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John Lomas

Application for a 186 visa from a 457 visa complication

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some advice from the DIBP's point of view on a PR 186 application from a 457 visa but without incriminating myself!
The issue is that my 457 visa endorsed a certain ANZCO code for the specific role I was employed for but due to available projects, I never fulfilled my intended role and occupied a position lower but my employment conditions were not changed due to company policy. When it came round to applying for my 186 visa, it was deemed that this lower job position no longer satisfied the criteria of the ANZCO code. Now my company will not sign off the application due to this discrepancy and the threat of receiving repercusions from DIBP for not alerting them to my change of position which differed from my 457 visa role.
Considering my 457 visa was approved with the ANZCO code and original role, the fact I am now occupying a position lower but still in the same field, my question is would this application be likely to be rejected on the grounds of a. my current role is different to that originally stated and b. the ANZCO code may not align to the current role.
I can provide more specific information if required if anyone is willing to offer advice!

I am now faced with applying for a new 457 visa to align with my current role and a different ANZCO code and then waiting another 2 years before I can apply for my PR!

Any advice/suggestion/assistance would be appreciated. Thanks

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