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Found 13 results

  1. Hi My thai gf applied for a tourist visa but it was refused. Looking for some tips on applying again. The letter she got from the embassy says that her economic situation in Thailand would not encourage her to return from Australia. What does that even mean? We have been in a relationship for 6 month and I support her and her son by sending them money each months. I own my own house and am on good salary. I can sponsor her if I have to and give guarantee she will go home from Australia.
  2. There is actually no limit to the number of times you can be granted a visitor visa, but this requires somewhat of an explanation. A visitor visa is for people that want to visit Australia for a temporary visit only. Most people generally apply for a visitor visa under the tourist or sponsored family visitor streams. These streams are for people that want to visit Australia for tourism or other activities such as: holidays or sightseeing social or recreational reasons visiting relatives or friends studying for less than three months other short-term, non-work purposes. What is a genuine visitor? A genuine visitor is someone that will not work illegally in Australia, not engage in studies or training for more than 3 months, and they will have, or access to, adequate means to support themselves during their visit to Australia. A genuine visitor is also someone that will depart Australia on or before their visitor visa ends, unless they apply for another visa prior to their current visa expiring. Can I study in Australia on a visitor visa? Yes. As long as your study does not exceed 3 months. If you intend to study for more than 3 months you will need to apply for, and be granted a student visa. How many times can I be granted a visitor visa? As we have previously stated there is no limit to the number of times you can be granted a visitor visa. However, the frequency and duration of your previous visits to Australia may lead to a determination that you are not intending to use a visitor visa for tourism or the purposes for which that visa is supposed for. A visitor visa is not intended to allow people to remain in Australia on an ongoing basis. When the Department assess a visitor visa application, they will need to consider whether an applicant is attempting to use a visitor visa to effectively live in Australia. Of importance to the Department will be how often an applicant has previously visited Australia or the length of each previous stay in Australia. At Thai Visa Express we have seen instances where applicants with a solid history of previous Australian visa compliance have been refused a visitor visa because the Department has taken the view that they are attempting to maintain residence in Australia through the use of multiple visitor visas, which is not want a visitor visa is intended for. The length of each visit to Australia that a person has previously made, and the time spent outside of Australia in between each visit will be taken into consideration. A visitor is generally expected to spend as much time outside of Australia as in. However, it is also important to note that this is policy only. There is no requirement under the Migration Act and Regulations that states how long a person must remain outside of Australia in between visits, and as such every visitor visa application must be assessed on its own merits.
  3. My Thai girlfriend was refused a visitor visa to visit me in Australia, can she reapply? The answer is yes, but unless she can adequately address the reasons for the refusal, the outcome will still be the same. At Thai Visa Express we can submit a thoroughly prepared visitor visa application which permits the Department of Home affairs to make a favourable decision to grant your Thai girlfriend a visitor visa. Any person who wishes to visit Australia must have a valid visa. Whilst some nationalities are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authority, known as an ETA visa, Thailand is considered a high-risk country and their citizens must therefore apply for a subclass 600 visitor visa. This requires the applicant to submit a full visitor visa application that must evidence that their intention is to visit Australia as a genuine temporary entrant only. A genuine temporary entrant is someone that wants to visit Australia for tourist purpose only, will not work illegally in Australia, and will depart Australia prior to their visitor visa expiring. Read more at: Thai Visa Express
  4. Has anyone had any recent experience in having a visitor visa refusal overturned in Australia by the Migration Review Tribunal. I would particularly like to know the associated costs involved and how long the procedure takes. I am an Australian citizen and my brother is Vietnamese. He applied for a visitor visa to come and stay with me in Australia for a holiday. My brother has a good well paid job in Vietnam and has previously traveled to the USA where our sister lives. In fact he still has a current 10 year USA visa. He included with his application a letter from his employer as well has proof of savings of AUD$8000. He submitted his visitor visa application in Vietnam with all of the required documents, but I did not provide a letter of invitation nor was proof that he is my brother included with his application. It was however stated on his application form that he was travelling to Australia to stay with me, his brother, and my details were put on his form where it asked whether the applicant has any family members in Australia. Just on a side note I obtained by permanent residency through skilled migration and then eventually Australian citizenship. His visitor visa application was refused by the Australian Embassy in Vietnam because evidence of our claimed family relationship was not included with his application. Why didn't the Embassy call my brother or me and ask for proof of this? If they had, then proof could have easily been supplied and his visitor visa would not have been refused in the first place. I yesterday contacted the Department of Immigration in Australia and they told me that once a visa application has been refused then the case cannot be overturned by Australian Immigration, but any review rights would be explained on the visa refusal notice. I spoke to my brother last night and asked him to email me a copy of the visa refusal notice. As we are brothers, the decision can be reviewed by the Migration Review Tribunal. I am confident we can have the decision overturned as we can provide evidence that we are brothers, namely our birth certificates and that of our parents, who are both deceased. I would appreciate any feedback from people that have had recent experience in having a visitor visa refusal overturned by the Migration Review Tribunal, particularly any costs involved and how long the process will take.
