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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, I am curious to know who is waiting for their prospective marriage visa subclass 300 and who has been granted this year. Anyone who applied in 2019 and has been granted their subclass 300 visa?
  2. My partner and I have begun looking into the visa process so he can come to Australia, and it seems like the subclass 300 (prospective) visa is the way to go, as he is an offshore American citizen, and we have not married yet. I'm having some difficulties when it comes to providing sufficient evidence for the proof of relationship, mainly the area of 'shared assets, bills, etc.' - because we live in seperate countries, despite being together for almost two years now. We are thinking about opening a joint bank account in both names and each transfer funds for savings, and he has also placed my name on his will / I have placed his on my superannuation. Is this evidence enough? We cannot provide financial proof of other things because we have not lived together for an extended period of time. Along with this, I am confused with the section mentioning proof of prospective marriage. Wouldn't it be wiser to hold off booking a venue / official marriage celebrant / etc. Until the subclass 300 Prospective Visa is granted? Or will this hinder our visa process greatly? We also had no rings, gifts, parties or 'official' statements when we got engaged, is this fine also? Or is more proof needed for engagement? Thank you all, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. The Australian Government has announced a planned 5.4% increase to visa lodgement fees for almost all applications (subclass 600 Visitor visas are not affected) lodged on or after 1 July 2019. This will see a partner visa and prospective marriage application fee increase from $7160 to $7547 (an increase of $387)
  4. If you have applied for a prospective marriage visa, but before your visa is granted you marry your partner. Is it possible to change from a prospective marriage visa to a partner visa? The answer is yes. All visas have certain criteria that must be satisfied at both time of application and time of decision. For a partner visa, at time of application you must either be legally married or in a de-facto relationship with your partner who is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. Your relationship must also be one that is genuine and mutually exclusive. For those that do not meet the criteria for a partner visa, a prospective marriage visa may be a suitable option. The criteria for a prospective marriage visa at time of application is that the applicant and sponsor have met in person as adults, are known to each other personally, and have a genuine intention to marry in the future. At time of decision there must be no legal impediment to your marriage taking place. If either the applicant or sponsor are still legally married to another person, not only can the prospective marriage visa not be granted, it can be refused. Although the no legal impediment is a time of decision criteria, we strongly recommend against applying for a prospective marriage visa until any divorce has been finalised. My prospective marriage visa has not been granted, but I have now married my partner. What do I need to do? If you marry at any time before your prospective marriage visa is granted, you must notify the Department of Home Affairs in writing that you have now married. Upon notification of your marriage having taken place, you will be deemed to have applied for a partner visa, and your application will then be assessed against the criteria for the grant of a partner visa. You will be taken to have made an offshore partner visa application (subclass 309 and 100) on the date that the Department receives notification of your marriage taken place. Like the prospective marriage visa you must also be outside of Australia at time of decision. Although it is permitted to change from a prospective marriage visa to partner visa before your application is decided, once your prospective marriage visa has been granted, you must comply with the conditions attached to that visa. One of those conditions is that you must no marry before making your first entry into Australia as the holder of a prospective marriage visa. If you do marry after the grant of your visa and before entering Australia, you will have breached a condition of your prospective marriage visa. Can I marry outside of Australia after my prospective marriage visa has been granted? As we have said, once your prospective marriage visa is granted you must make an initial first entry to Australia prior to marriage. However, you can then marry either in Australia or offshore. For example, we have many clients who have been granted a prospective marriage visa who then choose to marry in Thailand. After the marriage has taken place they then travel to Australia where the onshore partner visa application has to be made within the 9-month visa validity period. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Thai Visa Express for more information
  5. I am an Australian citizen and my wife is Indian national.My wife and I applied for prospective marriage visa visa 300 in june 2018 after our engagement in india in January 2018. Just few days before we were getting married in India on 14 january 2019, after waiting for prospective marriage visa for long. I got a call from case officer about the update of my marriage plans and after telling her that I am already back in India to get married, she advised me to upload the marriage certificate as soon as I can after marriage, so that she can convert our prospective marriage visa to temporary partner visa 309. She assured my that It will only take couple of weeks after uploading marriage certificate to grant temporary partner visa ( maximum 1 month she said) I have uploaded my marriage certificate on 31/01/2019. My prospective marriage visa has been converted to temporary partner visa in immi account, but my wife hasn’t got her partner visa yet. After waiting two months in India, in the hope to take her with me, I am finally back in Australia since April 1and waiting since then. anybody with same experience? anyhope to get visa in May or June ?
