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Including partners Name in Super?

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Hey all, 

Trying to settle a healthy debate between us and another couple who about to submit their 801. So, we passed on relevant information but they have it stuck in their heads that adding her name to his Super is a good idea? I said, "you don't need too", but they said, "it's good to show as genuine couple" (which they are /  we haven't done it to ours), I said, "Wouldn't that have the same as having each others name on a Will?"

Also, does anyone on here keep updating their story line? Not one for weekly 'status updates' but would be doing a monthly update be better? 'Cause we're about to finish our first quarter out of the two year wait haha.

Thanks in advance. 

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Seperate to the visa side of things (it is another healthy bit of evidence buy not required) it is better to nominate someone for your super, even if you have it specified in your will the Super fund is under no obligation to give it to that person.

If you have a binding nomination the Super fund must give it to that person, binding nominations must be redone every 3 years.

Non binding nomination they will take it under advisement and generally give it to that person.

There was a case around here where a couple who was separated and were amicable with 3 kids. After he died it was in his will for the super to go to his kids, a former partner he was with contested the will and won most of the Super. They had only been defacto for 8 months and seperated for about 5 months before he died.



Personally I updated every 4 months or so, just to feel like I was doing something.

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