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Am i eligible?

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Good morning guys,

I ve been reading your topics for a while now tryin to find the right info but without success. Probably because im about to ask a stupid question :D

This is my story maybe you guys can help me a bit :

I ve been in Australia with a valid visa since 27 Nov 2014. I Have been married with my wife(australian citizen) since 15 Feb 2016 and i have applied for a spouse visa the 16 Nov 2016. 
During the 820 visa we also had a child together and i ve been granted a PR 801 visa a few days ago( 4 Nov 2019).

Now, i was thinking about my citizenship process.

I was wondering, from when do i calculate my time eligibility requirement for citizenship? Do i calculate from the day i have been granted a visa 820 or a from the time i have been granted a visa 801?

Thank you so much for your help guys and have a great day.

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You have already fulfilled the 4 year residency condition on a substantive visa. However you also need to have held a permanent residence visa for at least 12 months prior to your citizenship application. This means that you will be eligible to apply for citizenship after 4 Nov 2020. If you travel outside Australia between now and that date, you will need to add those days you were outside Australia on top of that 4 Nov 2020 date. Only after then can you be eligible.

Visa: PMV Subclass 300, Lodged: Mid Apr 2019, Medicals: Cleared, Status: Further processing

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