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Becca R

Huge ETA Mistake- Please Help!

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So, I made a huge mistake. While applying for an ETA, I completely misread the criminal question. I was convicted of a minor DUI (no jail time) over 4 years ago, but didn't realize that it was only asking about something that required me to do time. I was just trying to answer honestly so nothing would arise in the future. Now, apparently I am banned from applying with this passport number for life? I don't know what else to do. I just submitted my working holiday visa application, but I am naturally worried that it isn't going to go through now. 

Is there anything I can do to clear this up? Please help!

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20 minutes ago, Yara Habarneh said:

Sorry to hear about the mistake, but hopefully I can help.


I suggest you send an email as soon as possible to the department of home affairs stating your situation.

I have tried to find an email address to contact them, but simply can't! Do you have it by any chance or know where I can find it? All that's listed is phone numbers and I had zero luck speaking with a representative.

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