  6. Visa for my Thai fiancée to migrate to Australia Any person wanting to migrate to Australia must have an appropriate visa which allows them to do so. If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident there are several visa options available to bring your Thai partner to Australia to live permanently. If your partner only wishes to visit Australia for a temporary stay, then Thai Visa Express can assist in obtaining your Thai partner a tourist visa. A tourist visa can be granted to permit the holder to travel to and remain in Australia for up to 1 year. We will ensure that a thoroughly prepared application is submitted which addresses all of the criteria necessary for the grant of a tourist visa. However, what if you are engaged to be married and you want to bring your Thai fiancée to Australia to live permanently. I’m engaged to my Thai partner- what visa allows her to migrate to Australia? A partner visa allows an Australian citizen or permanent resident to bring their Thai partner to Australia if they are either legally married or in a de facto relationship with them. However, if you are not legally married or do not meet the de facto relationship criteria, there is still another option that may be available. It is called the prospective marriage visa, also referred to as a fiancé visa. This is for people that are engaged to be married. Read More at Thai Visa Express
  7. Need some advice here please guys! I have been in a relationship with a girl from Thailand for over a year now. We are very serious and our relationship is solid. I have visited her 5 times and she has just returned to Thailand after a 3 month stay here in Australia. We have started to explore what permanent visa options may be right for us, but have hit a few hurdles as I am still legally married to my ex wife and it will be at least another 12 months until everything is finalised there. Whilst she was in Australia we went to register our relationship at birth deaths and marriages, but couldn't as I am still legally married. I was under the impression that you could be de facto even though still legally married but separated, apparently not. So we can't show that we are in de facto relationship, and we can't get married because I am still married. I had a free consultation with a migration agent who told me that the only option currently is a prospective marriage visa, but I would have to be divorced by the time her visa is granted. Has anyone been though this process, which seems somewhat complicated to me, or is there any other option I am missing here.
  8. Hi guys!!I am the sponsor while my fiance (applicant) is living in the Philippines. We have met in person but majority of our relationship was long distance. We are so close to gathering all our documents and requirements, and we are planning to lodge our application in March 2019. I just have a few concerns and would appreciate some advice! ♥ ♥- quick relationship background - * We first met as friends in 2011 at our high school.I migrated to Australia in 2013, and our relationship started/developed when I reunited with him when I went on a vacation to the Philippines in Feb 2017. (This was the only time in 2017 where we were physically together, for around 2 weeks only)* Ever since I went back to Aus in March 2017, we have remained in contact and continued our relationship. We started talking about our future and getting married in Australia constantly throughout 2017 to present. QUESTION 1: Does this count to 'when we got engaged'?? or only when he actually proposed to me with a ring? Is there a certain requirement for how long we are supposed to be engaged for? * I went on a vacation to visit him in the Philippines twice in 2018. (first visit was for almost 2 months, and second visit was for 1 month). We did talk about him getting a tourist visa but he has not yet had the opportunity to visit me in Australia due to college and work (and He has never tried travelling to other countries before, but he got his passport earlier this year) QUESTION 2: Is that going to be an issue to be concerned about? Does he need to visit me in Australia first prior to lodging our visa? * We both met each other's family in 2018.I only have 3 photos together with us with my family, and only 2 photos of us with my fiance’s family. (We met up way more times than this, but we just did not take lots of photos back then when i was in the philippines twice in 2018). As for friends, we also only have 1 photo with our friends in 2018. Our friends are graduating from college and some are working full time, causes a clash in our schedules which is why we didn’t really get the chance to spend more time with our friends (plus we were honestly focused on spending our limited time of being physically together alot more)Will this be an issue of concern? Do I need to provide more photos than this? QUESTION 3: Will this be a problem? Do I need to supply more photos than that? * As of now, I will be visiting him in the Philippines again for a month in mid January 2019, and in February we are going to be travelling together for the first time (and his first time travelling in general) to Singapore for our 2nd Anniversary. * During my time in the Philippines in Jan-February 2019, We are planning to get his medical exams done there in advance and then lodge our visa in March 2019. As for our Notice of Intended Marriage, I am planning to get that done in early January 2019 before I leave Australia to go to the Philippines.QUESTION 4: Will this be okay to get these documents a month prior to lodging our visa? Is it allowed? These are also a list of relationship evidence requirements that I have gathered so far:- 2017 call logs and message history- 2018 call logs and message history- 2017 social media posts- 2018 social media posts- receipts of gifts we gave to each other (with bank transactions)- receipts of our hotel bookings (with bank transactions)- receipts of uber ride histories showing us visiting each other’s houses, going to our hotels, dates, etc (with bank