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Found 26 results

  1. We applied late August 2015 for a PM 300 visa through the IMMI website Manila office. Apart from the acknowledgement email, we've heard nothing. Is anyone else in a similar position? I am a Aussie citizen living here permanently.
  2. Hello Australian Visa Forum, A bit of information about me and my partners situation. She came to the land down under in September on a Holiday Visa, we met, sparks flew and fell in love. She however had to go back home (UK) briefly but came back because of the love we had on a Working Holiday Visa in February 2016, I know, lucky me : - ) Since then we've been inseparable, moving in together (probably not legally but shh), we adopted two furry babies (cats) and have had an amazing time together since we first met. This was all in Brisbane by the way, as I am a university student studying music (not the best career prospects but what the hell, its what I'm passionate about, besides my partner of course) Anyways in August during some random work and housemate difficulties we decided to go back up North to where I'm from in Cairns as we lived right in the city and had housemates move out on us, rent sky rocketed. A very short but crappy period but something good came out of it, I manned up and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me as husband and wife, she happily said yes, tears, the whole works. Fast forward a few months to now, November 2016, we are currently living with family back at home, I'm working saving up for our next year in Brisbane (uni commences February) we decided while we are with family back in the beautiful tropics of Far North Queensland we should have our wedding up here around Christmas time, as its the time of family and celebration and we do not know when we will return to this tropical paradise. Our wedding is all booked for December 22nd, a low key close friends and family type event, cute, simple and stress free like the Far North attitude. We decided to apply for our Partner Visa Subclass 820 (I think it is) in February before we make the trek down to Brisvegas once more. My partners Working Holiday Visa ends at the end of February as we could not find second year farm work in time (very difficult I might add). As we have no clue what we are doing application wise we turned to the inter-webs and ended up here, so we have a few things we're not sure about and we'll be shooting them back and forth here with hopes some peoples out there who have been through or are currently in a similar situation can guide us young ones in the right direction. Thank you for the read, I thought I'd put a bit of background information on us before I hit you guys with the questions, and here they are: 1. As I previously mentioned, I am a student, so on student allowance... not exactly scoring financially but we manage, will this be an issue (i will be surprised if its not). However I recently read somewhere that you can have a third sponsor who can step in and be the acting 'benefit system' for my partner so hat the government wouldn't be giving her money in hardship. Is this true or is this just falls hope? 2. So apparently its going to take up to two years for them to make a decision about our partner visa, and we've heard noises that she wont be allowed to leave till they come to a decision (understandably the majority of her friends and family from the UK are unable to make the wedding so we planned on having a second party for them). Does this mean we are going to have to wait two years in order to have this wedding party? However have heard of talk of a bridging visa B... is that hard to get? 3. I managed to pick a partner with just as bad career choices as myself.. my partner has ambitions of training to be a tattoo artist however according to friends in the industry she has to have a Queensland certificate allowing her to study. She has to be a resident or a citizen to be eligible, I guessing I am write in saying she will have to wait till after we have been granted the visa in order for her to become a resident?? Thank you for your time and attention kind people of the inter-webs, highly looking forward to hearing back some answers and if you can't get enough of answering our questions, believe me there will be more. Cheers, The Bubbles
