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Found 28 results

  1. Looking for some advice to see of we are able to new apply for an Offshore Partner Visa (309). We applied for an Onshore Partner Visa after my partner had her student visa refused and hence then fell into the requirement to meet Schedule 3 criteria. DIBP refused the Onshore Partner Visa as they believed we did not meet Schedule 3 criteria and compelling reasons. We then chose not to pursue an AAT review. We are both now living overseas together and subsequently married, and wonder if we can apply for an Offshore Partner Visa? It looks like we can, but some wording on the DIBP site indicates that after a previous Partner Visa refusal there are limitations to what you can apply for and this might affect a offshore application? If we can, then are there other difficulties or watch its we should know about? Thanks alot!
  2. Hi there, Has anyone else had responses from a different countries embassy? I had initial contact finally after 13 months for police checks and the reply was from Brazil. We lodged through Washington, USA. I called the Australian help and she said it was quite usual for them to outsource. Wondering if this affects my processing timeline. Many thanks.
  3. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to see if anyone is going through a 309 Offshore Partner Visa with their partner being a Ghanaian or from any part of west Africa or even Africa itself. We just submitted our partner visa on the 9th May 2017 with a very strong case (an overload of evidence I was informed by our agent) and it would be nice to know who has been through this experience with someone from this part of the world or anyone else going through this so we can encourage each other. We have been told the wait is currently 16 months and I have been separated from my husband now for 8 months (took some time to get the visa in). Please share your story, I would love to hear it. I am an Australian woman who married a Ghanaian man In July 2016. We both met online through a mutual friend. Knew each other for 10 months before I went to visit him in Ghana to get married and stay for 3 months. I then had to leave due to financial obligations. We have an overload of evidence. We were told its a strong case. The 16 months possible wait just has overwhelmed my heart and mind. I pray it will not be this long. The emotional stress is much. This is not an easy process.
  4. Hi Good day to all. I have checked through the topics but there is no relation to ours. We have submitted our prospective visa application last May 2018. We are getting married in September 2018, I currently have tourist visa until 2020. Is it possible to change the application from offshore to onshore? My Fiance' wants me to stay after the wedding. How can we pull this off? I wanted to stay after the wedding and apply bridging visa but we have submitted the application as offshore. Is there a way without making a new application as onshore? Thank you so much!
  5. Hi all! New to this, so sorry if I go every where when explaining my situation. I wanted to know if anyone has dealt with any of these areas? And what has happened or what did they do.. Deportation/Ban So my partner got deported. I was told by immi in Australia to go overseas and talk to the consulate there to put aside the 3 year ban, as I wish to apply for my partners visa asap because we're due to have our second child in a month. Unfortunately there is no consulate where my partner is from. How do you know if there is a ban? Who do we call? And who do we contact to put aside the ban? Debt Of course, by being deported he received a cost of removal notice as immigration supposedly didn't let us pay for his fare back, any who, I wanted to put it on a payment plan because I read to remove the objection off the debt, a payment must be made and the debt must be on a payment plan. I've submitted the form for payment plan. I was told it takes 10-12 weeks to process these applications, obviously I'm running out of time and was wondering if anyone has had there payment plan application approved in less time? Also, as this application is processing, is it best do wait for a result before lodging my partners visa? Or will it be OK to lodge it while we wait for an approval? Processing So I know it takes however so weeks or months to process an offshore partner visa, but has anyone gotten theirs done in less time? Anything else helpful? I've got support letters, stat decs, my partners medical examination results on its way, my partners police check on its way (Ozzy), I have his overseas police check... Is there anything else besides the obvious that is needed? I hear I have to do a police check for myself? Sorry for the long messy story guys. I have so many questions.. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Forgive me if someone else has already made a post with this question, but I couldn't find it So I just saw that the estimated processing times have drastically changed for 309/100 visas. From 12-19 months to 21-26 months! This really changes the plans for my wife and me. We submitted our 309/100 visa in April 2018, 4 months after we got married, and about a year and a half from the beginning of our relationship. We have already submitted the health requirements and provided additional documents that were required in June. Does anyone know if the new processing times reflect visas that have already started to be processed? We are applying from Jakarta Indonesia. Thanks
