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Found 18 results

  1. Hi All, spouse/ partner visa from India. Application lodgement date: 5 March 2017. lodged online by the husband. Pcc asked 27 april 2017, submitted 30 april 2017. medicals asked 27 September, all tests done and completed 26 October. medicals submitted by BUPA to immigration on 30 October 2017. final stat dec asked by immigration on 26 October, submitted on 26 October, acknowledged on 2 November by immigration. haven't heard anything since then. Rang VFS, they have no answer as stated in above replies, they ask to wait for the dept to contact me. when we lodged the application in March 2017 it says 7-9 months. 8 months are already over. can anyone please suggest anything? don't know how VFS works, when we submit the documents requested, do they wait for 28 days as the time frame given for submission? or the processing starts right away? after medicals got an email from BUPA that visa officer will provide an outcome in 5 business days. Can anyone please assist?
  2. G'day fellow forum users, My boyfriend (who lives in the USA) has currently sent off for his passport a couple days ago and it should arrive within three weeks. The moment he receives it, he will be applying for the 'Work and Holiday Visa' to come here to Australia. He meets all the criteria except for the for sufficient funds. When he goes to apply for the visa, will he have to present a bank statement in the process of completing the application or is that something he would present at the airport? If he does need to attach a statement online, would he be able to use my bank statement (as i will be the one supporting him) or would it be best that i transfer the funds to his account for the visa? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi, quick question. My partner and I are filling out a PMV at the moment. I will writing most of it with the help of her input. In terms of discussing our relationship and so forth, which point of view would be preferable? The sponsor or the applicant? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I have not yet submitted my application or paid for that matter and am still putting together all the supporting documents. I'm aware that the upload system is quite time consuming and limiting so am wondering if people generally upload all their documents in one go or over a period of time (days, weeks?). I'm not referring to things like medical check and police check, which as far as I understand can be done later. However, for supporting documents like letters, stat declarations, photos, joint bank accounts, etc - do you upload all as soon as possible after paying? Thanks very much for all the help everyone!
  5. I lodged my application for PMV online last January 24, 2017. We just had our medicals 1st week of March. This application included my 2 kids from my previous relationship. I am a single mom and never been married. CO contacted us through email last March 14, 2017 to asked further documents which we uploaded in a minute. I was at worked yesterday when my fiancee' informed me that our case officer would like me to call them. I'm not so sure if some applications gone through some request like mine which i need to phone them today. Ladies and gents let me know if you experienced the same process from Australian Embassy ( Manila ).
  6. Is the Visitor Visa processing time faster when you apply online or when you apply normally on paper through either an embassy or a consulate? I hold a passport from a high risk country and hope to go to Australia early next year.
  7. Hello people, My fiancee and I just submitted the subclass 300 , prospective marriage visa online and we have some questions for you wonderful people out there. A few details about our application. My fiancee (the applicant) is Peruvian, with a Peruvian visa. I am born in Australia. Neither of us has ever had another partner. No other applicants are involved in the visa. 1. 40SP and 47SP forms are exactly the same as the information submitted on the online 700 visa. Do we need to do these forms (even though they are EXACTLY the same (word to word), as per the checklist on this website: https://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/checklists/300.aspx 3. How long do we have to submit all our documents? 4. Can someone describe to us exactly which documents we need to submit? Many thanks to you all! Kind regards,
  8. I have a question about certifying documents for an online application. We are currently outside of Australia and are applying offshore. My question is: which documents do we need to get certified? If they're colour scan copies is that sufficient not to have them certified? I'm assuming that the Statutory Declarations always need to be certified i.e. the ID proving that the person is Australian.
  9. I have a question for those who have already submitted an online application. I am an Aussie married to a Canadian. We've both been living in Canada for the last 23 years. I've finally convinced her to move back to Australia. We will be doing an online application from Canada. I saw a post by Salsa where she mentioned the is no need to certify documents if applying online as long as they are a full colour scan. Is this true? Taking an original and copying it then having someone sign off that it is a true copy THEN scanning the certified copy and uploading it makes no sense to me when I could just scan the original document. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  10. Hi all, I would like to ask, after we apply online and paid, how long do we need to attach all documents need? Does it have to be the same day? or is there certain period? Because we're still collecting some of the requirements? and what documents should be uploaded first? We'd like to apply 820 online next week, coz my partner's visitor visa ends this 30th april, but we haven't finished preparing all the required documents. Thank you for your time.
  11. On the document checklist, under "two recent passport-sized photographs ..." it states: "Print the name of the person on the back of each photograph" What is the alternative when performing an online application? Should I print my name twice (and my wife's name twice) on a piece of paper - then stick the photographs of us above our names and scan it?
