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Found 32 results

  1. Hi My thai gf applied for a tourist visa but it was refused. Looking for some tips on applying again. The letter she got from the embassy says that her economic situation in Thailand would not encourage her to return from Australia. What does that even mean? We have been in a relationship for 6 month and I support her and her son by sending them money each months. I own my own house and am on good salary. I can sponsor her if I have to and give guarantee she will go home from Australia.
  2. My daughter was granted a Bridging Visa A today (08th August 2019), however, our Visitors Visa (subclass 600) expires on the 19th of August, 2019 (that's when our 3 months stay will be up). Both our visitor's visas have "Must Not Arrive After 06 May 2022" (we have multiple entry). Quick notes to consider: My husband was granted Australian Citizenship in Dec 2017 My (5-year old) daughter's application is a Child Visa app (subclass 802) - sent to WA just last weekend and received an acknowledgment PLUS BVA Grant today BVA is not in effect because Visitor visa is in effect. I will be applying for Partner Visa (820/801) in a couple of days My questions are; Is a Visitors Visa considered to be a substantive visa? If so, can my daughter travel out of Australia (before Aug 19) for a couple of weeks? I understand she will need a BVB to travel outside of Australia IF the answer to my first question is NO Travel overseas section on the bridging visa grant says, "If your substantive visa expires while you are outside Australia and you do not hold a bridging visa B, you will need to apply for and be granted a substantive visa before you can return to Australia.". What date is this "clause" referring to? (I assume it is referring to the Must not arrive after date). I hope to hear from you all soon. Cheers!
  3. Taking your Thai girlfriend to Australia is not as straightforward and easy as you would like it to be. For starters, Thailand is a high-risk county when it comes to applying for an Australian tourist visa. All tourist visa applicants must meet the ‘genuine temporary entrant criterion’ provided for in the Australian Migration Regulations. Why is Thailand a high-risk country? A high-risk country is any country whose citizens are not eligible to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority, commonly known as an ETA visa. Depending upon your girlfriend’s reason for wanting to visit Australia, the most common visa would be a visitor visa under the tourist stream, also known as a tourist visa. If you girlfriend has a Thai passport, she cannot apply for an ETA visa. What is a tourist visa for? A tourist visa is for holidaying and sightseeing, social and recreational reasons, visiting relatives of friends, and other short-term non-work purposes. It can also be used to study for up to three months. However, unlike a student visa it does not allow the visa holder to work in Australia. Applying for a tourist visa, what do you need to show? If your Thai girlfriend has applied for a tourist visa, the Department will need to be satisfied that she genuinely intends to visit Australia for a temporary stay only. In assessing whether that intention exists, the Department will take into account any previous Australian visa compliance that she may have, and whether there is any evidence to suggest that she may work during her stay in Australia. They will also consider ‘any other relevant matters’. When it comes to considering ‘any other relevant matters’ in assessing whether your Thai girlfriend genuinely intends to visit Australia for a temporary stay only, the Department will consider your girlfriend’s personal circumstances. Whilst this list is not exhaustive, they will take into consideration such things as: Does she have ongoing employment in Thailand to return to? The presence of close family members in Thailand, that is, does she have more close family members living in Thailand than in Australia. Does she own any property of significant assets in Thailand? What incentives exist that would encourage her to return to Thailand prior to her tourist visa expiring? Adequate means of support in Australia A tourist visa applicant must also have adequate means of support for their stay in Australia. The Department will take into account what activities your girlfriend will be undertaking in Australia. If she is staying with you, and food and accommodation is provided, she would not be expected to show the same level of funds that an independent traveller who is travelling around Australia and staying in hotels would. Your girlfriend does not need to have her own funds, these can be provided by you, but her financial situation may be relevant to meeting the genuine temporary entrant criterion and consideration of whether she has any significant incentives to return to Thailand prior to her tourist visa expiring. See related topics: My Thai girlfriend was refused a visitor visa to visit me in Australia can she reapply My Thai girlfriend is unemployed can she be granted a tourist visa to visit Australia What is a genuine intention to visit Australia temporarily How much money do I need for an Australian tourist visa Does my Thai girlfriend need a return ticket from Australia