  7. Hi, My partner visa application was lodged in Singapore on the 16th of January 2015 and my Partner visa Subclass (309) provisional was granted on the 2nd of November, 2015. 1. Can anybody shed any light through your own experiences on how the Subclass (100) Permanent Visa was processed for you and how you were informed of your assessment of eligibility for this visa. Was it through postal mail or email? 2. Is it OK to apply online through my immi account for the permanent visa prior to receiving the assessment of eligibility notification from the government or should I just wait? 3. Do I need to apply online via my immi account in order to receive the assessment of eligibility notification or do you receive it automatically once you have completed the 2 year period? 4. Is the Singapore Visa Application Centre still actively involved in my permanent visa application? I have made an inquiry online through the immi.gov.au website and I received an automatically generated reply from them, specifically the QLD PP Processing office which didn't help. Any answer is very much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Aus_04

    Form 888

    Hi All, Just a quick question, im about to apply for Partner Visa soon for my wife (offshore) and in regards to the Form 888 you get from friends stating about your relationship, since my dad hasn't met her yet face to face but i have told him about her quite a few times, would him doing the stat dec mean much? i have 3 others that have seen her face to face (Aus citizens) but just wanting to get more information on the subject. Cheers!
  9. Hey everyone! happy new year! I just need some advise with regards to our plans of applying partner visa. Me and my now wife has been in a relationship since 2011. We are both Filipino. She had to leave Philippines in 2013 to study in Australia. Since then, she had continued to live in Australia and is now a permanent resident. She will be applying for citizenship soon. We have been in a long distance relationship since 2013 up to the present. I had to stay in the Philippines to finish my studies and help out in family business. I have had the chance to visit her in Australia last 2015 and 2016; and my wife would regularly go back to Philippines as well for holidays. I proposed to her MArch 2016 and got married in June 2017. We are now ready to apply for Partner Visa subclass 309. We are definitely certain that our relationship is genuine and continuing but we are a bit worried over the fact that we neve lived together due to the circumstances of our relationship. We only lived together during the times that she would visit me in Philippines or vice versa (3-4 weeks of staying together in one house. We have evidences of joint account, joint travels, skype and chat communication as well as phone call logs. But we are lacking evidence in terms of share household responsibility (billings, shared properties etc) Do you guys think that we still have a shot in the visa being granted? 5 years of being apart has been really hard and it is only through the partner visa that we can finally be together. Any advice and thoughts would really be appreciated! thank you
  10. Hello everyone ,started this fresh thread for offshore partner visa subclasses 300/309/100 lodged in 2016 /2017
  11. Hi All, spouse/ partner visa from India. Application lodgement date: 5 March 2017. lodged online by the husband. Pcc asked 27 april 2017, submitted 30 april 2017. medicals asked 27 September, all tests done and completed 26 October. medicals submitted by BUPA to immigration on 30 October 2017. final stat dec asked by immigration on 26 October, submitted on 26 October, acknowledged on 2 November by immigration. haven't heard anything since then. Rang VFS, they have no answer as stated in above replies, they ask to wait for the dept to contact me. when we lodged the application in March 2017 it says 7-9 months. 8 months are already over. can anyone please suggest anything? don't know how VFS works, when we submit the documents requested, do they wait for 28 days as the time frame given for submission? or the processing starts right away? after medicals got an email from BUPA that visa officer will provide an outcome in 5 business days. Can anyone please assist?
