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Can I Register an ABN while I am waiting for my TSS to be approved?

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I'm in a pretty unique situation where I am currently on Bridging Visa A, awaiting my appeal to go through for a TSS visa under the job of Retail Buyer. A colleague and I want to start a little side business of selling hair accessories. We want to apply for an ABN as a partnership in order to conduct business online and open a separate business bank account. Neither of us will technically be employed by our company as we will not be paying ourselves a salary. All profit earned will be going back into the business. 

Does anyone know if this is legal or if this will interfere with my visa application?


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If your current visa allows you to work, then yes you are allowed to apply for an ABN.

Technically you can apply for an ABN at any stage, but the ABN conditions assumes you intend to trade/work, and if your visa prevents work then 'technically' your not allowed to apply.

However, they dont check (as yet) on your Visa status. In fact I dint think they are asking Visa status as yet on the ABN application.

Having an ABN is not normally advised to IMMI, UNLESS IMMI decide to run a credit check on you, and that's rare.




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