  4. This is one of the most common questions that we are asked. Your Thai girlfriend has just been granted a tourist visa, her bags are packed, she’s ready to go, but does she need to have a return ticket from Australia before she departs? The answer is no she doesn’t, but this requires somewhat of an explanation. Any person wanting to visit Australia must have a valid visa to do so. All Australian visas are now recorded electronically. Visa holders do not need a visa label in their passport to travel to, enter, stay or depart Australia. All visa information is available to airlines through the Advance Passenger Processing system which they have access to. We do however strongly recommend that you keep of copy of your visa grant notice with your passport as it contains all of the relevant information relating to your visa, such as, date of grant, date of expiry, visa grant number, period of stay permitted and visa conditions. If your Thai girlfriend has been granted a visa to visit you in Australia, it will most likely be a visitor visa under the tourist stream. This is because Thai nationals are not eligible for an ETA visa. To be granted a visitor visa your girlfriend had to satisfy the Department that she has a genuine intention to visit Australia temporarily as required by the Migration Regulations. Her visa grant notice will list all of the conditions attached to her visa, including her visa validity period. You will see from her visa grant notice that there is no actual requirement for her to have a return ticket. If it was, this would be a condition attached to her visa. Although there is no requirement for her to have a return ticket, very rarely now, some airline check-in staff may not fully understand this requirement and might ask to see a return ticket when she checks in at the airport. For this reason, we always advise clients to check with the relevant airline prior to travelling if they have only purchased a one-way ticket to Australia. If you can, get confirmation in writing that a return ticket is not required. When your girlfriend arrives in Australia, she may be asked questions about her stay by an officer at immigration clearance. They may want to know if she has a return ticket or the ability to purchase one to depart Australia prior to her visa expiring. You may have seen the popular TV series Border Security, where people arriving in Australia are asked any number of questions by immigration at the airport. These questions are asked to determine whether the a visitors intention is still continuing to visit Australia temporarily. If your girlfriend doesn’t have a return ticket, or able to show money to purchase one, perhaps because you are providing all financial support, she should simply tell the immigration officer that. If you provided a letter of support that was included with her tourist visa application, tell her to keep a copy with her passport. Another very useful tip is to make sure that she has your mobile number on her. If she encounters any problems at immigration clearance she can ask them to call you.
  5. Firstly, you won’t find it written anywhere within the Migration Act and Regulations exactly how much money is needed to be granted a tourist visa. Except of course for the visa application charge that must paid to submit an application. For our Thai clients submitting a tourist visa application in Thailand to visit Australia, the current visa application charge is $140. There is also a fee of 850 Thai Baht which must be paid for the required biometrics which can be done in either Bangkok or Chiang Mai. In some cases, a tourist visa applicant may also be required to undertake a health examination or provide a Thai police clearance certificate. This will also incur additional charges. After you submit your application the Department will advise you of the requirement to provide biometrics. They will also advise you whether a health examination or Thai police clearance certificate will be required. In most cases they won’t be required, but this will depend upon the answers you have given in your application, and the period of stay you have requested in Australia. How much money do I need for my stay in Australia? This is different from the costs of applying for a tourist visa. Any visitor to Australia must have adequate means to support themselves, or access to adequate means to support themselves, during the period of their intended stay in Australia. It is very important to note that an applicant does not need to have their own funds. These can be provided by a relative of friend in Australia. However, an applicant’s own financial circumstances may determine whether they have a genuine intention to visit Australia. Should I deposit money into my Thai girlfriend’s bank account for her tourist visa application? Whatever you do with your money is certainly your business. However, we strongly advise against depositing money into an applicant’s bank account. Recently deposited funds may raise some suspicions as to whether the funds are personally owned by an applicant. A savings history is considered to be better evidence of the availability of the applicant’s adequate funds. Therefore, if you do deposit money into your girlfriend’s bank account, you must ensure that you address this in a letter of support that she would include with her tourist visa application. At Thai Visa Express we recommend against depositing funds into an applicant’s bank account, but instead providing a comprehensive letter of support which details all of the support your will be providing your Thai girlfriend whilst she in in Australia. It is also very important that you include evidence of your ability to provide any support offered. What is adequate means of support? When assessing whether a tourist visa applicant has adequate means of support, the Department will take into account what activities they plan to undertake whilst they are in Australia and what their accommodation/living arrangements will be whilst they are in Australia. For example, if your Thai girlfriend is coming to stay with you in Australia, and food and accommodation is provided by you, then she would not need to demonstrate the same level of funds as an independent traveller who is planning on travelling around Australia and staying in 5 star hotels.
