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Immigration account issue - documents not attaching

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Hi all

Apologies if this is the wrong area, but I'm having issues uploading any documents at all and was wondering whether others are able to upload documents right now or if it's a technical issue with the immi account form?

I've tried uploading with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 and am having the same issue (is there a certain browser that needs to be used?). 

I can get to the below page but when I click "attach" the document does not attach and it just stays on this page. Any ideas?

Appreciate any help


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4 hours ago, SammyJ said:

Ok. Have you tried clearing the cookies or logging off and on

Every time i have these types of problems i always restart my laptop

Thanks for the tip! I ended up figuring it out, I had a hyphen in the file name of all my documents which is not allowed! 

I'll leave this here as a reminder to anyone else that gets caught out and nearly contacts immigration tech support!

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