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Found 25 results

  1. markaplacador

    Offshore to Onshore POSSIBLE???

    Hi Good day to all. I have checked through the topics but there is no relation to ours. We have submitted our prospective visa application last May 2018. We are getting married in September 2018, I currently have tourist visa until 2020. Is it possible to change the application from offshore to onshore? My Fiance' wants me to stay after the wedding. How can we pull this off? I wanted to stay after the wedding and apply bridging visa but we have submitted the application as offshore. Is there a way without making a new application as onshore? Thank you so much!
  2. Hi everyone! Me and my Australian boyfriend have been together for 3,5 years now. I am currently in the Netherlands and he is living in Sydney. The plan is for me to go there and apply for the onshore partner visa. I know these questions are probably newbie questions, but after lots of research we are still uncertain about some (LOTS!) things, and it would be great if you guys could help me clarify some things. 1. 820 or 801? As we have been together for more than 3 years we could apply for the permanent partner visa (801) so you can skip the usual 2-year waiting period. However, for the past 3,5 years we have mostly been travelling and working short periods abroad so we don't really have official documents like a rental contract on our name of a shared bank account. Only flights, pictures, videos, shared invites, etc. We do have these more formal documents to proof that we have been together for more than 1 year. Do you think we could still try go for the 801 visa or play it safe and go for the 820? If they disapprove the 801 will you automatically go to the 820? 2. apply/submit visa application As we will go for the onshore partner visa, I was wondering if you need to be in Australia when you start your application or when you submit the application? For example, could I already start my application here, and then submit it when I'm in Australia? 3. tourist visa --> bridging visa this is just to check if i understand it correctly, if I go for the onshore visa application this means I will be there on a tourist visa first, and the bridging visa will only start when the tourist visa finishes (after 3 months). Is this correct or is there better ways? 4. Translations / certified copies As I need to get all my documents sorted before going there, I am still a bit confused about which documents exactly I need to get just translated, and which documents I need to get translated and certified (with an apostille). 5. Diploma's Do I need to get my diploma's just translated, or also accredited? Thanks a lot!!!!!! Much appreciated in advance Cheers, Britta
  3. Hey all!! With the increasing amounts of applications going through around the world, I sometimes find myself a little lost in the updates which includes offshore applications as well. I have to say, those guys have got it tough being apart while waiting for the decision, I admire their strength. Since I've noticed that onshore applications are taking much longer to process, I wondered if it would be a nice idea to have a little thread here for support to each other while we wait the 15++ months for the decision from the department. That way we can see how people are progressing onshore slightly easier? From what I've gathered, immigration have been processing them in groups. It can be uplifting to see members who have applied onshore move onwards from the 820 waiting list to the 801 waiting list. Remember to post your lodgement date, original country, any further updates and also whether or not you were on a PMV as I believe being on a PMV shortens the wait time between lodgement for 820 and visa grant but I may be mistaken. Here's mine: Visa Lodgement: Online through an immigration lawyer in Melbourne D.O.L: 15th July 2015 Country of origin: Malaysia - low risk Relationship: De Facto - registered through Victoria BDM Was not on PMV, applied while on valid student visa
  4. Hi Guys, Desperatly seeking advice. I am flying to Australia next week from the UK to stay with my boyfriend who is living over there and Australian. The plan is that I go over on the 3 month Visitor Visa and apply once I'm there. I have booked a one way flight and am concerned that I will get questioned or even turned away when I get there, has anyone been through this before? I will have over $8000 in my account and understand that I will be unable to work until I get on to the Bridging Visa. Is is worth having a ticket booked out of the country - my sister will be in Bali in that 3 month duration so can go and visit her..... Just looking for any advice or any one who has been through something similar, just terrified about getting turned away! Thanks
  5. SavannaAndAdam

