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Found 16 results

  1. Hi lifesavers, Thank you for looking into my case. My application did not include police check and got refused right away without being notified about the lack of files. The letter mentioned that i can get this decision reviewed. Is it wise to get it reviewed at the AAT the case and how may I do it? Otherwise can I reapply the same visa right now and would I get a bridging visa? I do not wish to leave the country if possible. My refusal letter is attached. Thank you very much for reading this. And I would be much appreciated if anyone can give me a clue. Cheers, Miaoyi
  2. Hello, my Australian student visa refusal under clause 500.212 GTE criteria. Is there any chance to reapply, Please be suggest me..... "I uploaded file what i received to embassy" IMMI Refusal Notification with Decision Record.pdf
  3. I had applied for my tourist visa at VFS here in New Delhi which got a rejection yesterday. My passport is very well traveled with visas for USA, Russia, Europe, Gulf, Far East and Africa, so this tourist visa refusal came to me as a big surprise. I am a chief executive with an imports firm and I wanted to visit my childhood friend there in Melbourne who is a citizen of Australia, the support letter and his passport copies were also attached with the application. The reason given in rejection is that the case officer found that my salary slips were not in the application (which were never asked for) and moreover they see a sudden deposit of large amount in other bank account which was like 14 days prior to the application at least in three parts. My visa agent has advised me to reapply with all required documents as well as my property papers too. Please guide me as when can I reapply also will it be fruitful to reapply or they have made up their mind on my case. This is like the first rejection in my travel history and its hard to digest the. If I have to reapply then when should I put down the application again?
  4. Hi all, I am on a Temporary Residency Visa in Australia. I applied for my mother and sister's tourist visas 600. My mother got the visa but my sister's visa got rejected. Reasons being that she does not have any income of her own, no assets in the home country and no social ties. My family is from Pakistan. She does not have any income yet because she is still studying but she would be graduating in December (and December was the time when I was actually trying to invite her). No assets, because again, she is a student and she hasn't started working yet. As far as the social ties are concerned, she recently got engaged (after the submission of the application) but I updated the status on the immiaccount as soon as she got engaged but I didn't have any evidences for it. I am thinking to reapply once she is done with her engagement ceremony. I also plan to add her fiance's details including his job contract, bank statements and their WhatsApp conversation. I have a cousin who is an Australian citizen. I plan to get a statutory declaration form from him saying that he takes the guarantee of my sister's return and that he knows my family since ages. I plan to call my mother in December or January. I would also add that my mother cannot travel alone and she would need a companion since she does not really have any travelling experience and she would get stressed out and language would be a barrier too. Also, my sister cannot stay for 3 months (since it's a long trip) with the relatives. Is there any other way to prove that my sister does NOT plan to stay back in Australia and she has a brighter future waiting for her in the home country? Any help will be much appreciated.
  5. Hello I am from India and I have applied for Australian business visa first time as a first foreign visit, which got refused. Visa Class: Visitor (class FA) Visitor (Business) (subclass 600) my application was refused for the following reasons. " You have not provided sufficient evidence of your circumstances to demonstrate strong personal, employment or financial incentives to return to your home country after your intended visit with your application. I am not satisfied that you genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose you have stated, and therefore find that you do not satisfy Subclause 600.211 of the Migration Regulations 1994. " My intent to travel Australia to attend the official meetings and I have provided following document while submitting applications. 1) ITR file (last 2 year) 2) Employment documents (invitations letter from Australia office, introduction letter, salary drawn, current designation letter from office) 3) last 6 months bank statement 4) photo, educational documents 5) passport, pan card 6) visa applications documents .etc what I have missed, what would be the reason for refusal? I am planning to re-apply for the visa as meetings are very urgent for my current role. Team, please suggest me what additional document would make my application strong?. With the new application, I am going to add additional bank account details which are having the good saving history, with fixed deposits. In addition to this, I can provide "Letter from my dad relating our relationship and residence status in your home country." Do they accept any specific form, please share I don't own any property or assets so that I can not provide anything related to this. Thank you.
