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Looking for Regional sponsorship

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Dear all,

I am an agricultural consultant and looking for a regional sponsorship. My overall points is 65. I talked to my consultant and he said that if we apply through regional sponsorship it will take 3 to 4 months to get an invitation. However when i was browsing internet, ppl are saying that with this minimum points it is unlikely to get an region invitation. So just wanted to know through this platform that what is the probability of me to get regional invitation based on my points and how long will it take to get an invitation if there is a probability. 

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Your total immigration score is 65 points, but your question is incomplete, weather you have included your 10 points for regional sponsorship or not. 

If you have included 10 points of regional sponsorship and getting overall 65 points then its too less to get the invitation to apply for Australia Skilled Regional nominated visa 489. On the other hand, if you have not included your regional nomination points the overall points will be 75 which is a good score for getting invitation from DIBP. 

If you are getting 75 points you might get invitation within 6 to 9 months in general, but i will also say that the processing time for Australia PR visa depends on many factors and from case to case. 

Australian Immigration Consutants

Fast Way to Get Approved Australia PR Visa

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