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Guest BlueDog

How to get a Thai Visa from the Thai Consulate in Hobart

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Guest BlueDog

How to get a Thai Visa from the Thai Consulate in Hobart

To obtain a retirement visa for Thailand from the Thai consulate, you need to do the following.

The cost for the retirement visa is very reasonable.

1. The cost is AUD$275  for the application fee, you also need to provide 2 Passport size photos.

2. Provide a doctors certificate showing that you do not have leprosy, TB, elephantiasis, not addicted to any drugs and finally that you don't have syphilis. This costs about AUD$75

3. Provide a Police check, AUD$55 for a statement from and signed  by your States Police Commissioner (Highest ranking officer) that I have you do not have any outstanding criminal matters.  

4. A separate form in addition to the applications form with information about my intended arrival in Thailand i.e. arrival date, hotel booking etc.

5. Copy of your information page of your Australian Passport.  

6. Copy of your Australian passport.  

7.A letter from your bank showing that you have the required funds (Bt 800,000) available 

All of the documents in this application which amount to 6 pages + passport need 2 copies and made into  3 lots of 6 pages and bound together.  Now this is where it all gets tricky.  It is required that all 3 the copies of all 6 pages are signed by a Justice of the Peace (JP), that is each page all 18 pages ...In Western Australia we have CD's Commissioner of Declarations and JP's..  CDs are voluntary citizens (teachers, police, doctors, politicians etc.etc.) of standing who sign mostly Statutory Declarations (Stat dec.) attesting that you are the person who signed a document(s) this is similar for JPs.   JPs are often involved in more complex legal matters, issuing warrants, affidavit and sometimes sit in judgement in a court if required it's a voluntary position ( no payment is made).  It is not the duty of a JP to vouch for any information contained in the documents.  A JP's duty is to say that he saw you sign the document. There is no fee for this service from a JP or CD. it is a voluntary position.  Advice from Western Australia State Attorney General (Top law officer) is not to engage JPs in frivolous matters when requesting witnessing of legal documents as they offer there services free of charge.  The Thai retirement visa application requires all documents including copies to be signed by a JP.  That is clearly frivolous.

It is not the duty in Australia of a JP to sign each page of 18 pages of any application for anything.  Some documents may 500 pages.  In my case as I new the JP personally he reluctantly signed all the documents.  He reminded me that his duty was only to witness that I am the person signing and that the information in the document I have shown him is true and that he saw you/me sign that declaration, you can go to jail if you make a false declaration (the information in the document the JP likely knows nothing about, not his job to know).   This would/could make my application for a Thai retirement visa 36 pages (18 pages of application and 18 pages of stat dec's) The JP reminded that my request was far above what his voluntary service is for.  He suggested that Thailand's request that he sign a document from the states Australia highest ranking police officer and a medical certificate from a doctors that they were telling the truth was in his opinion an "abuse of request."  If requests like this were replicated in Australia or any western country where every page of a legal document had to be signed by a JP the legal system in those countries would simply collapse..


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