  6. We applied for a visitor visa subclass 600 and just got the refusal email yesterday we were a bit devastated considering i am an Australian citizen and recently got pregnant with his baby we stated we just wanted him to be there for the birth of our child because all fathers deserve that. Its our first baby and i really could use his support for the time of my pregnancy. On his first visa application we stated his sisters would be financially supporting him but didn't give bank statements because they don't have bank accounts make sense why he got refused. The reason for refusal was we didn't have bank statements on the second visa application we will state my family and i would provide full financial support, so we are thinking of just reapplying but also giving bank statements this time. We also stated that he has a job and added payslips but they weren't enough alone the refusal notice stated.
  7. Back in July my Vietnamese girl friend and I had her tourist visa application refused basically because we were very naive on how hard it can actually be to get a visa to visit Australia. Then luckily I stumbled onto this Forum put a post on here and very promptly had a reply from the Admin and he got straight onto it. He helped us get all the necessary paperwork and documents together and then after a couple of hick ups we got our second application lodged on the 25th of November. After 2 weeks wait we found out yesterday that our application has been approved so we will get to spend Christmas together. I just wanted to say if any one is having troubles to get in touch with them here and you should be able to get the right help. Thanks again mate you did a great job.
  8. Reasons for Visa Refusal This section details the requirement(s) that you did not meet. You did not satisfy clause 600.211 of the Regulations, which states that: “the applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose for which the visa is granted” I note that Lesley J has provided written support for your proposed trip, and I accept that the offer of support is genuine. However, offers of support or guarantees given by family or friends are not sufficient evidence of a genuine visit. I must be satisfied that on the basis of all the information available, that you intend a genuine visit Australia, and that there is Sufficient incentive to return to Indonesia at the end of your visa period. On the evidence you have provided, I am not satisfied that a genuine visit to Australia is intended. In addition, I note that you have demonstrated only a limited amount of travel overseas, and I am therefore unable to establish that you have a previous history of genuine visits elsewhere. Therefore you have not met clause 600.211 of the Regulations, and your visa application is refused. my visa has been refused under 600.211 of Visitor Visa subclass 600 into Australia I'am from Indonesia and 17 years of age. had a letter from work but without payslip, as it was cash in hand have not traveled overseas before but will travel to Malaysia next week, is this sufficient amount of travel before applying again? I have applied twice and both times get the same letter ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My boyfriend 25 and his family wrote sponsor letters he gave a bank statement, are there any repercussions for applying multiple times as I have already applied twice and been refused twice, if I add documents and try again will there be a penalty or make gaining a visa harder by applying multiple times?
  9. Hi, I recently got my daughter's visa application rejected on the groups that i applied 1 year and 4 months prior to the commencement of my studies. The reason was that this raises the issue of the intention of the parents for my daughter to be a temporary visa. I find this utterly unreasonable as I was recommended by several schools in Australia to apply in June 2016 for Feb 2018 study. I applied in October!!! The letter states I have no grounds for review. What can I do?!?! Please help Can I re-apply?
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Hector, I'm from Mexico. I applied for a tourist visa back in October and I received my letter that I needed to provide biometrics in a VAC facility as soon as possible to process my aplicación. 8 days after I received my letter I traveled to Monterrey (closest VAC facility) to provide my biometrics. Couple days ago I received a refusal letter telling me that my application could not be processed because I didn't provide any biometrics. Has any one here has experienced something like this? I am going mad because I definitely did provide my biometrics and I feel that this refusal is on unfair grounds!! I feel so bad and powerless.