transactions)- timeline of our relationship that shows photos of significant events and joint activities - receipts of times money was sent to fiance through remittance website (with bank transactions)- receipts of our hotel and flight bookings for our trip to singapore in feb 2019. QUESTION 5: in regards to ‘ proof that you and your prospective spouse have met face-to-face as adults since turning 18 and know each other personally’ in our written statement it is mentioned that we met in 2017 when we were 19 years old. What other evidence can I provide for this section? Question 6: in regards to ‘proof that you and your prospective spouse genuinely intend to live as spouses’ We included talking about our plans to live together in our written statements and also included screenshots of chats/messages about this, as well as links of rental properties we both liked that we sent to each other. Question 7: I only have 3 photos together with my fiance and my family, and only 2 photos of me with my fiance’s family. (We met up way more times than this, but we just did not take lots of photos back then when i was in the philippines twice in 2018). As for friends, we also only have 1 photo with our friends in 2018. Our friends are graduating from college and some are working full time, causes a clash in our schedules which is why we didn’t really get the chance to spend more time with our friends (plus we were honestly focused on spending our limited time of being physically together alot more) Will this be an issue of concern? Do I need to provide more photos than this? Question 8: In regards to joint activities, I can only think about including photos of us going on dates. We never travelled anywhere in 2017 and 2018. We have never went on weddings or parties (only one family reunion event). What are other examples of joint activities?? Question 9: In regards to Form 888 Statutory Declarations, I am planning to get 3-4 stat decs to be completed in Jan 2019 (2 months before visa lodgement) is this okay? does it matter when a stat dec is made? Question 10: In regards to fiance’s Form 80 Character assessment.. My Fiance does not hold a bachelor’s degree since he decided to stop his university studies mid 2018 in order to work full time (his first job) to help save for our future and for the visa. Will this affect our application, or give a bad impression ? Question 11: Since philippines is a high risk country, does that mean processing time for our visa will take longer? IM SO SORRY for the long post and the many questions.I am just feeling scared and overwhelmed, only a couple more months until we plan to lodge our visa! We really want to be approved same as everyone else.. We truly appreciate it if you could let us know anything we are missing, any kind of advice, suggestion, or important info!THANK YOU SOOO SO MUCH!!
  9. Hello! For majority of my relationship requirement documents (for Prospective Marriage Visa), I used Microsoft Powerpoint (since I personally found that it is way easier to use in terms of positioning photos and texts compared to Word). I saved them in PDF format, and they are all waayyy over the 5MB limit. I have heard that there are programs and websites that can be used to compress the file size in order to reduce it and make it adhere to the limit.. However Im just worried if it will affect the quality and not make it readable. Please let me know how you handled this? If you've used size compressor websites/programs, how did it go? any suggestions? advice? THANK YOU SOO SO MUCH!!!
  10. Hey guys! I am the sponsor and the applicant (my fiance) lives in the Philippines. I will be visiting him in Jan-Feb 2019. and we are planning to lodge the visa on the 28th of Feb (my last day in the PH) or on March 1 (I will be back in Australia by then.) Does the location matter during the visa lodgement? I am going to pay for the visa fee using my Australian debit card, is this okay? or does it need to be paid using the applicant's account? Thank you!
  11. Hi Guys First post here. My girlfriend and I have been video/voice calling and messaging daily for the last 19 months and will meet for the first time in America next month. She has been studying very very hard with her english and us talking together has also helped with this so much. I have had an appointment with an immigration specialist about 8 months and at the time she was living in Colombia still. He had suggested that the best course of action for us would be that we meet in Colombia and make sure we are both happy and then if all goes well apply for a prospective marriage visa. She has since moved to America in order to save more money by working as an AuPair. Still so so happy with each other we're obviously excited about finally meeting and for us to both have a well deserved holiday together. She had to get an American VISA to work there and just wondering after we meet what the best way to apply for her to come to Australia will be now. Can she apply for the Australian Prospective Marriage VISA while she is staying in Amercia or what's the deal. We're both very keen to get engaged when we meet but I'm not sure if this will affect the outcome of the VISA. Can we actually get engaged this visit and still apply for the Australian PMV from America. It was suggested previously when she was in Colombia (Before she moved to America) that once we submit the PMV that she would have a better chance of getting a 3 month visitor VISA also to come to Australia based on the pending PMV application. I have so many questions now. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
  12. Hey everyone, I have looked around but I cant seem to find a guide or checklist for applying for a prospective marriage visa. I have applied for tourist visas before and there some general guides of what to include but I cant seem to find much for prospective marriage visa. Can anyone give me some general tips of what to include or how to support my application so that it is less likely to get held up? Just looking for where to get some reliable information!
