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Advise needed for Self Employed Documentation for ACS

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I am a software engineer from India and I have some questions regarding ACS Work Experience :

1) I had a proprietorship software company for a few years but I do not have any registration certificate for it. ( A properitorship firm does not need a mandatory registration). But I have Income Tax Returns with my name declaring that I am owner of the company and customer invoices as well. Is that acceptable by ACS as a valid proof?

2) Later I established a Private Limited company with same name and I am the director of the same till now. How do i declare that experience? As a self employed OR as a an employee of that company signed by another director?

3) I also worked as a full time freelancer for an Australian client. But now that business is closed, so he cannot write on letter head. Is a plain paper declaration acceptable by ACS?

4) Does ACS consider upwork.com profile as a valid proof of freelancing experience?

Please advise.


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