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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Friends, I need your help with what visa to apply for my partner. I am an Australian citizen and she is Nepalese. We first met in 2014 in Sydney where we studied together. She went back home in 2016 as her visa expired and she couldn't complete her points. We have been to Thailand tour in 2018 and I visited Nepal early last year where we got engaged. We have loads of pictures and conversations together since the time we met. Unfortunately, when she was here we do not have any shared expenses like House rent and bills as she stayed with her cousins. We plan to get married this December in Nepal and I want her to be with me in my return back to Sydney. A few options that I could think of are as follows: 1) Apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa and do a court marriage within the 9 month time period. However, I am unsure if she would get her visa by this December when we plan to marry in Nepal.. 2) Marry in December and she travels with me here on Tourist Visa. Once she is here we do a court marriage and apply for Partner visa so she can go into Bridging and continue staying here.. I am just confused and would appreciate some help. Thank You!
  2. Hi all, I'm currently going through the online application part of the partner visa and am a little confused, hoping someone can offer some advice! When it comes to adding 2 supporting witnesses to the relationship do these people have to also submit 888 declarations? My partner and I met and lived together in the UK so I was hoping to put down one of our old housemates as a witness but they're not an Australian Citizen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hey Everyone, My husband is a citizen in Australia. He applied for my visa (Partner visa ) on 25 April 2019, Melbourne. I eagerly waiting for my visa, can anybody tell the status, whose ever visa come earlier. like how much time the embassy takes for 1 file. Please reply Regards Samaira
  4. Hi My Thai wife and i would like to apply For a 309/100 visa. We have been Together 3.5 years and married a month in thailand. She is a mature age uni student with 2 years until the end of her degree. Which is why we would like to apply now. I work offshore in australia and spend every other 3 weeks in Thailand. I have a house and savings in Australia. Also enough savings in Thailand For a few years of living. I am thinking about changing career but its not guarenteed income. It is commission based. Does Anyone know if this would be a problem for the application? There is no financial requirements on the government website. Much appreciated Ed
  5. Hey Guys First time user, TIA. Myself and my partner plan to head back to Oz next year after a short stint home in Ireland. I am an Australian citizen. She is not. We are applying for the onshore partner Visa. I understand we need (Temporary) subclass 820 in order to stay up until such time that our (permanent) subclass 801 is granted. The question I would like to ask. There's up to 18 months waiting time for the 820 Visa. If we apply over there and let's say her holiday visa runs out. Does she automatically go into a bridging visa. Cheers Keith
  6. Hello. Like the title says I believe I missed a call from the department. It was from a Private number, no way to call back. I'm from Mexico, been 7 months since DOL and almost 3 since RFI. Processing in Canada. People mentioned scam calls, but here they are always with a number and they will keep calling. In this case I just had that single call. Is there any way I can reach them? Or someone know if they will call back soon? What are your experiences with this?
  7. Hello, I am looking for guidance to apply dependent visa to my wife. I had PR Skilled Independent 189 which is granted on 03 May 2019. We know each other from JAN 2018 and got married on 17 JAN 2019. She was working in India. But now we planned to stay together in Brisbane. Australia. we are looking to apply Subclasses 309 and 100). As I tried to lodge the application I got the error message:- "The related application details provided cannot be verified, check the details and amend if necessary". The application will not be able to continue." I provided all the correct details. I check Vevo details as well where TRN and application number is correct. Not sure what's going wrong or what condition is stoping to Proceed.I am using TRN and application ID of my 189 Granted Visa. Is that correct> Let me know what was the issue and what steps are required before lodging the VISA Thanks Sushil Kapoor
  8. Hi guys, I am encountering a very weird problem after I submitted my onshore partner visa today. I am currently on a visitor visa and after checked in Vevo my visa expiration date is, Visa expiry date: 01 June 2019. I received the BVA grant confirmation email right after I applied for the onshore partner visa. But in the confirmation email, it shows, Active after: Visitor ends on 26 August 2019. May I know is this correct? I am really trapped in this because I was planning to start work immediately after my visiting visa expires which is June 1, 2019. I arrived in Australia on 26 May 2019 and we are wondering if they have calculated 3 months since my arrival?
