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Usama Arshad

Request further documents for a new-born (subclass 476)

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We had received a remedical request back in November. Since my wife (who is included in the application) was pregnant, we told the medical center of pregnancy, put it on our forms and also did not do Chest X-Ray which was requested. Now we have recieved another request checklist which is quite self-explanatory as to what to do next.

Our baby's birth is expected in February 2020. This is noted in the checklist. My wife can also take a chest X-Ray after the child is born and the Specialist clears her to take the X-Ray which we also need to notify to the department via email. We also need to provide all the documents of the newborn including Form 1022. 

Having described this situation, here are a few questions that I have:
Q1: We will recieve a separate HAP ID generated for my new-born son once his passport and other supporting documents are uploaded?
"Your child will also be required to undertake a physical medical examination in order to meet the health requirement for the subclass 476 visa, however, further information in relation to how your child's medical examination can be arranged will be provided once your child has been formally added to your application and the child's passport has been received."
Q2: The information I descrived is from the Request Checklist. However, the "S56 Request for more Information.pdf" states I need to provide all information within 28 days of receiving this email. But the birth will happen in February so I cannot possibly provide all the request information in 28 days. Should I do something within 28 days or just ignore it and upload whenever the documents are available?

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