  12. Hi there, Firstly, I would like to say how thrilled I am to have found this forum, and apologise in advance for my questions, which I'm sure have been answered many times. I have had a browse through here, but I think I'm better off asking through here, as there's an overwhelming amount of info to read through. I am an Australian citizen. My fiance, who I have been with since May 2015 is Scottish. We met while he was on a working visa in Oz, but it ran out in December 2016. Due to this, we decided to head over to Canada for a while on a working holiday visa to experience a new place, and try to figure out where we will end up settling. We both would really love to be able to live together in Australia - although we plan to stay in Canada for at least another 12 months to get the most out of our current visas here. My questions are: A. Are we better to apply from here, as we have no plans to be in Australia for the next 12ish months B. If we are better to apply from within Australia, what is the best way for Josh to enter the country - ie visiting visa and apply as soon as we get in, student visa? While we've only just passed the two year mark, we do live together, have joint accounts, and have traveled quite a lot together too, which I believe should suffice for proof of our relationship. While we have both always decided that Australia would be our home, it's not until now that we have actually really looked into it, so I do apologise for our nativity with the whole process. Any help or advice whatsoever would be really appreciated. Any advice is good advice, and we are so grateful
  13. Hi everyone. I’ve been following this forum for some weeks. My time has come to get on this journey and I’m after some advice… My partner (Australian citizen) and I (Peruvian) have decided to go ahead and apply for the 309/100 visa. This will have to be offshore, as my current visa has a no further stay condition. A little context of our relationship: We met in late 2013 when I was visiting my sister in Australia. Later in 2014 he went to Peru for 3 months and we started an exclusive relationship. He went back to Australia on October and we were apart for a year on a long distance relationship (we have evidence of skype calls, texts and emails). We decided our best bet was for me to go to New Zealand on a working holiday visa (as Peruvians don’t have the same scheme in Australia) but first I would go to Australia for 3 months as a tourist. I arrived in Australia on September 2015, stayed until December 2015 and then we moved to New Zealand for a year. We have evidence of this whole year (shared expenses, photos, employment letters, etc.). I applied for a tourist visa back into Australia and it was refused (reason being not enough evidence of incentives to leave the country). I reapplied with some more evidence and it was granted but with a “no further stay” condition. We arrived in Australia in December 2016 and we’re both traveling to Peru next week to lodge the application from there. He will travel back to Australia in March. A few days ago we decided to get a consultation from a migration agent. He told us that the fact that my partner would return to Australia and therefore we would be apart makes the application a lot riskier….is this true? I was under the impression that this scenario was quite normal for an offshore application. We have been living together for the past 17 months and are only separating due to my “no further stay condition”…on the other hand, my partner must come back to start his further qualifications. Is there really a big problem with this? I also have some doubts regarding the documents. I’ve read before that when you apply online, there’s no need to certify documents and a full colour scan is enough. Is this correct? And if so, are there documents that do need to be certified? Also, if anyone is applying from South America or knows something about the process for this, it would be really great to have a chat and pick your brain. My partner and I are feeling rather anxious with this application, as everyone knows it’s a large amount of money and we want to make it right.
  14. Hi guys, my husband and i are about to start our application process for a partner visa and im very confused about. Im Australian and my husband is Moroccan. We were married in march in Morocco,but we have never lived together as we are in different countries. What actually happens in this case ? Thanks in advance for any information
  15. Hello everybody, your advice is much needed. Basically my partner is English and I am Australian. We have been in a relationship since Sept2015 and have also lived together since then. We met in England and lived together there, travelled a bit together and have lots of evidence of our relationship. In Dec 2016 he came to Australia on his 1 year working holiday visa and we live together now. However, at the end of his visa (Dec 2017) he is going back home to finish university for which will take him two years and I am staying in Australia to progress my career. We will still be together in a long distance relationship and eventually when he finishes Uni he will return to Australia. We want to get his Visa started now so when he finishes uni he should be a permanent resident and get get a proper job here! However, what visa do we apply for? Onshore of Offshore partnership visa. If we apply for the offshore visa then we have to wait until November this year and that means waiting longer to begin the application. Onshore means that he has to be in the country when it is granted which he might not be. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Hii everyone, hope your visas are progressing well. I applied in March this year (2017), for my partner. A month later we got an email to attach a couple of things and to do his medicals etc..so we did and I attached them within a week. So April 11, 2017 I had sent off what was required. So I've been waiting only about two weeks since then. Now I'm wondering when will we get the phone call. Off course every case differs but I would like to know your timeline. I am living with my hubby in a high-risk country. Thankyou in advance.