  12. Hi, I have 20 years plus working experience and more than 10 years experience in accounting in South Africa. I have done short courses but do not have a formal degree in accounting. I would like to immigrate but believe it is near impossible to be given a visa without the qualifying points, and I do not qualify because I do not have the degree. Does anyone know if there is any possibility that I would be given an opportunity if I perhaps do an Online Accounting Diploma through for example "Applied Education Australia", which would then give me a possible student membership to CPA, then I can register with CPA and do their course so that I can gain CPA recognition. Then I could possibly try my best to find work in Australia. Can anyone give me some sort of indication if the fact that I don't hold a degree but have the Diploma and CPA Recognition would be counted for when I am ready to apply for Immigration. I am really confused and need a little guidance, if there is anyone that can assist, I would be ever so grateful! Thank you
  13. I am intending to do an online (ImmiAccount) application for an Onshore Partner Visa (820/801). I am a UK citizen: applied for Proposed Marriage Visa (300) in Oct 2014 PMV granted in Sept 2015 arrived in Australia Dec 2015 we got married in March 2016 my PMV expires in June 2016 On page 2 of the ImmiAccount application for an Onshore Partner Visa, there is a section at the bottom entitled "Health Examination"... "Has this applicant undertaken a health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months?" - I did one as part of the PMV, so I have answered YES "Give details" - I put: "Had a medical with an Australian Immigration approved physician as part of the Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) application process." "HAP ID" - I entered my HAP ID On the Document Checklist, it states: "If you have confirmed that you do not need to undergo health examinations by using My Health Declarations, please indicate on your online application form that you have organised your health examinations when lodging your visa application (as you are considered to have met this requirement)." I'm confused - do I still need to do the My Health Declarations submission, as was entry of my previous HAP ID, etc, enough for this application? Any help/suggestions on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  14. I am intending to do an online (ImmiAccount) application for an Onshore Partner Visa (820/801). I am a UK citizen: applied for Proposed Marriage Visa (300) in Oct 2014 PMV granted in Sept 2015 arrived in Australia Dec 2015 we got married in March 2016 my PMV expires in June 2016 As it is an online application, everything uploaded will of course be a scan. In the Document Checklist, it explicitly states what should be certified copies: "Certified copies of the biographical pages of the current passports or travel documents" "A certified copy of your birth certificate" "Certified copies of marriage certificates" So of course, I will get certified copies of the above. I will also get certified copies of pages in our passports that shows immigration stamps for some of the trips we have done. I am curious about the other documentation that I am going to submit: Deed poll document for a name change earlier in my life Signed letter from my health insurance provider A printout of our joint bank account statement A copy of our lease contract from our letting agency A copy of the confirmation that the bond for our leased unit in both our names A printout of an electricity bill in both our names A statement from the utilities supplier stating that both electric and gas is in both our names and when the account started A letter from my superannuation fund company stating that my wife is my 100% beneficiary in the event of my demise A letter from my company stating when I began employment, my hours per week and that my wife is down as my next of kin Etickets of my trips to Australia to see my wife Etickets of my wife's trips to visit me in the UK Etickets of our trips when we met up in other countries for a holiday Etickets of trips where we have travelled together Etickets of a trip we have booked later this year (within Australia) Payslips from my company to prove my income Payslips from my wife to prove her income and ability to support me A letter from my wife's company stated when she began employment, her hours per week and that I am down as her next of kin contact A snapshot/cut down of WhatsApp communication to show we communicated when we were apart A Skype call log A Viber call log A call log from a UK access number I used to use Is there anything in the above list that I should get a certified copy for? Any help/suggestions on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Were currently finishing the application and we have just typed in my partners statements on the application and everytime we press 'next' or save, the page dosnt do anything!
  16. Initially we were planning to collect all documents we may need (including medical and police certificates) before applying (will go for online application), but after reading through some posts on here it seems it is not entirely necessary to do this. I'd like to apply by a certain date to get the ball rolling on the long wait time, but is that a bit of a dangerous strategy if everything is not prepared?? Which documents are the must-haves at the moment of lodgement? Can we build the evidence via the Immi account over the 12 or so month wait period, after the application is submitted?
  17. WARNING TO ALL APPLYING FOR A PARTNER VISA ONLINE I am not sure if this is a recent occurrence (there was some site maintenance on the application portal conducted a few days ago) or not but this is an issue that has just caught me out. I am currently helping my partner apply for a prospective marriage visa. It is stated you can upload as much evidence as you like for this application. This is untrue. There is a 60 document upload limit per person (including the sponsor) for any application (we needed to compile much of our evidence together) and each file has to be smaller than 5mb. This equates to a maximum of 600mb of information (assuming there are just the applicant and sponsor) you can upload. THEY WILL NOT INFORM YOU OF THIS AT ANY POINT. If you need, compress your files to less than 5mb and compile as much together as possible. Pdf files are ideal for this and there is a free 30 day trial for an Adobe program which will do this. Please do not get caught out.
  18. Hello I was just wandering if anyone has use the online submission and wandered what they did for uploading the passport size photos. We are applying for Prospective Marriage Visa. Do you scan 2 photos and and write names on the back of them? Just unclear what to do for the online submission.
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