a sponsor for my husband isn't an issue, if I don't qualify. Does anyone know what our chances of being approved for an 836 would be? Is there better option for us? All I know is I am dependent on him, I can't even make the flight home to Australia without him being there to helping me, many times just getting out of my seat I'll need assistance and honestly going to the lavatory during the flight, little easier when he is standing outside the door ready to assist me!. I'm not looking for a cheap Visa I'm looking for my best option that allows my husband to be with me and be able to continue looking after me. I'm only 43 I'm not ready for a nursing home! Please help!!
  2. Hi all, ? I'm a newbie to this forum and would love some advice. I also have a feeling we may be missing something as I'm a massive worry-wart! I've tried to do my research but am getting very confused and lost in it all - may be the baby brain! My partner will be applying for a De Facto Partner Visa 820&801 onshore in a few months... here's a little about us; I'm Aussie, he's British/English. We've been together for 2.5 years. Mostly spent living abroad. Registered our relationship under Victorian State in December 2016. We have had numerous tenancy leases in NZ. He has met my family and we keep contact with them. I have met his in the UK. Expecting a baby boy in March (so flying back in Nov - hopefully applying before ETA expiry - we really need him to stay especially for the birth!). Would this be considered as proof of our relationship longevity?? He has his first valid ETA without the 'no further stay' condition. Since we met in Aus whilst he was on a WHV back in mid 2016. We have gathered written letters of support from our friends & family in UK, AUS & NZ. as well as photos, joint travel docs etc. *still need to fill in 2x 888 forms Have shared a joint bank account for at least 6 months. wrote a relationship timeline. Now... not quite sure if we have everything needed. or if we have too much (not such a bad thing i guess - maybe?) Also, I'm curious to know if he would be accepted for the temporary visa straight away under these circumstances since we have a baby on the way and are almost at the 3 year mark... or is it still pending until baby arrives and we have to update them on our circumstances? Would the initial bridging visa commence as soon as the application is lodged? ...I will not be able to work for much longer as the pregnancy continues and we have the potential work lined up for him when he is legally able to work. It's all just a matter of time which I'm afraid we may be running out of! Any help would be appreciated, my apologies for such a long post! Many thanks ?
  3. Hi , I'm a Physiotherapist, currently working in regional QLD, on 457 visa. I've been on 457 visa for almost 2 years but I've recently changed my employer. My new employers are happy to sponsor me on RSMS visa( 187). I needed some information on RSMS visa, about Physiotherapy, as an occupation. I wont be eligible for Transition stream, as I haven't completed 2 years with my current employer. I have Limited Registration to work as a Physio from AHPRA. Limited registration from AHPRA was the basis for my 457 visa. Physiotherapy as an occupation is not mentioned in the legislative instrument. As stated on the DIBP webpage , skill requirement for direct stream “ if your occupation is not on the relevant legislative instrument, you must demonstrate that you have the qualifications listed in ANZSCO as necessary to perform the tasks of your occupation". Below is the brief description for Physiotherapist ANZSCO list : UNIT GROUP 2525 PHYSIOTHERAPISTS PHYSIOTHERAPISTS assess, treat and prevent disorders in human movement caused by injury or disease.Indicative Skill Level: In Australia and New Zealand: Registration or licensing is required.Occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).I'm still undergoing physiotherapy assessment process through Australian Physiotherapy council, to be competent to work as a fully licensed Physiotherapist. Hence I wont be able to undergo skill assessment, if that's a requirement for Direct entry stream for physiotherapy as an occupation. I wanted to know if my limited registration( which currently allows me to work) be valid for RSMS : direct entry stream as it was valid for my 457 visa ? I have been asking around from some guidance but haven't received any yet. It would be it big help if someone could help me with this Hi , I'm a Physiotherapist, currently working in regional QLD, on 457 visa. I've been on 457 visa for almost 2 years but I've recently changed my employer. My new employers are happy to sponsor me on RSMS visa( 187). I needed some information on RSMS visa, about Physiotherapy, as an occupation. I wont be eligible for Transition stream, as I haven't completed 2 years with my current employer. I have Limited Registration to work as a Physio from AHPRA. Limited registration from AHPRA was the basis for my 457 visa. Physiotherapy as an occupation is not mentioned in the legislative instrument. As