  17. anyone in here has lodged an application (309) from india? I've lodged an application in mid July 16.
  18. Hi there. Hoping someone may be able to help me out. I have read everywhere that the processing is 12 months. Just curious to see if anyone has a better idea of actually turn around time. Our application has been almost 7 months now and the waiting it getting to me. All documents have been submitted and no more requested, interview was done with my partner early this year. Thanks in advance Ribbit
  19. Hi Guys Ive never posted or asked a question in a forum before, have questions regarding my wife of almost 5 years (also child almost 1, has citizenship by decent) and what options we have as far as applying and what is the best way to go, i was hoping for a tourist visa, (my wife has travelled to Australia previously in 2013) then apply onshore for a permanent visa but everything i have read is saying that it probably wont be possible due to 8503, if we apply offshore will the waiting time be reduced because we have been married for this time and have a child? If so will my wife be able to travel to Australia under a bridging visa of some sort? Any advise will be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  20. Hello, We applied for a 3 month VV offshore from a low risk country for my husband. Processing times were meant to be 1 working day and it has now been more than 3 weeks. As most of you can appreciate the waiting is really stressful. I'm concerned that because it's taking so long it means there is something wrong. My application still says "received" with no updates since we were appointed a case officer. Anyone have any experience with applying from low risk countries? Anyone know why it's taking so long? Should I ask them for an update or would it go against us?
  21. Hi guys. Been reading lots of good info on here. My wife is currently here in Oz with our son on tourist visa. I was wondering if I could get all the application done whilst she is here to a point just before the submit(and pay) so that when she lands back in Thaliand in a few weeks I can just hit submit. She won't have much time in Bangkok and with the baby also hard for her to do running around as she'll be coming back only days later(12month multi-entry) Thanks for your help!
  22. 19 months 15 days and still counting ..... Who challenges ?
  23. Hello all, Im trying to get an understanding of how long it generally takes for a Partner 309/100 (Offshore) visa to be granted? The Aus immigration website says 5 months for Low Risk/ETA eligible countries, but many threads on this forum seem to indicate we are more than likely looking at 12 months or more..... Application is for my husband, married 9 years, 2 kids, I'm an Aus Citizen, the kids are dual UK/Aus Lodged - Oct 2015 from the UK Case Officer assigned - Jan 2016 Health & Police checks provided AND a secondary question - if you know the answer - or can tell me where to look please ---- If we are visiting Aus and my husband is in Aus on a Visitor/Tourist Visa, and we get notification of the Partner Visa being granted; what do we do? Does he have to leave the country and re-enter? How quickly does he have to leave, and how long for? Many thanks, and crossing my fingers we all have positive Visa news soon!
  24. Hello! Hopefully someone can help me out. My partner and I are currently in Ireland (I’m Australian and sponsoring him) and we will be returning to Aus next month. We are planning to apply onshore so he can get a bridging visa and we can live there sooner (we only came back to Ireland because we had to, we didn’t want to apply offshore and have to wait here until the decision is made)… Anyway, we have been gathering all of our evidence and today I started filling out the 47SP form so I could save it and have it ready to submit as soon as we arrive in Aus. We selected to fill out the onshore form, and then we selected that Paul was currently in Australia (as he will be when we officially submit next month). However, once I put all his details in (name, passport number etc), it wouldn’t let me proceed and listed a number of reasons of why he might be not eligible for the form. None of the option applied to Paul, e.g. was refused a visa in the past, except for the option which stated that the applicant is not in the required location… I’m just HOPING that it is this one, and that when we arrive in Australia it will update his location through his passport… So I suppose my question is, to ensure this is why there’s an issue with eligibility, can the immigration department access Paul’s location simply through his passport details do you think? Thanks so much in advance….so sorry it’s so wordy!! Aleisha
  25. Hi, I could do with some help. Me and my partner are applying for the offshore partner visa, we are about ready to submit our application however just found out I am pregnant, we can't find out anywhere if this will effect the cost of the visa and how we add that I'm pregnant to our visa. We have everything else about ready to send off including all the statutory declarations, evidence, statements etc. Any help would be much appreciated!
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