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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there, I am a dual citizen (German and Australian). I have a one-year-old baby girl with my partner from Thailand. My partner is a Thai citizen. Our girl has the German and the Thai passport. What visa options do I have to get them to Australia? Cheers Stefan
  2. Hi Guys, I am a newbie here, thanks for having me on board. I was reading this forum last night. I see that men can bring a Thai girl back to Australia permanently if they marry them in Thailand. Is it also possible for a Thai girl to bring her Thai son to live permanently in Australia when married to an Australian man? Thank you, I look forward to any replies.
  3. Royal Thai Police Check for Australian partner visa - Problems Bridge has posted very accurate instructions on the correct procedure with regards to obtaining a Royal Thai Police penal check for an Australian partner visa: How to obtain a Royal Thai Police Penal Record Check for an Australian partner visa application This is the correct procedure as advised by the Australian Embassy Bangkok, but be warned that people are being turned away for not having additional documents. It seems that arbitrary decision making is very much the norm, so it is best advisable to have as much documentation as possible when applying for the required police clearance. I am personally aware of three people being turned away for not having 1) a copy of their partners passport, 2) a copy of their marriage certificate, and 3) the notice of intent to marry and sponsors relationship statement. What I find absolutely bizarre is that the Australian Embassy Bangkok issues a letter advising that the applicant has applied for a partner visa and that a police check is required. The Royal Thai police play not part in the decision making process, but often request all manner of documents beyond identifying the person applying for the police check. Unfortunately I cannot advise exhaustive list of what an applicant should take with them when applying, as it seems it often changes from day-to-day.
  4. Deano

    How To Meet Thai Girls

    Hi Everyone, I want to meet a Thai girl, preferably one who doesn't work i a bar, what dating sites are the best to use, or are the other ways to meet Thai girls. Deano
  5. Hi everyone I couldn't find a topic about my situation so I'm posting this new topic. (Long story short: Can I invite someone with a letter of support if I'm not an Australian citizen and just a regular tourist on a Working Holiday Visa) Here is the thing, I'm a French guy on a working holiday visa since August 2017. Before that, I lived in Thailand for 4 months when I started dating a girl. I have plans to go back to Thailand with her in February 2018, but before that I would like her to come for 2 weeks during the New Year's eve holiday period. We are now trying to get a visitor visa (Subclass 600) She has over 7000 AU$ on her bank account, her tickets have been booked already and she will live at my apartment. So she has way enough money to stay 2 weeks in Sydney. However, yesterday she called a few agencies to help her make the visa, and they all told her that she needs a letter of support/invitation So the question is, can I give her a letter of support even though I'm not an Australian citizen? If not, what is the best way to show them that I can support her financially for those two weeks Thank you all for your help, Julien
  6. Hey guys, Loved reading the forum - has been very helpful. I met my Thai girlfriend in November last year. We talked every single day either by Facebook message or by video call since. We recently spent 10 days together in Thailand, in August we are spending five days together in Malaysia and in October we are spending 19 days in Thailand and Malaysia - including time with her Mum, Dad and her two sons. The plan is to apply for a three month visitor visa in January so she can come to Australia for one month in March. I will be paying for her flights and sponsoring the trip. I will be able to satisfy the sponsorship requirements and her having two sons will help with satisfying the intention to return to Thailand requirement. My concerns are: - She is a working girl who sends most of her money to her family, so she doesn't have an official job but there is cash coming into her bankbook. - She lives where she works with her sister - her sons live with her Mum in another part of Thailand. Her addresses for her bankbook and passport are at her Mums address - not where she lives and banks currently. - I've sent her money a couple of times over the past six months but she makes enough to get by and doesn't ask for it. Does anyone have any advice regarding these situations? How will points one and two be looked upon by the visa processers? Should I start sending a little bit of money each month so we have six months of history of money transfers before the visa application? I really just want to make sure the application is successful Appreciate all the help in advance. If any questions or suggestions, feel free to add.
  7. Hi guys, I have already had a search but couldn't find anything that's been posted within the last few years so I am sorry if I'm one of those guys that keeps asking the same questions. I have a friend in Thailand that i have known for around a year and she would like to come here for a holiday. She has been here previously on a visitor visa, however somebody else did the visa for her. I'm just trying to find out everything i will need and if i am doing the correct application. I was going to do the Visitor Visa (600) Application online. Is this the right move? Am i able to do this visa application on her behalf? If i can do it on her behalf what will i need from her to do the application? She mentioned previously she had to sign something however i had a look through the online application and i couldn't even really find anywhere that i needed to attach any documents or anything? Thanks for anyone who can point me in the right direction or help at all!
  8. I'm considering applying for a tourist visa for a Thai girl I met on my recent trip, I am just trying to gauge the chances of success and what I could do to improve them. I spent a month in Thailand, yes I know im despicable..Pattaya and Chiang Mai. While in Pattaya early on I met a GoGO girl I became smitten with (yes ive heard the stories..but shes "different")...there is no point lying about this to you, in order to get the most accurate answers, honesty is paramount, but I do believe this girl is different to the vast majority who you hear about in horror stories! Anyway I ended up staying with her for my entire trip, going to Chiang Mai and quite honestly I fell in love with her. Since I returned home, we have texted at all hours, videocalled for an average of 3-4 hours per day etc. So rather than wait 6 months to see her again, I am hoping to bring her here, to show her some of my home city, see how we live and to see if she likes Australia, if she doesn't like Australia there is no real point in pursuing a relationship as I cannot live in Thailand and am not keen on a multi year long distance relationship. She has a child and parents,she also has a lot of land in her name as "positive" reasons to show she will return. A bit about my situation, im asset poor, ive not interest in property here. Savings, I am also quite poor at the moment, $6000 in savings as ive spent $30000 across 3 separate month long trips to SEA in the past 13 months. I earn roughly $100000 per year, give or take a few $. Same employer for almost 6 years. Never married etc. Am I dreaming? Is it possible to get a visa for her when I met her so recently? What could, or should I do in order to improve my odds of success? Thank you in advance, whether the replies are positive or negative. If ive left any important info out, please ask.
  9. Hi All, Firstly, I think everyone does a great job here providing information about Visa's. Well done! I'll be applying for a 3 month tourist visa for my thai girlfriend in Jan next year. I've been able to do a lot of research and I'm comfortable in what I need to provide. I just want to clarify a few things... In regards to documents, I understand birth certificates and passports need to be certificated BUT does this apply to all documents? i.e ownership of her motorcycle, bank documents, residential status etc. Also, will I need to translate her thai birth certificate into english or will they accept it as it is? I'll be doing the application on her behalf and we'll both submit it together in Bangkok. Fingers crossed I don't miss anything! Thanks guys, Nick
  10. shane1985