stated on the DIBP webpage , skill requirement for direct stream “ if your occupation is not on the relevant legislative instrument, you must demonstrate that you have the qualifications listed in ANZSCO as necessary to perform the tasks of your occupation". Below is the brief description for Physiotherapist ANZSCO list : UNIT GROUP 2525 PHYSIOTHERAPISTS PHYSIOTHERAPISTS assess, treat and prevent disorders in human movement caused by injury or disease. Indicative Skill Level: In Australia and New Zealand: Registration or licensing is required. Occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). I'm still undergoing physiotherapy assessment process through Australian Physiotherapy council, to be competent to work as a fully licensed Physiotherapist. Hence I wont be able to undergo skill assessment, if that's a requirement for Direct entry stream for physiotherapy as an occupation. I wanted to know if my limited registration( which currently allows me to work) be valid for RSMS : direct entry stream as it was valid for my 457 visa ? I have been asking around from some guidance but haven't received any yet. It would be it big help if someone could help me with this
  4. Hi all, I am hoping for some general confirmation or to see if anyone has found anything I've missed from hours of searching for as much information as I can. I have just found out I am pregnant. I have been here since 2015 and am now on a 457 Visa. I have private health insurance through Frank and my de facto partner is an Australian citizen. I have filed taxes for the past two years as a permanent resident (I pay the medicare levy but have just discovered that I could possibly have been exempt from doing so). Ultimately, I cannot apply for permanent residency through my 457 visa until October 10 of this year (baby due Sept. 1) - 2018. We decided my going through work was easier and cheaper than the partner visa although we have registered our relationship with the state of Victoria as de facto. My question: I would like to know if there is ANY way I am eligible for Medicare in my current state or if I am purely out of luck (or rather I would have to have applied for PR to be eligible). If I may probe for an additional question as well: Is there any way I am eligible for Paid Parental Leave through the government? Thanks to any and all bits of advice, guidance or tips, cheers! SJ
  5. Hi everyone, My husband and I are about to apply for our partnership visa. We are doing the process ourselves and have logged onto my husbands Immi account to start the application process. We clicked on 'new application', then clicked on 'family' and are presented with three options for applications: "Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia" "Stage 1 - Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa" "Stage 2 - Permanent Partner Visa" Upon seeing this we're stumped if we should be doing the first or second option. They both are 820 visas which is what we should be applying for so are confused! Any help would be much appreciated. We are needed to apply ASAP and were hoping to do it today. Thanks so much! EDIT - Do I (the sponsor) apply for the 40SP Sponsorship application form from my own immi account or from my husbands immi account?
  6. Help help help!!!! I'm hoping someone out there can provide me with advice to what is now a disastrous situation. On the 24th of May my partner applied for a 3 month 600 tourist visa online from Russia. We submitted over 20 documents with the application including proof of work, property investment, bank statement showing more than enough funds etc. We also included information our relationship photos etc from the many trips that I had made over to her. Along with this I gave information about myself which included my work, bank statements even a statutory declaration. After 1month of not hearing anything we received an email from the Berlin immigration office (not Moscow for some reason) asking for a copy of her pension fund and information about how the company will function without her. We responded with a stating that her manager does not make contributions to this fund as she is working on a rolling contract (think casual in Australia). It also stated that her duties would be done by other staff members until she returned to work and that if any urgent issues arise she has the capability to remote access from Australia. 