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Partner Visa 309 - Overseas App 40Sp 47Sp

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Hi Folks

Does anyone know how to download forms 40SP and 47SP? It appears they are not available for download since 309 must be applied for online now.

The problem is my wife is on a student guardian visa, and this visa has a condition that she must apply for visas offshore, even though she has been living in Aus for past 3 years.

So we want to view these online forms before we go offshore (just for visa app), so we can prepare beforehand.


My wife is Chinese and is the guardian of her son while he attends high school in Melb, and I'm Aus citizen.

Hope someone can help.





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thanks for reply

we did try pre-filling but the system know's we're in Aus even though we entered offshore to try to gather some info upfront. so we only got to about page 4. if we say we're in Aus at the start then we get blocked earlier since my partner must be offshore

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I knew it would stop you but didn't think it was that early. sorry.

most of it apart from the 4 you just need to pay close attention to the questions. having the paper forms confused some as the questions were different layout/order and some different.

you can log on yourself and do it if that helps settle your mind. I did my wife's while she was offshore.

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