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Found 188 results

  1. Hi, I'm in the process of moving from the UK to Australia (or will be once border restriction are relaxed) and will be applying for my 820/801 when I arrive. I've been with my partner for a number of years who is an Australian citizen and we are looking to buy a property when I arrive, most likely in Victoria. I've been doing some research on buying a property while on a temporary visa (the BVA I will be put on when I arrive) and the different rules which apply in terms of permission from the FIRB and the amount which can be borrowed for a mortgage (80% for temporary residents vs 95% for permanent residents I read somewhere). I've also read on one site that "An exception is when buying with a spouse who is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident as ‘joint tenants’ in which case you are exempted from obtaining a FIRB approval." We will be buying the property as joint tenants. I was wondering if anyone had experience here and could advise on the above? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi folks! could anybody please tell me how to go about the renewal of a 461 Visa? I mean, do I have to lodge the whole application one more time, or are there any easier, shorter ways that I just didn't see? Thank you
  3. Hi Friends, I need your help with what visa to apply for my partner. I am an Australian citizen and she is Nepalese. We first met in 2014 in Sydney where we studied together. She went back home in 2016 as her visa expired and she couldn't complete her points. We have been to Thailand tour in 2018 and I visited Nepal early last year where we got engaged. We have loads of pictures and conversations together since the time we met. Unfortunately, when she was here we do not have any shared expenses like House rent and bills as she stayed with her cousins. We plan to get married this December in Nepal and I want her to be with me in my return back to Sydney. A few options that I could think of are as follows: 1) Apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa and do a court marriage within the 9 month time period. However, I am unsure if she would get her visa by this December when we plan to marry in Nepal.. 2) Marry in December and she travels with me here on Tourist Visa. Once she is here we do a court marriage and apply for Partner visa so she can go into Bridging and continue staying here.. I am just confused and would appreciate some help. Thank You!
  4. Hi there, I am a dual citizen (German and Australian). I have a one-year-old baby girl with my partner from Thailand. My partner is a Thai citizen. Our girl has the German and the Thai passport. What visa options do I have to get them to Australia? Cheers Stefan
  5. Hello, I need an advice please. 1. applied for a PMV in May 2018 2. my fiance came to Australia April 2019 on a tourist visa 3. we got married in Australia in June 2019. what should I do now? I did the "notification of changes in circumstances" on my immi account and uploaded a marriage certificate. My partner's tourist visa will expire at the end of July and I don't want him to go back to his country and wait for a decision. I am not sure what to do next. Reading through the Home Affair website, the visa that is more suitable in his situation is the partner visa 820 (since we got married onshore). I understand that he will not be granted a bridging visa unless our CO looks at the application and the evidence and makes the changes from PMV > Partner V 820. I called the Department but were not very helpful at all and every time I call, I am either told to look through their website for information and given different information. Thanks
  6. Dear all, My wife and my self applied for Australian visa and they recommend me for further health investigation which takes another 3 months while my wife get completed the health test without any issue. Wife is the main applicant and I'm the dependent. Is it possible to continue with my wife's visa till my medical tests complete or do she needs to wait till all my medical requirements are met?
  7. Started this NEW topic to cover 2017 partner visa applications. It just makes it a little easier to find current posts.
  8. Hey Everyone been on this forum for few months and since theres` a forum for the 2014 and 2015 guys decided to start one for the guys who applied in 2016 coz we`re the new kids in the block and from the looks of it its going to be a long ride so every encouragement is needed. anyway let me kick it off by saying i just finalized my online application for my PMV and my case is complicated and in a high risk area in Kenya. i haven't done the medicals or anything, i`ve just finished doing the submission and payment few minutes ago. DOL 16/0212016 medicals Not yet Pcc; Not yet
  9. Hi all, my wife currently holds a sub-class 500 student visa which expires mid next year (2020). She is completing her third Australian Masters degree and has been in Australian studying for many years now. I am an Australian Citizen. We were married last month and have been together nearly 2 years now. Ideally, we would like to bring my wife's study to an end ASAP given the costs involved and that we now wish to settle down and have a family. We are conscious however, that when we apply for her partner visa (820/801), she will need to continue studying to remain lawfully in Australia. We have explored many visa options with different migration agents about our next steps, but the 820/801 and keep studying approach seems to be the only plausible/palatable option. I am aware that my wife could voluntarily end her studies, leave the country and then apply for a partner visa 309/100. As we are newly weds, this is not our preferred option. Can anyone suggest any way in which we could approach this conundrum? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  10. Hi all, My partner and I are looking to lodge our application in a couple of months time (He's Australian, I'm English). Already this Forum has been so helpful!! I was just wondering if those who have been through the same process would share what they wish they knew before they applied and during the application process? Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
