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Marrying in Australia and then applying for a partner visa

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My fiancee and I are planning to get married in Australia in July. She is from the Philippines but works in the UAE which is where we met  nearly 3 years ago, and where I was working at the time. I am now living and working back in Australia. We have previously travelled to the UK together and several times to the Philippines. My fiancee has also travelled twice to Australia on a tourist visa in November 2017 and August 2018 both times she was granted a 3 month visitor visa without no further stay on it, and she stayed for 4 weeks on each visit as this was the time she had off work. Our plan is to apply for another visitor visa and if it does not have the no further stay on this one then apply for the partner visa. Will letting immigration know that the we are going to be married in Australia hinder the success of her application. Will they take the view that she might then apply for the partner visa in Australia and refuse the visa. I am hoping that her previous visas and the fact that she abided by the rules will work in her favour. Any thoughts on this please!!

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