  6. Hi I am a UK citizen and am married to an Australian citizen. We have two children (also Australian citizens). We are currently in the UK and are in the process of planning on moving to Australia. I intend purchasing a return flight whilst my family will purchase one-way flights. I intend to enter on a tourist visa and then apply for an 820 partner visa shortly afterwards. Could anyone provide any advice on any issues with this plan? How much scrutiny is given to UK citizens arriving in my situation? Would you advise on booking on a different flight to avoid interrogation about why my flight is different to that of my family? Does anyone know how easy it is to get a refund for the unused flight and which airlines provide this? (it appears that Thai airways do) Any advice greatly received. Kind Regards
  7. Hi , my mother has a tourist subclass 600 visa. Allows her to stay for 12months after entry. She is currently in Melbourne and still has another 3months left in the 12 month period. But her visa says “must not enter after 5th aug 2019”. So, can she remain in Melbourne after 5th aug 2019? Or does she need to return to India prior to this date? She wants to return around end of August to India. Is this date only if she is not in Australia at the time of expiry? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi forum members, need some advice please on how to deal with a refused tourist visa. Me: 42 from Adelaide, divorced, 2 teenage kids, self-employed, good income, own my home, no significant debts. She: 27 from Thailand, works in hair salon, 2 kids from a previous marriage, lives with her parents, no savings. **I am fulling supporting her financially** We met on Thaifriedly 4 months ago and chatted every day online (What's App and Facebook messenger) until I travelled to Thailand in February (12 days). During this time I met her parents and two kids. My girlfriend and I went to Phuket for 4 days. Before leaving Thailand I helped her apply for a tourist visa, and went with her to the visa application centre for the photographs and fingerprints. Included with her tourist visa application: * Copy of my passport * Copy of my bank statement showing funds of AUD$23,000. * 20 photos of us together in Thailand I also included a letter that I would support her and pay for her airfare and guarantee she would not overstay her visa in Australia. The Refusal Letter she received Her tourist visa was refused under clause 600.211?? The refusal notice said that it accepted that my support for her was genuine, but her circumstances of being in low income employment and having no significant incentive to return to Thailand outweighed my offer of support. Basically it said that they didn't believe she would be a genuine tourist in Australia, which is absolute rubbish. I provided a letter that I would guarantee this. My questions are as follows: Q1. How can I appeal to tourist visa refusal? What do I need to provide for this? Q2. I read that I can sponsor her and pay a cash deposit. I am more than willing to do this. How do I go about doing this? Steps involved etc. Q3. Is there any utility in writing to my Federal Minister complaining that my girlfriend has been refused a tourist visa simply because she is from Thailand. Q4. How many other people get refused on such ridiculous grounds? Is there any benefit in giving this to the media (ACA, Today Tonight) So for the long post, and hopeful that I can get some answers here.
  9. This is just a rant, but I would like to know what others think and if they have similar experiences. My girlfriend is from Thailand and she applied for her tourist visa 18 days ago now I am confident that she will get the visa as we have been together for over a year now and have travelled together to Singapore and Hong Kong. She also has a very good job and earns a decent income. Anyway, i'm at a loss as to why 18 days and we are still waiting on a freaking tourist visa. Before I came to Thailand I applied for a tourist visa through the Thai consulate in Brisbane. I submitted my application in the morning and was told I could collect my passport in the afternoon, which I did. It was a hassle free experience and I got my visa the same day. Yes I know I am not comparing apples with apples here, but the Australian government need to get their act together. Ok, rant over here peeps.
  10. Hi, I'm currently on a tourist visa and I am staying in Australia with my fiance while we wait for the approval of our PMV. We lodged our PMV offshore. My tourist visa will expire next month. Am I eligible to apply for a bridging visa? or should we just apply for a tourist visa extension? Thanks.