  11. Wondering if you can help me on my issue. I applied for a tourist visa as I've recently completed my studies abroad and taking 3 months off to travel before I head to my home country. So planning to go to asutralia for a month then south east Asia. However, my tourist visa waa refused because I didn't show enough evidence that I'll return to my home country. Because I'm young and have been studying abroad for four years, I don't have any assets or a job just savings. Is there anything else I can use to prove I'll be returning home? I've applied for jobs at home and have clearly stated in my cover letters that I'll like to return home to progress in my career. Can I also use proof of my stay in South east Asia? Many thanks
  12. Hi everyone, I'm seeking advice regarding my situation. I am a Peruvian citizen, 25 years old. I've been granted the visitor visa twice before (in 2013 and 2015). In both cases I stated that I was visiting my sister (an australian citizen) and her family, including my 2 year old nephew. The first time I went to Australia I met who is now my partner, an australian citizen. The second time I applyed for a visitor visa I didn't mention him, as I didn't know if we fit in the term "partners". I would be going to New Zealand next for my working holiday visa. The idea was to be able to be with my partner on a longer term, while we traveled and worked in New Zealand. Whilst in my second visit, me and my partner traveled around Australia and I met his friends and family. We then departed to New Zealand where we have been living together for the past 11 months. I recently applied for my third Australian Visitor Visa (while being here in New Zealand), and I included invitation letters from my partner as well as one from my sister. My intentions were to truly visit my sister (as my mom is going to Melbourne for christmas) and to travel again with my partner to visit his family and friends. The visa was refused. Here's and extract of the letter: Due consideration was given to your application and the documents you provided before reaching a decision. Some of the considerations taken into account are: ● whether you are or intend to be a genuine visitor; ● your personal circumstances which include the incentives that would motivate you to depart Australia at the end of your proposed visit. (incentives include but are not limited to; ongoing employment, studies, ownership of significant assets or property in your home country or country of usual residence) ● your previous immigration history to Australia ● whether the purpose and proposed duration of your visit to Australia are reasonable and consistent. When assessing your application for a Visitor visa for Australia I have taken the following information into consideration: ● You hold a Work visa for New Zealand which expires on December 2016. ● You propse to travel to Australia for the period 2x November2016 to 1x February2017 (approximately 3 months). ● You are employed as xxx at xxx. ● You provided a letter from your partner xxx, an Australian citizen who resides in xxx, who stated he has taken time off work to travel with you in New Zealand. From the information provided, such as the fact that you are in a relationship, your New Zealand visa expires and your employment in New Zealand would cease, there are no motivating reasons for you to depart Australia if a visa was granted to you, therefore I am not satisfied that a genuine visit is intended. As Regulation 600.211 is not met by the applicant, I find the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Tourist) visa in the Tourist stream are not met by the applicant, and thus the applicant does not meet the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Tourist) visa. I therefore find the criteria for the grant of a Visitor visa are not met by the applicant. However, I think the decision was unfair, as I have been twice into Australia before and I have never breached any conditions in my visa. Furthermore, with a sister and nephew living in Australia, it just makes sense that I want to visit them. Same with my partner, being in a genuine and loving relationship I should be able to visit him as well.I understand that they might suspect that I might not want to return to my country, but does that mean that while me and my partner are together I wont be granted a visitor visa? So me and my partner are considering our options. If I reapply and focus on my intentions of going back such as the immediate family I have there and maybe plane tickets?(I don't have a job, properties or anything like that, just like most other working holiday visa travelers my age) Also explain a bit better that my mum is going to Australia as well and we wanted to have a family gathering? and if this visa is refused again, will that make it hard for me and my partner to apply later on for a Partner Visa? Please advice. Me and my partner are quite saddened that this ruins our plans but more worried about the future...if this refusal just means I'm just not eligible to go to Australia to visit him.
