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8503 Waiver Granted - HELP

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Hey all,

My husband is currently on a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) in Australia. 

We had the 8503 Waiver approved today due to compelling and compassionate circumstances. This means he can now apply for a partner visa onshore, as far as I understand. 

However, what's bothering us is the 8531 condition (must leave before visa expires) that is also on his visa. We have read that even if we apply for a partner visa onshore, this condition means he HAS to leave Australia regardless. 

What is the process here?

1) He applies for the partner visa onshore
2) He must leave Australia before visa expires
3) He goes to Bali so as to fulfill the 8531 condition. As soon as his current visa is cancelled, the Bridging Visa A kicks in (i.e. in the airport as his passport is being scanned out of Australia)

But then how does he re-enter Australia? Bridging Visa A does not allow travel. But it seems the only way to 'enact' the bridging visa while adhering to the 'must leave' condition is to leave the country. 

Any help in any form would be muchly appreciated!


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Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum,

It is not necessary to post the same question multiple times. 

Is your husbands visa  under sponsored family stream of the subclass 600? If so, did you pay a security bond? 



Please note that this posting is of a general nature only. It does not constitute legal or migration advice and may not apply to your particular circumstances.

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