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Third year Working Holiday Visa (417)

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Hi there! 

I am currently on my second Working Holiday Visa 417. Last year the government announced that it will be possible to apply for a third year. To apply for this third visa you are required to do 6 months of regional work. The same conditions/requirements as for application for a second year are in place. As well, the work must be fulfilled after the 1st of July 2019. So the first application can be lodged from the 1st of January 2020. 

In my personal case my visa (second year) runs out on the 22nd of December 2019. I have been working on a farm since half June and as well in April for 4 weeks. As you can tell I come a couple of days short on my visa to meet the requirements to apply for a third year. 

I've got a few questions around my situation and this new third year. First of all those 6 months is that equal to two times the 88 days for your second year (176 days)? In that case I need to work to the 23rd of December 2019.

Is there a possibility to extend my visa, with the same conditions, for a couple of days to be legally working till 31st of December. By doing this I can meet the requirements to apply for a third year. 

Can my employer ask the immigration to extend my visa for a bit cause they really rely on my help.

What is a wise move cause I really would like to come back for a third year to Australia. 

Cheers in advance! 


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