    Applying Online - Defacto Visa

    Hi Guys, My partner (Adam) and I are applying for a Partner Visa Subclass 820 (hopefully) before the changes kick in on July 1st. For a bit of background, we met in the UK almost 3 years ago whilst I was on a Working Holiday Visa in England (I am Australian). About a month after I arrived (arrived in August 2014) we started seeing each other after instantly being drawn to each other and by January 2015 we were "officially" dating. We spent the remaining year and a half of my visa in England, where (from August 2015) we lived in shared pub work/live accommodation together. When my visa expired in August 2016, Adam had his working holiday visa for Australia ready and we arrived here, did some traveling and then settled down and started working. We are now living in a 'granny flat' type home, it is on a big plot of land shared with our landlords (Who are also good family friends) where we live to the side in our fully self-contained little home. (A great upgrade from pub live-in if any of you have ever had to do that!!) Fast forward to now, we have been together for 2.5 years, lived together for 1.5 years. We have our Police check certificates (Mine for both UK & AUS, his just for UK), a shared bank account, our relationship is officially "de-facto", hundreds of photos, a couple of invites, messages, documents from our travel together (Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Amsterdam, Ibiza, around England), we have stat decs from my mum, my stepdad, and two of our close friends. We are awaiting one from our landlord to state our situation, we have a letter from our landlord/boss in the UK stating the situation, we have letters from the bank and government to prove our current address, and some other small things. There are a few assurances/questions/things we need advice on, if any of you lovely people could please offer any information, these are the things: 1. Little to no evidence for when we lived together in the UK. No contract was signed, our rent came out of our pay as we lived there. I read that any orders we made to that location or any letters would be useful, which I may have, however, he had a lot still directed to his mothers house at the time. Can anyone offer any information or help as to what else we could get? 2. Our living situation currently, there is no contract or lease agreement yet again (as they are our family friends). Our landlords are great and will provide any information needed. We pay them directly, weekly and in cash. I am not sure how this will go down in the visa? We will have the stat Dec from them stating the situation, and we have letters proving we live there, and photos of the place. Is there any information anyone can help us out with here? 3. We have the 4 other stat Decs, and have asked a few other friends to do it as well however due to the short time frame many are not finding the time. If they write a letter, hand sign it and send a colour copy of their I.D would this be accepted? Is there another way you suggest? And do people in the UK have JP's? Or another way to certify their documents? 4. It is recommended to upload the documents online rather than sending them in person. With the large forms we are filling out (40SP, 47SP etc), does anyone know a way after printing out, filling out, and then scanning that it back to the computer, scanning it in to one document? Or is there a better way to go about this? 5. Is it true that you have two weeks to add more documents from when you pay for it/upload the initial bit? Is there anything else anyone can recommend? We have spent months worrying about this (I am a bit of a stress head) and saving so hard for it and I think we have enough, but any help would be much appreciated. I am sure I will have more questions next week once we have more together! Thanks so much guys, sorry for the essay. Savanna & Adam
  6. alanmact@hotmail.com

    Bridging Visas And Onshore Applications

    Hello, I find your website so helpful and brings clarity to a very confusing and stressful process. I have questions relating to an onshore visa application for my UK husband. We both currently reside in Amsterdam and plan to move over to be with my Mother as my father recently passed away. We are currently waiting for the quarantine process for our beloved dog, but that's another story. We are pleased as we have heard that officially now we can apply onshore within Australia and are eligible for the permanent partner visa as we have been married for 10 years. I have concerns in regard to the ETA application as most of the ETAs have no further stay restriction, so in that case we could be ineligible to be granted the Bridging Visa. Also I'm not sure which Bridging Visa to apply for as Bridging Visa A doesn't allow my partner to return to the UK as I'm worried he might need to return in case of family and illness. Does Bridging Visa B allow my husband to work and return to the UK as I noticed Bridging Visa A allows one to work, but not travel outside Australia. Also what are the costs for the Bridging Visas as I've checked the Border website and none of this information is provided. Thank you so much! Andrea
  7. Hello everybody, your advice is much needed. Basically my partner is English and I am Australian. We have been in a relationship since Sept2015 and have also lived together since then. We met in England and lived together there, travelled a bit together and have lots of evidence of our relationship. In Dec 2016 he came to Australia on his 1 year working holiday visa and we live together now. However, at the end of his visa (Dec 2017) he is going back home to finish university for which will take him two years and I am staying in Australia to progress my career. We will still be together in a long distance relationship and eventually when he finishes Uni he will return to Australia. We want to get his Visa started now so when he finishes uni he should be a permanent resident and get get a proper job here! However, what visa do we apply for? Onshore of Offshore partnership visa. If we apply for the offshore visa then we have to wait until November this year and that means waiting longer to begin the application. Onshore means that he has to be in the country when it is granted which he might not be. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Proxy Migration

