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Found 55 results

  1. Hi! I'm a 24 brazilian and I plann to visit Australia this year, as a solo traveller. I'm about to attach documents to my visa application, but I'm not sure about what to attach to make the application better. What I curently have: Passaport picture, employment letter and proof of enough savings to travel. Please, what else do I need? Thank you already.
  2. Hi i'm writing on behalf of my friend who has a query. She will be applying for a Visitor subclass 600 visa and will be supported by her girlfriend's aunt (very close to her) who is an Australian citizen for all the expenses and accommodation. It is her first to travel internationally and is planning to stay there for 1 week, since she only has 5 approved paid leaves from the company that she is working for. Given that the aunt will be providing a Letter of invitation, stat dec, copies of passports, bank statements (with 50-100k aud) and my friend will be submitting her payslips, certificate of employment with a statement that she has these leaves and is required to go back to work after the leaves. Would the 1 week length of stay look bad on her visa application? If not, is 2 or 3 weeks better? Because if it is, She can still take leaves not minding that it's not paid and request for another letter from her work. Any other documents necessary to make the application stronger? Or any suggestion of what documents to provide as a proof that they know each other that long? The evidences that she can think of right now are just photos every time the aunt comes to visit here in the philippines (which is every year since 2011) that's posted in facebook. Thank you in advance for the help!
  3. Mohitsangal

    Australian Tourist Visa Refusal

    I had applied for my tourist visa at VFS here in New Delhi which got a rejection yesterday. My passport is very well traveled with visas for USA, Russia, Europe, Gulf, Far East and Africa, so this tourist visa refusal came to me as a big surprise. I am a chief executive with an imports firm and I wanted to visit my childhood friend there in Melbourne who is a citizen of Australia, the support letter and his passport copies were also attached with the application. The reason given in rejection is that the case officer found that my salary slips were not in the application (which were never asked for) and moreover they see a sudden deposit of large amount in other bank account which was like 14 days prior to the application at least in three parts. My visa agent has advised me to reapply with all required documents as well as my property papers too. Please guide me as when can I reapply also will it be fruitful to reapply or they have made up their mind on my case. This is like the first rejection in my travel history and its hard to digest the. If I have to reapply then when should I put down the application again?
  4. Hello there, I have applied for a visa under Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476) category on January 10th 2018. Usual processing times for this category is about 3-4 months. However I want to be in Australia by 20th March 2018 (2 months from 10th Jan). Because my Wife is already going under Student-500 visa. I want to go with her. Thus I wonder if I can apply for Visitor visa, while the 476 is still being processed. Is it possible to lodge multiple applications at once? If so, can I go to Australia on 20th March under visitor visa, then wait for 476 Visa, and once it is granted, change my Visa to 476 without leaving Australia? Please help me.
  5. Hi everyone I couldn't find a topic about my situation so I'm posting this new topic. (Long story short: Can I invite someone with a letter of support if I'm not an Australian citizen and just a regular tourist on a Working Holiday Visa) Here is the thing, I'm a French guy on a working holiday visa since August 2017. Before that, I lived in Thailand for 4 months when I started dating a girl. I have plans to go back to Thailand with her in February 2018, but before that I would like her to come for 2 weeks during the New Year's eve holiday period. We are now trying to get a visitor visa (Subclass 600) She has over 7000 AU$ on her bank account, her tickets have been booked already and she will live at my apartment. So she has way enough money to stay 2 weeks in Sydney. However, yesterday she called a few agencies to help her make the visa, and they all told her that she needs a letter of support/invitation So the question is, can I give her a letter of support even though I'm not an Australian citizen? If not, what is the best way to show them that I can support her financially for those two weeks Thank you all for your help, Julien
  6. Hi, im lee from philippines. Me and may partner wants to Visit Australia as i have Sister living in there, shes a permanent Resident Married to Aussie Citizen. I applied for a short stay visit in AU (2weeks max) my visa has been granted but my daughter and my partner dont have visa yet as i applied them a week after my application. is there any possibility that thier visa will be granted as well. my sister provide an invitation letter, stating that they will provide accomodation and other expenses. Also, how much money do we need to bring. thank u and best regards to everyone in this site. cheers!
  7. Gday, Asking here as I figured it would be good for clarification What happens when an Australian citizen and one from the EU start talking, spark a relationship, meet in person when she is on a 3 month Tourist visa. Live together de facto, she later applies for a WHV, all of which is documented in the applications The two become engaged while on WHV A little later it is suspected she has fallen pregnant within recent weeks. Again, not confirmed, and would be confirmed while she is still on WHV Both partners are happy and want to continue the pregnancy and be married in the near future. Evidence of de facto is under 12 months, and Australian partner has a house in WA, so the relationship cannot be registered. What are the implications in regards to medical costs (GP, maternity, hospital etc) and future visas. Before all this, the plan was to get married soon, and later when the WHV expired, to apply for partner visa. Obviously this changed plans, but the two partners want to go ahead with this and their Ives together. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thankyou in advance
  8. On a tourist visa can you do volunteer work?
  9. Hello everybody I hope you can help me with my problem and that there is any solution in my case. Im a 28 year old German and was living and working for two years in WA with the work and travel visa. After the visa was finished, I fley to Bali and applied for a eonline tourist visa (subclass 651?). Anyways, the visa got granted and I flex back to Perth. The immigration stopped me and I didn't had a return ticket and couldn't prove enough money in my bank account to satisfy the authorities. Than on top of it, they searched my phone and found a message to a friend of mine, in which I wrote, that I intend to continue work cash for a while, once I'm back in Australia. After the interview, the officer canceled my visa and after a night in the detention center, I got deported. My first question is, do I have now a 3 years ban? When I was at the detention center, the securities told me, that people re-entered Australia after 3 -6 months later, but I have to go to the embassy and have there a personal interview with them and they can decided. Is it possible in my case to go to the embassy and ask for another tourist visa? And if yes, than as well for a maximum stay of 12 months ? Is it possible to get a another visa, for which I could apply? I missed traveling in Australia, just working, please help, I really would like to see a bit more than Perth... Thanks for any help and advice. Hatiku
  10. Hi, i'm planning to lodge my visa on friday night. Just a little background, i have visited sydney last 2015 and I was granted a 3 month TV back then. This year, i'm hoping to be granted again. I'm hoping to come on 12th of June, i know i have a short time lodging my visa prior to my intent dates but I will lodge mine via ONLINE, and per searching some applicants may only take days or even hours of getting their visa decision. I'm just a student and my aunt will support me during my whole stay just like the last time i visit. Here are the docs that I will submit; Copy of my old and new passport Copy of visa stamps Copy of old visa grant notice Copy of my aunt's passport Copy of my aunt's bank statements Copy of my school id Copy of my birth cert Copy of registration form Evidence of going back in ph such as family photos Copy of my aunt's tenancy agreement Copy of my aunt's Payslip Copy of my aunt's Visa Cover letter Invitation letter I would like to seek advice if my documents are enough to be granted a TV again. Please I hope you guys reply ????????
  11. bjhennara