  13. Hello, I applied for a PMV in Lebanon in October 2016. -Phone interview went for 1 hour 3 weeks after my application -Medicals done after 10 days from the phone interview (Beginning December 2016) -Got a call from them today the 8th of May 2017 for few questions after calling my fiance also and asking her the same questions and everything went good with it *I asked the lady at the end of the call when will approximately the end of the processing will be, her answer was: "Soon your application is on the final stage of the process" Does this mean that the Form 80 is back and i will get the visa very soon or they just calling to inquire on some extra information? and what does it mean by her saying "final stages"? Would like to hear from you guys. Thank you in advance
  14. Hi Guys, Me and my fiancee going to apply for Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV 300) soon but i am confused regarding Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM), Can one person (my fiancee) can submit alone NOIM to celebrant? because i am not from australia. What will be procedure for that? And Do we have to book marriage venue For NOIM? Thanks
  15. Hi Everyone, Am in a bit of a Visa tickle and need some advice on which way to turn. I am fighting to keep my family together in Australia while we wait for a decision on our class 300 Marriage Visa. These are the facts: -Applied in Vietnam in April 2015 while my Partner 7 months pregnant for TO class 300 Prospective Marriage Visa -Our Baby born in Vietnam in May- arranged in Vietnam Australian citizenship and Australian passport for Baby -Applied for 600 Tourist visa for Partner and received 6 month Visa in August 2015,,,,Partner and Baby arrive in Sep -Applied for 6 month visa extension in Australia in February because still waiting for decision on 300 visa. -Naively applied for another 600 Visitor Visa @ $1050 the other day because thinking while STILL awaiting decision on 300 Marriage Visa (nearly 18 months now) and having a Australian Baby my partner could stay in Australia the same as a bridging visa...... -My partner got knocked back (because as I know now, second tourist visa application in Australia needs exceptional circumstances to be approved and waiting 18 months for 300 visa and having a baby together is not exceptional circumstances apparently !!!! she now has 28 days to leave. My queries are -is it worth appealing to the AAT @ $1600 dollars ie does this appeal have grounds and a good chance of winning to keep my family together?? -who can I contact in the web of intrigue that is the Immigration dept who can tell me what stage my original 300 Application is at ie should I spend all this money that I cant afford if the 300 decision is just around the corner. -Is there any other Departmental options or people I can plead my case with in Australia beside the local MLA because I hear thats a waste of time. Will appreciate any advice and am wishing I found this forum a long time ago!!!!!
  16. Myself (Australian, sponsor) and fiance Tal (Israeli, applicant) have applied for our Prospective marriage visa and require some advice, please without judgement. Here is a overview of our situation. Tal and I have been together since may 2015, we met in India and he subsequently came to Australia on a tourist visa to see if our relationship would work out (obviously it has). Tal left a previous relationship in Finland in November 2014. He had resided there for the previous 2 years with his previous partner on what he thought was a de facto visa (turns out it was actually a marriage visa). Cut a long story short it was a very traumatic relationship and her mental health brought him to a really bad place, he left Finland and returned to Israel briefly before travelling in India where we met. Since then we have been in a loving committed relationship witnessed by both our friends and family. However, during applying for the visa process Tal decided he did not want to include anything about his residency in Finland, this caused many arguments which ended in a stalemate where I told him to do whatever he wanted, I didn't want to have a part in the lie but understood that it would be traumatic for him to go through all the details of Finland. Thus I went against my values of honesty and truth and allowed him to complete the visa with only mention of him being in a relationship with his ex (no mention of marriage or living in Finland). So now we have received an email from our case officer notifying us that the department is aware of his marriage to his ex and living in finland. All divorce papers have been filled and the divorce is official as of 6/8/2016. So my question is where do we go from here? Is it enough to reply to our case officer expressing what we think is our compassionate and compelling circumstance? Should these statements be on a stat dec? What can we do to prove our honesty, show our commitment to eachother (already plenty of evidence in the visa application) and prove we are both, especially Tal, very remorseful and apologetic for our actions? From now on we will be completely honest regarding all information to the department and ask for any advice anyone here can offer
  17. I need a little advice. My girlfriend was in Australia on a student visa, since expired she has returned back to Brazil. We were together for maybe 10 months before she had to leave and living together for maybe 3 or so months. Now from what I cant tell it looks like our best option is to apply for the Prospective Marriage visa once we have saved enough money. Do I have to pay two separate fees for the Prospective and Partner visas? I was unable to find a clear answer on the costs for the whole process. I read that it is a smaller fee for the prospective marriage visa and then a larger one for the partner visa? Can anyone please clarify this for me? Many Thanks, -S
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