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Found 14 results

  1. Hi We are expecting our PMV to be granted and we are wondering what happens. We had asked if there was anything else we needed as it was nearly 12 months since application lodged (29/3/16). We received an email telling us that my fiancée must leave the country before the end of her 12 months tourist visa to avoid any delay in finalising her visa. We the in formed case manager the we would be returning to Thailand on the 1st of April. I can only stay in Thailand 2 weeks due to work (teacher). I would like to know what we need to do in Thailand to finalise the visa . e.g do we have to go to embassy or interview? We wish to visit family while we are there. So we need to plan our trip to ensure our visa is granted. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I am looking at retiring in Chiang Mai in Thailand with my wife, I want to get a retirement visa as I think it fits my situation, we will rent initially but buy a house later when we decide on the area we like, my questions is, what is needed to get a retirement visa, also can I continue to trade shares without a work permit?
  3. Hi guys, I have already had a search but couldn't find anything that's been posted within the last few years so I am sorry if I'm one of those guys that keeps asking the same questions. I have a friend in Thailand that i have known for around a year and she would like to come here for a holiday. She has been here previously on a visitor visa, however somebody else did the visa for her. I'm just trying to find out everything i will need and if i am doing the correct application. I was going to do the Visitor Visa (600) Application online. Is this the right move? Am i able to do this visa application on her behalf? If i can do it on her behalf what will i need from her to do the application? She mentioned previously she had to sign something however i had a look through the online application and i couldn't even really find anywhere that i needed to attach any documents or anything? Thanks for anyone who can point me in the right direction or help at all!
  4. Hi there. Hoping someone may be able to help me out. I have read everywhere that the processing is 12 months. Just curious to see if anyone has a better idea of actually turn around time. Our application has been almost 7 months now and the waiting it getting to me. All documents have been submitted and no more requested, interview was done with my partner early this year. Thanks in advance Ribbit
  5. Hi everyone, On the PMV check list for a Bangkok application it asks to provide documents, ID for all migrating and non migrating family members. Can someone clarify this for me? My concern is she is no longer in contact with most of her family, she was fostered out as a 2 year old. Does she just say "no longer in contact?" Also she has an 11yo son that will not be migrating. The son has lived with grandparents for years (ex partners). What information would we need to provide for him if any? Also what would we need to put in place now if a possible migration for him would sought in the future. 11 years ago I sponsored a PMV for my at the time US Fiance. Although we did manage to marry, the relationship broke down quick, she became homesick and returned home. I informed the department who cancelled her visa and got a divorce. My concern is do I inform of this in my application? I can not remember exact dates being around 11 years ago? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Hi, We are (my wife and I) are looking to buy a condo in Thailand instead of a Timeshare property, Can we own the condo outright? is there a special process that is needed to buy a condo, we are looking at Hua Hin as it seems a better area than Pattaya, we want something close to the beach.
  7. Australian Visa Forum Launch Thai Forum Section Australian Visa Forum have launched a Thai section where you can ask all your questions about Visa's for Thailand, starting a company in Thailand, Work Permits, Legal Matters, assistance with any documentation for Visa's to Australia, Property and how to own it. These services will be very beneficial for members who have partners from Thailand and may want to spend time now or in their retirement in Thailand, open a business for themselves or family in Thailand, purchase, property or a vehicle or just require assistance with documentation and translations for Marriage process in Thailand. About Sunbelt Asia Sunbelt Asia is Thailand’s largest legal and business services network. Our offices in Bangkok can service clients in all areas of the country via email and personal visits. Our services include mergers and acquisitions, company formations, work permits, immigration, family law, marriage and divorce, property including usufructs and leases, condo purchases and more. We offer legal specialists in forming Board of Investment promoted companies and are offer expertise in forming companies for Americans under the Treaty of Amity. Sunbelt Legal Advisors are a team of International Advisors working hand in hand with licensed Thai lawyers to offer the most accurate advice and definitive legal services for living and working in Thailand. Our lawyers are fluent in English and can explain the intricacies of the Thai legal and business system to you. We are a full service business, legal and property center for foreigners living and working in Thailand. For all your questions you can post them here
  8. Hi, My Girlfriend is coming to Australia for a while, but we will be spending time in Thailand as well, her sister is looking after the house for us and we want to set up a business/company to run the small farm through and the sales we will do through it, it will also allow me to get a work permit I hope. Can anyone advise on what the best way is, use either a company ltd or limited partnership, which is better for work permit, tax etc Alf
  9. My partner is planning and hoping to apply for her De-facto Partner Visa(with our daughter) imminently! Question 1- Can I live in Thailand(We have a house together there) and put down on the 40SP & 47SP applications my that my Residential Address is in Australia? Question 2- On my 40SP form for Question 38: In which countries have you lived for 12 months (in total) or more during the last 10 years, I would put down every month for 8 years going back to Thailand to live? I am an Australian PR 8 Years with a British Passport, who's done FIFO(Fly in Fly out) work in Australia for 8 years. I have always had my 7/8/9 or 10 day R&R’s every month in Thailand and any in-between jobs in Thailand. So I class myself as living in 2 countries at the same time! Correct? I've been advised that if i put down Thailand as my residential address my partner wouldn't get her PR visa? Such a simply question yet so difficult to answer Thoughts Please.