2 weeks roughly after we submitted this response we received an email stating that her starting date of Feb 2013 in the company did not match the company registration date and that they considered this to be bogus under PIC 4020. We immediately contact her manager who wrote a letter confirming the company did in fact exist, that she did work there from that date and even provided details of the companies history and documents as proof. We also stated that my Anna could not voucher for the owners registration details and urged that the owner be contacted if any doubt exists. A further 3 weeks passed and a few emails asking for a update we received the answer that they could not confirm the company existed in 2013 and therefore her application was bogus under 4020 and that she is now banned for 3 years!!!!! We reached out to the owner and he stated that no one from the immigration tried to contact him once. I rang the Berlin office and the person I spoke said that they tried to contact the owner multiple times and that our only course of action is to lodge a complaint. This is absolutely devastating news for us as we had plans to lodge a partner visa in the near future. It has put me in horrible position as I have a 2 year old daughter from a previous marriage and if we want to be together I must choose between the woman I'm deeply in love with and my daughter! How can i do this!!! Has lodged a complaint against the immigration department and if so what happened. I'm concerned that if we complain they might increase the ban further if they stick to the original decision. Can anyone help us and explain what options we might have. We are absolutely heart broken and completely lost. Thanks in advance, Ronan
  7. Hi Guys, My partner (Adam) and I are applying for a Partner Visa Subclass 820 (hopefully) before the changes kick in on July 1st. For a bit of background, we met in the UK almost 3 years ago whilst I was on a Working Holiday Visa in England (I am Australian). About a month after I arrived (arrived in August 2014) we started seeing each other after instantly being drawn to each other and by January 2015 we were "officially" dating. We spent the remaining year and a half of my visa in England, where (from August 2015) we lived in shared pub work/live accommodation together. When my visa expired in August 2016, Adam had his working holiday visa for Australia ready and we arrived here, did some traveling and then settled down and started working. We are now living in a 'granny flat' type home, it is on a big plot of land shared with our landlords (Who are also good family friends) where we live to the side in our fully self-contained little home. (A great upgrade from pub live-in if any of you have ever had to do that!!) Fast forward to now, we have been together for 2.5 years, lived together for 1.5 years. We have our Police check certificates (Mine for both UK & AUS, his just for UK), a shared bank account, our relationship is officially "de-facto", hundreds of photos, a couple of invites, messages, documents from our travel together (Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Amsterdam, Ibiza, around England), we have stat decs from my mum, my stepdad, and two of our close friends. We are awaiting one from our landlord to state our situation, we have a letter from our landlord/boss in the UK stating the situation, we have letters from the bank and government to prove our current address, and some other small things. There are a few assurances/questions/things we need advice on, if any of you lovely people could please offer any information, these are the things: 1. Little to no evidence for when we lived together in the UK. No contract was signed, our rent came out of our pay as we lived there. I read that any orders we made to that location or any letters would be useful, which I may have, however, he had a lot still directed to his mothers house at the time. Can anyone offer any information or help as to what else we could get? 2. Our living situation currently, there is no contract or lease agreement yet again (as they are our family friends). Our landlords are great and will provide any information needed. We pay them directly, weekly and in cash. I am not sure how this will go down in the visa? We will have the stat Dec from them stating the situation, and we have letters proving we live there, and photos of the place. Is there any information anyone can help us out with here? 3. We have the 4 other stat Decs, and have asked a few other friends to do it as well however due to the short time frame many are not finding the time. If they write a letter, hand sign it and send a colour copy of their I.D would this be accepted? Is there another way you suggest? And do people in the UK have JP's? Or another way to certify their documents? 4. It is recommended to upload the documents online rather than sending them in person. With the large forms we are filling out (40SP, 47SP etc), does anyone know a way after printing out, filling out, and then scanning that it back to the computer, scanning it in to one document? Or is there a better way to go about this? 5. Is it true that you have two weeks to add more documents from when you pay for it/upload the initial bit? Is there anything else anyone can recommend? We have spent months worrying about this (I am a bit of a stress head) and saving so hard for it and I think we have enough, but any help would be much appreciated. I am sure I will have more questions next week once we have more together! Thanks so much guys, sorry for the essay. Savanna & Adam