  3. Hi there, I'm new to this forum, and i couldn't find the answers to the questions i have, so i'm posting and i hope you can help me. I have been in a relationship for almost 3 years with an Ecuadorian citizen, and we are hoping he will be able to come to Australia to live and hopefully work this year. He has previously been here on a tourist visa, and got that without issue. Our plan is to go between Australia and Ecuador, living and working in each country where possible (I'm a nurse, hes a professional surfer so follows the competitions globally). However, we are needing to look into a more permanent visa option for him to live in Australia. We plan on getting married sometime in the next few years and setting up our lives in both Aus and EC. So what i would like to know is what visas would be appropriate for him? Is there any type of visa that he could apply for now that would help his application for a Partner/Prospective marriage/Spouse visa in the future, or would it be a better idea to start the application process sooner rather than later? Is it better for him to apply from overseas, or is it better to apply while hes in the country on a different type of visa? The only issue we will have is having to stay in the country for 9 out of the 12 months whilst awaiting confirmation of the Partner visa as he will have to follow his competition tour, and that means being overseas to compete. I imagine we could attempt to organise this time over the off season/Australian competitions however i'm not sure how easily that could work. Would it be best to look at a 12 months tourist visa and go from there? Build further our 'proof' and have joint accounts and names on bills etc while hes living here? Also with applying for a partner visa - most of our expenses i.e. rent in Australia, rent in Ecuador and our travel expenses have been made by cash. Is this going to prove an issue to prove? We also don't yet have a joint bank account, nor have both our names on bills. We do however have extensive WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Instagram, Skype conversations, photos, etc. I would love some opinions/advice/options/similar experiences! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi All, My partner and I want to get married but he is from Brazil and we can't decide whether to do a Prospective Marriage Visa or find a way to get married and just do a Partner Visa. I'm worried that if we do the prospective marriage visa, which costs nearly $7000, that after we get married we will then have to pay for the partner visa, another $7000. Is this correct? I would like to do the prospective marriage visa because I would like my family to be there but we don't have the money to pay this fee twice. So this would mean that I fly to Brazil to get married. Also is it true that the Partner Visa has a longer waiting period? And will he be allowed to come and visit me while we are waiting for the either of these visas to be approved? Thanks for any help you can give me, Persephone
  5. I lived in Australia from 2008 to 2014 on student visa. Unfortunately I couldn't provide new CoE on time for an extension so it was refused and I got a 3 years ban in Oct 2014. A officer suggested me to write a waiver when I was back to Vietnam. Which I did on Sep 2015 along with new student visa application and the evidences to support. And it got refused again. So I met my husband in Vietnam on his travel August 2015. We did travel together a bit before he left to Australia. We kept in touch and were in a long distance relationship for 9 months. Because my visa was refused he had to move to Vietnam to be with me on May 2016. We got married in Sep and Im 22 weeks pregnant with his baby. We don't have a joint account and we have been living on our savings since. Everything we pay by cash so there's no record of us sharing the bills but before he moved here he did send me fair a bit of his money for support. We are planning to apply the visa 309. Should us mention the baby and the visa refusal in the application? Please any advice would be so much appreciated!!
  6. How long is Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 Processing time after medical request?
  7. Hi There, Was just after some advice regarding the prospective marriage visa (300), as my partner & I are looking to move forward with things next year... We've been in a long distance relationship for 4 1/2 years, going back & forth as much as we can. I live in Australia, he lives in the Solomon Islands. We have been looking into how we go about visas etc. so he can move here next year and we hope to marry in the near future. I'm not sure about anyone else that has gone through this, but the thought of costs involved with the visas is scaring us, so much money! We were wondering if there is any options to pay the visa off, or do we need to pay in one lump sum? These visas are stressing me out, you really can't help you fall in love with & because he is a Solomon Islander, we have to pay nearly $7K Aussie dollars just so we can live together & start building a life. Sorry to ramble... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much Nina
  8. Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help with a question about applying for a prospective marriage visa. My partner is from the UK and we are in the initial stages of applying for a prospective marriage visa so we can live in Australia. I understand that when we submit our application that my partner needs to be out of the country, however is he then able to be in Australia on his eVisitor visa while we are waiting for the application to be processed? Thanks.