  10. Protecting Migrant Workers Can Benefit Host Countries' Economies, UN Says Bangkok, Thailand: Governments must make provision for laborers that are migrant the exact same benefits and social protections they provide their citizens, that may improve their economies and worker productivity, an United Nations official said. Of this predicted 232 million migrants on the planet in 2013, significantly more than 95 million come from the Asia-Pacific area, based on the U.N.'s Asia-Pacific Migration Report 2015 launched this in Bangkok week. Migrants contribute somewhat to GDP growth in host countries, while delivering house about $435 billion in remittances towards the Asia-Pacific area in 2015, stated Hongjoo Hahm, deputy administrator secretary associated with the U.N.'s development arm for Asia plus the Pacific. Yet face that is numerous at every action associated with means, from recruitment agencies and job agents at home to exploitative employers, officials and police abroad. It's the duty of governments into the countries that submit and receive migrants to possess domestic, regional and discussions which can be inter-country create the policies and conditions necessary for safe migration, Hahm said. "As soon as the receiver country provides protection that is social the migrants - that is, medical care, unemployment compensations, social back-up, education for their young ones... productivity regarding the migrants increases. It plainly has a benefit towards the economy that is nationwide" he said during the report's launch on Monday. "Treat all of them with dignity, treat them fairly, and provide the same protections because of it. that you provide your residents, and... you'll be rewarded" Origin countries, he said, must create a system for orderly and migration that is organized. "Too often, migrants need to count on intermediaries that charge them charges being exorbitant plus they are forever with debt, settling their debt," he stated. "Creating fairness when it comes to the work procedure, both during the recipient nation and at the house country, is truly crucial, and that means you make migration a labor movement policy that we see in other parts worldwide. that you will get rid for the middlemen and" The region's top country of origin for migrants in 2013 ended up being Asia, with 14 million migrants leaving the nationwide nation, followed by Russia, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Indonesia. The location that is top the spot that year was Russia, with 11 million migrant arrivals, accompanied by Australia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, China, Iran, Malaysia and Japan. All of the region's migrants go to nearby or countries which can be neighboring with Asia-Pacific web hosting about 59 million migrants - while others go further afield to the office in places such as the Middle East and united states. Hahm cited the Philippines - which delivers about 2 million citizens abroad every year - as a country that supports migrants them to acclimatize to life back home when they return because they prepare to get abroad, and also assists.
  11. Plan to grant multiple-entry visas to tourists from all nations Thailand is moving to grant multiple-entry visas to all visitors from any country in a bid to boost tourism and drive the economy. Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said yesterday that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has given the green light to the proposal, which is expected to go into effect within 60 days after receiving Cabinet approval. Currently, citizens of 30-40 countries can enter the Kingdom without a visa, but some other nationals are required pay about Bt1,000 to get a single-entry, 30-day visa. Kobkarn said the new visa would allow holders to come into the country more than once, which is similar to what is applied by many other countries. The government plans to charge Bt5,000 for the six-month visa. Tourism is the only industry that has continued growing in recent years while others are still suffering from the global economic slowdown. Thailand is shooting for 28 million foreign travellers this year. Domestic and inbound tourism are expected to generate Bt2.2 trillion in revenue, or about 10 per cent of gross national product. Last month saw 2.6 million arrivals, improving by 37 per cent from same month last year. China and Malaysia were the top source markets. Development master plan The Cabinet on Tuesday gave the nod to the Tourism Ministry's three-year tourism development master plan aimed at boosting quality tourists and promoting sustainable development. It would also relax travel conditions and increase cooperation with other countries, particularly Thailand's neighbours. Last week, Thailand and Myanmar agreed to waive entry visas at major airports for the citizens of the two nations journeying between the two countries by plane. They can stay up to 14 days. The ministry will soon kick off the development package including establishment of the Tourism Information Gateway to provide information to tourists before landing and while in the country. The agency will also develop more attractions, train more human resources, increase security, publicise second-tier destinations and fill up business in the low season. Last week, officials of five Mekong River riparian countries - Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia - met in Nay Pi Taw in Myanmar to discuss tourism cooperation under the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS). The five nations are preparing to embark on the "Five Countries One Destination" campaign to boost travel to third countries. Each country is assigned to lead one of seven areas including tourism marketing, product linkage, tourist exchange, tourism product development, tourism safety and private sector involvement. The five nations will also facilitate visas and transportation, enhance capacity-building programmes for tourism professionals and tourism stakeholders, and champion green and responsible tourism in the ACMECS region. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/national/Plan-to-grant-multiple-entry-visas-to-tourists-fro-30266029.html