  11. My Thai girlfriend is unemployed. Can she be granted a tourist visa to Australia? This is a question that we are very often asked by client’s who would like to bring their Thai girlfriend to Australia for a holiday. The short answer is yes, she can still be granted a tourist visa if she is unemployed, but a detailed explanation is necessary. For Australian visa purposes, Thailand is unfortunately considered a high-risk country. Although you and your Thai girlfriend’s intention may be to visit Australia for a short 2-week holiday and then return to Thailand, it is in fact primarily an assessment of her personal circumstances that will be taken into consideration by the Department of Home Affairs. At Thai Visa Express we will only submit an application that has been thoroughly prepared by us and which meets the criteria for the grant a tourist visa. That criteria can be found in the Migration Act and Regulations. Although there is no actual requirement that a visitor to Australia must be employed to be granted a tourist visa, a person’s unemployment will be taken into consideration in the overall assessment of their tourist visa application in assessing whether they are intending a genuine temporary stay in Australia. Ongoing employment in an applicant’s home country can be seen as an incentive to depart Australia prior to their tourist visa expiring. However just because a person is employed, this does not mean they will be automatically granted a tourist visa either. It is an overall assessment of an applicant’s personal circumstances which will determine whether they meet the criteria for the grant of a tourist visa or not. If a tourist visa application does not meet the criteria, then it must be refused. In assessing whether a person is intending a genuine temporary stay in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs will take into consideration many personal circumstances of the applicant, including, but not just limited to just ongoing employment. Other factors will also include the presence of close family members in their own county – that is, does the applicant have more close family members in their home country than in Australia. When we prepare a tourist visa application for your girlfriend, we will firstly undertake a thorough and comprehensive assessment of all of her personal circumstances so that a tourist visa application with the strongest chances of success can be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs for favorable consideration. We will also ensure that the adequate means of support criteria are satisfied by preparing your sponsor’s letter of support, also known as an invitation. Once your girlfriend’s tourist visa is submitted our support does not end there. As your girlfriend holds a Thai passport, she will also be required to provide biometrics (fingerprints and photographs) which can be done in either Chiang Mai or Bangkok. Depending upon her requested length of stay in Australia she may also be required to undertake a health assessment by an approved panel doctor in Thailand. We will make all the necessary appointments for her For Australian visa related inquiries for Thai's wanting to visit temporarily or migrate permanently, please contact us as Thai Visa Express
  12. hi, my wife got her PR in september last year. She wants to sponsor her brother to come to Australia for a short holiday. Can I sponsor him, or does she need to do it? thanks
  13. Hi all, I'm planning on applying for the 309 partner visa for my wife and have spent some time on the immi website and also here doing some research (which has been really helpful!) but I still have a few questions and would greatly appreciate any help 😀 Facts -We have been together for 11 years, married for 7 years with 3 kids -Applying for the visa from Europe where we have lived for the past 8 years -Plan to move to Australia July 2020 -I am an Australian citizen, my wife is an EU citizen Questions 1. I know the documents don't have to be certified by a translator but I read where the person translating them has to list their "qualifications and experience in the language they are translating," but it doesn't list the actual requirements for the person translating them. Does anyone have any clarification about who can translate them? I presume an English teacher would be ok, but could you also just get someone who works in both English and the local language in a regular job (e.g. - office/business job)? 2. Once we lodge the application for the 309 could we still go on a 3 week holiday to Australia while it is still being processed - my wife would then need a tourist visa, is this allowed? 3. The biggest problem that I currently have is when to lodge the application. I would like to do it now but have noted that there is generally a requirement to move to Australia within 12 months of the health check. I read where 75% of applications are granted within 12 months but have read in some places where they have been granted in 3 months - so if I applied now and needed to send the health check within say the next two months it would then mean we would need to move to Australia March 2020 which would be too early for us. Does anyone have any recommendations here as I don't want to leave it too late to apply in case it takes longer than 12 months for it to be granted, but obviously don't want it too early - could I apply now and in case they ask for the health check before July 2019 (one year before we go) just delay this a little bit? 4. If by any chance our plans change and we decide to stay living in Europe for another two years but the 309 visa has already been granted is it possible to travel to Australia to meet the 12 month requirement but then to only stay for a few weeks and then return and keep living in Europe or is the requirement that you have to start residing in Australia within the 12 months and not just travel there? Sorry this is quite a long post but I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks!