  11. I received some information from a migration agent below. My question is - do I need a minimum off four people to sign a Form 888? It reads two from Australia and two from overseas. When i applied alone online for a PMV in Aug 2015, I only gave two Form 888's from Australian relatives who met us while on vacation where my fiancee lives in the Philippines. Is this enough? as obviously this is a crucial part of the application. You have to write the story of your relationship (guidelines on the relationship information) (good example attached) – You can write it on an A4 paper or Notary Public Declarations/Affidavits Form 80 for her to complete Form 956 – each of you need to sign it. (one Form each) Family details – both families details Form 888 for your family and friends to complete. (good example attached) – I need at least 2 from family or friends from Australia Character Booklet – how to obtain Police Clearance from the countries where Maria lived for more than 12 months in the last 10 years Below the guidelines for your family and friends overseas to write their declarations: (they can write on a plain A4 paper, sign and date it and attach an ID document with a photograph or they can do Notary Public Declarations/Affidavits – if the document is not in English it must be translated) – I need at least 2 declarations from overseas. How long they know about the relationship for Details they know about how you met each other How often they talk/meet with you What they know about you and your family What their feelings are about your relationship and how they see it in the future Any other information they would like to add Yet the gov website says just two copies are required. Two copies of Form 888Statutory declaration by a supporting witness in relation to a Partner or a Prospective Marriage visa application (84 kB PDF) (to be completed by two Australian citizens or permanent residents who have personal knowledge of your partner relationship). http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/300-/Prospective-Marriage-visa-(subclass-300)-document-checklist
  12. I have called IMMI support line (131 881) several times asking for advise regarding any complications about being in Australia on an ETA when a decision is being made. I know 100% that she CANNOT be in Australia during the decision making phase but I was worried about when that would be. As you all know, it can happen at any time. Yes the IMMI website says 75% applications processed within 15 months and 90% within 20 months but they have told me numerous times that this is just a guide. So i thought I'd better call and make sure and here is what they said: (FYI I have a '3 call rule' to make sure 100% that the info I receive is correct) 1st consultant:- the case officer will communicate with you regarding your visa and, if you are in Australia, you would need to indicate that and specify the date you leave. 2nd consultant:- confirmed what the 1st person said but added that the case office is under no obligation/requirement to contact you to say it is in the decision making phase and if she was in Australia when the decision was being made the application would be rejected and you would have to reapply. 3rd consultant:- confirmed with the 2nd consultant but gave the solution of contacting the relevant Australian embassy (Berlin as she is Swedish) using an online query form and explain what dates you would be travelling to and from Australia. Chances are you won't hear anything back unless it is an issue. Can anyone shed some insight into these different advisements from IMMI helpers?
  13. Hi guys, Does anyone know what docs I can supply for bridging visa vs what I can supply once I've submitted bridging visa? Thanks!
  14. My wife is in the process of getting the Partner 820/801 VISA, she has 820 and is now waiting for 801. My question is can I (the husband) apply for a Japanese partner visa and this won't cause problems with my wife visa.
  15. Hi, My husband and I are looking to move to Australia (I am Australian, he is Swedish). Our biggest concern is timing. We both currently live in the UK (for the last 9 years) and we're considering moving in approximately 2 years time (flexible). However, considering the waiting times, how do you manage when you actually set a move date? We want to plan our lives with our kids and jobs etc, so find it difficult to see how to do this with the timing of the grant of the visa up in the air. Once a visa is granted is there a 'must enter by' date? Or can you move whenever you want after the visa is granted? Alternatively is it possible for my husband to enter on a tourist visa, and then apply for the 801/820 visa from there (with a bridging visa in between)? I can imagine that the Department might not appreciate you using a tourist visa when you intend to settle in the country - or is this a legitimate thing to do? How does everyone else deal with this uncertainty? Considering the cost and distance of travel (also we have two very young children) we don't really want to just 'enter' the country in order to comply with an 'enter by' date on the visa and then leave again in advance of the permanent move Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello, I am an Australian citizen currently living with my American husband in Pennsylvania. I was assessed before I came to the USA ( 5 yrs ago) and put on a permanent australian disability support pension. I was assessed by an independent team centerlink contracted (who I think may have been bupa before they changed their name) even while abroad I receive government assistance from Australia. Permanent disability means I do not have to re apply every few years or lodge any regular forms. I have had my green card for a little over 3 yrs now but I'm finding my health issues declining and I'm needing more and more help. I've decided I need to return to Australia permanently as I can't afford medical treatment here and being on a sponsored Visa i can't get help from social security for anything. My husband is my soul caregiver, I have no family in Australia who are able care for me. I need daily help just to shower and get dressed. My husband does all the shopping, cleaning and has to take time off work most days to bring me lunch or to check on me because I've not answered the phone and yes his boss isn't happy about him needing more and more time off. We are looking at applying for the subclass 836 but I'm told it's not as simple as it sounds but no Visa is simple! Getting a sponsor for my husband isn't an issue, if I don't qualify. Does anyone know what our chances of being approved for an 836 would be? Is there better option for us? All I know is I am dependent on him, I can't even make the flight home to Australia without him being there to helping me, many times just getting out of my seat I'll need assistance and honestly going to the lavatory during the flight, little easier when he is standing outside the door ready to assist me!. I'm not looking for a cheap Visa I'm looking for my best option that allows my husband to be with me and be able to continue looking after me. I'm only 43 I'm not ready for a nursing home! Please help!!