    Partner Visa For Thai Wife

    Hi there, my name is Shane. I'm Australian. I just got married to my Thai partner. She is also pregnant with my child due in late October. My question to this forum is what do I need to do to kick off the partner visa process. For example, what documents, information is needed. Or what steps are required. Thanks for any help or advice.
  11. damotails

    Thai Wife Teaching In Australia

    Hi all I'm over in Thailand now and my wife and I have just started researching options for her to teach in Australia (or possibly obtain other work). Any advice would be very helpful! So far we have managed to find info about state gov based approval process and english testing to become a licensed teacher. Plus, we have found some info about different visa types, but not really sure which one she would go for? Would she go for a Partner Visa? Or a work visa? Or something else? We are still learning here and any tips that help us on the way would be awesome Cheers!
  12. How to obtain a Royal Thai Police Penal Record Check for an Australian partner visa application These instructions relate to Australian partner visa applicants that are required to obtain a Royal Thai Police Penal Record Check for their partner visa application. Applicants must firstly attend the Australian Visa Application Centre (VFS) located at: Australia Visa Application Centre Thai CC Tower, 34th Floor 889 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok Business hours are Monday to Friday 08.30 to 15:00. If travelling to VFS by Sky Train it is only a 3 minute walk from Surasak BTS Station (take exit no. 2). Make sure you check the Thai public holiday closures as they will be closed. At VFS the applicant needs to inform them at the counter that they want an ‘Application for Entry to Australia - Request for Thai Penal Record Check’ for a partner visa application. They (VFS) will then generate a single page document/letter that then needs to be taken to the Royal Thai Police Headquarters on Rama 1 Road, Bangkok. Again, only a short walk from Siam BTS Station. At the Royal Thai Police Headquarters the applicant needs to produce the document (single page letter) referred to above and obtained from VFS as well as the following documents: • Valid passport. • Thai ID card. • Household Registration (Tabien Ban). • Any evidence of change of name (if applicable) Photographs and fingerprints will be taken at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters Processing time is approximately 10 working days after which the certificate will be returned to the applicant by post.
  13. Hi guys, my thai girlfriend has recently returned home after a 3 month stay with me in Australia, (march to may). We are going to apply for a 12 month multi entry visa when I visit her in July. My question is, is there a time limit on when she can return to Australia and will a 12 month visa be possible as a subsequent visa?? TIA