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Australian partner visa

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As per my previous post my boyfriend an I are in an awkward situation. He applied for another visitor visa in Australia and it now has condition 8503.This has now put a real spanner in the works as we were planning on applying for the onshore de facto visa, but applied for the tourist visa to give us more time to prepare the partner visa application. From everything I have read, getting a waiver on Condition 8503 is not an option for us at all. 

What we are planning on doing is this, and would appreciate any feedback on whether this is a good idea.

At the end of my boyfriends current visa we will both go back to Vietnam for a holiday. My boyfriend will get everything he needs from his side for the partner visa, with the view to being ready to apply in 4 months. He will spend 4 months back in Vietnam so it doesn't look like he is applying for back to back visitor visas. He will then apply for another visitor visa, and like the very first which was granted in Vietnam we are hoping it wont have condition 8503 attached. If it doesn't, he will travel to Australia and then submit the application here. However, if it does have the condition 8503 attached, then he will apply for the offshore partner visa. Am I missing anything here, as this seems like our only options.  

Edit: Members original post here: Also a problem with Condition 8503 Help!!!

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What you have suggested seems to be your only options.

It is unfortunate that the second visitor visa had condition 8503 imposed on it, but as you have found out, it is the risk you take when applying for another visitor visa onshore. 


Please note that this posting is of a general nature only. It does not constitute legal or migration advice and may not apply to your particular circumstances.

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