  12. I hope this is the correct forum section. If not could a moderator please move. I registered today to basically ask how difficult the process is from beginning to end of getting my Thai Girlfriend here to Australia. I understand there are different Visas for different purposes. I also understand everyone's circumstances are also different. I guess my real question here is how long anyone would realistically have to wait to be able to visit Australia from Thailand. Currently our wish is for my girl to visit as a tourist for up to 3 months. I met my girlfriend around 13 months ago while on one of many trips to southern Thailand. She was a waitress in a restaurant in a full time position. I returned home to Australia and soon went back to see her. Once that trip concluded she left her Job and started a new one in Bangkok, working in and office for a Credit Card company. I soon planned another, bigger trip to Thailand and obtained a 60 day visa to do so. She left her job and traveled with my from the far North of Thailand all the way down south over and 8 week period. She now lives at home with her family and is taking care of her Father as is isn't too well. That her current situation. I work in a sales role in Sydney is a full time roll. I have good savings and not too many overheads. I am single and and ready to take the next step to bring her here to Australia for a visit. What are my chances? I am aware, or at least from what I have read around the traps that she may need to show reason to return to Thailand if she is to come here. She needs to show savings in here bank account, even if I place them there. She needs to pass a medical as well as visit, at some stage, an immigration office in Bangkok. Am I correct? Anyway back to my original question. How long could we expect this process to take from beginning to end ? And would I be wise in contacting an immigration lawyer to handle all the back and forth paperwork / translation business ?
  13. Australian Passport renewal in Bangkok Thailand, my passport is full and need a new one to be able to travel and obtain my extensions of stay, what are the procedures and current cost for the passport replacement?
  14. Forced marriage 'grey area' for Immigration By Natasha Bita - The Australian April 30, 2012 TEENAGE girls have been granted visas to marry Australian men in their 50s and 60s, but the Immigration Department insists that forced marriage is a "grey area" that is difficult to police. A 17-year-old from Thailand was granted a prospective marriage visa in 2007-08 to marry an Australian at least 40 years older, new departmental data reveals. Two other 17-year-olds from Iraq and Vietnam have been granted visas to marry Australians aged between 45 and 54 at some time in the past six years. In total, 227 prospective marriage visas were granted to migrants aged 17 - most of them girls - between 2006 and last year. Another 515 migrants were aged 18 at the time they were granted a visa. The statistics - furnished to the Senate inquiry into marriage visas - reveal that 2.2 per cent of the 34,025 migrants granted visas in the past six years to marry an Australian were 17 or 18 at the time. They include 28 teenagers who married an Australian twice their age. The Immigration Department has told the Senate inquiry it rejects 9 per cent of prospective marriage visa applications, usually on the grounds the relationship is "not genuine". "A common concern . . . is couples who have met over the internet or while the Australian sponsor was on holiday and become engaged very quickly after first meeting in person," the submission says. "In other cases, there is concern that while the sponsor may be committed to the relationship the applicant may be more interested in a better life in Australia." The department says arranged marriages that have the consent of both parties "are generally accepted as culturally appropriate", and are "the norm" in India. But it highlights problems with identifying forced marriages, due to victims' fear of retribution and unwillingness to speak out. "It is very difficult for the department to refuse a visa application without specifying the reason," it says. "Our offices overseas also note that this can be a grey area given that it can be difficult to determine the point at which family or cultural expectations become coercive rather than influencing factors in a person's decision to marry." Prospective marriage visas let foreigners migrate to Australia on the proviso they marry their fiance within nine months. Applicants have to prove they will be 18 at the date of the marriage. Immigration Department statistics reveal that migrant couples are three times more likely than Australian-born couples to have a husband more than 10 years older than his wife. Most prospective marriage visas in the past six years have been granted to applicants from The Philippines (4505), Vietnam (3320) and China (3174), with 2152 from Lebanon and 2052 from Thailand. The next highest number of visa grants were to applicants from Britain (2036), the US (1028) and India (1022). Data from the top 10 overseas posts for visa applications reveals that two of the Australian sponsors were older than 85 - both of whom married migrants in their 60s. Another 99 Australian sponsors were aged between 75 and 84. Source: The Australian
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