    Onshore Partner Visa Fast-Tracking

    Onshore Partner Visa Fast-tracking Lisa Wulfsohn Principal Migration Consultant (MARN 1467616) © Proxy Migration Great news! The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (the Department) has announced a fast-track approach for onshore partner visa applications. The Department will give priority to applications that are “low risk” and “decision ready”. The Department usually processes onshore partner visa applications according to the date of lodgment, with a horrendous waiting period of 1.5 years. The change in approach was made to help the Department reach its annual visa processing target by 30 June 2017. What does this mean for me? If you are considering lodging an onshore partner visa application, you should get in quick! It is unclear whether the Department will continue this fast-track approach after 30 June 2017. Partner visas could be granted within months, which is much, much quicker than the usual 1.5 years. If you have already lodged your onshore partner visa application but have not completed medicals and/or character checks, you should get these done as soon as possible so that your application is “decision ready”. How can we help? Proxy Migration specialises in partner visas and offers fixed fee services. We offer a fully managed visa application service, or a cost-effective “Check My Application” service, where an expert checks over your application prior to lodgement. Visit www.proxymigration.com.au for more information. Disclaimer: This article is general in nature does not constitute migration or legal advice.
  9. Just been told we haven't enough evidence at this time to go forward with partner visa so gutted. Now wondering if he goes on regular eta holiday visa can he apply for partner visa and while waiting can he get a bridging visa with rights to work. It's an eta from the uk just regular holiday visa he would go into oz on and can apply straight away for partner as soon as we land.
  10. Hi All, So based on the following information https://www.border.gov.au/Forms/Documents/1127.pdf Is onshore partner visa possible? My prospective spouse has been granted a Visitor Visa Subclass 600 with the following conditions (8101 and 8201). There is no 8503. We are getting married in Australia.
  11. Hi im just wondering if anyone on here has applied for a partner visa in August and has been granted yet? Me and my partner applied on and got our conformation letter on the 1st of august and where just waiting now?
  12. Hello all - I am desperately trying to find out where we might be on the conveyor belt and the trick of sending a blank email to the processing team to find out which months / batches are being processed is not working. Can I ask the community. Is anyone else who applied onshore for partner visa being processed right now? Has anyone even from October been called forward? I want to update my paperwork but I am unwilling to do this until I know that the end is in sight. We have already gone past 12 months and I want to book some travel back home, but can't on Bridging Visa E without jeapordizing the whole process. If anyone from September / October / November could show their hands it might help me to judge how much more I need to hang on. My finger is longing to book flights online for March. Surely it can't take that long? but with immigration i never say never ... I appreciate the communities help!! Many thanks
  13. Hi, I am in need of your help to clarify a few issues my partner and I are facing before applying for the onshore partner migration visa. I am a permanent resident here in Australia. I recently got married in Bangladesh and returned to Sydney with the hope that my wife will join me soon. After my wife's previous marriage ended, we have been dating for quite a while. Few months ago she applied for a visitor visa and stayed here in Sydney for a month. Then we both went back to Bangladesh and got married. After our marriage we went to see a migration agent to talk about the onshore partner visa application process. It was the same migration agent who lodged her visitor visa application. During our visit we discovered that she had miscommunication with the agent and he filled out her marital status as never married instead of divorced during her visitor visa application. To make the matter worse my wife didn't notice the mistake when the agent sent her a final filled up version of the application before submitting it. As her visitor visa is multiple entry and doesn't have a no further stay condition, we are planning that she will come to Australia on her visitor visa and will apply for the onshore partner visa. Now: a. should she submit a form 1023 to correct the wrong information while in Bangladesh or after coming to Australia? b.usually how long DIBP takes to make a decision based on the new information provided in form 1023? c. how much trouble is she going to be in for this mistake she made on the visitor visa application? Will declaring this mistake reduce her chances of getting the partner visa? d. Can you suggest the best way to answer the reason for this mistake? I mean I have already explained the reason for this mistake in this post but is there a better way she can explain herself so that things go in her favor? e. do you have any suggestions regarding the way this issue should be dealt with? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi there, I am an Australian Permanent Resident and my pregnant wife applied for an Offshore Partner Visa. However, after being assigned a case officer the application cannot proceed as my wife needs to undergo a compulsory chest X-Ray. She cannot do the chest X-ray as she is pregnant. Therefore, this is not good as my wife and I cannot be together and our baby cannot be delivered in Australia. Can my wife instead withdraw her current Offshore Partner Visa application, then enter Australia on a Visitor Visa, and subsequently apply for an Onshore Partner Visa? Also, can my wife get a refund on the fees for her current Offshore Partner Visa application? Thank you for taking the time to give me some advice. Regards, Luis
  15. Thai_Wombat

