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Usama Arshad

Pakistani Police Character Certificate (visa subclass: 476)

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I had applied for visa subclass 476 back in 12th December 2018 and then I moved to China. My PCC at the time of my application was originally made on 27th of September 2018. The Australian government has been extremely slow in processing my application and on 10th July, they asked for further documents. My Pakistani PCC was supposed to be valid for only 6 months but they did not ask me for providing a new one in the further documents.
I had submitted my further documents on 6th August and since then, my application is in Further Assessment and I have not been requested for any new documents yet.

My questions are as follows:
Will they ask me to provide a new recent PCC as even 27th September 2019 is now on the corner? I have not been back to Pakistan since 21 December and have lived in China since.

I do have a new more recent PCC that is less than 4 months old but it was made for China when it was required for processing my new work permit here while switching jobs. Only softcopy was used so I still have it. Pakistani PCCs have the name of the country written on them where they are to be used but my Canadian PCC does not have any country name written on it. Can I use that recent Pakistani PCC which was made to be used for China instead of getting a new one? Getting a new Pakistani PCC made from here will be incredibly costly. I have already went through that process for my Chinese work permit and I cant waste money on it and bother my family back in Pakistan again.

Will they also ask me to provide them Canadian PCC if that one expires? I have not visited Canada is the past 7 years and getting a Canadian PCC remade will be far more difficult and costly from China.

I am feeling a little bit stressed out regarding this matter so will really be very greatful to those who reply.

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