  9. Hello people, My fiancee and I just submitted the subclass 300 , prospective marriage visa online and we have some questions for you wonderful people out there. A few details about our application. My fiancee (the applicant) is Peruvian, with a Peruvian visa. I am born in Australia. Neither of us has ever had another partner. No other applicants are involved in the visa. 1. 40SP and 47SP forms are exactly the same as the information submitted on the online 700 visa. Do we need to do these forms (even though they are EXACTLY the same (word to word), as per the checklist on this website: https://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/checklists/300.aspx 3. How long do we have to submit all our documents? 4. Can someone describe to us exactly which documents we need to submit? Many thanks to you all! Kind regards,
  10. hi all, my fiancé and are at the beginning of applying for a pmv 300 visa and we are looking for all the information we need to have a easy and hopefully stress free time applying for this visa. we have a couple questions we cant find online and we would be very thankful if someone can help. 1) I was told but I don't believe it, that the cost for the visa can be split, something like you pay $4000 at the time of applying and then the rest when you have an answer. is this correct? 2) does my partner need to provide evidence of money, or that she has been working and needs to provide pay slips? or is it not necessary as I will be sponsoring her for everything? she is unemployed at the moment
  11. My partner (in Europe) is about to submit the prospective marriage visa, which I am paying for. One of the stipulations is that I have to be able to support her for two years from the time she moves here, which includes providing accommodation. I have a steady full time job, but I live in a rented apartment with a one year lease. To what extent will the government test my assets for this visa? Thanks
  12. So last September I came to Australia on a working holiday visa. Around February this year I started seeing my boss who had been separated from his wife since November 2015 and they are still in the process of divorce - she just needs to sign but he reckons it will be cleared in the next two months. I had to fly home in April due to a family emergency (UK) so we have sustained a long distance relationship since then up to now, meeting up in Asia every few months. I have looked into a relationship visa but apparently we need to have lived together for 12 months to be eligible even for a temporary - at least that's what it says on the website - unless anyone can clear that up or if there's any way around it? The other option would be a prospective marriage visa.. Would his divorce need to be finalised at the time of lodging and would there be anything else stopping it from being granted? Would I be able to work on the prospective marriage visa? I have grandparents and my uncle lives out in Australia, but apparently I can't get in using my connections with them because they or I need to be dependent on them in one form or another. Please advise, thank you!
  13. Hi. Please help me. I am from Philippines. *Visa: PMV Subclass 300 *Application was lodged on August 1, 2013 *Medical exam done on August 22, 2013 *Case officer was allocated on October 2013 I made a phone call to Visa Office and they told me that my application is now on the final stage. What does this mean? It's been 4 months now since I lodged my visa application. Awaiting for your response. Thank you so much.
  14. As a sponsor can I apply online for a prospective marriage visa on behalf of my fiancée who is outside Australia ? If so do I sign up with her name and detail's as the applicant or do I sign up as myself the sponsor where I will have an option to lodge and pay for the visa for the applicant ? It would be a lot easier for me to get the documents from my fiancée then do the application online here when ready as she lives in rural area with slow inconsistent internet. Thank you for your time.
  15. MY fiance and I are wanting to put in PMV application around November 2016, we are also wanting to put in an application for a visitor visa around the same time for a to 10 day visit at the end of December. Will this be a problem? Will the two visas clash? We don't want to apply late for visitor visa as I know it will be busy around that time.