  14. Reported recently in the media are a very large number of cases involving non-Australian's having their visas cancelled because they have failed Australia's strict character test. A google search on this topic will find many reported cases, such as the following for example: Dozens of criminals face deportation after failing character test. A member of our forum even raised concerns that her criminal convictions as a teenager would impact on her ability to get an Australian working holiday visa. See: I have criminal convictions will I still get a visa for Australia. We have started a new thread on the forum that deals specifically with issues concerning the character requirements for an Australian visa. So, what is the character requirement for an Australian visa? Every non-Australian citizen who wants to enter or remain in Australia must satisfy the character requirement as set out in Australia’s Migration Act. This includes all non-citizens, sponsors of visa applicants and non-migrating family members seeking to enter or stay in Australia. Entering or remaining in Australia is seen as a privilege, and it is expected that non-citizens are, and have been, law-abiding. Visa holders must also continue to satisfy the character requirement. Irrespective of which visa you apply for, you must advise the Department of Immigration if you have any criminal convictions inside or outside of Australia, and you may be asked to provide police certificates as part of your assessment against the character test. If you do not inform the Department of your criminal history, your Australian visa application may be refused, or your visa cancelled. The Department and the Minister have the power to refuse or cancel a visa on the basis that a person does not pass the character test. In some cases, even if you do not pass the character test, the Department or the Minister can exercise discretion not to cancel your visa. Decisions to cancel or refuse visas on the basis of the character test are made after full consideration of all the circumstances of a case. When is it mandatory to cancel an Australian visa? If you are currently serving a full-time custodial sentence and have ever been sentenced to 12 months or more imprisonment, regardless of time actually served, or have been convicted of, had a charge proven for or have been found guilty of a sexually based crime involving a child, your visa must be cancelled. The Department will provide you with 28 days to request revocation of this decision if your visa is cancelled in these circumstances. In considering requests for revocation of a mandatory cancellation decision, the Department will consider all circumstances of your case. The Australian visa character Test You will not pass the character test if: you have a substantial criminal record you have been convicted of escaping from immigration detention, or convicted for an offence that you committed: while you were in immigration detention during an escape from immigration detention after an escape, but before you were taken into immigration detention again. you are or have been a member of a group or organisation, or had or have an association with a person, group or organisation that the Minister reasonably suspects of being involved in criminal conduct the Minister reasonably suspects that you have been involved in people smuggling, people trafficking, genocide, a war crime, a crime against humanity, a crime involving torture or slavery, or a crime that is of serious international concern, whether or not you have been convicted of such an offence your past and present criminal or general conduct shows that you are not of good character there is a risk that while you are in Australia you would: engage in criminal conduct harass, molest, intimidate or stalk another person vilify a segment of the Australian community incite discord in the Australian community or in a part of it be a danger to the Australian community or a part of it. you have been convicted, found guilty or had a charge proven for, one or more sexually based offences involving a child you are subject to an adverse security assessment by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation you are subject to an Interpol notice, from which it is reasonable to infer that you are a direct or indirect risk to the Australian community, or a segment of the Australian community. What is a substantial criminal record? A substantial criminal record is based on the length of a sentence imposed by a court of law, rather than the time actually spent in prison. For the purpose of the character test, a person is deemed to have a substantial criminal record if they have been: sentenced to death or life imprisonment sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more sentenced to two or more terms of imprisonment (even if served concurrently), where the total of those terms is 12 months or more found by a court to be not fit to plead in relation to an offence but found to have committed the offence and as a result have been detained in a facility or institution. Discretionary powers and Ministerial Direction 65 When a person does not pass the character test, the Minister or his delegate will decide whether or not to refuse the application or sponsorship, or to cancel their visa. When making this decision, a wide range of factors will be considered, including the protection of the Australian community, the best interests of any minor children in Australia who may be affected by a decision to refuse or cancel the person's visa and expectations of the Australian community. Other factors are also considered, such as Australia's international legal obligations, the impact of visa refusal or cancellation on a person's family in Australia, any impact on Australian business interests and the impact on the Australian community if a visa were to not be refused or cancelled. The exercise of the discretion is guided by Ministerial Direction 65 made under section 499 of the Act. Exclusion from Australia A person who is removed from Australia after their visa is cancelled on character grounds will be permanently excluded from being granted another visa to re-enter Australia. The cancellation of their visa will also prevent them from applying for most other visas to remain Australia. Appeals Where the decision to refuse or cancel a visa is made by the Minister personally, the person has no right of appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). If a delegate of the Minister either refuses or cancels a person's visa and the person is in Australia they will have a right to have the decision reviewed by the AAT. If they are not in Australia, they may also have a right to have the decision reviewed, for example, if they have either a sponsor or nominator in Australia. However, if a person's visa is mandatorily cancelled because they are serving a custodial sentence and have ever been sentenced to 12 months or more, or have been convicted of, had a charge proven or found guilty of a sexually based crime involving a child, they have no right of appeal at the AAT. In these circumstances, the Department will provide the person with 28 days to request revocation of the decision to mandatorily cancel their visa. A decision made by a delegate of the Minister to not revoke a mandatory cancellation decision is reviewable by the AAT. Strict time limits apply on appeals to the AAT. Applicants in Australia seeking reviews of decisions must apply to the AAT within nine days of being notified of the decision. For applicants outside Australia, the application for review must be lodged by a sponsor or nominator within 28 days of the day of being notified of the decision. The AAT will be deemed to have confirmed the decision if it does not make its own decision within 84 days of the date on which the applicant was notified of the original decision. Whether or not there is an appeal avenue available to the AAT, an applicant may seek judicial review of the decision, if they believe the decision was not lawfully made.