    Best Option For Partner Visa?

    Hi Guys Ive never posted or asked a question in a forum before, have questions regarding my wife of almost 5 years (also child almost 1, has citizenship by decent) and what options we have as far as applying and what is the best way to go, i was hoping for a tourist visa, (my wife has travelled to Australia previously in 2013) then apply onshore for a permanent visa but everything i have read is saying that it probably wont be possible due to 8503, if we apply offshore will the waiting time be reduced because we have been married for this time and have a child? If so will my wife be able to travel to Australia under a bridging visa of some sort? Any advise will be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  16. Hi guys. Been reading lots of good info on here. My wife is currently here in Oz with our son on tourist visa. I was wondering if I could get all the application done whilst she is here to a point just before the submit(and pay) so that when she lands back in Thaliand in a few weeks I can just hit submit. She won't have much time in Bangkok and with the baby also hard for her to do running around as she'll be coming back only days later(12month multi-entry) Thanks for your help!
  17. Hi, we've applied for an Onshore defacto partner visa. We still have a way to go before grant time and we like to travel. So we've been granted a BVB and are making the most of it. I believe if you apply for onshore, you need to be onshore when a decision is "announced". What happens if you are overseas at the time? Also, do BVBs get harder to get when it gets close to possible grant time? Thanks. Much has been written about what happens to offshore applicants when they are onshore, but I haven't seen anything about the other way around.
  18. ausvisadutch

