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rodrigo campos

Suggestion About My Partner Visa Application

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hello everyone here !! 

i'm in a relationship for 8 months and  leaving together with my partner.  We want to apply as soon as possible for our partner  visa 820 ...i am m currently on my yacht crew member Visa , but the vessel was working left Australia and next week they will need to inform immigration that i'm no longer working there  so probably my visa gonna get cancel soon . So if we apply for the 820 onshore i will end up getting a BVE ...tough ... i will than have to apply for working permit based on financial hardship as only my partner will be working on retail (i've heard is really hard to get this permission )

....  another path is to leave country and apply offshore ... witch isn't easy considering   the long waiting period  abroad...

 ...  or try a tourist visa from oversea  and apply for partner once we are back here (but also there is a big change it comes with " no further stay" ... can i still applying for partner offshore in this case? )  


we don't know what to do ... any info and suggests could help us . 


thanks in advance 

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based on what you have put a pmv would be best. part of the partner visa requirement if going as defacto is to if been together 12 months. even if you register to waive that it will be hard for to the amount and type of evidence required.

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