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Living Permanently in Australia

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Hi guys! hopefully you guys can help me.  I wanted to live permanently in Australia with my husband and 3 kids but I don't know which category or class should I apply for. Me and my 3 kids are currently living here in Philippines.

I am married to an Australia Citizen(residing in Australia) and used to have a tourist visa.(expired) Now, I wanted to live with my husband in Australia with our 3 kids. One of my kids is my husband's biological daughter age 2, and the two are his stepchild age 14, 15.  Which SUBCLASS should I apply?

SUBCLASS 100 Partner(migrant visa)

SUBCLASS 309 Partner (provisional visa)

SUBCLASS 866 Adding family members

SUBCLASS 445 Dependent Children

I will be doing the application OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA

I appreciate you guys in advance! Thanks you!



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The 309/100 is the one you're after. You apply for both Temporary (309) and Permanent (100) in the one application.

Is your husbands child an Aussie Citizen? And the other 2 i take it are yours meaning they are Filipino Citizens?

Its going to be an expensive journey for you

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