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Transitioning from 457 to Spousal

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My background: I am from the US, and have been in Australia on a 457 sponsored work visa for almost 3 years, but my position was made redundant. I was also recently married to an Australian citizen and we have been together more than a year.

An immigration lawyer advised that I may be able to gain work rights by a somewhat roundabout method. For a number of reasons, it would be very advantageous to not be on the 457 visa for the next few years while waiting for the partner visa to be approved.

The agent advised leaving Australia, reentering on an ETA visitor visa, applying for a partner visa, and thereby gaining a bridging visa which after up to 3 months I would be able to work. Does this seem like a plausible scenario, and are there any red flags I should be aware of?


Thanks for any and all help

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