  15. This is written on my visa : Visa Stream Business Visitor Visa Grant Date 10 November 2017 Stay For/Until 3 Month(s) Entries Multiple Last Date to Arrive 10 November 2018 Conditions: 8115 - LIMITED ACTIVITIES 8201 - MAX 3 MONTHS STUDY Other Applicants No Other Applicants Recorded The questions are : 1. If I want to go again on September 2018, can I still use this visa? 2. If my next plan is for holiday / tourist, can I use this visa? or should I apply again? 3. I want to bring my children, what should I prepare? Is anyone knows? Thank you
  16. Hi everyone and a Happy New Year to all. With the help of a Migration Agent I was able to secure my Filipina Fiance a Visitor Visa in August last year. She stayed for 7 weeks before returning in late September 17. I am wanting that she returns to Australia for a longer stay in March before we apply for the Partner Visa later in the year.. I want to avoid paying an agent again for the application as I have all the information proving we are in a committed relationship, letter of invitation and financial documentation. Am I mistaken that the process should be easier as they have all the information from the previously application that was successfully lodged or must I start from scratch and send all the FB dialog s and tonnes of photos and Western Union Transactions I sent to the agent. I do not know where I can attach all this stuff given the small and restrictive attachment criteria . Should I just send as much as possible under heading that "might" be appropriate or will that piss them off ? Also is there any time period that needs to be adhered to before applying for another tourist visa. Thank you so much in advance for any help that may be provided.
  17. Hello AVF Members, Quick query regarding VISA application !!! I currently have Tourist VISA and i just got married with my wife on Student VISA. My the end of this week i am working to file Partner VISA application. My query is when i apply i will receive bridging visa so during this visa what are my possible rights? eg: 1. if i am allowed to work. 2. if i am able to take short course. 3. if i am eligible for medical emergencies. 4. Possible visa decision wait time. 5. if i missed any thing. Regards, Napster
  18. Good day! My family is planning to apply for Australian Tourist Visa. Can you give possible reasons why a group application can be denied? Also, how long is the processing time of this type of visa?
  19. Hi good day everyone, I came to browse here hope someone could help us also Im from Philippines my boyfriend is a Permanent Resident of Australia for 5yrs he's also a Filipino, he was declared seperated since 2009. With statutory declaration paper. We met in a socail application and on a 3 yrs relationship already since may 18,2012, he started to support me financially and we consider to have a relationship of typical husband and wife it just that a long distance term due to his work in Australia and im working also in Philippines. We finally met in August 2015 he came to visit Me and live with me for his entire vacation in Philippines, and he decided to sponsor me as a tourist in Australia we lodge the tourist application via migrant agency last sept. 4,2015 and tourist visa granted sept.16,2015, it was a 12mos multiple entry visa with a max stay of 3mos per entry. I went to Australia in Oct. 8,2015 and got to exit january 8,2016 to bali indonesia with my bf for 4 days to follow my visa condition of max of 3 mos stay, then going back in perth immigration i was hold and got interviewed they even inspect my cellphone. Ask if what's my purpose etc etc. then they found nothing suspicious of me but the immigration officer told us that i would not be allowed to enter again if my visa is tourist visa, she would allow me this time but next time i will exit inwould not be allowed to enter, We should apply for a partner visa because 6mos is too long for a tourist and visiting just only your boyfriend. So we were shocked and dont know what to say. Then they let me in. The question is: 1. Im on multiple entry 12mos visa , is this possible to not enter again? This is my first exit and first entry on my tourist visa, whats the use of multiple entry if im not allowed to re enter again? 2. Are we allowed to lodge the de facto partner visa even if we just lived together for almost 6mos. ? But our relationship is almost 3yrs now 3. Im on tourist visa as of this moment and were planning to lodge the application on march 2016. Before my 3mos max stay will due. Is this ok to process? 3. Is our proof below might suggest the needed requirements? We have a genuine proof of relationship, 1. We have joint account in the Philippines and in Australia. 2. Im 100% declared in his superannuation 3. We have travel ticket together 4. We have bank statements that provide his financial and emotional support with me while im in the Philippines. 5. We have constant facetime ,skype, fb chats since day 1 upto present. 6. We have pictures, ticket and hotel resceipt with both our name on it. I hope someone could help us , is there anyone same situation with ours? Thank you so much for taking time with my concern. Thank you. Have a nice day.