  13. I am potentially having my visa refused because my daughter has a form of autism (global development delay). Need advice help with what i could do to ensure i can stay and dont lose the life that I have built here. I'll try and quickly explain. So i have applied for the 189 skilled visa. My partner is a registered Nirse and the primary applicant and I am the defacto partner and i work in outdoor education. Have been in australia for over 18 months now living in wollongong. Have been on the bridging visa for 6 months now. I am here with my partner but my daughter is at home in england with her mother and her partner who is basically her step father. the relationship between us all is great. They have another son together so have a nice family life. There is no intention for my daughter to come and live here. she will always live in england with her family there. She will visit me for holidays and i will fly home to visit her also, but her life is in the uk. But due to my daughers learning disability, and the potential costs of support she would need if she lived in australia immigration have explained that it does not go in favour of our application. I have explained previously that my daughter is not coming to live here. But that hasnt made a difference. I obviously need something legal. I understand that if my daughters mother dies that would make me her gaurdian so legally would be my responsibilty. But even in that situation she would still stay in the uk with her step father, and all of her cousins brother friends and grand parents. But how do I justify that legally to immigration? I have researched and currently cant find a solid answer and im running out of time. Is for her to be legally adopted in the uk by her step father really the only way? Can custody be completly given to her mother? Is there another way? im stuck, and help would be amazing
  14. Hi Everybody, I have spoken to you before in a post that I uploaded a few weeks back regarding my situation about applying for a WHV for Australia. I have an update from the VACCU I am going to copy and past it on here for you to read. Dear Mr S****n The Notice of Intention is to inform you that the Department has information that you do not meet the character requirements for a visa to Australia and we are giving you natural justice by informing you before a final decision is made. This is your opportunity to provide the department with any further information that you wish the department to consider. Yours sincerely I have a few questions I was wondering if you could help me with if that is ok? 1. What information would help me get a positive discussion if any at this point ? Or is it a done deal now ? 2. IS there any point in re-applying for the WHV if this one is refused ? 3. I know this may not be your area of expertise but do you think it is worth applying for a WHV in NZ now ? And will a refusal from Australia effect this ? 4. Does a refusal of a WHV mean I am likely to be refused any visa I apply for for Australia ? Thank you for offering to help me. This means so much to me and I am so disappointed about my actions leading to this possible refusal.
  15. We have applied for the visa for my girlfriend three times and three times it has been refused. We are planning to meet our families and show to her Australia. I have indicated in the application that she will be staying at my place and I will cover her expenses during her stay. The refusal has upset our plans. She will not breached her visa which is why i don't understand her refusal. She has a house in the process of being transfer to her name, small business etc. Why is Australian migration makes it hard for genuine couple. Would appreciate if you could help us and revisit our application.
  16. We applied for a family sponsored visa FA 600 and it was rejected. Just to give you a background: she is 52 years old, single, never married, no kids and she is one of the breadwinner in the family where she lives with her brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces. She is employed as a tutor and works 5 hours per day however she gets paid cash which means the only proof that she has employment is a letter from the employer. When we submitted the application the application, her employer wrote her a letter confirming she works for him and that he is allowing her to have at the most 3 months leave between Nov 2015 and Feburary 2016. However when he wrote the letter, it was not done on a business letter head, he simply signed in and dated it and it was then certified by a lawyer. From the gist of it, and correct me if I am wrong but from what the letter of rejection is saying, is that the reasons of rejection: She does not have dependants – even though it says on the letter that she is one of the breadwinners in the family. Also, I should note that we forgot to mention that her parents have passed away. That though she provided that she is a tutor and that a certification letter was provided to prove she is working – that no further details was provided to substantiate her self employment claims. So if she cannot provide payslips as she was paid cash and money is not deposited in her account, what else can we provide to show that she is actually employed besides the letter from the employer? That the reason for travel is inconsistent though I mentioned on my invitation letter that she will be staying with me as I am on maternity leave and will be there for the birth of my baby, celebrating Christmas and new years and my birthday in January. The officer then there is no justification how my auntie can afford everything when she has not provided evidence of how she can support herself. I am sorry but it seems that whoever process the application did not read my letter of invitation where I said that I will pay for everything and I even included my last 6 payslips and evidence of mortgage. I even said I am