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Importation Of A "unique" Vehicle From U.s.- What's Involved?

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Hey folks,

My American husband and I are planning on moving to Australia in the coming months as we wait for his partner visa to process.  As an Australian citizen who has lived in the U.S. for years, this is a big, dramatic move for everyone involved.


One our possessions that has its destiny in question is our 1992 Ford Explorer.  It's not just any ol' Ford Explorer, but a Jurassic Park replica.  As a fan of the movie as a kid, and a car fanatic now, I thought "why not"?  It's taken a lot of work, patience, and money to get it to where it is now.  The truck has been in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and is occasionally used at museum exhibits.  Even without the alterations, it's a rarity being in impeccable condition with only 66k miles and is in perfect mechanical and esthetic shape.  After all this fun and work, it'd be heartbreaking leaving it behind.


Looking at the government site on importing vehicles, it's very convoluted.  It says 1989 and newer vehicles are restricted, but is vague on the exceptions.  I think I'm eligible being an Australian citizen residing overseas, and we've had the car for three years.  


If anyone has any info on what needs to be done to make it eligible and the steps involved, as well as costs involved (I'm confused especially about the GST and import tax amounts- is it based on the original value/today's value/or the value I bought it at?), and any other advice, it's more than welcome.


For reference, we bought it for USD$3,000 in 2015 (stock condition), we probably will move to VIC, and it is a secondary car; we would use it only on the weekends occasionally, so it won't be using it most days


Thank you so much
















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