    Onshore Partner Visa Approved

    I just wanted to post this incase its helpful to anyone else on here. I have been reading this forum for a while but have never posted until now. My partner (dutch citizen) and I applied for a onshore de facto partner visa (subclass 820) on the 27th July 2015. Therefore the entire process took approx 10 months. The visa application was approved on the 26th May 2016. As you can imagine we are stocked with the result. Some background info: - We met in jun 2014 - lived together in aus from sept - dec 2014, jan - march 2015, july 2015- now - lived together in holland apr - july 2015 - entered into QLD registered relationship in march 2015 - only had limited financial relationship evidence. Never really made regular purchases together. We never had to do any sort of interview which surprised us. Never heard a thing from the immigration department until we got our letter of approval. Would also like to put in a good word for true blue migration. I guess every case is different and unique. However, we went with true blue migration and the whole process was really easy. From what I have read it was faster than some peoples applications as well. If anyone has any questions about what we did, feel free to send me a message. cheers.
  19. I have applied for an on shore partner visa via online application. I have not heard anything yet or even that a case officer is assigned to me. Anyone around with a similar case? Would like to share others experiences as well. Cheers Bassem
  20. Hi everyone. I get refused for partner ( residence) sub class 801. After 2 years and 4 months. I have no idea what happened to my case. I get married on 7 October 2013. We lodged file on 25 October 2013. I become dad in August 2014. October 2014 I get first stage of partner visa. After 1 year and 4 months I get refused for permanent visa. Now nothing wrong with relationship. We have a child together and hundreds of proofs. All they said The applicant did not satisfy the provisions of the Migration Regulations 1994 (the Regulations). ?????? I lost my review right Because I went to my home country India with my wife and child. We find out I don't have any visa to travel. I call my MARA agent and he said oh sorry I forget to tell you about this ! Now I applied again offshore partner visa. Can someone tell me how long it will take? Relationship over 3 year with child. ! Thanks
  21. I have applied online for my onshore 820 partner visa and am currently on a bridging entitled to work. I was on a 457 for 4 years before this. I applied end of Dec, and am a Canadian citizen with no criminal history. I have found out that I am pregnant and notified the department online - only because it was literally the only way I could find to update them of my changed circumstance - I find it pretty difficult to contact any human being in the immigration department either over the phone or email as everything is so automated now. My question is - is updating them online enough? I would feel much better if I could actually talk to someone and as I live 2.5 hours from Perth, and work full time, its difficult to just waltz into a immigration office during the week. Has anyone had the same situation and been denied the visa? Its quite daunting while you're expecting a child in 6 months. Anything is extremely appreciated.
  22. jolzs84

    Dec 2014 Onshore App

    Hey hey, Applied for visa through MA in late Dec 2014, Still waiting and as far as the agent has told us we still dont have a case officer. Now wife (married on shore mid last year) is Vietnamese, Im 100% aussie I have read a few posts where as people have stated that it is expected to take longer when applying on shore, anyone else in the same position or have had recent news? thanks
  23. knk2013

    Onshore Partner Visa

    Hi, I am planning to apply partner visa from within Australia. So for this I am planning to apply Tourist visa for my wife and when she comes here then I will start the process. There are few things I wanted to confirm: 1. Shall I proceed with this process? - I am planning for this way since we want to stay together and not be apart after the marriage. 2. If I apply via this process, what will happen to her visa status? Will her tourist visa be converted to bridging visa? If yes, then will she be able to work on that visa? Thanks much in advance!
  24. Hello! Hopefully someone can help me out. My partner and I are currently in Ireland (I’m Australian and sponsoring him) and we will be returning to Aus next month. We are planning to apply onshore so he can get a bridging visa and we can live there sooner (we only came back to Ireland because we had to, we didn’t want to apply offshore and have to wait here until the decision is made)… Anyway, we have been gathering all of our evidence and today I started filling out the 47SP form so I could save it and have it ready to submit as soon as we arrive in Aus. We selected to fill out the onshore form, and then we selected that Paul was currently in Australia (as he will be when we officially submit next month). However, once I put all his details in (name, passport number etc), it wouldn’t let me proceed and listed a number of reasons of why he might be not eligible for the form. None of the option applied to Paul, e.g. was refused a visa in the past, except for the option which stated that the applicant is not in the required location… I’m just HOPING that it is this one, and that when we arrive in Australia it will update his location through his passport… So I suppose my question is, to ensure this is why there’s an issue with eligibility, can the immigration department access Paul’s location simply through his passport details do you think? Thanks so much in advance….so sorry it’s so wordy!! Aleisha