  8. Respected Readers, I'm new here & helpless as just few day ago i got my visitor visa refusal letter. i need help as i'm planning to re-apply ASAP. I've posted refusal letter and explained my case briefly below and need help & suggestion from you in reapplying for visa. First of all apology to write a lengthy case below but please be patient, read it and your any help & suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Refusal Letter : {{{{{{Reasons I have assessed the applicant(s)’ application and the reasons for my decision are detailed below. The applicant(s) have made an application for a Class FA, Subclass 600 - Visitor (Business Visitor Stream) visa. Under the migration law, a visa cannot be granted unless the applicant meets the relevant legal requirements that are specified in the Act and the Regulations. The applicant(s) in this case do not meet the legal requirement in clause 600.211 in Schedule 2 of the Regulations on the date I made my decision. Clause 600.211 states that: ‘The applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose for which the visa is granted...’ In assessing whether you genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia, I have considered the following guidelines from the department’s Procedural Advice Manual (PAM3): GenGuide H: Section 7.2: Assessing whether the applicant meets the genuine visitor requirement In establishing whether this criterion is satisfied, relevant considerations may include, but are not limited to: - the personal circumstances of the applicant that would encourage them to return to their home country at the end of the proposed visit - the applicant's immigration history (for example, previous travel, compliance with immigration laws of Australia or other countries, previous visa applications/compliance action) - the personal circumstances of the applicant in their home country that might encourage them to remain in Australia (for example, military service commitments, economic situation, civil disruption) - conditions that might encourage the applicant to remain in Australia - the applicant's credibility in terms of character and conduct (for example, false and misleading information provided with visa application) - whether the purpose and proposed duration of the applicant's visit and their proposed activities in Australia are reasonable and consistent (for example, is the period of stay consistent with "tourism") Generally, offers of support or guarantees provided by individuals or organisations (in Australia or in India) are not sufficient evidence of a genuine visit. The onus is on the applicant to satisfy the decision-maker that he or she intends a genuine business visit to Australia. From the information provided I note you are unemployed. In support of your application you have provided evidence of your funds available to you. I do not consider your employment or economic situation, based upon information contained in statistical, intelligence and analysis on immigration non-compliance to constitute sufficient incentives to return necessary to induce a genuine visit. I have considered the level of support provided by your father however it cannot be the sole reason for approving a visa and the onus is on the applicant to satisfy the decision maker that they have sufficient incentives to return to their usual country of residence. I am therefore not satisfied that you genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia. I therefore refuse your visa }}}}}}} ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Case in Brief : I'm a doctor. i've applied visitor visa & was going to join classes of clinical preparation course held in melbourne for 10 weeks which is helpful for australian medical council (AMC) exam. so i've applied for visa in 1st week of march 2017 with following documents : - Certified copy of Current & Old Passport. - Invitation letter (i got by classes stating that class starting from 10th april) - My 2 saving bank statment (total of 2 bank statment was about $16,000 AUD) - My cover letter (just stating that i want to go for classes & i'll be back as it finish & i have my funds and also father is supporting me) - Father's Bank statment (About $10,000 AUD) - Father's Sponsor letter (stating if there is crisis in fund while my travelling then he will support) - Job Experience letter (from 2015 to feb 2017 as i've lodged file in 1st week of march) - Additional education qualification certificates After lots of research on my case and looking other posts i came in conclusion & my mistakes as below : - i've stated unemployed in my form & as i recently quit job temporary in end of feb for my exam preparation and to join classes but this thing i didnt explained in form or in my cover letter that why i'm unemployed. i think thats my mistake that i didnt mentioned or explain in brief in my form or covering letter that this exam prepration is important for me and its not possible to prepare with job so i quit job temporary. - even i didnt attached pay slips, income tax return. i've also didnt attached my father's(sponsor) income tax return documents of fixed assets like property on my father's name who is my sponsor - Also my cover letter was very short and not well organised and didnt explained well in that & my father's sponser letter was also very short and lack of explaination. i think better to attach affidavit of sponsorship in next application. So, this all mistakes i've figured out .. please guide me if any point in my conclusion is missing or incorrect or misleading in my case for my next application. Thanks. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Plan for Re-Application : I'm planning to re-apply soon for tourist visa. In re-application i'm going to enclose following documents : 1. New Invitation Letter from classes which start in july 2. My 2 Saving Bank Account Statments & Credit Card Statments with no due 3. My Income Tax Return 4. My Last 6 month pay slip given by employer as i was getting salary by cash 5. Parents Affidavit of sponsor 6. Parents Income Tax Return 7. Parents Property value report 8. Parents Bank Statments 9. Invoice which i've paid for my classes 10. Doctor's registration of my home country 11. Experience letter from employer 12. One letter by last employer stating that he will hire me again as i finish exam prepration & classes 13. Travel Insurance 14. other educational documents Not in list but most important is COVER LETTER. My queries : 1) Can anyone show sample cover letter for re-applying visa or any suggestions that what should i write on cover letter ? it would be a great help. As many re-applier said that cover letter is very most important part for lodging visa again. If someone like to write a good format/sample of cover letter for re-applying in my case then most welcome. i assure he/she will be rewarded well. 2) Last time my father was only a sponsor but this time i want my mother also to be a sponsor, is it ok? 3) With property value report, is it good idea to make & attach a 'property will' stat that my parents will give me all their property in future? Is this strong & sufficient incintives that i'll back to my home country ? 4) Letter by last employer stating that he will hire me again as i finish exam prepration & classes. & also employer dont have any restriction or objection in hiring me again.... This kind of letter is helpful in evidence of my genuine visit? 5) Is it worth to take travel insurance prior to visa & attach with application? 6) I'm already enclosing new invitation letter for july class so Do i need to attach old invitation letter which i got from my classes in april which i've enclosed in my last application? as april classes already started. Thanks for reading my case . please help me by giving your valuable suggestions & advice in my case. Correct me if i'm doing any mistakes It would really appreciated. Means a lot. Thank you
  9. Hi! Any helpful answers are much appreciated and thanks beforehand for reading this! Me and my boyfriend have been together for about a year now. - He is Australian and 35 years old - I am Swedish and 24 years old - Couple since September/October 2015. - Been living together in Australia since February 2016. - He has been married previously. Separated from his exwife since june 2015 and the divorce will go through January 2017. We have a lot of proof of us being in a genuine and loving relationship. - We have a shared bank account, both been paying bills and car regos etc. - We have traveled overseas together and has photos/tickets/bank statements from the trips - We have visited my country Sweden together and he has met my family and friends there (have photos of this) - My family and friends have been visiting us here in Australia I am currently on my second Working Holiday visa and it expires in December and I will have to leave Australia and go back to Sweden. My boyfriend will come visit me there for 2 weeks and celebrate New Years with me and my friends. I really want to move to Australia and live with my boyfriend so our plan is to apply for a partnership visa. However, before applying I would like to stay in Sweden for about 7 months to work/study/meet my family before I move back to Australia for good. My boyfriend have to stay here in Australia since he's got kids. I am not worried that the distance will make any difference to our feelings for each other, we have a very strong and good relationship. We will obviously be in touch every day and Skype as often as possible. I simply just want to spend some extra time with my family and friends in Sweden before applying for the visa in Australia (which won't let me leave Australia until it has been granted). Our plan is that I will come back to Australia in June/July 2017 on a tourist visa and then we will apply for the Partnership visa. Is this possible to get granted? Or will we waste the chance of applying for the visa if I'm away from Australia and him for that long? (We have discussed to apply for the offshore partnership visa while I am in Sweden but have agreed we don't want to do that since I can't enter Australia during the process, which can be up to 1,5 year! So that is not an option for us. Also, we do not want to get married yet, so no marriage visa is an option.) THANK YOU!!
