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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Folks!! Happy New Year 2018 Hope life is treating you well:) I am just writing this text to inform you that I am working in an Education and Migration Industry which offers all Migration services ( 485 temporary Postgraduate Visa, 500 Student visa, Partner visa, Tourist visa, de-facto Visa and the like) and Education services ( college admission for Higher education and VAT) Professional Year program ( Accounting, IT, or Engineering) Language course which gets you 5 points towards your migration (Naati). The Company is located in the heart of city (Sydney CBD) and is trading as EMS Global. EMS Global is also tied up with multiple big projects too (Meet us to know in detail) Some small highlights you would like to know! - We do one-on-one consulting (Free of cost) and customise it considering the best interest of client ( Time & Money). - We offer best competitive price in the market to our clients with the fastest delivery of intended service. - Easy option to pay on instalment basis on your service is available. - Our team is comprised of multiple professionals who have worked in education sector for 14 years. Don't miss the opportunity to have the best solution on your future and Book your time to have expert consultation on your concerns and queries. Contact : 04020262763 Email : sana@emsglobal.com.au Location : Level-1/204 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000! We look forward to be at your service! Thankyou:)
  2. Is HECS debt (of the sponsor) considered a debt to the Australian government? And hence do we need to mention this? From the way the different questions are posed, I don't think this is something we need to mention but just want to see what other's views on this are. Thanks very much!
  3. Hi, I am in need of your help to clarify a few issues my partner and I are facing before applying for the onshore partner migration visa. I am a permanent resident here in Australia. I recently got married in Bangladesh and returned to Sydney with the hope that my wife will join me soon. After my wife's previous marriage ended, we have been dating for quite a while. Few months ago she applied for a visitor visa and stayed here in Sydney for a month. Then we both went back to Bangladesh and got married. After our marriage we went to see a migration agent to talk about the onshore partner visa application process. It was the same migration agent who lodged her visitor visa application. During our visit we discovered that she had miscommunication with the agent and he filled out her marital status as never married instead of divorced during her visitor visa application. To make the matter worse my wife didn't notice the mistake when the agent sent her a final filled up version of the application before submitting it. As her visitor visa is multiple entry and doesn't have a no further stay condition, we are planning that she will come to Australia on her visitor visa and will apply for the onshore partner visa. Now: a. should she submit a form 1023 to correct the wrong information while in Bangladesh or after coming to Australia? b.usually how long DIBP takes to make a decision based on the new information provided in form 1023? c. how much trouble is she going to be in for this mistake she made on the visitor visa application? Will declaring this mistake reduce her chances of getting the partner visa? d. Can you suggest the best way to answer the reason for this mistake? I mean I have already explained the reason for this mistake in this post but is there a better way she can explain herself so that things go in her favor? e. do you have any suggestions regarding the way this issue should be dealt with? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi homies, I know this question has been repeated many times, but do i need an agent for migration? My details: - Fresh graduate from National university of Singapore Accounting - Without much working experience but has internship experiences in big 4 & 1 year experience as a data analyst in gap year - Gotten an offer from big 4 but has not started working yet *Thus as it is difficult for a fresh graduate apply through Visa 189/190, I am seriously considering if I should spend the $ to find an agent. *Another concern is the floodgates for accountants are closing based on recent trends, is it too late?
