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Hello All,

I always had a plan to get a PR in Australia for almost an year and half now. Now due to project work, my employer is sending me to Melbourne in Jan, 2020 on 482 TSS Visa. 

The question is, Can I still pursue my 190 Visa? will there be any conflicts. The main reason why I am planning for 190 visa is, I will try for Sponsorship from Victoria and since I will be in Melbourne, once I get my PR, It will be relatively easy for me to search for Job post my PR. Please suggest if this is a wrong plan.

I don't have any problem staying in Victoria for 2 years as this is mandatory for 190 Visa. At least If I have PR, My wife can search jobs in better way and I can talk to my employer to see if they can do something to change my permit from 482 to 190. Cause I heard lot of stories where dependent is skilled but still they are not able to get the jobs because of they are a dependents for 482 Visa holder.

 If dependent is having 190, chances of getting job is better compared to dependent of 482.


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Hi there, 

Firstly, what is the occupation your employer has nominated you under? If the occupation is on medium to long term list, permanent residency is also available under subclass 186 visa subject to meeting all other requirements. If your role is based in a regional area, there may still be more employer sponsored pathways even if the occupation is not on long term.

482 is a temporary visa and can be held while applying for permament residence under 189 or 190 subject to meeting other requirements.

Further tss dependents gets full working rights with no work restrictions what so ever. It is even better than your visa which is tied to your employer under condition 8607. However, prospects of getting a job do get better with permanent residence.

Hope this helps.




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