  10. Hello Australian Visa Forum, A bit of information about me and my partners situation. She came to the land down under in September on a Holiday Visa, we met, sparks flew and fell in love. She however had to go back home (UK) briefly but came back because of the love we had on a Working Holiday Visa in February 2016, I know, lucky me : - ) Since then we've been inseparable, moving in together (probably not legally but shh), we adopted two furry babies (cats) and have had an amazing time together since we first met. This was all in Brisbane by the way, as I am a university student studying music (not the best career prospects but what the hell, its what I'm passionate about, besides my partner of course) Anyways in August during some random work and housemate difficulties we decided to go back up North to where I'm from in Cairns as we lived right in the city and had housemates move out on us, rent sky rocketed. A very short but crappy period but something good came out of it, I manned up and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me as husband and wife, she happily said yes, tears, the whole works. Fast forward a few months to now, November 2016, we are currently living with family back at home, I'm working saving up for our next year in Brisbane (uni commences February) we decided while we are with family back in the beautiful tropics of Far North Queensland we should have our wedding up here around Christmas time, as its the time of family and celebration and we do not know when we will return to this tropical paradise. Our wedding is all booked for December 22nd, a low key close friends and family type event, cute, simple and stress free like the Far North attitude. We decided to apply for our Partner Visa Subclass 820 (I think it is) in February before we make the trek down to Brisvegas once more. My partners Working Holiday Visa ends at the end of February as we could not find second year farm work in time (very difficult I might add). As we have no clue what we are doing application wise we turned to the inter-webs and ended up here, so we have a few things we're not sure about and we'll be shooting them back and forth here with hopes some peoples out there who have been through or are currently in a similar situation can guide us young ones in the right direction. Thank you for the read, I thought I'd put a bit of background information on us before I hit you guys with the questions, and here they are: 1. As I previously mentioned, I am a student, so on student allowance... not exactly scoring financially but we manage, will this be an issue (i will be surprised if its not). However I recently read somewhere that you can have a third sponsor who can step in and be the acting 'benefit system' for my partner so hat the government wouldn't be giving her money in hardship. Is this true or is this just falls hope? 2. So apparently its going to take up to two years for them to make a decision about our partner visa, and we've heard noises that she wont be allowed to leave till they come to a decision (understandably the majority of her friends and family from the UK are unable to make the wedding so we planned on having a second party for them). Does this mean we are going to have to wait two years in order to have this wedding party? However have heard of talk of a bridging visa B... is that hard to get? 3. I managed to pick a partner with just as bad career choices as myself.. my partner has ambitions of training to be a tattoo artist however according to friends in the industry she has to have a Queensland certificate allowing her to study. She has to be a resident or a citizen to be eligible, I guessing I am write in saying she will have to wait till after we have been granted the visa in order for her to become a resident?? Thank you for your time and attention kind people of the inter-webs, highly looking forward to hearing back some answers and if you can't get enough of answering our questions, believe me there will be more. Cheers, The Bubbles
  11. My 4-year partner and I are planning to tie the knot this April and process a Partner Visa after that. He is an Australian citizen by law and we've known each other since college (2008). He doesn't have his own house/land yet and have been renting since he got in Australia. Also, he doesn't earn so much, just enough for everything. I am a high school teacher here in Phils and I can honestly say that I struggle with saving too. We tried doing the Student Visa but we discovered it will require us to have at least AUD18k in his or my bank account. We tried Tourist Visa but I go denied due to my financial status. My questions are: 1. Is it necessary for him to have his own land title just to prove he can provide for the both of us? 2. What could be our minimum savings to which they can say we're qualified? 3. Can my Tourist Visa's rejection affect our future application? THANK YOU SO MUCH. We're in an LDR since the beginning (you know how hard it could be). So we're trying our best to make everything feasible in its own time.