    Visitor Visa Questions

    Hi, has anyone of you applied for a tourist visa subclass 600 who dont have any assets documents? Say for example just a student. Please let me know what did you include in your application and what is the result of your application as well.
  12. Hi All, I need help for tourist Visa 600. I have been living in Australia for a bit less than 3 years and I am a permanent resident(subclass 189). I am going to apply a tourist visa for my sister. she has the Iranian nationality and has been living in Germany for the last 3.5 years. She is working full time and studying at the moment. The problem is that she likes to come here in December 2017 and she will graduate in Sep 2017. Literally she is not a student anymore after Sep and her German visa will change to a 18-month graduate visa. her fulltime work contract also expires on Jan 31. I am just wondering if she has a chance to get the visa? She also has a 15-month serious relation with a German guy who will also travel with her. They are not living together as they work in two different cities, but they have a lot of evidence (photos, travel documents etc) that they have been together in this period. they are planning for marriage. Is it a good thing to mention this relationship (literally being engaged) while applying for the tourist visa? The last point is that, she applied for the subclass 190 sponsorship for one of the states and they did not sponsor her. Does it affect her visa? Any chance to get the visa? Many thanks
  13. Hi, Does anyone here applied for tourist visa subclass 600 even tho they are still studying college or highschool? Is it enough proof to comeback including my registration form as well as school ID in my application under reason to return. If so, was your visa granted? Hope someone will answer. Thank you.
  14. Hi everyone! I would like to seek advice since my tourist visa application is now on process. I applied yesterday May 1 and this visit plan is to be with my fiance. We have PMV on progress or assessment in progress status. We really miss each other and we're both not happy to talk just through skype or viber. He will visit here in Cebu ( Philippines ) on June 10 until June 23. We're careful on checklist for tourist visa. My main concern is to ask about the reasons to return, some important documents and processing time. Philippine is part of high risk country as we all know. The reasons i provided are: 1. Kids and I are the applicants for PMV, before the decision I need to be outside in Australia 2. My supervisor allowed me to take leave not more than 3 months, is it enough for them if I provide the approve letter of leave with my supervisor's signature, company email and phone number? 3. I also provided them my Certificate of Employment 4. I will really miss my kids because I raised them alone without their father. I will let my parents take care of them for a while. I wrote that reason on my letter. 5. Im also mindful that upon PMV decision I have to be in my home country. How many days of processing time for tourist visa? I wanna check your thoughts about those reasons I provided. Any advice will be highly appreciated.
  15. Hi everyone.. I applied for a student dependent visa and got an refusal letter. Now, i am planning to apply for a tourist visa. is there a change i can get approval despite being refused? My husband is a student and I have 2 Bros-in-law (permanent resident) Can my brother-in-law be my sponsor on my trip and send an invitation letter? I work in the company of my father-in-law ( their fam business) is it possible that this document will make a proof that I will comeback and not stay in australia?
  16. Stemitchell1983!

