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How useful is a temporary residency for an international graduate looking for work in Australia?

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Hello everyone,, I am an international student who just finished my mechanical engineering degree in Sydney (loved it and thank you Australia for your hospitality) and will be looking to try my luck at finding employment in Sydney. Hence, I'll be applying for a temporary residence visa. Right now I am torn between two visa choices (476 vs 485) where the 476 is a skilled migration visa eligible for recent engineering graduates and the 485 the generic ovo.fyi/xvideos/ ovo.fyi/xnxx/  ovo.fyi/chaturbate/ temporary graduate visa. The major differences between these two subclasses is that the skilled migration visa costs $385 while valid for 18 months whereas the temporary graduate visa costs upwards of $1300 for 24 months. So essentially I fulfill the requirement for both visas and I understand they only differ in cost and period of stay. Because of this, I'm leaning towards the cheaper 476 visa but I'd like some of your opinion (especially employers) regarding my situation.

  1. Is there something else that I'm missing out between the 476 and 485 visas?

  2. As I'm an international student, I've heard that a permanent residency is desire/required when finding full time employment in the professional field (such as the oil and gas industry). How true is this?

  3. If (2) is true, then would it be fair to say that there's no difference between an 18 month visa and a 24 month visa? Meaning the extra 6 month period will not be helpful since I'm expected to have a permanent residency for employment.

Would greatly appreciate any views on employment and residency in Australia as well as any first hand experiences regarding the topic...

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