  12. Hello my name is Rachel I have a bit of a long and upsetting story to first tell, and then after I make you miserable reading that, I hope you can help me. In May 2012 after completing a ski season in Verbier, me and my long term boyfriend decided to go to the beautiful Australia on a working visa. At first we just wanted to go for 6 months and then do another ski season. But about a month into our trip to Aus was wanted to do the full year. We had such a great time with amazing experiences in the first year. Unfortunately having arrived at a bad time for farm work, we struggled to find rural work to do to qualify for a second year visa. We lived out of the back of a van for months. Sounds awful but we had the time of our lives. After doing a bit of travelling along the beautiful sunshine coast we finally got jobs in Brisbane working for "Aussie Farmers Direct", as many backpackers did. We went door to door selling a Milk and Bread delivery service. Commission only. Hard work. But we had a great time. We made lots of great friends in those 3 months working there. After the 3 months were up (because we abided by the rules that you can only work for the same employer for 3 months), we moved on and found ourselves farmwork on an Avocado farm in the middle of no where. A small town called Blackbutt, aprox 3 hours north west of Brisbane. When we arrived we were lucky enough to find accommodation in the neighboring town of Yarraman. We made friends with the landlords in the town pub and they were nice enough to put us up over the 3 months that we'd be working on the farm close by. The 3 months were hard work, whipper snippering in the blistering sun, but we did it and we applied for our second year visas, which were accepted. 2013 began and it was brilliant. My Mum and step Dad had come out to visit us over christmas and we had a magical trip up the east coast, finishing in Sydney. Feeling settled in Sydney my Boyfriend found a job (I found it for him actually ;-) ) working for an events company in Lane cove, Sydney. He quickly became a valued member of staff and his boss offered him sponsorship! Having never done a sponsorship process before, his boss only added my boyfriends name to the application, he wasn't aware he could add me as a defacto..... This was the start of what was about to be a terrible year (or 2). Whilst on our second year, with my boyfriend working for Divine events I found myself various jobs. Mostly promo work but I also did some extra work. I have appeared in 2 episodes of Home & Away, 2 Episodes of Love Child, 1 Episode of Wonderland and a few other short films and adverts. I had a WICKED time. When my second year visa came to an end I new I had to leave the country. My boyfriends sponsorship was taking ages and he was about to be put on a bridging visa whilst they still carried on this long application. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't be put onto a bridging visa because my name hadn't appeared on the original application. Lucky (ish) for me, my Dad lives in New Zealand. He has done since I was approx 13. I have visited him many times, I am really close to my Dad. So when my second year visa was nearly up, I decided to go to New Zealand. My plan was to go there for the amount of time I needed to and then go back to Sydney on a 3 month visitors Visa that would take me up to end of December when we both had tickets back to England for Xmas. All the dates matched up. I wouldn't be in NZ too long and I wouldn't be in Aus too long. Everything done by the rules set by immigration. A couple of weeks into my trip to NZ my boyfriend decided to come out and see me for the weekend. We had a great weekend together and I returned him to the airport on Monday. I got back to my Dad's that day and my boyfriend called me. New Zealand airport wern't letting him on the plane because apparently when he left Sydney, his bridging visa was cancelled. We obviously had NO idea that he couldn't leave Aus. If we knew this, he would never have come out to visit me that weekend.. what an absolute nightmare!! So now he's stuck in NZ with me due to go back to Aus in a couple of weeks. He's doing everything he can to sort this out over the next couple of weeks. We go to the Aus embassy in NZ, we ring Aus immigration and we get no where! The time comes for me to go back to Sydney. I've applied and been accepted for my 3 month visitors visa. My boyfriend drops me at the airport this time and we hope that we will be seeing each other again soon in Sydney! I arrive back in Sydney. Tired, a bit upset, but ready to get back to Pyrmont (where we had a flat which the lease was about to run out on). I was ready to start moving our stuff out and move in with one of our friends in Manly. We had previously lived with her and we had fallen in love with her little dog, Mischa (in my profile pic). She was a 14 year old terrier. I was excited to get back to see her. Sydney immigration pull me aside. They ask why I'm coming back. I get a bit confused and say I'm coming back to see my boyfriend. I didn't mean to lie to anyone, I just really didn't want to explain EVERYTHING that we had been going through with his sponsorship visa. I realized then and now that that was a stupid thing to do. You may as well just tell the truth, I was just so tired and I wanted to get back to the flat. Immigration took me into the back and interrogated me for hours. As soon as they took me into the back I explained everything and I apologized for lying before, and explained that I was just trying to get back and didn't want to explain a big story. Hours later they finally decided that they weren't going to let me back in because i'd been there for nearly 2 years before, and they didn't believe I wasn't there to work again. Even though I had my return ticket to UK at Christmas and I had over $4,000 AUS in the bank to support myself. They said they would be deporting me back to UK. They denied my Visitors Visa and they put me into a detention centre over night until a flight was available. I was devastated. I have never done anything criminal in my life. My dad was a policeman for over 20 years! I was in the detention centre, I wasn't allowed