  9. Hi all, ? I'm a newbie to this forum and would love some advice. I also have a feeling we may be missing something as I'm a massive worry-wart! I've tried to do my research but am getting very confused and lost in it all - may be the baby brain! My partner will be applying for a De Facto Partner Visa 820&801 onshore in a few months... here's a little about us; I'm Aussie, he's British/English. We've been together for 2.5 years. Mostly spent living abroad. Registered our relationship under Victorian State in December 2016. We have had numerous tenancy leases in NZ. He has met my family and we keep contact with them. I have met his in the UK. Expecting a baby boy in March (so flying back in Nov - hopefully applying before ETA expiry - we really need him to stay especially for the birth!). Would this be considered as proof of our relationship longevity?? He has his first valid ETA without the 'no further stay' condition. Since we met in Aus whilst he was on a WHV back in mid 2016. We have gathered written letters of support from our friends & family in UK, AUS & NZ. as well as photos, joint travel docs etc. *still need to fill in 2x 888 forms Have shared a joint bank account for at least 6 months. wrote a relationship timeline. Now... not quite sure if we have everything needed. or if we have too much (not such a bad thing i guess - maybe?) Also, I'm curious to know if he would be accepted for the temporary visa straight away under these circumstances since we have a baby on the way and are almost at the 3 year mark... or is it still pending until baby arrives and we have to update them on our circumstances? Would the initial bridging visa commence as soon as the application is lodged? ...I will not be able to work for much longer as the pregnancy continues and we have the potential work lined up for him when he is legally able to work. It's all just a matter of time which I'm afraid we may be running out of! Any help would be appreciated, my apologies for such a long post! Many thanks ?
  10. Hi all, My Partner and I are looking into applying for a partner visa. I am an Australian citizen and he is a British citizen. We have been in a relationship for two and half years. Just a quick question regarding evidence for living together/ living arrangements. My partner and I moved into a share house 6 months ago. We share a room/bathroom, however only my name is on the lease. My partner pays his shares of rent/bills into my account every month. However not having his name on the rent/bills is concerning me for providing evidence. His address for his license/phone bills is also still registered to his family home. We have screenshots of our spare room ad/ conversations about house viewings with our now housemates. We have different receipts showing bought furniture and shared groceries. Would this, banks statements of ongoing rent payments and stat decs. from our current housemates be enough evidence to support our living situations? Thank you for your help!
  11. Hi, I am new to this forum. I'm looking for some answers for my sister in law in relation to her Partner Visa 309. She came to Australia with a Subclass 309 Visa in November 2016, her marriage broke down in April 2017. She has since been living with me and my husband. I believe she was under the impression that her estranged husband wouldn't withdraw his sponsorship but he did. On the 13th of October 2017 she received notification from immigration that her sponsorship was withdrawn, she is unable to apply for her PR which she was due to apply for on the 26th of October 2016 and that she had 28 days to comment on the breakdown of the relationship, she responded on the 16th of October 2017 and still hasn't heard anything from immigration. So I'm after the below information; 1. Typically how long does it take to hear back from immigration after sending through your response? 2. What is the likely hood of her staying in Australia and going ahead with applying for her PR? 3. How long will it take to receive a definite answer on if she can stay and what is the appeals process? Also, what is the percentage of her being successful with an appeal? 4. If she received the notification of your sponsorship being withdrawn, would of it only been a couple of weeks prior that he withdrew the sponsorship? If someone can please shed some light on the above it will be most helpful Thank you
  12. I'm struggling to prepare a request for California State Police Clearance. As part of the Partner Visa application, my partner from USA has been advised to obtain an FBI and State Police Clearance for each state he has lived in - which is only California. A summary of the requirements & our efforts: - We have submitted our request for an FBI clearance, got LiveScan fingerprints at Day St Police Station in Sydney CBD - As per the website of Attorney General of California, people residing outside of California are required to complete a manual process which includes ink fingerprinting on their fingerprint form - Unable to find anyone that provides ink fingerprinting service in Sydney and have been advised to contact the US embassy and consulate - Contacted the US embassy and consulate and they have confirmed that they are unable to help with biometric services for background/police checks - Emailed Department of Justice (DOJ) in California