  16. australiaaustralia

    Will Marry Due Fulfill Application

    Hi my visitor visa expires at the begin of August. Until then we will marry and apply for the partner visa. So my question is, if we can start fulfill the application already,before we're actually married? Cause we won't have enough time after the marriage.. We don't have a date for the wedding set yet, but it'll happen the next 1-2 months. The only problem is, when I start fulfill the partner visa application they ask for our relationship status. Should I say we are engaged or married? they ask for the date of the marriage in both cases, which we don't have yet. But we will be married when we'll lodge the visa Or will I be able to change this after the marriage? Did anyone had the same situation or any good advices? Thank you very much
  17. Hi, Me and my fiance are planning on submitting my application for a 300 prospective marriage visa soon. I want to make sure I'm being thorough though and would appreciate insight from anyone who has been through the process. Here is what I have together so far: -about 300 screenshots (mostly from whatsapp, but also kik messenger and snapchat) all time stamped with a lot of love-y type messages talking about our future, etc.. and also just some other random ones that I thought would be nice to include -Skype logs of calls made -Paypal transaction dated from last year from her to me -2 Plane tickets I bought to Australia -Receipt from hotel showing we checked in together for 2 weeks -A dozen or so pictures of us together -A few other receipts from things we did when I visited (movies, dinner, etc..) We are also going to get two statements from friends or family of hers. Is two enough? How long should these be and what is the most important things to include? I read something about form 888's. How exactly do these work? In terms of booking a marriage celebrant, what evidence needs to be shown in this regard? Examples from other people would be helpful. We plan on just getting married officially and holding off on the ceremony till later so what do we need to do exactly to prove we are going to get married? For our written statements, do these need to be statutory declarations or can they just be written on ordinary paper and that will suffice? If the former, how do we go about getting statutory declarations done properly (I am in American and she is in Australia). Sorry if these questions are a bit stupid, I just have never done this before and want to make sure I don't mess it up. Also it asks for recent passport photos. These have to be submitted in addition to our passports and other forms of identification? Also what does it mean by a "certified copy"? How do I get a certified copies of all these forms? And lastly is this all able to be submitted online? I am able to just scan and attach all the aforementioned documents? Anything else I'm forgetting or does this seem sufficient. I am going to see my fiance one more time in a couple weeks and after this we are submitting our application. I apologize again for the dumb questions, but if someone could provide some clarification on my questions and how they did theirs it would help me so much. This whole process is stressing me out haha.
  18. Does anyone have experience with Prospective Marriage Visa processing times? Myself and my fiance from the Czech Republic applied in November last year, and have been informed that our application is processing and does not need any further documentation so far. We just wonder how long it has taken for others (we're not sure we entirely trust the 10-14 months according to immigration)
  19. Hi, My fiancé is an American Citizen and I'm Australian. He has lodged the PMV online in March 2016 with all supporting documents. When we applied I had read online and immi confirmed processing time is 5 to 12 months. 5 months for low risk countries such as the USA. He has contacted the Australian Embassy/Immigration in Washington where our application will be reviewed for processing and they have advised it will take 12 to 15 months due to their current load. Has anyone else being given this information as well? If so, how accurate is this? What is the average processing time for US citizens? We plan to get married end of this year. Any help or comments will be appreciated. Thanks
  20. Hello, I have had a good hunt around for info on this forum. Many good threads, responses & sad stories, but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. My American partner & I intend to apply for a Marriage partner visa within Australia, but last time she entered the country on a tourist visa with me she was told she would not be able to stay on the next entry. I wonder if this is due to reasonable suspicion she intends to apply for a permanent visa? I would think considering the visa must be lodged in Australia, it is ok for her to enter the county for this to be lodged? Or is this not supposed to happen? We have looked at Prospective marriage visas, but the wait times are too much & ii cannot get an answer from the Washington embassy on a time frame to be able to get a bridging visa. When you call them it is a offshore phone centre that struggles to understand your question sadly. We've been together for 5 years, but have a hard time proving de facto as we lived aboard yachts or short term accomodation as we travelled and studied. I am concerned she will not be able to re enter next time she comes to visit me. She has had a 12 month multiple entry visa already & we would need to apply for another. Thank you in advance.
  21. Hi I have been with my partner for 15 months, of which 12 months we have been living in a friends granny flat. He commuted to another city most weekends but our base was together. I have flight tickets, a letter from our landlord, transfers between our accounts (we didn't open joint just paid each other back for groceries etc) Is this enough to prove co habitation? I am about to move to Melbourne on a study visa for two years to become a nurse. I would like to continue working there for a few years after but really need to make sure my partner can get in first. If the above isn't enough proof- could he come out on a working holiday visa and we live together for a year in Austrlia. Would this count as de facto? Thirdly if we got married- would we still need the year co habitation? Thanks
  22. rileyharris

    Electronic Or Paper Submission?