  5. Good morning Atsralian Visa Forum, I'm from Dominican Republic, I applied last year for a visitor visa it was approved to travel till october 2017, but I got extened at my workplace, I call to the visa customer service and they told me I have to reapply, as I cannot change the date on an issued. I reapplied and then I got refused, why?? Please any advice you can give me, I just replied to them, saying I had a visa before and I attached the last approval and my finance information.
  6. Hello, Im new here and glad to finally found a forum that can help me. I applied before and got refused for the reason that I didn't provide enough documents about my relationship with my boyfriend and proof to return to where I reside. Me and my bf live together at Hongkong. He is based here for work while that time i only had tourist visa. So i think thats why i got refused as well. He had a good job with really good salary. For 2nd attempt, i just submitted my application last week. This time, I'm currently studying and reside here in Hk with my boyfriend. We've been together for 1 yr and 6 months, and yes I'm a Filipina. We are planning to visit Australia next month for 4 days only as i do not classes. 14th - 17th of April 2017. After that we have to come back here in Hk as i have classes and he has to work. The documents I submit are the ff; -copy of my passport -Hongkong Id card -student Visa in Hk -Student iD (proof of enrollment to college) -Letter (i wrote myself; i mention about me studying, how long weve been together, about my refusal before, and i have to come back to HK after 4 days holiday as i have classes, and he will be my sponsor, that we will do sight seeing and meet his family) - Bf Invitations letter (indicating he will be my sponsor 100%) -bf passport and Homgkong Id - Bf statement So what do you think? Do i have good chance to be approved? Just worried. Me and my bf really want this. Just for 4 days. Thank you guys! Will be waiting for any response.
  7. Hello Everyone, I am from Bangladesh. I was refused a Visa for subclass-600 because there wasn't sufficient evidence for a genuine visit. Actually, I didn't provide any evidence because of lack of knowledge. So I am a student in Bangladesh but I am waiting for my result. And I will be joining in a local company from 15th February. I have been invited by Google for an interview to their Sydney office. The interview is only just for 1 day and I have an invitation letter from them. What documents would be sufficient evidence for my incentive to return to my country? I have applied through ImmiAccount and there wasn't any option or said anything about the sufficient evidence attachment. It would be nice for them if they could ask for more evidence but they didn't, now I think I need to reapply. So, My question is, Can I reapply for Visa immediately? And if I do, what can I provide as sufficient evidence? I don't have that much money in my bank account. But all of my family is located here in Bangladesh. What are some documents that I can provide to prove my intention to return to Bangladesh? Thank you.
  8. Need fresh ideas In the last year we have applied for 3 visa which all three has been refused The first 2 was done ourselves and last one done through agency. .first one has been refused due to not being together long enough and risk of not returning.. second refused because not enough evidence to work history.. third refused because her signature was not 100% although they mentioned that they believed our history and my support.. now where do i go from here. .I'm totally lost..
  9. Firstly I hold a uk passport and have stayed in Australia completely legally -working holiday visa for 2 years and then a student visa- all totalling 1651 days inside and 98 days outside. I recently applied for the evisa (600) and got refused. During the end of my student visa I unfortunately lost a close family member and requested a BVD which was granted for 7 days. I organized my exit of australia but was going to be 3days late. I went straight to immigration department and was upfront and explained my situation, proved that my flight was booked and i was leaving. They inturn put me on a BVE and told me this shouldn't affect my visiting rights. After living mainly in Fremantle WA I wanted to return to see friends, close bank accounts, clear any phone bills (which increase)and generally finalize affairs. I have the money yo support myself and generally want and need to visit Australia. Is there anything I can do to re apply explaining this?