to explain my dilemma, they have made it clear in multiple emails that it MUST be ink fingerprints on their form. They will not accept a printout of LiveScans even though it provides the same prints - I'm waiting on DOJ to send me an official form for the prints, as I cannot just print out the PDF version online - DOJ have suggested for me to buy some ink and do it ourselves, although when getting LiveScan prints by a police official it even took multiple tries to get the 'correct print' - I've got in phone contact with DIBP, several police stations (mostly the larger stations) as well as Day St in Sydney CBD, spoke to a Supervisor there who confirmed that ink fingerprinting has been phased out and they only do LiveScans, doing ink fingerprinting by yourself is illegal and only authorities are to conduct fingerprinting service - The supervisor told me I can keep contacting stations as I might find the odd one that might still have ink laying around but its about a 1% chance Surely someone had completed this or has some sort of idea on where I can go for ink fingerprinting, or share their experiences with obtaining a Police Check. I don't want to attempt doing prints myself or make multiple submissions because the whole process (fees, mail etc.) is costing over $100. I've spent countless days and weeks trying to organise this and have been constantly hitting a wall. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
  13. Hello everybody, your advice is much needed. Basically my partner is English and I am Australian. We have been in a relationship since Sept2015 and have also lived together since then. We met in England and lived together there, travelled a bit together and have lots of evidence of our relationship. In Dec 2016 he came to Australia on his 1 year working holiday visa and we live together now. However, at the end of his visa (Dec 2017) he is going back home to finish university for which will take him two years and I am staying in Australia to progress my career. We will still be together in a long distance relationship and eventually when he finishes Uni he will return to Australia. We want to get his Visa started now so when he finishes uni he should be a permanent resident and get get a proper job here! However, what visa do we apply for? Onshore of Offshore partnership visa. If we apply for the offshore visa then we have to wait until November this year and that means waiting longer to begin the application. Onshore means that he has to be in the country when it is granted which he might not be. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hii everyone, hope your visas are progressing well. I applied in March this year (2017), for my partner. A month later we got an email to attach a couple of things and to do his medicals etc..so we did and I attached them within a week. So April 11, 2017 I had sent off what was required. So I've been waiting only about two weeks since then. Now I'm wondering when will we get the phone call. Off course every case differs but I would like to know your timeline. I am living with my hubby in a high-risk country. Thankyou in advance.
  15. Anyone who has applied or is considering applying for an onshore partner visa might be interested to know that the Department has recently changed its onshore partner visa processing approach to meet its 30 June 2017 targets. Basically, instead of processing onshore partner visas based on the date of application, the Department is giving priority to low-risk applicants who have front-loaded their applications. That is, submitted all documents that allow the case officer to make a decision. It's unclear whether the Department will continue this approach post 30 June 2017, so I would encourage everyone to lodge ASAP and also get any medicals/character checks sorted so the application is decision-ready. Disclaimer: This message is general in nature does not constitute migration or legal advice. Migration laws and policies are subject to constant change and vary depending on your circumstances. If you wish to receive migration advice please email us to arrange an appointment.
  16. Hi All I have been with my partner who is Malaysian for over 3 years - she has been coming in and out of Australia on a tourist visa over this period I'm confused which visa to apply for onshore or offshore? I was thinking next time she enters the country on a tourist Visa to quickly apply for the onshore partner visa? that way she may be able to obtain a bridging visa? would that be correct? Thanks in advance
  17. Hi all, New posting here. I am from the UK and in a relationship with an Australian, married 2 years living in Sydney, Au. Applied for partner visa July 25th 2015, in Sydney. Currently on bridging visa waiting for approval (no news yet). I'd like to know if anyone has any info on a couple of things. Once my visa is approved, am I allowed to leave the country? My agent has said when they approve it, I may be put on a temporary visa for a while and i'm not sure of the conditions of this? Has anyone been on this? I'm hoping to make my mothers 50th in August. Also, if the visa isn't approved by then, am i able to apply for leave and be able to return? I'm using an agent but sometimes these forums seem to have much more info! Thanks in Advance
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