  5. Hello I am a licensed israeli dentist and girlfriend is a licensed certified public accountant. I am interested in moving to australia with her and seeking long term employment. Im not sure what the process is in terms of becoming a resident and finding work. I know I have to take the ADC Australian dental exam which will happen in Feb2017. I am thinking of moving to Australia in september 2017. Is this possible? Can somebody explain to me what the typical process is and what paperwork I need to fill out? thank you Jason
  6. Hi all, I am presently in India and plan to move to Australia on PR (Skilled-Independent visa subclass 189). I plan to move to Australia with my mother and my wife. We have no kids. Searched a lot of threads but didn't find anyone with exact same scenario as me. My mother's situation: -71 years old -widowed -I am the only child -she has always stayed with me -she has mild hypertension (blood pressure) since 30 years, but regular medication keeps it under control. General health is good otherwise. -dependent on us financially and emotionally My queries: - is it possible for me to include my mother as a dependent in my application? - else, what other options are available (contributory (aged) parent or visitor? or any other? I don't want her to live alone in India for more than 1-2 months, in a worst case scenario. - is there any quota for such visas? -would her age or health (hypertension) be a deterrent for grant of visa? -although my wife is financially independent and has her own job, do I need to include her a a dependent in my application? What is the visa route for her? -what are the proof of funds I need to show in India for the visa application (considering this is for the three of us) Income requirements should be met, as I expect to earn in the range of AUD 130-150K. Ideally, I would want that my mother can travel together with my wife to Australia within 2-3 months of my landing, if not sooner. Apologies for the long post - but if my mother can't join us in Australia, we don't move to Australia : ) Regards, A concerned son
  7. Despite working our butts off and being incredibly thorough - my partner in Mexico just got refused his visa. Reasons were - too long stay request (asked for 9 -we'll change to 3), not enough evidence of relationship or evidence of travel (flights, hotels- but we were told not to do so before being accepted). We're exhausted with the process and already so busy working and saving so we're thinking might be easier to get help from an agent. Any recommendations on where we should go or who to talk to (plus costs etc)???? Any advice would be great!! Thanks!!
  8. hi Australianvisaforum/members, Scenario I intend to apply for the 189 Skilled migration visa. since I work in my father's business for years, the VETASSESS asked me to submit a "Letters of testimony from the company accountant confirming your role in the (family) business" . And this is in addition to the "pay slips" and "service letters" I sent to them. Details We have our own accountant in our office for the business. And we are hiring a external separate accountant firm for years who do our audits, paying tax returns on our behalf etc. Both of them knows the details of our employees (salary, work durations etc) .... Questions 1) So what does the "company accountant" mean by VETASSESS? is that the accountant working inside our office or the external accountant? 2) What is a testimony letter in simple terms? and what kind of data should/must be included in that testimony? is the name, Identity Card numbers issued by government, current salary and work duration is enough data as a testimony? or any special phrases to be included in that? 3) Should this letters include the technical job role? because the external accountant firm knows very little about my job role in the company because it's not their duty to keep a track of technical roles of employees. But our accountant who works inside our office knows all the technical roles of the employees, but I guess a letter from a such a person is not useful to the VETASSESS because that person is working in our office, so they can't verify my details from another source. Many thanks for your time and the effort put into this. Sherm
  9. Australian Population Shifting to New Zealand? Statistics New Zealand has found out in its report that the number of people shifting from Australia to New Zealand has been increasing continuously. Before, more Kiwis used to shift to Australia and vice versa over the past 34 years, but the pattern has changed in recent times. Migration figures to NZ are quite surprising at a net gain of 65,900 in 12 months to January 31, 2016. Among the total people migrating to NZ, 6,100 went to NZ in January alone, according to Statistics New Zealand. Out of those who migrated to other countries, the Australians who shifted to NZ recorded the strongest proportion in 25 years. According to Business Insider, the net migration recorded in New Zealand, including permanent and long term settlements, has increased to 1,560 persons in the past 12 months, which is being considered as the highest since 1991’s recession. “Migration arrivals reached a new high of 123,000 and departures fell to 57,100,” the Statistics New Zealand’s report stated. “The net gain from Australia numbered 1,300 for the January 2016 year, surpassing the 1,000 mark for the first time since the October 1991 year. This was the fourth month in a row to show an annual net gain of migrants from Australia.” Just a few years ago, around 40,000 Kiwis moved to Australia in a year to get better opportunities and improved living conditions, but the deteriorating Australian economy has reversed the migration pattern. Changes to student visa rules in New Zealand have invited around 15,200 people from India in 2015 to January 31, 2016. Westpac’s senior economist Anne Boniface said that the population has witnessed the fastest increase since 1974, which indicates NZ’s improving economy. “High population growth is helping to maintain a semblance of strong [economic] growth,” he said as quoted by Stuff New Zealand. “But at the same time, the preponderance of people in the labour market is keeping wage growth lower than it would otherwise be.”