    Tourist Visa Subclass 651

    Hi all I am hopefully travelling to Australia to visit my old friend who lives out in Sydney, I have booked my flights for 15th April, I put my visa application in on 20th January. I have criminal convictions, have never been to prison and have provided a police certificate. From 18th February my application on my immi account has been in assessment. Immigration wont give me any details as to when it will be assessed, they say it has been sent to VACCU and they will be in touch. I am getting concerned as I am due to fly in under 3 weeks. I'm going to the embassy in London on Friday to see if I can get any success from speaking to someone face to face. Does anyone have any experience of this? Obviously I will be taking my travel documents and police certificate, do I need to make an appointment? Anyone had any experience of getting this sorted at the embassy itself and what to bear in mind? Thanks in advance for any support, cheers.
  17. Hi there, I'm new to this forum, and i couldn't find the answers to the questions i have, so i'm posting and i hope you can help me. I have been in a relationship for almost 3 years with an Ecuadorian citizen, and we are hoping he will be able to come to Australia to live and hopefully work this year. He has previously been here on a tourist visa, and got that without issue. Our plan is to go between Australia and Ecuador, living and working in each country where possible (I'm a nurse, hes a professional surfer so follows the competitions globally). However, we are needing to look into a more permanent visa option for him to live in Australia. We plan on getting married sometime in the next few years and setting up our lives in both Aus and EC. So what i would like to know is what visas would be appropriate for him? Is there any type of visa that he could apply for now that would help his application for a Partner/Prospective marriage/Spouse visa in the future, or would it be a better idea to start the application process sooner rather than later? Is it better for him to apply from overseas, or is it better to apply while hes in the country on a different type of visa? The only issue we will have is having to stay in the country for 9 out of the 12 months whilst awaiting confirmation of the Partner visa as he will have to follow his competition tour, and that means being overseas to compete. I imagine we could attempt to organise this time over the off season/Australian competitions however i'm not sure how easily that could work. Would it be best to look at a 12 months tourist visa and go from there? Build further our 'proof' and have joint accounts and names on bills etc while hes living here? Also with applying for a partner visa - most of our expenses i.e. rent in Australia, rent in Ecuador and our travel expenses have been made by cash. Is this going to prove an issue to prove? We also don't yet have a joint bank account, nor have both our names on bills. We do however have extensive WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Instagram, Skype conversations, photos, etc. I would love some opinions/advice/options/similar experiences! Thanks in advance.
  18. Your Passport / Document/Notification Letter has been handed over / Dispatched/Emailed to Applicant / Representative on 22/12/2016. But Till date i have not yet received any email.. Pls help me on this
  19. Hi all, great resource you have all built up here. I'm after a general idea of how feasible my girlfriend's and my plan sounds, and any ideas you may think could help us. She is an Indian national, living and working in Malaysia. We met in Malaysia 18 months ago while I traveled throughout SEA. I've now returned to Australia for work and we aren't ready to let things go so easily. She has been working in Malaysia for two years and is about to sign a new contract for another two years. So the plan is for her to get a 12 month tourist visa and visit me here in her holidays (she is a school teacher, so lots of holidays), then in a year we lodge a PMV, and another 12 months tourist visa for visits during the processing period. She would then arrive here on a PMV in 24 months and we would be married sometime after that. Is that reasonable? Tourist visa, tourist visa, PMV? Are there any hurdles we are likely to come up against applying for two 12 month tourist visas? Are we better off making an application for a shorter visa the first time around? I'll be writing her letter of invitation, she has money for her first visit of two weeks but not enough for subsequent visits, she would return to her job like a normal person and save up for each visit as they happen. Would that pose problems? I have heard that for approval you need to show funds for your entire trip. If there are any other snags you can see we'd really appreciate your advice. Cheers EDIT: Also, how do you satisfy that you are only visiting if the intention is clearly to move toward a PMV and eventually stay? It seems like a Catch-22 to me. Is the Department understanding of this?
