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Bridging Visa B to apply for Europe Visa

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Hello Everyone

I am also not sure if this can be done or someone has done it in the past; if so please advise

I am an adventurous holder of bridging visa A; hoping to go to Europe 

For Europe visa application they need the Aus visa to say multiple entries; thus the application to bridging visa B

The conditions of bridging visa B is quite tricky; with the process being 3 months to 3 weeks close to departure date


Can you apply for bridging visa B and let the immigration know you wish to apply for another visa ( eg Japan, schengen, overseas? ) and you need it soon?Will the immigration show leniency?

If so what could be the timeline for this if by any chance someone has done it in the past?



PS I have tried Bridging visa b once recently without actually attaching the visa of the country I was going. Lucky enough the country I was going to only require my passport to grant me a visa.

Aus Immigration granted my BVB visa 2 weeks before my departure date 


Hoping for some answers by anyone who took the risk or if this can be possible at all







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