willing to pay the bond but noted that as I am on maternity leave to consider my circumstance as well. Below is what the letter of refusal entail. Can anyone shed some light for me? Should we appeal or should we re-apply for the family sponsored visa again? If we re-apply, what else could we have done differently to make the application stronger? Your thoughts will be appreciated J ****************** The applicant’s claims The applicant has applied for the grant of a subclass 600 – Visitor (Sponsored Family) visa on the basis that they intend to visit Australia, for a period up to 3 months. The applicant is a 52 year old female, residing in the Philippines. Information and evidence considered I am a delegated decision maker under section 65 of the Migration Act 1958 (the Act). In reaching my decision, I have considered the following: ● Relevant legislation contained in the Act and Migration Regulations 1994 (the Regulations) ● Information contained in the department's policy guidelines Procedures Advice Manual 3; Findings From all the information available to me, including the documents and information the applicant provided, I find that the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Sponsored Family) visa are not met by the applicant. Reasons I have assessed the application by the applicant and the reasons for my decision are detailed below. An application for a Visitor (Sponsored Family) visa has been made by the applicant. Under the migration law, a visa cannot be granted unless the applicant meets the relevant legal requirements that are specified in the Act and the Regulations. 600.211 has not been met by the applicant on the date I made my decision. Clause 600.211 is a primary criterion to be satisfied at the time of decision. Clause 600.211 states that: The applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose for which the visa is granted, having regard to: (a) whether the applicant has complied substantially with the conditions to which the last substantive visa, or any subsequent bridging visa, held by the applicant was subject; and (whether the applicant intends to comply with the conditions to which the Subclass 600 visa would be subject; and © any other relevant matter. In assessing whether or not the applicant intends a genuine temporary stay, I have taken into account the information provided in the application and all supporting documents relating to the applicant’s personal circumstances, commitments, and incentive to return home. The applicant’s family ties to the Philippines are limited to non-dependent relatives, namely siblings, nieces and nephews. While I acknowledge that the applicants family may offer some inducement to return to the Philippines, I am not satisfied that their presence sufficiently demonstrates that the applicant intends a genuine visit to Australia. In response to the employment status of the applicant, the applicant declared “other” and stated “Tutor” for “Reggies Cruz” since 6 January 2014. The applicant provided a Certification letter to substantiate these claims. No further details or evidence have been provided to substantiate the applicant’s self-employment claims. In the absence of the provision of bank statements, business registration certificates in the applicant’s name or other evidence of ongoing business activities, the applicant’s self-employment cannot be verified. Therefore, little weight can be given to the applicant’s declared employment as evidence that she intends to return to the Philippines within the validity of her visa. I have noted that the applicant has provided a credit card statement as evidence of funds, however the credit card statement is not an indication of the applicant’s savings history and therefore I am not satisfied that the applicant has demonstrated that she has the means and intention for a genuine visit to Australia. In assessing the applicant’s intentions for their intended visit to Australia, I have taken both the applicant’s personal circumstances and duration of the applicant’s intended travel into account. I note that the applicant’s reason for travel is inconsistent with the length of stay requested, especially in view of the fact that the claims to be self-employed. The applicant relies on the income generated from her employment to support herself and as the applicant may not be receiving remuneration whilst Australia concerns are raised that the applicant may intend to travel to Australia for reasons other than a genuine visit. I have taken into consideration the applicant’s reason for travel however the applicant has not demonstrated sufficient ties to the Philippines to act as strong incentives for the applicant to return within the validity of their visa. I therefore cannot be satisfied that the applicant will comply with their visa conditions. I acknowledge that the purpose of the applicant’s intended travel is to visit their family. While the applicant’s purpose of visit is noted, this in itself does not demonstrate that the applicant only intends a genuine temporary stay. After considering the information that was provided as evidence of the applicant’s purpose in visiting Australia, I am not satisfied that the applicant genuinely intends to visit Australia temporarily. Therefore, I am not satisfied that the applicant met the legal requirements in clause 600.211 of Schedule 2 to the Regulations. Decision As clause 600.211 is not met by the applicant, I find the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Sponsored Family) visa in the Sponsored Family stream are not met by the applicant, and thus the applicant does not meet the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Sponsored Family) visa. I therefore find the criteria for the grant of a Visitor visa are not met by the applicant. Therefore, I refuse the application by the applicant for a Visitor visa.
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