    Myself and my partner will soon be submitting our prospective marriage visa. We are debating whether we want to submit it electronically or physically (in paper). Does anyone have experience with the electronic portal, is it any good? Government run webpages tend to be dysfunctional and disorganized at the best of times (mygov etc,), are we better off submitting in paper? Any information would be much appreciated
  23. Hello everyone. My czech fiance and I are both in czech republic currently (I am australian, and go home in september) and wish to apply for either a partner visa or prospective marriage visa as soon as possible. The one year waiting period is a bit daunting, and we are considering the possibility of her coming to visit me on a tourist visa early next year, waiting till the end of the tourist visa, getting married and then straight away applying for the partner visa (hearby getting a bridging visa, allowing us to be together and she potentially being allowed to work). Seeing as on a tourist visa, the conditions are not intended she stay in the country, is this a wise choice? Or should we get married in czech before I go home, then do the same thing applying for the partner visa onshore on the tourist visa?
  24. What is a prospective marriage visa (subclass 300) A prospective marriage visa, once granted, allows the visa holder to enter and remain in Australia during which time they must marry their intended fiance (sponsor) within the visa validity period of 9 months from date of visa grant. A prospective marriage visa is sometimes referred to as a 'fiance visa', but correctly it is a prospective marriage visa (subclass 300). It is very important to note that the prospective marriage visa holder must marry their fiance sponsor within the 9 month visa validity period as it is a condition of the grant of that visa (Condition 8519). If the visa holder does not marry their fiance sponsor within this period they would have breached a condition of their visa. There is also no provision to extend the 9 month visa validity period. After the visa holder has married their fiancee sponsor, they must then apply for an onshore partner visa (subclass 820 & 801) prior to their prospective marriage visa expiring.
  25. Forced marriage 'grey area' for Immigration By Natasha Bita - The Australian April 30, 2012 TEENAGE girls have been granted visas to marry Australian men in their 50s and 60s, but the Immigration Department insists that forced marriage is a "grey area" that is difficult to police. A 17-year-old from Thailand was granted a prospective marriage visa in 2007-08 to marry an Australian at least 40 years older, new departmental data reveals. Two other 17-year-olds from Iraq and Vietnam have been granted visas to marry Australians aged between 45 and 54 at some time in the past six years. In total, 227 prospective marriage visas were granted to migrants aged 17 - most of them girls - between 2006 and last year. Another 515 migrants were aged 18 at the time they were granted a visa. The statistics - furnished to the Senate inquiry into marriage visas - reveal that 2.2 per cent of the 34,025 migrants granted visas in the past six years to marry an Australian were 17 or 18 at the time. They include 28 teenagers who married an Australian twice their age. The Immigration Department has told the Senate inquiry it rejects 9 per cent of prospective marriage visa applications, usually on the grounds the relationship is "not genuine". "A common concern . . . is couples who have met over the internet or while the Australian sponsor was on holiday and become engaged very quickly after first meeting in person," the submission says. "In other cases, there is concern that while the sponsor may be committed to the relationship the applicant may be more interested in a better life in Australia." The department says arranged marriages that have the consent of both parties "are generally accepted as culturally appropriate", and are "the norm" in India. But it highlights problems with identifying forced marriages, due to victims' fear of retribution and unwillingness to speak out. "It is very difficult for the department to refuse a visa application without specifying the reason," it says. "Our offices overseas also note that this can be a grey area given that it can be difficult to determine the point at which family or cultural expectations become coercive rather than influencing factors in a person's decision to marry." Prospective marriage visas let foreigners migrate to Australia on the proviso they marry their fiance within nine months. Applicants have to prove they will be 18 at the date of the marriage. Immigration Department statistics reveal that migrant couples are three times more likely than Australian-born couples to have a husband more than 10 years older than his wife. Most prospective marriage visas in the past six years have been granted to applicants from The Philippines (4505), Vietnam (3320) and China (3174), with 2152 from Lebanon and 2052 from Thailand. The next highest number of visa grants were to applicants from Britain (2036), the US (1028) and India (1022). Data from the top 10 overseas posts for visa applications reveals that two of the Australian sponsors were older than 85 - both of whom married migrants in their 60s. Another 99 Australian sponsors were aged between 75 and 84. Source: The Australian