any of my belongings. I was there overnight and most of the following day. Finally the phone call came in to say they had a boarding pass. I must add as well that even though I asked for it at the time, Aus immigration never gave me any paper work stating that I was banned for any length of time. I have no idea if I have any sort of "record" in Aus.I have no paperwork to date. I was taken back to the airport and put in another room for hours before finally being handed a boarding pass... But the boarding pass wasn't for UK as they had told me, it was for NZ, because that was my last port of call. I was confused as they told me they were sending me back to UK, but at the same time I was happy because my boyfriend and Dad were in NZ. I was put on the plane and finally I got back to NZ, where my Dad and boyfriend would be waiting for me. I arrived back in NZ and immigration pulled me to one side. Another few hours of being interrogated again in NZ this time and they decided they weren't going to be letting me back in because Aus hadn't let me in there. I MEAN SERIOUSLY??!!!??? My Dad and Boyfriend were on the other side of the wall at the airport and I wasn't even allowed out to see them. I was put in a room overnight and told that NZ were going to be sending me back to UK. I was understandably devastated!!! I have been to NZ many times and never had a problem. And now all because Aus sent me there instead of UK I now have to apply for a visa to go and visit my Dad. After another night of loneliness and upset I was sent home. My boyfriend in the mean time had had enough and was surprising me by going back to UK too. All this time my boyfriends boss in AUS was adiment of getting us both back. He was starting a new sponsorship process, spending thousands of dollars on us, this time including my name. After a few months back home this sponsorship was still going no where. His boss had a visa agent but they didn't seem to be doing anything to progress the application. The new application EXPIRED and his boss started a new one again! He was obviously so keen to get us back. In August last year, my boyfriend of now 9 years broke up with me. (although still wanted to go to AUS with me if sponsorship comes through!) I don't want to go into that too much but basically the bottom of my world fell out. And then in November, his boss after spending so much money on us, finally gave up because nothing was happening. So that was it. Our Aus dream was over. My relationship was over. I was broken. Now... I am trying to get my life back together. I am in a job I hate so much. My boyfriend still wants to be my friend but I'm finding it hard. Our flat mate from Manly wants to meet up with me. We have decided to go on holiday for 2 weeks to the Philippines in April. My Dad has also invited me to come and see him in NZ for a while. So this is my plan; I want to go and visit my Dad for a month in March. I am in the process of applying for my Visa to go to NZ now. I would then LOVE to go to Sydney for a week. My dog out there is now 16 and I'm worried I'll never see her again. I also have lots of friends there and I also have a lot of belongings there that I want to retrieve. I don't want to work there, I don't want to do anything illegal, I just want to say goodbye to my dog, get my stuff and then go with my old flatmate to The Philippines. That's it. I just want to land there and not have any problems. I could apply and get approved for a visa, but I don't know if anyone's going to try and stop me again when I get to the airport. I literally don't think I could cope with anymore heartache which is why I am seeking your help. If you have read this far I am hoping that there may be something you can do to help me. I have phoned Aus immigration many times and no one can tell me anything about me or my "record" on the phone. I have emailed various email addresses with no reply back. This is my last hope. Can anyone help me? Thank you. :-/
  13. WARNING TO ALL APPLYING FOR A PARTNER VISA ONLINE I am not sure if this is a recent occurrence (there was some site maintenance on the application portal conducted a few days ago) or not but this is an issue that has just caught me out. I am currently helping my partner apply for a prospective marriage visa. It is stated you can upload as much evidence as you like for this application. This is untrue. There is a 60 document upload limit per person (including the sponsor) for any application (we needed to compile much of our evidence together) and each file has to be smaller than 5mb. This equates to a maximum of 600mb of information (assuming there are just the applicant and sponsor) you can upload. THEY WILL NOT INFORM YOU OF THIS AT ANY POINT. If you need, compress your files to less than 5mb and compile as much together as possible. Pdf files are ideal for this and there is a free 30 day trial for an Adobe program which will do this. Please do not get caught out.
  14. Hello, I my son and I are US citizens, and my husband is an Australian citizen. Due to unforeseen difficulties with a green card (for him) to move here, he will be going back to AUS next month, and we will be applying for the partner/spouse visa offshore. We have a few questions before we apply. -How long did it take until you were granted a temporary visa? We are afraid of the wait seeing that we have a young child. -Can I apply for a tourist visa and wait in Australia until our visas are granted? -Can we apply onshore? Would that be a wise decision? -What was the process like for you (US citizens)? Any info helps. Thank you!
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