  10. Why is the UK ramping up costs for potential Australian migrants? Australian citizens compensate one of many biggest teams entering the British every year. A lot more than 21,000 Australians received entry visas in 2015 – the visas that is fourth-most any nationality after China, Asia plus the usa. But this looks set to change as Australians get swept up in Britain’s efforts to lessen migration that is net. In 2015, the UK federal government introduced a health care surcharge for many arrivals that are non-EU visas longer than half a year. The surcharge is put into immigration applications which are many and compensated in advance. It costs £200 (or roughly A$400), or £150 (roughly A$300) for students per year. A household of four on three-year visas could be necessary to pay a ongoing health surcharge of £2400 ($A4800) together with other application charges – each of which may have risen faster than inflation. Some are set to rise by 25% this spring that is northern. Australians had, up to now, been exempt with this fee. This was because of agreements which can be reciprocal Australia as well as the UK that allowed residents of 1 nation to use most healthcare services in the other country at no cost. Exceptions are built for services with a fee, like dental prescription or treatment medicine. But, from 6, Australians will not be exempt from paying the health surcharges april. This implies the larger fees being upfront be needed for several UK visa applications. Great britain government claims this is being done out of fairness to many other nationalities. But questions which are crucial that you the government’s motivations stay. Styles in UK migration are behind it While Australians visiting the united kingdom must spend the surcharge that is brand new it really is not clear exactly how this impacts existing agreements for British citizens travelling to Australia. The health surcharge is meant to offset the anticipated prices for treating migrants in the UK’s National wellness provider (NHS). Nevertheless, the united kingdom government has only recently begun data which are collecting simply how much different nationalities really utilize the NHS. What this means is the nationwide federal government is conjuring up the fee very nearly away from thin air before reliable information is available. One UK that is former house explained the charge was likely getting used to connect holes within the NHS spending plan caused by government cuts – and not by migrants. The UK’s underlying motivation with this change is its continuing struggle to reduce migration that is net. This has reached record highs beneath the Cameron government despite continuing claims to lessen it to under 100,000 per year. It is presently significantly more than three times this at 336,000. The united kingdom government has become increasingly desperate to find any means it could to reduce figures. It also plans to increase the income that is required work visas to £35,000 (roughly A$70,000). This has raised fears that Australian residents might be hit difficult and damage the long-standing relationship that is close Australia plus the British. Relations are becoming increasingly frayed throughout the last couple of years as Australians are abandoning the united kingdom “in their thousands”. The number of work visas given to Australians by the UK office at home has halved since 2006 and it is now less than 15,000. Between 2011 and 2012, the genuine amount of Australians resident in Britain dropped by almost 10,000. A factor that is key this decline were brand new visa restrictions earned by the UK federal government last year. A cap ended up being included by these measures on non-EU migrants allowed to obtain sponsored work visas. The likelihood is that the wellness surcharge to be levied on Australians will continue the trend of less work that is seeking great britain to avoid spiralling costs. Meanwhile, new labour statistics suggest another increase in EU migrant employees, who possess free movement to get results across Europe and tend to be at the mercy of few restrictions. Not just are Britain’s increasingly restrictive measures inadequate at achieving short-term governmental goals, but there is little discussion that is severe the longer-term consequences – like the UK’s relationship with Australia. As less go to the British and work, and rather choose to get elsewhere, this bond that is once-close become difficult to fix.
  11. My 4-year partner and I are planning to tie the knot this April and process a Partner Visa after that. He is an Australian citizen by law and we've known each other since college (2008). He doesn't have his own house/land yet and have been renting since he got in Australia. Also, he doesn't earn so much, just enough for everything. I am a high school teacher here in Phils and I can honestly say that I struggle with saving too. We tried doing the Student Visa but we discovered it will require us to have at least AUD18k in his or my bank account. We tried Tourist Visa but I go denied due to my financial status. My questions are: 1. Is it necessary for him to have his own land title just to prove he can provide for the both of us? 2. What could be our minimum savings to which they can say we're qualified? 3. Can my Tourist Visa's rejection affect our future application? THANK YOU SO MUCH. We're in an LDR since the beginning (you know how hard it could be). So we're trying our best to make everything feasible in its own time.
  12. The Migration Review Tribunal and the Refugee Review Tribunal The Migration Review Tribunal (the MRT) and the Refugee Review Tribunal (the RRT) provide an independent and final merits review of decisions made in relation to visas to travel to, enter or stay in Australia. The MRT reviews decisions made in respect of general visas (e.g. visitor, student, partner, family, business, skilled visas) and the RRT deals with decisions made in respect of protection (refugee) visas. Website: The Migration Review Tribunal - The Refugee Review Tribunal
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