  10. Hi all I am new to this forum but I can see there is a lot of help provided hence I would like to ask for your help: Basically I reunited with my childhood neighbor in USA in November 2015. Since December 2015 we've been together and I've travelled to the US 5 times already to the point I ran out of Annual Leave in Australia. We are both from El Salvador however I am an Australian Citizen working full time in Finance. She is currently an International Student with a scholarship in USA. At the moment she is doing a 1 year internship in a Nursing Home which ends in February 2017. Her student visa expires in May 2018. On 30 April 2016, we applied a VV. Together we provided: - Letter of invitation from myself, stating that I will cover her accommodation and incidentals (though I didn't mention I was her boyfriend as someone told me tourist visas are not to reunite couples). The letter included my passport number and contact details if further information was required. - Employment letter stating she is working on a full time basis - Copy of USA student visa - her bank statements showing more than USD $8,000 - last 3 payslips two weeks later we received an email asking for: - Evidence of enrolment as a student - Form I-20. This was provided - Evidence of ties to the United States: Please provide evidence of ties to the United States that show that you have a strong incentive to depart Australia. Personal, financials or property ties may be demonstrated with documents such as Marriage Certificate, investment statements, property titles, mortgages or lease agreements. If you have no documentation please provide a written statement explaining your incentive to depart Australia. Here is where we did something wrong I believe. Since she is a student, sponsored by her US citizen brother, she doesn't have a loan, mortgage or investments. She pays her brother $400 per month in rent but it's cash so there is no proof this actually occurs. Only until recently she started working under the 1 year internship program she applied for. All other expenses are covered by her brother. She wrote a statement that she travelled several times on a tourist visa to United States from El Salvador and she abided the US Border laws and had the same intentions with Australian Border laws. She also stated that she would depart Australia after her two weeks holiday in Australia. A week later we received the sad news that her VV was refused due to the following: Findings: From all the information available to me, including the documents and information the applicant provided, I find that the criteria for the grant of a VV are not met by the applicant Reasons: On 17 May you were asked to provide evidence of your ties to the United States, your I-20 Form and evidence of your work authorization. In response to the request you provided your I-20 form, a sublease agreement and a personal statement outlining your intentions to return to the US. Whilst acknowledging your intentions, I must also consider other factors in assessing this application. the Migration Regulations state I must be satisfied you are going to visit Australia on a temporary basis and that you will comply with any conditions of your visa. Part of this assessment is whether there are incentives and ties to your own home country or elsewhere that would encourage your departure from Australia at the end of your proposed visit. You have not stated on the application form that you have any family living in the United States. While you have mentioned you have family living here in your personal statement, you have provided no proof of this, and as such I am unable to assess whether you have family ties to the US. The Sublease you have included states you are paying rent of $400 per month by either cash or into account XXXXX, however the bank statement you have provided shows no evidence of this. While your bank statement shows regular payroll deposits from your employer, you have provided no evidence of strong financial ties to the United States such as property ownership or ongoing investment. You have provided a letter stating your plans for your trips in response to a request for additional information about your circumstances that would encourage you to return to the US. While taking this into account, I am not satisfied that your circumstances are such that would encourage you to return after the proposed travel to Australia. Given your lack of personal, financial or proprietary ties to the United States, I am unable to be satisfied that your circumstances would encourage you to return at the end of your intended travel. Considering these matters collectively, on the information available to me at time of decision, I am not satisfied that your expressed intention only to stay temporarily in Australia is genuine. I am therefore not satisfied that you meet the requirements of Clause 600.211 After spending another weeks together in US and regretting her not being in Australia I decided to get my act together and put a stronger case for a second VV application. I find it a bit unfair about the point lack of financials ie. Mortgages or loans since her visa conditions are limited. When she is studying full time, she can only work at the institution where she studies and the money is very limited (minimum wage and up to 20 hours per week). Please help me or provide ideas to improve my case for the second application. We really like each other and plan to marry her in the future. The only reason we applied for a VV is because I want her to visit Australia first before applying for a Partner Visa in the future. if you read this far, I really appreciate your time. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, I'm looking for some advise on a problem i'm currently having in regards to my visa application for Australia. I have submitted a application for a WHV and it has been referred to the VACCU for further assessment due to my criminal record. This is fine and is what i expected although i wasn't expecting it take this amount of time (currently 2 and a half months ). The problem i have is that I am travelling with my partner around south east Asia and we are running low on funds, she has been granted her WHV already. So my question is can I apply for a ETA and go to Australia on this visa while i wait for my WHV and obviously not work an my partner can work to support us while we wait to find out what the outcome of my WHV is? If this is a negative and i get refused the WHV my Mum has said she will lend us the money to travel Australia on the ETA and we will pay her back when we get back to the U.K. Any help on this would be much appreciated and any ideas about other ways i could still travel aus if i get refused a WHV would be as well. thank you
  12. Hi , I am a general practitioner from Bangladesh.Recently,I lodged a tourist visa to attend an AMC MCQ bridging course in sydney and it was refused.Refusal letter says the following.Please guide me how should I proceed for my next application.Thank you. I wish to advise you that this application has been refused. After careful consideration of all the information provided I am not satisfied that you meet the relevant criteria for the grant of this visa as set out in Australian migration law. I am a delegated decision maker under Section 65 of the of the Migration Act . In reaching my decision, I have considered the following. relevant legislation contained in the Act and Migration Regulations (1994) (the Regulations) collectively “migration law”; information contained in the department's Procedures Advice Manual 3; documents and information provided; and other relevant information held on departmental files. Reasons for Decision Under migration law, a visa cannot be granted unless the applicant meets the legal requirements that are specified in the Act and the Regulations. The prescribed criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Subclass 600) visa are set out in Part 600 of Schedule 2 of the Regulations. Clause 600.211 is a primary criterion to be satisfied at the time of application. I find that you do not satisfy this provision of the Regulations. Clause 600.211 states; 600.211 The applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose for which the visa is granted, having regard to: (a) whether the applicant has complied substantially with the conditions to which the last substantive visa, or any subsequent bridging visa, held by the applicant was subject; and whether the applicant intends to comply with the conditions to which the Subclass 600 visa would be subject; and © any other relevant matter. I note that you are a recent graduate and you are charging around 200 – 350 taka per consultation with patients. You do not own any property in Bangladesh and you are not married. During a telephone interview you claimed that you earn supplementary salary from your import/export business but you have not provided any evidence to support this claim. Overall I am not satisfied that your personal and financial situation is sufficient incentive to return to Bangladesh. I consider that the onus is on you to provide evidence that you intend a genuine tourist visit to Australia and that you have not done so. After considering the information you have provided as evidence of your purpose in visiting Australia, I am not satisfied that at the time of decision you genuinely intend to visit Australia temporarily for tourism purposes and that your true intentions remain unclear. Based upon my assessment of these factors and on the basis of the information provided I am not satisfied that you have established that a genuine visit is intended. As you have not met this criterion, you have not been assessed against other criteria under this subclass Decision As you do not meet clause 600.211 of Schedule 2 of the Regulations, I find that you do not meet the criteria to be granted a Visitor (Class FA) (Subclass 600) visa. Therefore, I refuse your application for a Visitor (Class FA) visa. Review rights There is no right of review for this decision. No further assessment of this visa application can be taken at this office. If you still wish to visit Australia, it is open to you to lodge a fresh application if you feel that you can provide sufficient evidence that you meet the criteria for the grant of a Tourist visa. You should carefully consider this option as there is no refund of an application charge if it is not successful. Without prejudice to the outcome, if a fresh application does not contain any new information, it is unlikely that the decision would be any different. Yours sincerely H Casey Case Officer Australian High Commission
  13. Hi everyone. I get refused for partner ( residence) sub class 801. After 2 years and 4 months. I have no idea what happened to my case. I get married on 7 October 2013. We lodged file on 25 October 2013. I become dad in August 2014. October 2014 I get first stage of partner visa. After 1 year and 4 months I get refused for permanent visa. Now nothing wrong with relationship. We have a child together and hundreds of proofs. All they said The applicant did not satisfy the provisions of the Migration Regulations 1994 (the Regulations). ?????? I lost my review right Because I went to my home country India with my wife and child. We find out I don't have any visa to travel. I call my MARA agent and he said oh sorry I forget to tell you about this ! Now I applied again offshore partner visa. Can someone tell me how long it will take? Relationship over 3 year with child. ! Thanks
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