  20. Hello, My fiance (Australian) and I (Filipina) have just invited some of our family from the Philippines for our upcoming wedding. 1. My cousin, who is my maid of honor for my wedding, has been denied after 5 days of waiting. She has worked with a global company since 2011 - had COE but just did not have the letter stating the exact dates she was approved for a leave. Her visa denial was as follows: (I just highlighted impt part/s) *** "... Based on information you submitted, you work at Company X. I have concerns that your employment may not provide sufficient incentive to induce you to return to the Philippines...." -- My concern is did the letter stating the exact dates of travel matter for this case? 2. My aunt from Manila applied and got a denial letter after 1 day. It basically said the same thing however for her she mentioned she have compiled all necessary docs which includes having a paperwork stating the exact dates of travel. Also she had heaps of money in her bank, has assets, cars, etc. It also said in the refusal letter *** ".... I have considered the offer of support from your claimed friend in Australia. Generally, however, offers of support or guarantees from family and friends in Australia are not sufficient evidence of a genuine temporary stay...." My cousin's letter did not have this part so our theory is there could be a mistake in the application form itself that could lead to the CO's immediate decision without even looking at the attachments given that all attachments are good. Please advise so we would be able to address this should the need to re apply be an option. Thank you!!
  21. Hi guys I'm from Indonesia and am currently staying in Australia on a 600 Visitor visa valid for 9 months. Im only 6 months into the visa stay period. if i were to go back to Indonesia for 2 months and return before my 600 visa is expired will that time i spent out of Australia carry over to when i come back. Meaning if i was in Indonesia for 2 months then came back to Australia before my visa expired that would mean i can stay that extra 2 months since i wasn't in Australia? or do i have it all wrong? thanks for any help ary
  22. stuart51

    Which One

    Hello my sister in law is working in taiwan and i introduced a friend to her and they chat online .I want her to come to australia on a tourist visa to visit her sister my wife who has a permanent residence visa in australia.My friend --now her boyfriend-- wants to sponser her here to australia to visit him also on a tourist visa.Which is best for him myself or both of us to apply to sponser her here.I am told as she is 32 unmarried its difficult for us and its better for her boyfriend to sponser her??
  23. Good afternoon, I would like to find an answer concerning my visa and my travel facility. I am currently in Australia and I would like to leave the country for one week in August 2016 and come back until the end of the validity of my visa which is still in effect. My visa expires on the 27th of September 2016. In the section "Entries allowed", it is written : Multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa. But there is also a note : must not arrive after : 31 October 2015 Is this note is in relation with the stay of period of 12 months from the date of each arrival and does not effect the conditons of my travel facility or does it mean that if I leave the country my visa will be over and I could not be allowed to entry in Australia? I hope that you could answer me about my concern and I would like to thank you in advance for your attention and your reply.
  24. I am a NZ citizen currently living and working in Sydney for the past 15 years and just recently married my wife (in Jan, 2016). She is from the Philippines and has never previously travelled out of the country. I would just like to get some advice on what options are available to us in getting her over to Sydney. Is it better to apply for the subclass 461 visa and get her here right away? we have not lived together as she lives in Philippines and I travel back there every 6 months. We met in Manila around Aug/Sept 2014. Or would it be better for her to travel to Australia first as a tourist on the Tourist Visa (Family sponsored)?
  25. Hello, I am just a new member here. I know some of my questions might have been answered thus any thoughtful ideas is highly appreciate I would like to invite my parents here in Australia for my wedding. I am a Filo and my fiance is an Australian citizen. Here are my queries: - My father has a job but he does not get as much; Should we declare it or just write a letter that we can afford to sustain him while here? - My father and sis had lung problem before maybe close but not TB; do they need to have a clearance from a doctor or something like that so they can be approved? - If they use the tourist visa to come across, would the bank statement for my Fiance needed to be of higher amount? Thanks for all your help!Much appreciated! Cutie92
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