  17. Dear Members and Administrators, I would like to take your little time in introducing myself as an person who have an excellent knowledge of Partner and PMV applications. I have worked with all major countries embassies in the visa department as a decision maker. I have a great insight into how the whole process works. Due to an unfortunate incident, I am physically challenged and unable to work now. Hence, would like to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who is seeking help. I am not here for spam or fooling people, you can pay for the services after your satisfaction and complete process. I need all of your support financially as I have a little family to take care of, and I will be happy to guide you in the best possible way. Administrators, urge you to allow this message here. Thanks, MNM
  18. I have had a look through all of the forums and could not find a topic for any South Americans applying for the Australian Partner Visa. Would like to hear about anyones experiences regarding processing times. As we applied from Colombia all processing is done in Santiago Chile so I wondering if Colombians will have the same processing time as Chileans. Below is a description of our process so far Subclass 309/100 DOL: 13th January 2015 Type: Paper Location: Colombia so application is being processed in Santiago, Chile Health and Biometrics asked on 22nd January 2015 and sent a week later. Still no CO assigned and when I called Santiago to confirm if my medical had been received the guy told me I will not necessarily be getting a CO No other updates so far
  19. Hello, Filling out the temporary partner visa and it asks for the family members of the person applying for the visa. It also asks for their Australian immigration status. Should I only include this if my family members are in Australia or planning on visiting here. My family lives in the United States and has no intention of coming to Australia except maybe for a visit late next year. Currently I've entered their information an put their immigration status as "other". Thanks in advance!
  20. Since Australian partner visas from India are considerably high, I request all my fellow Indians to please share their 2016updates here.
  21. Hi everyone, My partner sponsored a previous partner, they lodged their application in December 2013. I'm currently applying for the on-shore partner visa and was planning to lodge in the next couple days which would fall within that 5 year time period. My research has indicated the 5 year period is calculated from date the previous application was lodged to the date my application is approved, so I didn't foresee any issues with that time frame. However I've seen some information that as of July 1, 2018 the sponsor needs to be approved before my visa application can be lodged. Is this in effect? If I lodge my application today, would they be looking at his eligibility right away? I'm concerned that they may look at his eligibility and deny him if it ends up being within the 5 years (Dec 2018). I wanted to get my application in now because my current visa expires on Dec 18th, and I don't want to leave it to the last minute and risk my visa expiring before I qualify for the bridging visa. Does anyone have any insight into this process? Thank you!
  22. Hi, I received a letter from immigration asking me to apply for 100 partner permanent visa as I have been eligible to apply for few years but didn’t do it due to work requirements. Is there a way to delay that process?
  23. Hi. Forgive me if someone else has already made a post with this question, but I couldn't find it So I just saw that the estimated processing times have drastically changed for 309/100 visas. From 12-19 months to 21-26 months! This really changes the plans for my wife and me. We submitted our 309/100 visa in April 2018, 4 months after we got married, and about a year and a half from the beginning of our relationship. We have already submitted the health requirements and provided additional documents that were required in June. Does anyone know if the new processing times reflect visas that have already started to be processed? We are applying from Jakarta Indonesia. Thanks
  24. Royal Thai Police Check for Australian partner visa - Problems Bridge has posted very accurate instructions on the correct procedure with regards to obtaining a Royal Thai Police penal check for an Australian partner visa: How to obtain a Royal Thai Police Penal Record Check for an Australian partner visa application This is the correct procedure as advised by the Australian Embassy Bangkok, but be warned that people are being turned away for not having additional documents. It seems that arbitrary decision making is very much the norm, so it is best advisable to have as much documentation as possible when applying for the required police clearance. I am personally aware of three people being turned away for not having 1) a copy of their partners passport, 2) a copy of their marriage certificate, and 3) the notice of intent to marry and sponsors relationship statement. What I find absolutely bizarre is that the Australian Embassy Bangkok issues a letter advising that the applicant has applied for a partner visa and that a police check is required. The Royal Thai police play not part in the decision making process, but often request all manner of documents beyond identifying the person applying for the police check. Unfortunately I cannot advise exhaustive list of what an applicant should take with them when applying, as it seems it often changes from day-to-day.
  25. Seeing as there isn't one yet thought i might kick off this years partner visa update thread. PMV sublcass 300 Submitted Ho Chi Minh City 4th March Email of received application, payment taken and Medicals Requested 5th March Medicals will be completed on the 16th March. Police check was already done by my Fiancee at the end of January so we will have to keep an eye on the times and get a new one if this carries on to the 10 or 11 month mark. First Hiccup was we filled out forms 40 and 47 on old forms and because they were not the current forms we have both had to fill out new ones which my fiancee will need to take a 12 hour bus trip to HCMC to give to VFS, but with the medical being requested immediately that makes the trip far more worthwhile. Basically got the usual drivel about the visa process taking 12 months however they are expecting processing to take around 9. Will believe it when i see it, however have heard of a few visa's being granted at 5 and 6 months out of Vietnam so here's hoping we can be one of those.
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