  20. Dear All, I am an Australian Permanent Resident and my girlfriend is a student and Permanent Resident of Denmark and a citizen of Bulgaria. We applied for her tourist visa along with my invitation letter and statements that I could support her stay (although she gets students grant of more than $1k/Month) and got refusal with following remarks: "You have not provided acceptable evidence that you have access to sufficient funds to cover the cost of your travel to and stay in Australia. As such, I cannot be satisfied that you intend a genuine visit to Australia as I find that the cost and duration of your stay in Australia is not consistent with your personal circumstances. As you have not demonstrated that you have access to sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Australia, I am also of the view that you may have significant incentive to work in Australia in breach of your visa conditions. Based on the above considerations I am not satisfied that you have a genuine intention to visit Australia temporarily for tourism purposes." All funds related documents were shown viz. my previous salary slips and bank balance and other stuff (more than $30k). She also mentioned credit card availability, students grant (>$1k/Month), availability of students loan, and some cash-amounting to $9k. We stated that she intends to stay for 2.5 months. What went wrong in the application? Despite my invitation and assurance, they didn't take it into account. Thanks in advance for replies.
  21. Hey everyone, So this is my first post, and I hope this question hasn't been asked already, but I couldn't find the answer. Currently my girlfriend (from France) is planning on joining me in Australia in the next month or two, we have previously lived abroad and been a couple for the past several years. Any who, we're looking at getting her the eVistor (651) visa for her to enter Australia and then apply for a Partner Visa with in the country. First question: Does anyone have any experience with this visa and I've heard it doesn't have the no further stay attached to it, but I want to make sure before we go any further. Secondly: If she enters on this visa, would she need to have a return ticket (to France) or proof showing she plans to leave the country? (say booking a cheap one way ticket to NZ) Or would customs allow her to enter to enter the country solely on a one way ticket. I would love to hear people's experiences especially surrounding the eVistor. We've been a reader of the forum for a while, but it is great to finally join the forums.
  22. I'm considering applying for a tourist visa for a Thai girl I met on my recent trip, I am just trying to gauge the chances of success and what I could do to improve them. I spent a month in Thailand, yes I know im despicable..Pattaya and Chiang Mai. While in Pattaya early on I met a GoGO girl I became smitten with (yes ive heard the stories..but shes "different")...there is no point lying about this to you, in order to get the most accurate answers, honesty is paramount, but I do believe this girl is different to the vast majority who you hear about in horror stories! Anyway I ended up staying with her for my entire trip, going to Chiang Mai and quite honestly I fell in love with her. Since I returned home, we have texted at all hours, videocalled for an average of 3-4 hours per day etc. So rather than wait 6 months to see her again, I am hoping to bring her here, to show her some of my home city, see how we live and to see if she likes Australia, if she doesn't like Australia there is no real point in pursuing a relationship as I cannot live in Thailand and am not keen on a multi year long distance relationship. She has a child and parents,she also has a lot of land in her name as "positive" reasons to show she will return. A bit about my situation, im asset poor, ive not interest in property here. Savings, I am also quite poor at the moment, $6000 in savings as ive spent $30000 across 3 separate month long trips to SEA in the past 13 months. I earn roughly $100000 per year, give or take a few $. Same employer for almost 6 years. Never married etc. Am I dreaming? Is it possible to get a visa for her when I met her so recently? What could, or should I do in order to improve my odds of success? Thank you in advance, whether the replies are positive or negative. If ive left any important info out, please ask.
  23. Hi everyone! My name is Hector, I'm from Mexico. I applied for a tourist visa back in October and I received my letter that I needed to provide biometrics in a VAC facility as soon as possible to process my aplicación. 8 days after I received my letter I traveled to Monterrey (closest VAC facility) to provide my biometrics. Couple days ago I received a refusal letter telling me that my application could not be processed because I didn't provide any biometrics. Has any one here has experienced something like this? I am going mad because I definitely did provide my biometrics and I feel that this refusal is on unfair grounds!! I feel so bad and powerless.
  24. Inderpreet

    About Australia Visitor Visa

    Hi, My name is Inder and i am from India, I have some queries about Australia Visitor Visa. Me and my wife want to visit Australia to visit my spouse real sister - (She is PR in Australia & her husband is Citizen of Australia). Kindly advice me how i can present my application to Embassy and what all documents are required to submit with my application. Thanks Inder
  25. My wife and I applied for Visitor visa (subclass 600) at Washington DC office (USA) on Sept 15 for our trip to Australia on Oct 15. We both carry Indian passports. Do you think there is a chance of getting a visa on time? Or should we just cancel the trip? Thanks in advance